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The first Wolcott family in the American colonies was that of Henry Wolcott of Tolland, Somerset, and his wife, Elizabeth Saunders, who emigrated to America in 1630. Henry was the son of John Wolcott, Jr. of Tolland, Somerset, son of John Wolcott of Tolland, son of Thomas Wolcott who was living at Tolland in 1525.

Henry Wolcott was born in 1578 at Tolland, Somerset and died in 1655 at Windsor CT.  He married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Saunders of Lydeard St. Lawrence, Somerset, in 1606. Henry, Elizabeth, and three of their sons sailed from Plymouth on the Mary and John .  They arrived in Dorchester MA 31 May 1630.  Their two daughters and youngest son arrived a few years later.  Henry settled at Windsor CT in 1636.   He was a member of the CT House of Delegates from1637 to 1643, and was a member of the House of Magistrates from 1643 until his death in 1655.  Henry and Elizabeth Wolcott, both died in 1655, and are buried in the churchyard of the First Congregational Church at Windsor CT. 

Click on Henry's son's, Henry, George, and Simon's names to see lists of their descendants.  Henry and Elizabeth's children were:

(1) John Wolcott, b. 1606 Tolland, Somerset; remained in England.

(2) Henry Wolcott, b. 1610 Tolland, Somerset, d. 1680 CT.

(3) Christopher Wolcott, b. c.1615 Tolland, Somerset, d. 1662 CT unm.

(4) George Wolcott, b c.1618 Tolland, Somerset, d. 1662 CT.

(5) Anna Wolcott, b. 1620 Tolland, Somerset, d. 1701 CT; m. Matthew Griswold 1646 Windsor CT.

(6) Mary Wolcott, b. c.1622 Tolland, Somerset, d. 1689 CT; m. Job Drake 1646 Windsor CT.

(7) Simon Wolcott, b. 1624 Tolland Somerset, d. 1687 CT.

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