Simon Wolcott of Windsor CT, 1624-1687, 4th son of Henry Wolcott of Windsor CT.

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(1) Henry Wolcott; m. Elizabeth Saunders.

(2) Simon Wolcott, b. 1624 Tolland, England, d. 1687 Windsor CT. He came to America about 1635 and was a freeman of Windsor in 1654, served in the 1st CT Cav. in 1658, received a grant of land at Simsbury CT 1667; in 1671 sold his land at Windsor and moved to Simsbury where he was Capt. of Simsbury militia in 1673; when Simsbury was burned by Indians he returned to Windsor and settled on 200 acres on the South side of the river; m. (1) Joanna Cook 1657 Windsor CT, m. (2) Martha Pitkin 1661 Windsor CT, sister of William Pitkin, Attorney General and Treasurer of CT, she m. (2) Daniel Clarke 1689 Windsor CT.

(3) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1662 Windsor CT, d. 1708 Springfield MA; m. Daniel Cooley 1680 Springfield MA.

(3) Martha Wolcott, b. 1664 Windsor CT, d. 1687 Windsor CT; m. Lt. Thomas Allyn 1686 Windsor CT.

(3) Simon Wolcott Jr., b. 1666 Windsor CT, d. 1732 Windsor CT. He was one of the original proprietors of Tolland CT 1713 ; m. Sarah Chester 1689 Wethersfield CT.

(4) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1690 Windsor CT, d. 1743 Wethersfield CT; m. Samuel Treat 1716 Wethersfield CT.

(4) Martha Wolcott, b. 1692 Windsor CT, d. 1751 East Windsor CT; m. William Stoughton 1735 Windsor CT.

(4) Simon Wolcott III, b. 1694 Windsor CT, d. 1742 East Windsor CT unm..

(4) Christopher Wolcott, b. 1696 Windsor CT, d. 1727 East Windsor CT unm..

(4) Eunice Wolcott, b. 1697 Windsor CT, d. 1725 Windsor CT, unm..

(4) James Wolcott, b. 1700 Windsor CT, d. 1748 East Windsor CT, unm..

(3) Joanna Wolcott, b. 1668 Windsor CT, d. 1755 Springfield MA; m. John Colton 1690 Springfield MA.

(3) Lt. Henry Wolcott, b. 1670 Windsor CT, d. 1747 South Wellington CT. He built a home at Windsor, still occupied by his descendants in 1810, and was one of the original proprietors of Tolland CT in 1713 where he later owned 400 acres; also owned land at Colbrook and Wellington; m. (1) Jane Allyn 1696, Windsor CT, m. (2) Rachel Talcott c.1704 Windsor CT, m. (3) Hannah Hawley 1726. Hannah m. (1) Josiah Nichols 1678, m. (2) John Wolcott 1692, m. (3) Henry Wolcott.

(4) Henry Wolcott Jr., b. 1697 Windsor CT, d. Springfield MA. He lived at Longmeadow in 1716, which was part of Springfield MA until 1783; Recorder at Springfield 1742, inherited land at Colbrook, Wellington and Windsor from his father in 1747; m. Abigail Cooley 1716 Springfield MA.

(5) Benjamin Wolcott, b. 1717 Springfield MA, d. 1801 Longmeadow MA. ; m. Mrs. Mary Hammond Adams c.1770; seperated from his wife by mutual consent some time before 1790. 1790-1800 Longmeadow MA.

(5) Jane Allyn Wolcott, b. 1719 Springfield MA, d. 1788 East Windsor CT; m. Joseph Chapin 1745 Springfield MA.

(5) Abigail Wolcott, b. 1721 Springfield MA, d. 1809 Longmeadow MA; m. Matthew Keep 1743 Springfield MA.

(5) Penelope Wolcott, b. 1724 Springfield MA, d. 1818 Fairlee VT; m. John Colton 1749 Longmeadow MA.

(5) Tryphena Wolcott, b. 1726 Springfield MA, d. 1825 Windsor CT; m. (1) Theophilus Allyn 1751 Windsor CT, m. (2) Roger Fyler 1760 Bloomfield CT.

(5) Henry Wolcott III, b. 1729 Springfield MA, d. 1813 East Windsor CT; is said to have provided food and clothing for the Continental Army from his own funds during the Rev. War. His estate was valued at over $22,000; m. Dorcas Allen c. 1766 East Windsor CT.

(6) Henry Wolcott IV, b. 1766 East Windsor CT, d. y..

(6) Gideon Wolcott, b. 1769 East Windsor CT, d. 1840 East Windsor CT, farmer; m. Huldah Bissell 1790 East Windsor CT.

(7) Huldah Wolcott, b. 1791 East Windsor CT; m. John Billings 1812 Windsor CT.

(7) Guy Wolcott, b. 1793 East Windsor CT. He was a farmer at East Windsor; m. Redexelana Bissell 1815 Windsor CT.

(7) Walter Wolcott, b.1795 East Windsor CT, d. 1797 East Windsor CT.

(7) Walter Wolcott, b. 1797 East Windsor CT, d. 1875 Griffin GA. He moved to Decatur GA about 1839 where he was a cabinet maker; m. Laura Boardman Wadsworth 1826 Glastonbury CT.

(7) Ruth Wolcott, b. 1799 East Windsor CT, d. 1861 Appleton WI; she purchased 160 acres of government land in 1859 and was at Appleton WI in 1860 with her 2 nieces who were dressmakers.

(7) Willard Wolcott, b. 1801 East Windsor CT, d. 1825 East Windsor CT unm..

(7) Candace Wolcott, b. 1803 East Windsor, d. 1878 Ellington CT; m. Henry Moody 1825 Windsor CT.

(7) Gideon Wolcott Jr. b. 1805 East Windsor CT, d. 1867 Clarkson NY. He moved to WI in 1849, and was a farmer at Grand Chute WI; m. Ruth Hamm Swetland 1830 East Windsor CT.

(7) Marvin Wolcott, b. 1808 East Windsor CT. He moved to PA; m. Eunice Newton 1830 Ludlow MA.

(7) Henry Bissell Wolcott. b. 1811 East Windsor CT, d. 1850 East Windsor CT; m. Mary Jane Ingals Shepherd 1838 Northampton MA.

(7) Charles Wolcott, b. 1813 East Windsor CT, d. 1894 Kennan WI. He moved to Outagamie Co. WI in 1846, and was a farmer at Grand Chute 1860, Appleton WI in 1880; m. Elvira Lewis c.1852 WI.

(6) Elizabeth "Betty" Wolcott, b. 1771 East Windsor CT, d. 1853 East Windsor CT; m. George Barber c.1789 East Windsor CT.

(6) Jane Wolcott, b. 1777 East Windsor CT, d. 1846 East Windsor CT; m. Laurence Bissell 1805 East Windsor CT.

(6) Henry Wolcott IV, b. 1779 East Windsor CT, d. 1838 Longmeadow MA. He lived at Longmeadow MA from 1810 until his death; m. (1) Jeanette Morrison c. 1801, m. (2) Elizabeth Williams 1805 Springfield MA.

(7) Alexander Field Wolcott, b. 1806 Springfield MA, d. 1836; m. Lydia Starr.

(7) Flavia Coulton Wolcott, b. 1809 Springfield MA; m. John W. Brown.

(7) Henry Wolcott V, b. 1811 Springfield MA, d. 1841; m. Catherine Dennis 1837. 1850 NYC.

(7) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1814 Springfield MA.

(7) Jeanette Morrison Wolcott, b. 1816 Springfield MA; m. Orin Brown.

(7) Edward Wolcott, b. 1819 Springfield MA. He was a cordwainer at Portsmouth NH 1850-60; m. Catherine ____.

(7) George Francis Wolcott, b. 1821 Longmeadow MA.

(7) Albert Wolcott, b. 1823. At NYC in 1850; m. Clarissa Jane Conklin 1844 Brookhaven NY.

(6) Dorcas Wolcott, b.1784 East Windsor CT, d. 1855 Enfield CT; m. Levi Pease Abbe 1801 Enfield CT.

(5) Christopher Wolcott, b., d. 1732 Springfield MA

(5) Capt. Simon Wolcott, b. 1733 Springfield MA, d. 1784 East Windsor CT. He served as a Capt. in Col. Gay's Regt. CT militia in 1776-7 and was at the Battle of Long Island; m. Mary Gillette c. 1756.

(6) Peter Wolcott, b. 1758 East Windsor CT, d. 1808 East Windsor CT. Pvt. CT militia 1776-7 in his father's company; m. (1) Huldah Bissell 1783, (2) Elizabeth Root 1785.

(7) Huldah Wolcott, b. 1786 East Windsor CT; m. Samuel Walker.

(7) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1793 East Windsor CT; m. Benoni Thompson 1807 East Windsor CT.

(7) Peter Wolcott Jr., b. 1790 East Windsor CT, d. 1864 Summit Station OH. He and brother, Eleazur, moved to Lima OH about 1822, farmer at Lima OH 1840-50, served in Union Army; m. Lora Ingersoll 1823.

(7) Eleazur Wolcott, b. 1793 East Windsor CT, d. 1852 Jersey, Licking Co. OH. Moved to OH with brother, Peter, farmer at Lima OH 1840-1850, apparently never married as estate left to nephew Henry A. Wolcott.

(7) Margaret Wolcott, b. 1795 East Windsor CT, m. John Spear OH.

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. 1799 East Windsor CT, d. 1800 East Windsor CT.

(7) Simon Wolcott, b. 1802 East Windsor CT, d. 1835, Licking Co. OH.

(6) Simon Wolcott Jr., b. 1761 Windsor CT, d. 1831 East Windsor CT; m. (1) Eunice Sadd 1786 East Windsor CT, m. (2) Elizabeth Stoughton 1794 East Windsor CT.

(7) Eunice Wolcott, b. 1796 East Windsor CT, d. 1871 South Windsor CT unm..

(6) Mary, b. 1763 East Windsor CT; m. Warham Loomis, her second cousin, c.1790 East Windsor CT.

(6) Esther, b. 1765 East Windsor CT; m. Daniel Smith.

(6) Benjamin Wolcott, b. 1768 East Windsor CT, d. 1850 South Windsor CT. He lived at East Windsor his entire life; m. Abigail Rockwell 1792 East Windsor CT.

(7) Warren Wolcott, b. 1793 East Windsor CT, d. 1810 East Windsor CT from a fox bite.

(7) Miriam Wolcott, b. 1795 East Windsor CT, d.y.

(7) Horace Wolcott, b. 1796 East Windsor CT, d.y.

(7) Horace Wolcott, b. 1798 East Windsor CT, d. 1850 East Windsor CT.

(7) Hiram Wolcott, b. 1800 East Windsor CT, d. 1866 South Windsor CT, farmer at East Windsor 1830-50; m. Sophronia Cram 1824 East Windsor CT.

(7) Clarissa Wolcott, b. 1802 CT; living with mother 1850 East Windsor CT.

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. 1805 East Windsor CT; living with mother 1850 at East Windsor.

(7) Harlow Wolcott, b. 1809 East Windsor CT. He was a laborer at Grafton in 1850, and was at at East Windsor CT in 1860, living next door to mother; m. (1) Mary Smith 1832 Palmer MA, m. (2) Elizabeth Watson 1842 Grafton MA, m, (3) Mary Ann Wolcott, his cousin, 1856 South Windsor CT.

(7) Warren Wolcott, b. 1810 East Windsor CT, d. 1881; m. (1) Hannah A. Billings 1846 East Windsor CT, m. (2) Louise ____.

(7) Jonathan Gillette Wolcott, b. 1813 East Windsor CT, d. 1888 Ohioville PA. He was a carpenter at Ohioville PA 1840-70; m. Martha Todd, widow of William Warrick c.1848.

(7) Miriam Wolcott, b. 1815 East Windsor CT, d.y.

(6) Jonathan Wolcott, b. 1770 East Windsor CT, moved to VT with his brother, Joseph.

(6) Nathaniel Wolcott, b. 1772 East Windsor CT, d. 1842 East Windsor CT; he was a farmer at East Windsor his entire life; m. Clarissa Bissell 1803 East Windsor CT.

(7) Clarissa Wolcott, b. 1804 East Windsor CT; m. Samuel Gould 1831 East Windsor CT.

(7) Nathaniel Wolcott Jr., b. 1806 East Windsor CT, 1850 at South Windsor CT; m. Azuba Knox 1835.

(7) Chloe Wolcott, b. 1808 East Windsor CT; m. Caleb Jones Bancroft 1831 East Windsor CT.

(7) Roswell Wolcott, b., d. 1810 East Windsor CT.

(7) Louisa Wolcott, b. 1812 East Windsor CT, d. 1815 East Windsor CT.

(7) Roswell Bissell Wolcott, b. 1815; m. Elizabeth Howard 1838 East Windsor CT. 1840 living at East Windsor CT

(7) Edwin Wolcott, b. 1817 East Windsor CT; 1850-60 Stafford CT; m. Lucinda Poole 1840 East Windsor CT.

(7) Louisa Maria Wolcott, b. 1819 East Windsor CT; m. Rufus Crane 1845 East Windsor CT.

(7) Julia Rosanna Wolcott, b. 1822 East Windsor CT; m. Lewis A. Tucker 1845 East Windsor CT.

(7) Elizabeth Cordelia Wolcott, b. 1824 East Windsor CT; m. Wallace Tracy 1844 East Windsor CT.

(7) Mary Ann Wolcott, b. 1826 East Windsor CT; m. Harlow Wolcott 1856 East Windsor CT.

(6) Joseph Wolcott, b. 1775 East Windsor CT, d. 1866 Sharon OH, bur. Granger OH; farmer, moved to VT with bro. Jonathan prior to 1810, served in War of 1812 from Middlesex VT in Capt. David Dunton's Co., MA militia. 1790-1810 Middlesex, Chittenden Co. VT, was at Bristol NY 1816 until 1822, when he moved to Medina Co. OH with his son-in-law, Calvin Putman; m. Lucy Hills 1795.

(7) Lucy Wolcott, b. 1796 Middlesex VT, d. 1855 Medina Co. OH; m. Calvin Putnam 1819 Bristol NY.

(7) Sophia Wolcott, b. 1798 Middlesex VT; m. Cyrus Briggs 1819 Bristol NY.

(7) Elizur Wolcott, b. 1799 Middlesex VT, d. 1877 Granger OH; operated a distillery at Bristol NY and was one of a group of people from Bristol who moved to Ohio, settling at what was organized as Granger Township in 1820. 1830-50 Granger, Medina Co. OH; m. Susan Van Orman 1828 Medina Co. OH.

(7) Anna Wolcott, b. 1803 Middlesex VT, d. 1888 Granger OH; m. Rev. John McCloud 1823 Granger, Medina Co. OH, pastor of Liberty Church, Granger OH.

(7) Simon Peter Wolcott, b. 1804 Middlesex VT, d. 1888 Granger OH; farmer at Granger OH; m. Nancy Wilder Codding 1835 Medina Co. OH.

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. 1807 Middlesex VT, d. 1875 Granger OH; m. (1) Hiram G. Wise 1836 Granger OH; m. (2) Matthew Newton 1857.

(7) Pamelia Wolcott, b. 1813 Middlesex VT, d. 1881 Granger OH; m. Seth Goodwin 1834 Granger OH.

(5) Peter Wolcott, b. 1736 Springfield MA, d. 1758.

(5) Martha Wolcott, b. 1739 Springfield MA; m. Joseph Stoughton c.1760.

(4) Lt. Thomas Wolcott, b. 1702 Windsor CT, d. Taghkanic NY. He settled at Tolland CT about 1722, fencing and improving part of the 400 acres his father had bought in 1719; in 1729 he sold land left him by his grandfather Allyn, and in 1739 he sold his land at Tolland and moved to Dutchess Co. New York, leased land from Cadwallader Colden in "The Oblong"; in 1749 he engaged in legal dispute over ownership of this land with John Sackett ; m. (1) unknown, m. (3) Catherine Loomis 1725 Tolland Twp. CT, m. (3) Susannah Porter c. 1739 CT, m. (4) Frances Osborn Ducolon c. 1742 Taghkanic NY.

(5) Thomas Wolcott Jr., b. 1726 Tolland CT, d. c.1792 Amenia NY. In 1759 and 1760, Thomas Wolcott was elected "pender" of Crum Elbow Precinct, which included Northeast and Amenia townships. In 1760 he purchased property on Wetbutuck Creek in Amenia Township, including a sawmill and dam, and privilege of a grist mill, in 1762 he was appointed Overseer of Highways at the first town meeting of Amenia; his widow and son, Luke, sold the land at Amenia with dwelling and blacksmith shop in 1774; the blacksmith shop was still standing in 1996. Thomas m. Catherine Sackett, sometimes said to be daughter of Richard Sackett. This is in error as she was b. 1702, 24 years before Thomas, and her youngest child would have been born at age 60. Richard Sackett's will dated 1744 and proved 1746 leaves a bequest to his daughter, Catherine, "during her widowhood". In a court case regarding her father's will she is called Catherine Margeson, which was apparently her married name. Thomas' wife was probably Catherine, b. c.1720, daughter of Catherine's brother, John Sackett.

(6) Lt. Luke Wolcott, b. 1755 Dover NY, d. 1813 Cazenovia NY. He was a farmer at Amenia NY in 1774 and was administrator of his father's estate; served as a 2nd Lt. in Capt. John VanDusen's Co., Dutchess Co. militia in 1775, and 1st Lt. in Capt. Valentine Wheeler's Co. in 1778; in 1786 Luke Woolcot applied for a patent on lands he had settled in the Oblong; this area became part of Dover Twp. in 1807; he was at Pawling in 1790, with one slave, and at Montgomery Co. NY in 1800 with one young man and a female child living with him. In 1810 he was at Cazenovia NY with one slave, and he was there in 1812. Luke's will dated 1812 mentions his wife Jerusha, children Thomas, Wheeler, and Luke, Thankful Page, Jerusha Wells, and nephew Luke Wolcott Fox, with son Thomas as witness; m. (1?) Mary Wheeler, m. (2) Lydia Conant 1772 South Amenia NY, Lydia may be the Lydia Woolcott, daughter of Abigail nee Tilton named in her aunt's will dated 1808. A stone engraved "Lydia wife of Luke Wolcott" with the rest illegible is in Valley View Cemetery at Dover NY; m. (3) Jerusha Bailey 1785 Sharon CT. Jerusha Woolcott was among those who signed a petition in 1794 to start a new Baptist church at Dover. Jerusha is called "Jerusha Wells" in her father's will of 1812. Luke's widow was receiving a military pension in 1840.

(7) Thomas Wolcott, b. 1774 Pawling Twp. NY, d. 1830 Dover Twp. NY. He was a farmer and lived at Montgomery Twp. NY in 1800; served in Capt. Goodall's Light Artillery Co. in War of 1812, had a farm on East Mountain in Dover Twp., probably the same land his father farmed, formerly in Pawling Twp.; his widow, Abigail, had military pension for his service and lived at Otselic NY from 1840 to 1850 with her son, Barton Riches; m. (1) Abigail W. Preston 1791 Dover Twp. NY, m.(2) Abigail Reynolds, widow of David Richer 1818 Dover NY.

(7) Luke Wolcott Jr., b. 1777 Pawling Twp. NY, d. 1864 Stockton NY. Settled Tyringham MA c. 1800, and was at Pomfret NY 1820-30; at Carroll NY in 1855 with Harrington family ; m. Polly Taylor c. 1799 Edinburg NY. Polly Woolcut age 72 was living with her son Joseph Woolcut in 1850 at Burrington IL.

(7) Wheeler Wolcott, b. 1779 Pawling Twp. , d. 1866 Parma NY Settled at Cazenovia, Madison Co. NY prior to 1808; in 1820 lived Otisco, Onondaga Co. NY; 1830 Chili, Monroe Co. NY; 1840 Greece, Monroe Co. NY; in 1850 he was a farmer at Parma, Monroe Co. NY; m. Patience Case 1799 Parma NY.

(7) Thankful Wolcott, b. 1781PawlingTwp. NY, d. 1841; m. _____Page.

(7) Jerusha Wolcott, b. 1783 Pawling Twp. NY, d. 1843; m. Thomas Wells.

(6) Esther Wolcott, b. 1757 Dutchess Co. NY.

(6) Eleanor Wolcott, b. 1762 Dutchess Co. NY.

(6) Thomas Wolcott, b. 1764 Dutchess Co. NY. He moved from Dover to Northampton NY about 1795, and to Cazenovia NY about 1810, where he was living in 1820; m. (1) Silence Cummings, widow of Phineas Phillo 1791 Dover NY, m. (2) Rachel Hackett 1798 Northampton NY.

(7) Jerusha Wolcott, b. 1792 Dover Twp. NY.

(7) Phineas Wolcott, b. 1794 Dover Twp. NY. He lived at Pembroke, Genesee Co. NY, from 1810 to 1820, and was a farmer at Shelby, Orleans Co. NY from 1830 to 1850; m. Lucinda Gilbert c.1825.

(7?) Peter Wolcott, b. 1794 NY, d. 1870 Quincy IL; farmer, lived Shelby NY 1831-40 when Phineas, above, and his brother Thomas lived there; 1850-60 Carroll CO. IL; m. Phoebe Ford, widow of Guy Carleton Spafford, 1823.

(7) Rachel Wolcott, b. 1795 Dover Twp. NY.

(7) Silence "Siley" Wolcott, b. 1796 Northampton NY, d. 1844 MI; m. (1) Benjamin Austin 1817, m. (2) Oliver Darling.

(7) Sally Wolcott, b. 1796 Northampton NY, d. 1824; m. _____ Gibbs.

(7) Polly Wolcott, b. 1799 Northampton NY; m. Rev. William Warren.

(7) Marian Wolcott, b. 1801 Northampton NY; m. Cephas Jones.

(7) Elizabeth Hackett "Betsy" Wolcott, b. 1802 Northampton NY; m. John N. Jones 1821.

(7) Susanna Wolcott, b. 1804 Northampton NY, d. 1892 Shelby NY; m. Ziba Roberts 1824 Darien NY.

(7) Thomas Hubble Wolcott, b. 1806 Northampton NY, d. 1875 Flint MI. He was a farmer at Shelby NY 1830-50, moved to MI c. 1860; m. Miranda "Minna" Sullivan 1830.

(7) John Jay Wolcott, b. 1809 Northampton NY, d. 1887 Flint MI. He was a farmer at Flint MI in 1840, and from 1850 to 1880 lived at Burton MI; m. Sarah "Sally" Skidmore 1831 Niagara Co. NY.

(7) Redexelena "Dexey" Wolcott, b. 1809 Northampton NY; m. George Johnson.

(7) Joseph Wolcott, b. 1811 Sullivan Co. NY. He was a farmer at Genoa, Livingston Co. MI in 1850; m. Mary Smith c. 1835 .

(7) Nancy Wolcott, b. 1813 Cazenovia NY.

(7) Joanna Wolcott, b. 1815 Cazenovia NY, d. 1906 Flint MI, m. Jasper Parrish 1837 Honeoye Falls, Monroe Co. NY

(7) Hiram Wolcott, b. 1817 Cazenovia NY, d. Burton MI. He was a farmer at Shelby NY, and then moved to Genesee Co. Michigan, where he had a farm at Burton; m. Irena Axa Freeman 1845 Honeoye Falls, Monroe Co. NY.

(7) Harriet Wolcott, b. 1820, Pembroke NY; m. Logan Johnson.

(6) Catherine Wolcott, b. 1766 Amenia NY.

(6) Rachel Wolcott, b. 1768 Amenia NY, d. 1789 Tolland MA.

(6) Roger Wolcott, b. 1770 Amenia NY, d. 1804 Washington Co. NY; m. ____.

(7) William Wolcott, b. 1804 NY, d. 1869 Yorkville NY. In 1850 he was a farmer at Marcy, Oneida Co. NY; m. Olive Kingsbury Norton 1828 Yorkville NY.

(6) Miriam Wolcott, b. 1772 Amenia NY, d. 1792.

(5) Miriam Wolcott, b. 1729 Tolland CT, d. 1817 Tolland; m. Stone Mills c.1749.

(5) Luke Wolcott, b. 1730 Tolland Twp. CT, d. 1762 East Windsor CT; m. Jerusha Diggins c. 1755.

(6) Jerusha Wolcott, b. c. 1756 East Windsor CT.

(6) Lovica Wolcott, b. c. 1758 East Windsor CT; m. James Tuttle 1778 Montague MA.

(6) Luke Wolcott Jr. b. c. 1760 East Windsor CT, d. 1761 East Windsor CT

(6) Theodosia Wolcott, b. 1762 East Windsor CT, d.1825 Chazy NY; m. (1) Elijah Bardwell 1780 Montague MA, m. (2) Dr. Luther Ransom 1788.

(5) Jane Catherine Wolcott, b. 1733 Tolland CT, d. Springfield MA; m. Ellis Russell 1751 Windsor CT.

(5) Redexelena Wolcott, b. 1735 Tolland CT, d. 1815 East Windsor CT; m. John Loomis 1756 Windsor CT.

(5) Rachael Wolcott, b. 1737 Tolland CT, d. 1836 East Hartland CT; m. Elijah Loomis 1757 Tolland CT.

(5) John Wolcott, John son of Thomas Wolcott and Susanna Porter b. 1740 Coventry CT.

(5) Francis Wolcott, bapt. 1744 Taghkanic NY, farmer and mailman; at Nobletown NY 1770-1775, later at Copake NY; m. Lydia Race or Rees c.1768.

(6) Mary "Molly"Wolcott, b. 1770 Nobletown NY.

(6) Francis Wolcott, Jr., bapt. 1771 Nobletown NY. He settled at West Copake in the 1790s; m. Cornelia "Katy" Brazee or Bresie c. 1795 Taghkanic NY.

(7) Francis Wolcott, b. 1797 West Copake NY.

(7) Henry "Harry" Wolcott, b. 1801 West Copake NY.

(7) Adam Wolcott, b. 1803 West Copake NY. He moved from the Mohawk Valley of NY to Old Forge PA in 1823; at Berklely PA in 1850 where he was insane and probably in an institution; m. Catherine Race c. 1824.

(7) Elisha Wolcott, b. c. 1804 West Copake NY, d. Mt. Washington MA. He was a farmer; m. Maria Lampson c.1852.

(7) Elizabeth Ann Wolcott, b. 1805 West Copake NY, d. 1859.; m. Peter Race NY c.1822.

(7) Elsie Wolcott, b. 1807 West Copake NY.

(7) Jane Wolcott, b. 1809 West Copake NY.

(7) Seymour Wolcott b. 1811 West Copake NY. Moved to Dane WI; m Eliza c. 1835 Columbia Co. NY.

(7) Catherine "Geddy" Wolcott, b, 1813 West Copake NY, d. 1872 Marshall Co. IL; m. Henry Lampman c. 1830 Copake NY.

(7) Polly Wolcott, b. c.1817 West Copake NY; m. William Decker.

(7) Silence Wolcott, b. c.1820 NY.

(7) Peter J. Wolcott, b. 1823, d. 1853 Rochester NY. He lived at Gaylen NY in 1850; m. Lavina Ostrander c.1840 Sheffield MA.

(7) Israel Wolcott. b. c.1825.

(6) Peter Wolcott, bapt.. 1773 Nobletown NY.

(6) John Wolcott, bapt. 1775 Nobletown NY, d. Beverly Township, Wentworth Co., Ontario, Canada. He moved to Canada with his wife's family, m. Johanna Cornell c. 1800.

(7) John Wolcott Jr., b. c.1803, carpenter at Waterloo, Ontario 1851; m. Betsey ____.

(7) Nancy Wolcott, , b. Beverly, Ontario.

(7) Dan Wolcott, b. Beverly, Ontario, Canada.

(7) Sarah Wolcott, b. Beverly, Ontario, Canada.

(7) Hannah Wolcott, b. Beverly, Ontario, Canada.

(7) Clara Wolcott, b. Beverly, Ontario, Canada.

(7) William B. Wolcott, b. 1821 Beverly, Ontario, Canada, d. 1886 Penfield NY. William was a carpenter at Penfield NY in 1850; m. Esther Embury 1849.

(7) Eliza Wolcott, b. c.1823 Beverly, Ontario, Canada.

(6) Gideon Wolcott, b. 1776 Copake NY, d. 1857 Prattsville NY. He moved from Windham NY to Delaware Co. NY in 1820s, and had a 156 acre farm at Roxbury in 1837; m. Caroline Decker c. 1803.

(7) Lawrence Wolcott, b. 1804 Windham NY, d. 1889 Sterling IL; 1840 Roxbury NY, moved to IL c.1849 and was laborer at Whiteside Co. IL 1850; his family joined him shortly after, coming by Erie Canal to Buffalo and to Chicago by train, where Lawrence met them and took them by ox-drawn wagon; at Jordan Twp. IL 1860-70; m. Sarah Sheldon Stocking c. 1826 NY.

(7) Nancy Wolcott, b. 1806 Windham NY; m. William White.

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. 1808 Windham NY; m. Peter Deyoe.

(7) Lydia Wolcott, b. 1810 Windham NY, d. 1888 Polo IL; m. Nicholas Bush 1833.

(7) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1812 Windham NY, d. 1894 Lew Beach NY; m. Ira Deyoe Martin c. 1830.

(7) Anne Margaret Wolcott, b. 1814 Windham NY, d. 1878 Sterling IL; m. James Adam Bassett 1839 Andes NY.

(7) Francis Custis Wolcott, b. 1816 Windham NY, d. Delaware Co. NY. He was at Roxbury NY in 1850 and a farm laborer at Eagle Point IL in 1880; m. Mary Ann Robinson c. 1840.

(7) George Gideon Wolcott, b. 1819 Windham NY, d. 1898 Polo IL. He was a farmer at Polo IL in 1880.

(7) Emeline Wolcott, b. 1823 Andes NY.

(7) Caroline Wolcott, b. 1826 Andes NY, d.y.

(6) William Wolcott, b. c.1785 Copake NY, d. 1847 Sandusky OH. Soldier in War of 1812; l. Leroy, Genessee Co. NY, Chatagua Co. NY, and then moved to Sandusky OH; m. Susan Fordham, c. 1810 Dutchess Co. NY.

(7) Newell Wolcott, b. 1812 NY, d. 1884 Fayette MI He was a farmer at Margaretta OH in 1850; m. Elizabeth Moreau Cruson or Curson 1836 Huron Co. OH.

(7) Polly Wolcott, b. c. 1814 LeRoy NY; m. ___ Stowell.

(7) Nancy Wolcott, b. 1814 LeRoy NY; m. Gilbreath S. Donalds c.1834 LeRoy NY.

(7) Rev. William L. Wolcott, b. 1818 Leroy NY, d. 1884 Jonesville MI. Farmer and United Bretheren minister; moved to OH early 1830s; Capt. in OH militia; 1847 moved from Sandusky Co. OH to Scipio MI; to Jonesville MI 1873, where he was minister of United Bretheren Church; m. (1) Sarah Storms 1838 Fremont OH; m. (2) Dortha Ann "Anna" Jennings 1865 Sandusky Co. OH. 1850-60 Scipio Twp. MI. 1880 Jonesville MI.

(7) Chauncey R. Wolcott, b. 1819 NY, moved to OH where he was a farmer at Streetsboro; m. Permelia "Emily" Storms 1838 Sandusky Co. OH. Shalersburg OH 1880.

(7) Mary Wolcot, b. NY.

(7) Nelson, Wolcott b. 1822 NY. He was a carpenter at Madison OH in 1850, and a farmer at Montgomery OH in 1880; m. Eliza Reeves 1848 Sandusky Co. OH.

(7) Erastus Wolcott, b. c.1824 NY. He was a farmer at Sandusky Co. OH in 1850, Springfield OH 1860, Troy OH 1870, Blue Creek OH 1880; m. (1) Eunice ____, m. (2) Susan Jones.

(7) Osero "Ozro" Wolcott, b. 1827 NY.

(7) George Wolcott, b. 1829 Mina NY.

(7) Susan Wolcott, b. c.1830 Mina NY.

(6) Eleanor Wolcott, b. c.1785 Copake NY; m. Garrett Cronkright.

(6) Lydia Wolcott, b. 1787 Copake NY; m. James Price.

(5) Wilhelmus "William" Wolcott, b. 1745 Taghkanic NY, d. 1829 Springfield NY. Served in NY Line 1777-1780; bounty land rights given for service as Sgt. in Rev. War, l. Canajoharie NY 1790 in the Cherry Valley, and at Springfield NY 1800; applied for pension 1818 at Springfield and received last payment 1829; m. Sarah Elizabeth Wheeler c.1770 Dutchess Co. NY, m. (2) Catherine Dutcher c.1778 Dutchess Co. NY.

(6) Sebastian Wolcott, b. 1784 Dover Twp. NY, d. y.

(6) Wheeler Wolcott, b. 1786 Dover Twp. NY, d. 1822 Springfield NY. He was a farmer in Otsego Co. NY; he and his sons spoke Dutch; his widow received a pension for his War of 1812 service, residing at Springfield Center; m. Olive Stewart c.1810.

(7) Sylvanus Wolcott, b. 1811 Springfield NY. He went to California in 1852 and was never heard from again; m. Julia Ann Baird 1840 Springfield NY.

(7) Wilhelmus "William" Wolcott , b. 1813 Springfield NY, d. 1838; wounded and captured at the Battle of the Windmill in Canada and was pardoned but died shortly afterward.

(6) Lawrence Wolcott, b. c.1786 Taghkanic NY, d. 1848 Pulaski NY. He settled at Henderson NY before 1812; watched the British ships come into Sackett's Harbour and was in the Battle of Sackett's Harbour; in 1854 he moved to Oswego Co. NY and settled on a farm near Pulaski; he was killed skidding logs with a team of horses; m. Selinda Hughes, widow of ____ Babcock 1824.

(7) Morgan Lawrence Wolcott, b. 1826 Henderson NY, d. 1893 Elgin IL. He was a sailor at Henderson NY in 1850; moved to IL in 1855 where he had a farm near Wayne IL where he was in 1880, served in Co. F, 105th IL Inf. Regt. 1862-1864; later moved to Elgin IL where he was in 1890; m. Rhoda Hathaway abt. 1845.

(7) George Washington Wolcott, b. 1828 Henderson NY, d. 1890 NY. He served in the Union Navy during the Civil War, and was a farmer at Pulaski NY in 1880; m. Maria Trumbull.

(7) Wilfred Wallace Wolcott, b. 1830 Henderson NY, d. 1908 NY; served in 34th NY Inf. Bde. ; m. Augusta Bancroft.

(7) Gustavus Henry Wolcott, b. 1832 Henderson NY, d. 1906 Pulaski NY; to Oswego Co. 1854; in 1880 he was a butcher at Pulaski NY; m. (1) Martha Ann Hinman 1854 Oswego Co. NY, m. (2) Laura Hovens 1894 NY.

(7) John Wolcott, b. 1835 Henderson, d. 1927. He served in the 27th NY Heavy Arty. Regt. during the Civil War, was farmer at Cherry Valley in 1880; m. Sarah Thorpe 1867.

(7) Sylvanus Norman Wolcott, b. 1838 Henderson NY, d. 1929 Pulaski NY. He moved with his father to Oswego Co. NY in 1854, enlisted 1864 in the 184th NY Inf, Regt. and served until 1865, returned to farming near Henderson NY and drove the bus between Henderson and the train station; m. Mary Brundage 1866 Pulaski NY.

(7) Sarah Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1842 Henderson NY; m. Edward A. Robbins.

(6) John Wolcott, b. 1791 Canajoharie NY, d. Cherry Valley NY; served in Parkham's militia company in War of 1812, lived Minden NY and Springfield NY; Johann Wolcott m. (1) Elizabeth Coopman 1818 Reformed Dutch Church at Fort Plain, NY; was at Minden NY 1830, m. (2) Maria Anna Wilson.

(7) William Wolcott, b. 1818 Minden NY, d. y..

(7) John Wolcott, Jr., b. Minden NY; he or possibly his father was a farmer at Cherry Valley NY 1872.

(7) Jacob C., "Jake" Wolcott, b. 1821, d. 1901 Herkimer NY; blacksmith at Canajoharie NY 1850, at Herkimer NY 1855-1860, farmer at Winfield NY in 1880; m. Maria Cronkhite 1848.

(7) Leonard Wolcott, b. 1822.

(7) Lucinda Wolcott, b. 1825.

(7) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1827; she and sister, Elizabeth, lived with John Coopman at Minden NY in 1850.

(7) Rebecca Wolcott, b. 1828 Minden NY.

(7) Sarah Martha Wolcott, bapt. 1831 Minden NY.

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. 1835 Minden NY.

(6) Sylvanus Wolcott, b. 1795 Otsego Co. NY, d. 1880 Adams NY, private in Capt. Lawson's Co. 55th NY Inf. Regt. during War of 1812, settled at Rodman NY shortly after the war where he was a farmer, lived with son Ariel at Adams NY in 1870; m. Sabrina ____.

(7) Ariel R. Wolcott, b. 1818 Rodman NY, d. 1901 Jefferson Co. NY; had a 70 acre farm at Adams NY in 1870 and was a carpenter at Adams NY in 1880; m. (1) Louisa G. Hall, m. (2) Almira Diss 1861.

(7) Almon Wolcott, b. 1819 Rodman NY, d. 1900 Rodman NY.

(7) Freeman Wolcott, b. 1821 Rodman NY, 1st child in family to die; m. Bridget ____ c.1850.

(7) Elijah H. Wolcott, b. 1822 Rodman NY, d. 1892 Rodman NY; m. (1) Almina Dix, m. (2) Mary E. ____ c.1848, m. (3) Maria Nancy LaGross 1850 Rodman NY.

(7) George F. Wolcott, b. 1830 Rodman NY, d. 1879 Rodman NY; m. Mary Jane Lawrence 1859 Jefferson Co. NY.

(7) Amanda Wolcott, b. 1831 Rodman NY; m. ____ Medler.

(7) Sabra Wolcott, b. 1834 Rodman NY.

(6) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1798 Otsego Co. NY, d. Richland NY; m. Johnson DePuy.

(6) Elizabeth "Betsey" Wolcott, b. 1801 Springfield NY, d. 1866 Richland NY; m. Abraham Bull 1821 Henderson NY

(6) Hannah Wolcott, b. 1806 Springfield NY, d. 1847 Albion NY; m. Benjamin Ingersoll 1825 Richland NY.

(5) Gideon Wolcott, b. 1750 Taghkanic NY, d. 1794 Coxsackie NY; Sgt in NY militia during Rev. War. Gideon Wolcott, blacksmith, of Livingston Manor, Albany Co. NY, was one of two men who put up 100L each for bail for Loyalist Adam Killmer during Rev. War, at Albany NY 1790; m. Hannah Woodworth 1771 Litchfield Co. CT.

(6) Capt. Roger Wolcott, b. 1773 NY, d. 1863 Campton IL. He moved to Coburg, Ontario, in 1797, where he held a Captain's commission in the British Army, which he resigned in 1809; 1822-33 at Hamilton Twp., Ontario; moved to St. Charles IL about 1835, and purchased land at Kane Co. IL in 1843; at Compton IL in 1850; m. Rachael Ash 1794 NY.

(7) Roger B. Wolcott, b. c.1794 Coburg, Ontario; m. Anna Harris 1817 Hamilton, Ontario.

(7) William Wolcott, b. 1795 Coburg, Ontario, d. 1823 Coburg, Canada; m. Mary Ash 1819 Ontario, Canada.

(7) Olive Wolcott, b. 1797 Coburg, Ontario, d. 1871 Sycamore IL; m. Joseph Lindsay 1823 Hamilton Twp., Ontario.

(7) Asa Wolcott, b. 1798 Coburg, Ontario, d. 1852 St. Charles IL. He was a farmer; moved from Coburg, Ontario, to St. Charles IL in 1840; m. Elizabeth Stanton 1824 Hamilton Twp., Ontario

(7) Rachel Wolcott, b. 1805 Coburg, Ontario; m. Jeremiah Chase 1828 Ontario, Canada.

(7) Walter Wolcott, b. 1809 Coburg, Ontario, d. 1868 Compton IL; farmer, came with his father to IL in 1835; he and brother, Gideon m. French Canadian twin sisters; m. (1) ____ DeLong c.1840, m. (2) Nancy Shields 1858 New Lebanon IL.

(7) Sabrina Wolcott, b. 1811 Coburg, Ontario; m. Jason Gilchrist 1837 Ontario, Canada.

(7) Saville Wolcott, b. 1813 Coburg, Ontario; m. Almon Buck. .

(7) Gideon Edward Wolcott, b. 1817 Coburg, Ontario, d. DeCalb IL. He purchased land near Decalb Co. IL in 1848 and had a farm; invented a wheeled plow and sold the patent for $1,500; m. (1) Elizabeth De Long 1848 Kane Co. IL, m. (2) Nancy Shields Wolcott, his brother's widow, 1869 DeKalb IL..

(6) Erastus Wolcott, b. 1775 NY.

(6) Elisha Wolcott, b. 1776 NY, d. 1856 Barrington NY. He was a farmer at Leroy NY, and moved to Benton NY in 1803 where he had a 100 acre farm and was part owner of Woolcott & Laymans Inn there, 1835 at Barrington NY; m. Anna Hull 1797 Benton Twp. NY.

(7) Gideon Wolcott, b. 1798 LeRoy NY; d. 1887 Germantown PA; attended schoool at Benton NY; was fifer in the militia and played clarionet at the ceremony welcoming General Lafayette in 1825; farmer at Jerusalem NY 1835-52; spent final years with daughter, Mary, wife of Brig. Gen. Charles Kilbourne, at San Francisco and Brooklyn NY; m. Anna Brown 1825.

(7) Hannah Wolcott, b. 1800 LeRoy NY, d. 1871 Barrington NY; m. James McAuley c.1830.

(7) Dr. Oliver Platt Wolcott, b. 1802 LeRoy NY; d. 1901 Milwaukee WI; studied medicine at Baltimore MD, practiced medicine at Warsaw NY; purchased government land at Kalamazoo Co. MI in 1833, physician at Barrington NY in 1857, moved to Milwaukee WI in 1861 to take over his brother's practice so brother could serve in Army, after which they had a joint practice at Milwaukee; m. Sophia Steward 1832 Milo NY.

(7) Gen. Erastus Bradley Wolcott, MD, b. 1804 Boston NY, d. 1880 Milwaukee WI; attended school at Benton NY and played drum at the ceremony welcoming General Lafayette in 1825; studied medicine at Baltimore MD, graduating 1835; E. B. Wolcott, petitioner, Michilimackinac MI 1835; assisted in the removal of Cherokees to Oklahoma in 1836 and was Asst. Surgeon at Ft. Gibson, OK in 1839; appointed Surgeon General for state of WI 1842; purchased 80 acres at Washington Co. WI in 1844 and 80 more in 1848; was one of the founders of West Bend WI; Maj. Gen. 1st Div. WI militia in 1846; appointed to Board of Regents of University of WI in 1850; practiced medicine at Milwaukee WI, did the first successful removal of a kidney in 1861; Surgeon General of Wisconsin troops with military rank of Brigadier General in Civil War, after which he returned to Milwaukee to practice medicine with his brother, Oliver; m. (1) Elizabeth Jane Dousman 1836 Fort Mackinac MI, m. (2) Dr. Laura Jane Ross 1869, the 3rd woman to graduate from a U. S. Medical school.

(7) David Wolcott, b. 1806 Boston NY, d.y.

(7) Hon. George Washington Wolcott, b. 1811 Boston NY, d. 1883 Penn Yan NY; lead bugler at ceremony welcoming Gen. Lafayette in 1825; farmer at Barrington NY; served in the NY State Legislature; m. Flora Shaw 1849 Barrington NY.

(6) Thomas Wolcott, b. 1778 NY, d. 1854 Wayne Co. NY; m. Joanna Kelly, widow of ___ Reed 1811 NY.

(7) Olive Ann Wolcott, b. 1812 NY.

(7) Salinda Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1814, d. 1834.

(7) Amanda Fitzlane Wolcott, b. 1818; m. George Knickerbocker 1842.

(6) Olive Wolcott, b. 1779 NY; m. (1) James Barden 1796 Benton NY, m. (2) Erastus B. Woodworth 1807.

(6) Stephen Ashley Wolcott, b. 1781 NY, d. 1857 LeRoy NY; He moved to LeRoy NY in 1803 where he lived until his death. The place where he built his house is now the University campus; he made a mahogany sideboard that was in the possession of Hubert Wolcott of Milwaukee in 1888; m. Lois Margaret Platt 1803 LeRoy NY.

(7) Nathaniel Wolcott, b. 1804 LeRoy NY, d. 1813 LeRoy NY.

(7) Stephen Wolcott, b. 1806 LeRoy NY, d. 1835.

(7) Margaret Wolcott, b. 1808 LeRoy NY; m. David H. Buel 1840 LeRoy NY.

(7) Anna Wolcott, b. 1815 Le Roy NY, d. 1897.

(7) Martha Sarah Wolcott, b. 1817 LeRoy NY; m. Stephen S. Broggs 1839 LeRoy NY

(7) Dr. John Greig Wolcott, b. 1821 Le Roy NY, d. 1862. He studied medicine with his cousin, Oliver P. Wolcott, and was a physician at Milwaukee WI; killed in the Civil War, buried Washington DC.

(7) Pauline Saxton Wolcott, b. 1826 LeRoy NY, d. 1880

(6) Gideon Wolcott Jr., b. 1784 NY, d.y.

(6) Dr. Walter Wolcott, b. 1791 NY, d. 1876 Dundee NY. He was a surgeon's mate in the War of 1812, and a physician at Starkey NY and at Dundee NY from 1846 until his death; he was the author of The Military History of Yates County, New York, published in 1895; m. Abigail Cornwell 1817.

(7) Dr. Hiland Grieve Wolcott, b. 1818 Penn Yan NY, d. 1891 Dundee NY. He completed his study of medicine in 1844 and was a physician. He then studied law and was admitted to the NY bar in 1851. He was an attorney and land surveyor at Starkey and Dundee NY; m. Emily Caroline Andrews 1860 Dundee NY.

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. 1820 Penn Yan NY; m. Amos Wilcox 1860.

(7) Sophia Lee Wolcott, b. 1822 Penn Yan NY.

(7) John Dorsey Wolcott, b. 1825 Penn Yan NY, d. 1874; He was an attorney at Penn Yan and Dundee NY; m. Caroline Cornwell 1856

(7) Lt. Walter Wolcott, b. 1827 Penn Yan NY, d. 1863 Gettysburg PA, killed in battle during the Civil War.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1795 NY; m. Patrick Quinn 1811.

(5) Claudius Wolcott, b. c. 1754 NY; Rev. War svc.: Claudy Wolcott, Salisbury CT, served as Pvt. in Col. Charles Burrill's Co., 14th Inf. Regt. CT militia; in 1792 he signed petition to have bridge built over the river at Old Fort Schuyler; Claudius of Salisbury m. Phoebe Beardsley of Sharon 1779 Sharon CT.

(6) Samantha Wolcott, b. 1783 Saratoga NY, d. 1852 Nottawa Twp. MI; m. Glover Laird 1804, who immigrated from Ireland in 1800.

(5) Peter Wolcott, b. 1756 Utica NY, d. c.1800 Copake NY. He served with his brother, Claudius, at Ft. Klock NY during the Rev. War; lived between Copake and Ancoram, Columbia Co. NY; m. Rebecca Schutt c.1768 Ancoram NY.

(6) Catherine Wolcott, b. 1775 Copake NY, d. 1846 Knox Co. IL; m. George Sornberger c.1799 Copake NY.

(6) Thomas Wolcott, b. 1778, bapt. 1778 Gallatin Reformed Church; m. Lydia Hollenbeck c.1799. 1830 at Volney Twp. NY

(7) Catherine Wolcott, b. 1800, bapt. 1801 Copake Reformed Church; m. Jacob T. VanDusen.

(7) Christina Wolcott, b. c.1804; m. David Lampman.

(6) Abraham Wolcott , b. 1779, bapt. 1779 Reformed Church Gallatin NY, d. 1865 Copake NY. He served in the War of 1812 and received a military pension living at Copake NY; lived at Taghkanic NY in 1820 and at Copake in 1850 with son, Peter; Collector for Copake 1858; m. Harriet Race c.1798.

(7) Maria Wolcott, b. c. 1800 Copake NY; m. Calvin Winchell.

(7) Peter Wolcott , b. 1802 Copake NY. He lived at Copake in 1850-60; m. (1) Betsy Ann, d. 1837 Copake NY; m. (2) Betsey, she b. 1808, d. 1884 Columbia Co. NY.

(7) Isaac Wolcott, b. c.1804 Copake NY.

(7) Henry Wolcott, b. 1810 Copake NY, moved to Kankakee IN c. 1835 where he was a farmer; m. Eliza c.1835.

(7) Amanda Wolcott, b. c.1812 Copake NY.

(7) Eliza Jane Wolcott, b. 1813 Copake NY, d. 1850 Ulysses PA; m. Orrin Reed Bassett 1834 Berkshire Co. MA.

(7) Caroline Wolcott, b. c.1815 Copake NY.

(7) Sylvester Wolcott, b. 1822 Copake NY, d. 1905 Hillsdale NY, farmer at Copake 1870-80; m. Roxanna Lampman c.1853 NY.

(7) Norman Wolcott, b. c.1824 Copake NY, farmer at Hillsdale NY 1870; m. (1) Sarah Taylor, m. (2) Sarah Boice.

(6) Gideon Peter Wolcott, b. 1780 Taghkanic NY, bapt. Linlithgo Reformed Church 1781, d. 1867 Copake NY; farmer at Copake NY in 1810, at Taghkanic in 1820, moved to Verona NY prior 1830; m. Elizabeth Hollenbeck 1801.

(7) Peter Wolcott, b. 1802 Copake NY, d. Hancock NY, farmer at Ulster Co. NY 1830-50; m. Charelotte VanDusen c.1830 Ulster Co. NY.

(7) Joanna Wolcott, b. 1804 Copake NY; m. Levi VanDusen.

(7) Laura Wolcott, b. c.1807 Copake NY; m. Jacob Van Dusen.

(7) Caroline Wolcott, b. 1810 Copake NY; m. Conrad Fletcher.

(7) Ambrose Wolcott, b. 1813 Copake NY, d. 1878 Wallingford CT, farmer at Rocky Hill CT; m. Julia Ann Belden 1834 Rocky Hill CT; m. (2) Elizabeth Belden 1842 Rocky Hill CT.

(7) Martin Wolcott, b. 1815 Copake NY.

(7) Miriam Wolcott, b. 1819 Copake NY; m. Lewis Lord.

(7) Killear Wolcott, b. 1821 Copake NY. He was named for his mother's first husband, a Mr. Killear; died while serving in Army.

(7) George Wolcott, b. 1828 Copake NY.

(6) Wilhelmus "William" Wolcott, b. 1783 Copake NY, d. c.1875 Milan NY; farmer at Milan NY in 1840, and living there with son, Lawrence 1850-80; m. Cornelia Decker c.1803.

(7) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1805 Copake NY, d. 1885 Milan NY; m. John Patterson Pulver c.1825 Copake NY.

(7) Thomas Wolcott, b. 1807 Copake NY, at Copake NY 1860-70; m. Sally Williams 1829 Copake NY.

(7) John Wolcott, b. 1810 Copake NY, d. c.1885 unm., farm laborer.

(7) Lawrence Wolcott, b. 1814 Copake NY, d. c.1885 Milan NY, farmer at Milan with father 1850-80; m. Elizabeth Teator c.1848.

(7) Spencer Wolcott, b. 1815 Copake NY, d. 1860; m. Betsey Lasher.

(7) Norman Wolcott, b. 1817 Copake NY, d. 1894 Scranton PA, carpenter; 1870-80 Scranton PA; m. Parmy Decker.

(7) George Wolcott, b. 1821 Copake NY, d. 1864 Galatinville NY; wife and children at Pine Plains NY 1880; m. Mary Piester 1850.

(6) Jane Wolcott, b. 1786 Copake NY, d. 1864; m. Peter Fritz.

(6) Cornelius Wolcott, b. 1789 Copake NY, d. 1869 Copake NY, farmer at Copake NY 1834-60 Collector for Copake 1834 and 1847; m. Salome Washburn c.1815.

(7) Angeline Wolcott, b. 1813 Copake NY, d. 1867 Copake NY; m. Collins Cook c.1840.

(7) Julia Wolcott, b. Copake NY; m. Levi Robinson.

(7) Caleb Wolcott, b. 1819 Copake NY, d. 1885 Gallatin NY, Town Clerk for Ancram NY 1845, farmer at Galatin NY 1870-80; m. Sabrina Lasher c.1847.

(7) Louisa Wolcott, m. Samuel Williams c.1840.

(6) Henry "Harry" Wolcott b. 1791 Copake NY, d. 1851, bur. Irondequoit NY, 1830 lived near Palmyra NY; m. Maria L. Wilson c.1812.

(7) Eliza Ann Wolcott, b. 1813 Churchtown NY; m. ___ Crane.

(7) Nelson Wolcott, b. 1815 Palmyra NY, d. Newfield MI, farmer at Newfield 1880; m. Nancy L. Ford.

(7) Sylvina Wolcottb. 1817 Palmyra NY.

(7) Nancy Wolcott, b. 1819 Palmyra NY, bapt. Manorton NY.

(7) Henry Hiram Wolcott, b. 1821 Palmyra NY, bapt. Gallatin NY, d. 1858 Bridgeport MI. He was a carpenter, moved to Saginaw MI 1846, lived at Taymouth MI in 1850; m. Sarah H., a native American woman.

(7) Nathaniel P. Wolcott, b. 1823 Palmyra NY, d. 1863 Andersonville GA, served in Co. A 29th IN Vol., captured at Battle of Chicamaugua, died in Confederate prison; m. Nancy Hoffman c.1842.

(7) Samuel B. Wolcott, b. 1825 Palmyra NY, d. 1849 Palmyra NY.

(7) Mary Jane Wolcott, b. 1830 Palmyra NY; m. ____ Mason.

(7) William Alexander Wolcott, b. 1832 Palmyra NY, d. 1907 Ocean Grove NJ. He moved from Buffalo NY to IN; was a farmer at Jackson IN in 1880; moved to Ocean City NJ in 1886; m. Ann A. Simpson c. 1866.

(7) Julia Ann Wolcott, b. 1837 Palmyra NY, d. 1853 unm..

(6) Ransom Wolcott, b. c.1800 Taghkanic NY, d. 1872 Salisbury CT. He worked in the iron foundry at Copake NY in 1850; m. Nancy Knickerbocker 1837 Copake NY.

(7) Susan Wolcott, b. 1835 Copake NY.

(7) Peter W. Wolcott, b. 1838 Copake NY, d. 1839.

(7) George Wolcott, b. 1838 Copake NY, b. 1859.

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. 1842 Copake NY, d. 1860.

(7) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1848 Copake NY.

(7) Charles E. B. Wolcott, b. 1845 Copake NY, d. 1885 Salisbury CT; m. Carrie B. ____.

(5) Jane Wolcott, b. 1758 Utica NY; m. Abraham Frayer.

(5) Amy Wolcott, b. 1759 Utica NY; m. Job Tyler.

(5) Chloe Wolcott, b. 1762; m. Thomas Fields.

(5) Lucy Wolcot, b. 1764 Utica NY; m. John Fritz.

(4) Peter Wolcott, b. 1706 Windsor CT, d. 1733 Cork, Ireland, probably as a soldier in the English army; m. Susanna Hamlin, widow of ____ Cornwall 1733 Middletown MA.

(5) Capt. Giles Wolcott, b. 1734 Middletown CT, d. 1819 Geneseo NY. Capt. 9th Co., 1st CT Regt., commanded by Maj. Gen. Phineas Lyman, campaign of 1761, French and Indian War; his uncle, Gideon Wolcott, had served under Capt. Phineas Lyman in 1758 and had died in 1761 so apparently his nephew replaced him. Rev. War svc.: Capt. NH Line, commissioned 1777, Col. Seth Warner's Continental Regt., service to 1 Aug. 1780; this Regt. was made up of men from MA and CT; Giles Wolcott was paymaster for the Northern Division. Capt. Giles Wolcott on payroll dated 1781, paid 12L; retired 1781; land warrant issued 1797 for land due to Giles' military service. A land grant was issued to Giles Wolcott of 1800 acres in Tuskawara Co. OH in 1800. Giles of NH applied for pension in 1818 at Geneseo NY; m. Sybil Alden 1779 Bennington VT. 1800 Sunderland VT.

(6) Dr. Augustus Wolcott, b. 1780 Bennington VT, d. 1841 Elyria OH. Augustus was a medical doctor, moved from CT to Geneseo NY in 1806 and to Lorain Co. OH in 1819. Shortly after his death, his wife moved to Iowa; m. Nancy Cole 1804 Durham CT.

(7) Nancy Wolcott, b. 1805 Onondaga NY, d. 1862 Abbe Creek IA.

(7) Henry Augustus Wolcott, b. 1807 Geneseo NY, d. 1858 Woodbine IL; wagon maker and farmer, moved to Jo Daviess Co. IL in 1839; purchased land Jo Daviess Co. IL 1848 where he served at Supt. of Schools; m. Eliza Ann Williams 1836 Lorraine Co. OH. 1850 Elizabeth IL

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. 1809 Geneseo NY, d. 1861 Marion IA; m. William Abbe 1829.

(7) William Wadsworth Wolcott, b. 1811 Geneseo NY, d. 1898 Marshalltown IA. He moved to IA with mother c.1842, enlisted Co. A, 37th IA Inf. 1862, discharged as Cpl. 1864 due to disability.

(7) Timothy Pickering Wolcott, b. 1813 Geneseo NY, d. 1862. He purchased land a Carroll Co. IL in 1849; m. Sarah Ann Coates 1851 Carroll Co. IL.

(7) Daniel Huntington Wolcott, b. 1815 Geneseo NY, d. 1865 Talladega AL. He came from OH to IA in a covered wagon prior to 1843; was a wagon maker and worked in a flour mill near Dubuque IA; enlisted 1864 in Co. I, 27th IA Inf Regt., killed in the Civil War; m. Jane Seymour 1841.

(7) Ellen Wolcott, b. 1819 Geneseo NY, d. 1901 Marion IA; m. Samuel Wallace Dunham 1843 Linn Co. IA.

(6) Henry Wolcott, b. 1783 Bennington VT, d. 1810.

(6) Alden Wolcott, b. 1786 New York NY. War of 1812 service: Alden, b. City of NY, farmer, enlisted Platsburg NY, Capt. Hopper's Co. 15th Inf. Regt. until the end of the war, then transferred to Capt. Bell's Light Artillery Regt., discharged 1817 Ft. Independence age 30, applied for land patent 1825 age 38 Elyria, Lorraine Co. OH. Land patent granted 1825 for100 acres in Faulkner Co. AR; lived Wayne OH in 1830.

(6) Giles Wolcott, Jr., b. 1787 Bennington VT, d. 1815.

(4) Rachel Wolcott, b. 1708 Windsor CT; m. Joseph Hunt of Northampton.

(4) Jane Wolcott, b. 1710 Windsor CT, d. 1711 Windsor CT.

(4) Capt. Gideon Wolcott, b. 1712 South Windsor CT, d. 1761 South Windsor CT. He commanded 9th Co. 1st CT Regt. 1758-1760; his estate valued at 2,500L; m. Abigail Mather 1740 Hartford CT; m. (2) Naomi Olmstead c.1748 Hartford CT.

(5) Abigail Wolcott, b. 1741 Windsor CT, d. 1825; m. Charles Rockwell 1764 Windsor CT.

(5) Samuel Wolcott, b. 1751 Windsor CT, d. 1813 East Windsor CT. He served in Commissary Service, Connecticut Line, during Rev. War; had a home at East Windsor on the site of the home of his grandfather, Henry Wolcott; left estate valued at $30,000; his widow, Jerusha Wolcott of East Windsor, applied for pension 1836 Hartford CT age 81, pension granted 1840 age 84; m. Jerusha Wolcott 1774.

(6) Jerusha Wolcott, b. 1775 East Windsor CT, d. 1826 Avon NY; m. Epaphras Bissel 1794 Windsor CT.

(6) Naomi Wolcott, b. 1777 East Windsor CT, d. 1831 Geneseo NY; m. Brig. Gen James Wadsworth 1804. James and his brother owned 35,000 acres of land in the Genesee Valley of New York, and was founder of Geneseo NY; ancestor of U. S. Senator James Wolcott Wadsworth and U. S. Sen. William Stuart Simington.

(6) Hon. Elihu Wolcott, b. 1784 East Windsor CT, d. 1858 Jacksonville IL. He was a merchant and a Representative in the Connecticut Legislature, sold the family farm and purchased land at Jacksonville IL in 1830; between 1830 and 1840 he purchased land in six counties in IL, he was President of the Jacksonville Female Academy, and left an estate of $100,000; m. (1) Rachael McClure 1806 East Windsor CT, m. (2) Julianna Wolcott 1823 Windsor CT, m. (3) Sarah Choate Crocker 1835 Windsor CT.

(7) Elizabeth Ann Wolcott, b. 1807 East Windsor CT, d. Keokuk IA; m. Col. Carlton H. Perry 1832 Jacksonville IL.

(7) Elihu Wolcott Jr., b. 1808 East Windsor CT.

(7) Hannah McClure Wolcott, b. 1811 East Windsor CT, d. 1858 Jacksonville IL; m. Rev. William Kirby 1832 Jacksonville IL.

(7) Rev. Samuel Wolcott, b. 1813 East Windsor CT, d. 1886 Longmeadow MA. He graduated from Yale College 1833 and Andover Seminary 1837, missionary to Syria 1840-1843; pastor of Longmeadow MA Congregational Church 1843-1843, Belchertown MA Congregational Church 1849-1853, High St. Congregational of Providence RI 1853-1858, New England Congregational Church of Chicago IL 1859-1862, Plymouth Congregational Church of Cleveland OH 1862-1874, Secretary of the Ohio Home Missionary Society 1874-, author of the first Wolcott genealogy, The Wolcott Memorial, and many hymns, the best known being "Christ for the World We Sing". Rev. Samuel Wolcott of Jacksonville IL m. (1) Catherine Elizabeth Wood 1839 Westminster MA, m. (2) Harriet Amanda Pope 1843 Millbury MA. His son, Edward Oliver Wolcott, was U. S. Senator from Colorado.

(7) Arthur Wolcott, b. 1815 East Windsor CT, d. 1873 Keokuk IA. He was a merchant at Keokuk, Iowa, in 1850; m. Sarah Ann Morrison 1849 Keokuk IA.

(7) Eleazur Wolcott, b. 1817 East Windsor CT, d. 1901 Berkeley CA. He graduated from Yale in 1839, was roadmaster of the Wabash Railroad, a member of the Jacksonville IL City Council and Board of Education, planned Jacksonville water works; m. Martha Lyman Dwight 1846 Jacksonville IL.

(7) Frances Jane Wolcott, b. 1819 East Windsor CT, d. IL; m. Maj. Barbour Lewis 1849 Mobile AL.

(7) Helen Maria Wolcott, b. 1824 Windsor CT, d. 1831 Windsor CT.

(7) Julia Ann Wolcott, b, 1826Windsor CT, d. 1910 Jacksonville IL; m. William Chauncey Carter 1846 Jacksonville IL.

(7) Ellen Louisa "Ella" Wolcott, b. 1828 Windsor CT, d. 1912 Elmira NY. She was a nurse during the Civil War, and a correspondent of Dorthea Dix.

(7) Sarah Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1837 Jacksonville IL, d. 1838 Jacksonville IL.

(7) Capt. Richmond Wolcott, b. 1840 Jacksonville IL, d. 1908 Springfield IL. He graduated from Illinois College in 1859, enlisted as Pvt. Co. B, 10th IL Inf. 1861, comissioned Lt., promoted to Capt., discharged 1864; admitted to the bar 1865 and was a lawyer at Springfield; m. Jane VanVechten Satler 1865 Sagamon Co. IL.

(6) Sophia Wolcott, b. 1786 East Windsor CT, d. 1870 Windsor CT; m. Maj. Martin Ellsworth 1807 Windsor CT.

(6) Ursula Wolcott, b. 1788 East Windsor CT, d. 1868; m. Rev. Newton Skinner 1815 Windsor CT.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1791 East Windsor CT, d. 1873 East Windsor CT; m. Erastus Ellsworth 1820 East Windsor CT

(6) Capt. Horace Wolcott, b. 1794 East Windsor CT, d. 1838 IL. He was Capt. of a cavalry unit at South Windsor CT, moved to Michigan where he was at Monroe Co. 1831-1834, later moved to IL.

(5) Naomi Wolcott, b. 1754 East Windsor CT, d. 1782 Southington CT; m. Rev. William Robinson 1780 Southington CT.

(5) Gideon Wolcott Jr., b. 1756 East Windsor CT, d. 1806.

(5) Elizur Wolcott, b. 1760 SouthWindsor CT, d. 1828 South Windsor CT; m. Elizabeth Wolcott, dau. of (4) Alexander. They had no children, but adopted her niece, Lucy Wolcott, b. 1783.

(3) Christopher Wolcott, b. 1672 Simsbury CT, d. 1693 Windsor CT.

(3) Mary Wolcott, b. 1674, Simsbury CT, d. 1676 Simsbury CT.

(3) Daniel, b. 1676 Windsor CT, d.y.

(3) William Wolcott, b. 1676 Windsor CT, d. 1749 South Windsor CT. He built a house at Windsor, where he lived until his death; m. Abiah Hawley 1704.

(4) Abiah Wolcott, b.1708 Windsor CT; m. Capt. Samuel Stoughton Jr. c. 1730.

(4) Lucia Wolcott, b. 1710 Windsor CT, d. 1764 East Hartford CT; m. Lt. Stephen Olmstead c. 1737 Windsor CT.

(4) Hon. William Wolcott Jr., b. 1711 Windsor CT, d. 1799 East Windsor CT. He graduated from Yale College 1734 and was tutor at Yale 1735-6; Justice of the Peace and delegate to General Assembly from Windsor, member of the Windsor Committee of Correspondence and the Hartford Committee of Observation during the Rev. War, probably the William Wolcott whose book of poetry was published in 1779; m. Abigail Abbott 1747 Windsor CT, m. (2) Naomi Olmstead c. 1764.

(5) Eunice Wolcott, b. 1747 Windsor CT, d. 1749 Windsor CT.

(5) Eunice Wolcott, b. 1750 Windsor CT, d. 1826 Windsor CT.

(5) Dr. William Wolcott, b. 1753 Windsor CT, d. 1825 Windsor CT. He grad. Yale College 1775, Justice of the Peace and Rep. to the General Assembly from Windsor CT, book of his poetry published 1779, moved to Castleton VT c.1780; practicing physician at Castleton, paid for treating prisoners 1783, one of three persons chosen to procure a preacher for Castleton VT, also on committee to disburse money for a singing school at Castleton, moved to Washington MA and then returned to Windsor; m. Esther Stevens c.1784 Rutland VT.

(6) Esther Wolcott, b. 1786; m. Capt. Gaston Dickson 1811 Middlefield MA.

(6) Fanny Wolcott, b. 1788; m. Daniel Leach 1836 Middlefield MA.

(6) Laura Wolcott, b. 1798, d. 1804.

(5) Abigail Wolcott, b. 1755 Windsor CT, d. 1818 Windsor CT; m. Hon. Oliver Ellsworth 1772 Windsor CT, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Their son, William Wolcott Ellsworth, was Governor of Connecticut.

(5) Martha Wolcott, b. 1757 Windsor CT; m. Increase Mather 1792 East Windsor CT.

(5) Maj. Abiel Wolcott, b. 1761 East Windsor, d. 1840 Hartford CT. He served a fifer in 2nd CT Regt. 1780, resided on land at East Windsor that had been his father's, and was Major in the militia, Justice of the Peace, and representative to the General Assembly; received military pension 1833; m. Ursula Tudor 1791 East Windsor CT.

(6) Frances Tudor Wolcott, b. 1794 East Windsor CT, d. 1849 Windsor Locks CT; m. Harris Haskell 1821 East Windsor CT.

(6) Ursula Wolcott, b. 1793 East Windsor CT, d. c.1882 South Windsor CT.

(6) Capt. Samuel Tudor Wolcott, b. 1799 East Windsor CT, d. 1887 South Windsor CT. He was a farmer, and was Captain of the Windsor militia company; m. Maria Stewart 1829 East Windsor CT.

(7) Julia Maria Wolcott, b. 1837 East Windsor CT, d. 1891; m. Rev. Henry Powers 1861.

(6) William and Abiel Wolcott, twins, b. , d. 1802 East Windsor CT.

(6) Eveline Wolcott, b. 1804 East Windsor CT, d. 1888 Windsor CT; m. Edgar Bissell 1826 East Windsor CT.

(4) Ephraim Wolcott, b. 1714 Windsor CT, d. 1762; m. Mary Kellogg 1758 Windsor CT.

(5) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1760 Windsor CT; m. Josiah Bissell c. 1780.

(5) Ephraim Wolcott, Jr., b. 1762 Windsor CT, d. 1826 Windsor CT; m. (1) Elizabeth Bissell 1792 Windsor CT, m. (2) Mary Bissell 1799 Windsor CT.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1793 Windsor CT, d. 1851 South Windsor CT; m. (1) Horace Bissell 1814 Windsor CT, m. (2) James Pelton 1834 Windsor CT.

(6) Ephraim Wheeler Wolcott, b. 1797 Windsor CT, d. 1871, Litchfield OH, moved from Aurora NY to Litchfield OH about 1835; m. Rhoda B. Leach 1827 Wolcottville CT.

(7) Elizabeth L. Wolcott, b. 1825 Wolcottville CT, d. 1904 Litchfield OH; m. Hoel Edson Norton 1847 Litchfield OH.

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. 1827 Wolcottville CT; m. George Robert Brooker 1848 Litchfield OH.

(7) Miles Leach Wolcott, b. 1831 Aurora NY, d. 1908 Morenci MI; m. Mary Jane Lathrop 1860 Litchfield OH.

(7) Lyman Wolcott, b. 1833 Aurora NY, d. 1911 Morenci MI; m. Sarah E. Cahow 1857 Summit Co. OH

(7) Daniel Wheeler Wolcott, b. 1835 Aurora NY, d. 1909 Litchfield OH; m. Hellen Houftenmiers.

(4) Martha Wolcott, b. 1716 Windsor CT; m. Joseph Chapin 1749 Windsor CT.

(3) Gov. Roger Wolcott, b. 1679 Windsor CT, d. 1767 Windsor CT. He was apprenticed to a weaver at age 12, and by reading and self education gained admittance to the CT bar, built a home at Windsor in 1704, was chosen Selectman for Windsor 1807, Representative to the CT General Assembly 1709, member of the Bench of Justices in 1710, in charge of the Commissary on an expedition to Canada in 1711, appointed to the Governor's Council in 1720, he and seven others purchased 10,00 acres of land in Vermont for resale in 1720, Judge of the Hartford County Court 1721, Judge of the Superior Court in 1732, Deputy Gov. and Chief Justice of the CT Supreme Court in 1741, appointed Maj. Gen. for the Siege of Louisburg in 1745, Gov. of CT 1750-54; m. Sarah Drake 1702 Windsor CT.

(4) Maj. Roger Wolcott, Jr., b. 1704 CT Windsor CT, d. 1759 Windsor CT. He was Representative to the General Assembly, a major in the militia, a member of the Governor's Council, Judge of the Hartford Co. Court and the CT Supreme Court, appointed to revise the laws of the CT Colony, one of three Commissioners representing CT at Albany in 1745 to discuss plans for union; m. (1) Mary Newberry 1728 Windsor CT, m. (2) Eunice Colton, widow of John Ely, 1759.

(5) Roger Wolcott, b., d. 1729 Windsor CT.

(5) Mariah Wolcott, b. 1730 Windsor CT, d. 1737 Windsor CT.

(5) Roger Wolcott, b. 1733 Windsor CT, d. 1736 Windsor CT.

(5) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1735 Windsor CT, d. 1812 Jefferson Co. NY; m. Elisha Steele 1758 Windsor CT.

(5) Roger Wolcott III, b. 1737 Windsor CT, d. 1798 East Windsor CT. He was a member of the Executive Committee of the Susquehanna Co., formed to market land in the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania.; m. Dorcas Burnhamc.1755 CT.

(6) Martha Wolcott, b. 1757 Windsor CT, d. 1782 East Windsor CT; m. Samuel Treat 1777 Windsor CT.

(6) Roger Wolcott IV, b. 1760 Windsor CT, d. 1799 East Windsor CT; m. his cousin, Mary Steele c.1782 CT. The widow and her 3 dau. moved to Evans Mills NY.

(7) infant, b., d. 1782.

(7) Mariann Wolcott, b. 1784 East Windsor CT, d. 1858 Dexter MI; m. Warren Samuel Stuart 1801.

(7) Mehitable Wolcott, b. 1786 East Windsor CT, d. 1787 East Windsor CT.

(7) Mehitable Wolcott, b., d. 1788 East Windsor CT.

(7) Oliver Wolcott, b. 1789 East Windsor CT, d. 1794 East Windsor CT.

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. 1791 East Windsor CT, d. 1794 East Windsor CT.

(7) Martha Burnham Wolcott, b. 1794 East Windsor CT, d. 1853 Chili NY; m. Daniel Converse c.1810.

(7) Sarah Steele Wolcott, b. 1796 East Windsor CT, d. 1892 Evans Mills NY; m. William Rogers c.1818.

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. 1798 East Windsor CT.

(6) Abner Wolcot, b., d. 1762 East Windsor CT.

(6) Jemima Wolcott, b. 1763 Windsor CT, d. 1800; m. James Steele Jr. 1782 East Windsor CT.

(6) Cornelius Wolcott, b. 1765 East Windsor CT, d. 1816, drowned in Podunk River; m. Margaret Williams abt. 1790.

(7) William Williams Wolcott, b. 1791 Windsor CT, d. 1811.

(7) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1793 Windsor CT, d. 1883; m. Henry Gilman 1812 Windsor CT.

(7) Oliver Wolcott, b. 1796 Windsor CT. He was a farmer at Barre VT in 1855; m. Mary Mumford 1826 Enfield CT.

(7) Abner Wolcott, b. 1798 Windsor CT, d. 1854 Rock Island IL. He was a millwright and a farmer, moved to Iowa in 1837, and to Rock Island IL in 1843; m. Elizabeth Wisecarver 1844 Rock Island IL.

(7) Roger Wolcott, b. 1800 Windsor CT, "Went South".

(7) Cornelius Wolcott, Jr. b. 1802 Windsor CT, d. 1848 Springfield MA; m. Sophia Sweatland Hall 1827 Enfield CT.

(7) Martha Treat Wolcott, b. 1809 Windsor CT, d. 1899 Branford CT; m. Andrew Gorsline Loweree 1820.

(6) Hannah Wolcott, b., d. 1769 East Windsor CT.

(6) Abigail Wolcott, b. 1770 East Windsor CT, d. 1862; m. John Holton 1791 East Windsor CT.

(6) Seth Wolcott, b. 1773 East Windsor CT, d. 1828 East Windsor CT. He lived at East Hartford CT and was a Pvt. in the CT militia in 1814; m. Lois Gay 1799.

(7) Laura Gay Wolcott, b. 1801 East Windsor CT; m. Peter B. Gleason 1845 Hartford CT.

(7) Jerusha Wolcott, b. 1803 East Windsor CT.

(7) Amelia Wolcott, b. 1805 East Windsor CT, d. 1872 East Windsor CT

(7) Sidney Wolcott, b. 1807 Windsor CT, d. 1831 East Windsor CT.

(7) Emeline Wolcott, b. 1809 Windsor CT.

(7) William Henry Wolcott, b. 1811 Windsor CT, d. 1899 East Windsor CT; m. Almira Bissell 1845.

(7) Newberry Wolcott, b. 1812 Windsor CT, d. 1828.

(7) Levi Wolcott, b. 1815 Windsor CT.

(7) Julia, b. 1817 Windsor CT, d. 1828 Windsor CT.

(6) Amelia Wolcott, b., d. 1776 East Windsor CT.

(6) Amelia Wolcott, b. 1778 East Windsor CT; m. Willis Russell 1793.

(6) Oliver Wolcott, b. 1780 East Windsor CT, d. 1781 East Windsor CT.

(6) infant, b., d. 1782.

(6) Rhoda Wolcott, b. 1785 East Windsor CT, d. 1827 East Windsor CT; m. Lt. Charles Burbridge c.1815 East Windsor CT.

(5) Epaphras Wolcott, b. 1740 Windsor CT, d. 1825; m. Mabel Burnham 1762.

(6) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1764 Windsor CT, d. 1852 Hadley MA; m. Ebenezer Pomeroy Jr. 1795 registered at West Springfield and Wilbraham, Hampden Co.

(6) James Wolcott, b. 1766 Windsor CT, d. 1848 Wheatland NY. He was an officer in the militia during the War of 1812, settled at Bloomfield NY, then moved to Wheatfield NY to live with his daughter; m. Miriam Munsell 1786 Wheatland NY

(7) Anson Wolcott, b. 1787 Windsor CT, d. 1864 East Bloomfield NY. He was employed at the Springfield Armory, moved to Bloomfield NY to join brother, Epaphras, in operating a distillery; Anson moved away and his brother, Norman, joined the business; in 1826 Anson and Norman registered a patent for distilling liquor; in 1827 they registered another patent for extracting alcohol with steam; also started a business raising silk worms; m. Lurenda Hawley Gillett 1821 Mendon NY.

(7) Epaphras Wolcott, b. 1789 East Windsor CT, d. 1852 Rochester NY. He was employed at the Springfield Armory, purchased land in Wayne Co. NY in 1811, moved to Bloomfield NY a few years later with his brother, Anson, and operated a distillery, moved to Rochester NY and in 1830 built the Wolcott distilery and the Wolcott Tavern which he managed; m. Naomi Paul 1811.

(7) James Wolcott Jr., b. 1791 East Windsor CT, d. 1866 Chicago IL. He had a farm and sawmill at Rome NY; m. Louisa Emily Gould 1814.

(7) Norman Wolcott, b. 1794 East Windsor CT, d. 1852 Ohio Co. KY. He came to Bloomfield NY to help his brother, Anson, operate a distillery and silkworm business, moved to Warren Co. OH in 1819; moved to South Carrollton in 1821 on the Green River, at a place later known as Wolcott's Landing, he operated a mill there until he caught his arm in the machinery and died of the injuries; m. Mary Ann McGregor 1820 Warren Co. OH.

(7) Miriam Wolcott, b, 1795 CT, d. 1878 Mumford NY; m. Rawson Harmon, Jr. 1820.

(7) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1799 CT, d. 1801 CT.

(7) Sarah Wolcott b. 1802 CT, d. 1803 CT.

(6) Mabel Wolcott, b. 1770 East Windsor CT, d. 1812 Hadley MA; m. John Barnard Richardson 1791 Hartford CT.

(6) Mary Wolcott, b. 1773 Windsor CT m. Aaron Davis, Jr. of Stafford CT 1795 Wilbraham MA.

(5) Mary Wolcott, b. 1742 Windsor CT; m. Rev. Jesse Goddell 1764 Pomfret CT, who was pastor of the Congregational Church at Westminister VT in 1767. Jesse left town when some "immoralities" were discovered, and Mary and her two children returned to her parent's home.

(5) Parmenio Wolcott, b. 1746 South Windsor CT, d. 1812 Rome NY. He moved to Rome NY shortly after his marriage and had a farm there; m. Mary Ballard 1767 Wellington CT.

(6) Alfred Wolcott, b. 1769 Rome NY, d. 1835 Boston Twp. OH. He came to the Western Reserve of Ohio in 1797 as a surveyor, and was given 350 acres as payment for his work, he was married in Pennsylvania as there were no ministers in his county in 1800; he was a Justice of the Peace and Fence Viewer, and was the first school teacher in the school he built on his property; he served in the War of 1812; m. (1) Mary Gilson 1800 Summit Co. OH, m. (2) Margaret Craig 1806 Youngstown OH.

(7) Lydia Wolcott, b. 1804 Summit Co. OH, d. 1834 Summit Co. OH; m. George Leach Jr. 1823 Summit Co. OH.

(7) Malinda Wolcott, b.1807 Boston Twp. OH, d. 1878; m. John Oviat 1828 Hudson NY.

(7) Edith Wolcott, b. 1808 Boston Twp. OH, d. 1878 Grand Rapids MI; m. Zebulon Stow 1828 Portage Co. OH.

(7) Parmenio Wolcott, b. 1810 Boston Twp. OH, d. 1871 Boston Twp. OH. He purchased a farm near Cleveland OH in 1853 where 3 generations of his family lived; farmer and town trustee of Norfolk OH from 1862 to 1871; m. Emeline Tupper 1835 Portage Co. OH.

(7) Hon. Alfred Wolcott Jr., b. 1812 Boston Twp. OH, d. 1892 Boston Twp. OH. Alfred and his 15 year old wife set up housekeeping in a log cabin on his father's property; he replaced the cabin with a large house and expanded the farm to 400 acres, now the location of the Boston Mills golf club; served several terms in the OH legislature; m. Mary Ann Scofield 1831 Portage Co. OH.

(7) Josiah Wolcott, b. 1814 Boston Twp. OH, d. 1828 Boston Twp. OH.

(7) Darius Wolcott, b. 1816 Boston Twp. OH, d. 1894 Thompson OH. He was Justice of the Peace at Thompson OH 1873 and a farmer at Thompson in 1880; m. Sophia Simpson 1841 Lorain Co. OH.

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. 1819 Boston Twp. OH; m. Eli Gaylord 1838 Portage Co. OH.

(7) Simon Pekins Wolcott, b., D. 1821 Boston Twp. OH.

(6) Parmenio Wolcott Jr., b. 1770 Rome NY. He was a farmer at Yorkshire NY, and served in Capt. Ellis' Co., NY militia during the War of 1812; m. Anna Fulkerson 1798 Westmoreland NY.

(7) Lydia Wolcott b. 1799 NY; m. Nicholas Rowe 1819.

(7) Laura Wolcott, b. 1801 NY, d. 1861; m. Stephen VanRensselaer Freeman 1821 Worcester NY.

(7) Littoria Wolcott, b. 1804 NY; m. Henry Allen 1829.

(7) Alfred Wolcott, b. 1806 NY, d. LaGrange OH. He was a farmer at Prarieville MI in 1850, and at LaGrange OH in 1880; m. Mary Henrietta Ledoyt 1834.

(7) Henry Wolcott, b. 1809 NY, d. Vevay MI. He and his brother, Parmenio, moved to Washtenaw Co. MI in the 1830's, where they were farmers; in the 1840s he moved to White Oak MI with his brother, Samuel, and he was at Vevay MI in 1870; m. Malinda Munn. 1835.

(7) Parmenio Wolcott III, b. 1813 Rome NY. He came with his brother, Henry to MI in the 1830s, was a farmer at Barry Co. MI in the 1840s; m. Alzina L. Turner 1841 Jackson Co. MI.

(7) Samuel B. Wolcott, b. 1815 NY, d. 1873 Sharon MI. He and brother, Henry, were early settlers at White Oak Twp. MI, farmer at Sharon MI 1850-70; m. Marie Ellen Mather 1849 Sharon MI.

(7) Clarinda Matilda Wolcott, b. 1819 NY.

(6) Prudence Wolcott, b. 1772 Rome NY, d. 1776 Rome NY.

(6) infant, b. , d. 1774 Rome NY.

(6) Josiah Wolcott, b. 1776 Rome NY, d. 1797 Rome NY.

(6) Mary "Polly" Wolcott, b. 1778 Rome NY, d. 1857 Homer NY; m. Nathan Stone 1802.

(6) Prudence, b. 1789 Rome NY, d. 1869; m. Chauncey Keep 1811, a member of the NY state legislature.

(6) Lydia Wolcott, b. 1790 Rome NY, d. 1797 Rome NY.

(5) Amelia Wolcott, b. 1750 Windsor CT, d. Carlisle NY; m. Marvin Lord 1771.

(4) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1706 Windsor CT, d. 1775 Windsor CT; m. Capt. Roger Newberry 1727.

(4) Alexander Wolcott, b. 1708 Windsor CT, d. 1711 Windsor CT. He was killed by a cart wheel.

(4) Samuel Wolcott, b. 1710 Windsor CT, d. 1717 Windsor CT.

(4) Dr. Alexander Wolcott, b. 1712 Windsor CT, d. 1795 Winsor CT. He graduated from Yale College in 1731 and accompanied his father as a surgeon on the expedition to Louisburg, Chairman of the Windsor CT Committee of Safety, Chairman of a comission to examine applicants for surgeons in the Continental Army, he and Oliver Wolcott were given land grants at Montgomery, Franklin Co. NH in 1780 for their service in the Revolutionary war; settled at Windsor as a physician, trained his slave, Primus, in the practice of medicine and freed him to start his own medical practice, Justice of the Peace, Representative to the CT General Assembly, ; m. (1) Lydia Roswell Atwater 1732 New Haven CT, divorced 1740, m. (2) Mary Mansfield, widow of Fitzjohn Allyn 1739, m. (3) Mary Richards of New London 1745 Wallingford CT.

(5) Dr. Jeremiah Wolcott, b. 1733 New Haven CT, d. 1792. He was a physician at Branford CT, Rev. War svc. with George; m. Sarah Goodsell 1758 Branford CT.

(6) Martha Davenport Wolcott, b. 1762 Branford CT, d. 1839; m. Hezekiah Reynolds 1778 North Branford CT.

(6) Thomas Goodsell Wolcott, b. 1764 Branford CT, d. 1847 New York City. He received a BA degree from Yale College in 1783, taught school at North Branford CT; m. Lucy Hoffman 1789 Branford CT.

(7) Sarah Goodsell Wolcott, b. 1790 North Haven CT, d. 1822 Branford CT. She played guitar and wrote poetry, many of which were published by her sister, Eliza in "The Two Sisters Poems & Memories" in 1830; m. Dr. Charles R. Norton 1814 Branford CT.

(7) Nancy Green Wolcott, b, 1791 North Haven CT, d. 1840; m. Samuel Bartholomew 1808.

(7) Eliza Wolcott, b. 1795 North Haven CT, d. 1832 Branford CT; published "The Two Sisters' Poems & Memories 1830, unm..

(7) Dr. Alexander Wolcott, b. 1800 North Haven CT, d. 1842 Branford CT, unm..

(7) Martha Davenport Wolcott, b. 1803 North Haven CT, d. 1835 Branford CT unm..

(7) Lucretia Wolcott, b. 1805 North Haven CT, d. 1822 Pittsburg PA; m. Dr. Bedford Mowrey 1821 Branford CT.

(6) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1767 Branford CT; m. Philemon Harrison 1784.

(5) Alexander Wolcott Jr., b. 1736 New Haven CT, d. 1757 during military service in French and Indian War.

(5) Lydia Wolcott, b. 1737 New Haven CT; m. Samuel Austin 1759 New Haven CT.

(5) Esther Wolcott, b., d. 1746 Windsor CT.

(5) Dr. Simon Wolcott, b. 1747 Windsor CT, d. 1809 New London CT. He was a physician at New London CT, and secretary of the county medical society, served as surgeon of the 6th Ct Regt. during the Revolutionary War and in 1791 was compensated for losses valued at 1,083L at New London CT during the war by a grant of land in the Western Reserve of northern OH; m. (1) Lucy Rogers 1774 New London CT, m. (2) Charlotte Woodbridge, widow of Giles Munford.

(6) Lucretia Wolcott, b. 1775 New London CT, d, 1823 New London CT; m. Capt. Richard Law 1793 New London CT, a Navy captain during the Revolutionary War.

(6) Alexander Wolcott, b. 1775 New London CT, d. c.1844 at sea; m. Joanna Paul c.1804.

(7) Alexander Simon Wolcott, b. 1805, d. 1844 London, England. He was a pioneer in amateur Deguerreotype photography and inventor, worked with John Johson to create a camera in 1839, patented in 1840, opened a gallery at Washington DC, listed as an artist at NYC in 1841, travelled to England to show the invention; still disputed whether he or Draper took the first photo of a living person; m. Mary Sanborn 1832 Bridgport CT

(6) Lucy Wolcott, b. 1780 New London Ct, d. 1782 New London CT.

(6) Mary Wolcott, b. 1781 New London CT, d 1832 Waterford CT; m. Christopher Manwaring 1807 New London CT.

(6) Lucy Wolcott, b. 1783 New London CT; m. Francis Drake 1802.

(6) Charlotte Wolcott, b. 1784 New London CT, d. 1789 New London CT.

(6) Catherine Wolcott, b. 1786 New London CT; m. Daniel Hindsdale 1817

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1788 New London CT.

(6) Frances Caroline Wolcott, b. 1803 New London CT; m. George Stillman Robbins.

(5) Esther Wolcott, b. 1749 Windsor CT, d. 1841 East Windsor CT; m. Samuel Treat 1785 Windsor CT.

(5) George Wolcott, b., d. 1751 Windsor CT.

(5) Hon. George Wolcott, b. 1753 Windsor CT, d. 1822 Windsor CT. He was a Representative to the CT General Assembly, and had Rev. War svc. with bro. Jeremiah, moved to Saybrook CT in 1804 where he was Collector of the Port; m. Althea Rowland 1777 Windsor CT.

(6) Mary Wolcott, b. 1778 Windsor CT, d. 1860; m. Moses Bliss Jr. 1804.

(6) Lucy Wolcott, b. 1780 Windsor CT; m. (1) Capt. Henry Talcott 1807 Windsor CT, m. (2) Rev. Elijah Waterman 1823 Windsor CT.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1785 Windsor CT, d.y.

(6) Henry Rowland Wolcott, b. 1786 Windsor CT, d. 1817 at sea.

(6) William Frederick Wolcott, b. 1788 Windsor CT, d. West Springfield MA. He was a farmer at West Springfield MA, and a Justice of the Peace; m. Lois Bryant of Springfield 1815 West Springfield MA.

(7) Hannah Bryant Wolcott, b. 1816 West Springfield MA, d. 1834.

(7) Martha Wolcott, b. 1818 West Springfield MA, d. 1888 Agawan MA.

(7) Elizabeth Bryant Wolcott, b. 1820 Springfield MA; m. Charles Woodard Stearnes 1853 West Springfield MA.

(7) George C. Wolcott, b. 1822 West Springfield MA; m. Aurelia A. Dickerman 1841 West Springfield MA.

(7) William Henry Wolcott, b. 1824 West Springfield MA; m. Elizabeth M. Cooper 1848 West Springfield MA.

(7) Helen Wolcott, b. 1826 West Springfield MA.

(7) Alexander Wolcott, b. 1828, d. 1829 West Springfield MA.

(7) Alexander Wolcott, b. 1830 West Springfield MA, d. Agawan MA. He was a farmer at Agawan in 1880, his sisters, Martha and Helen lived with him.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1790 Windsor CT.

(5) Dr. Christopher Drake Wolcott, b. 1754 Windsor CT, d. 1821 Windsor CT. He was Surgeon's Mate in Col. Wolcott's Regt. 1775-81, he and William Wolcott were given land grants at Enosburg, Franklin Co. NH in 1780 for their service in the war, physician at Windsor CT and Representative to the CT General Assembly; m. (1) Lucy Parsons 1782 Windsor CT, (2) Amy Gillette 1806 Windsor CT.

(6) Laura Wolcott, b. 1783 Windsor CT, d. 1789 Windsor CT.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1785 Windsor CT, d. 1786 Windsor CT.

(6) Hon. Christopher Columbus Wolcott, b. 1787 Windsor CT, d. 1853 Steubenville OH. He was Justice of the Peace at Torrington CT and Representative to the Connecticut State legislature, moved to Steubenville OH in 1833 where he was engaged in manufacturing; owned a woolen factory in Fallston, Beaver Co. PA 1841-50 and the sale of his estate was recorded in the Beaver County court in 1858; m. Susan Blinn 1818 CT.

(7) Hon. Christopher Parsons Wolcott, b. 1820, d. 1863 Akron OH,. He graduated Jefferson College 1840, admitted to the bar 1843, moved to Akron OH 1846, Attorney General OH 1856-61, went to Virginia to ask that John Brown's life be spared, Judge Advocate General 1861; Asst. Sec. of War 1862-3 under his brother-in-law Edwin Stanton; m. Pamphilla Stanton 1844 Akron OH.

(7) Samuel Merwin Wolcott, b. 1822 Torrington CT, d. 1848.

(7) Henry Phillip Wolcott, b. 1824 Torrington CT, d. Steubenville OH; m. Sarah Ann Allen 1847 Steubenville OH.

(7) Frederick Halsey Wolcott, b. 1825 Torrington CT, d. 1831 Torrington CT.

(7) Susan Maria Wolcott, b. 1827 Torrington CT, d. 1833 Torrington CT.

(7) Caroline Matilda Wolcott, b. 1829 Torrington CT, d. 1910; m. Martin Andrews 1852 Steubenville OH.

(7) Laura Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1831 Torrington CT, d. 1833 Torrington CT.

(6) Laura Wolcott, b. 1789 Windsor CT, d. 1831 Windsor CT; m. (1) Ellsworth Mather 1807 Windsor CT, m. (2) Henry Halsey 1816 Windsor CT.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1792 Windsor CT, d. 1832 Windsor CT; m. Warren Marshall 1811 Windsor CT.

(6) Philip Wolcott, b. 1794 Windsor CT, d. 1850 Steubenville OH; m. Emilia Marshall 1817.

(7) Frances Wolcott, b. 1818; m. Ralph Ralston.

(5) Mary Wolcott, b. 1756 Windsor CT; m. Dr. Elihu Griswold 1776.

(5) Hon. Alexander Wolcott, Jr., b. 1758 Windsor CT, d. 1828 Middletown CT. He graduated from Yale College in 1778, practiced law at Windsor CT, Rep. to General Assembly, moved to Middleton CT where he was Justice of the Peace, Collector of Customs 1801-29, manufacturer of cotton cloth, nominated to U.S. Supreme Court but failed to get Senate approval for political reasons; m. (1) Alexander Wo. of Springfield m. Frances Burbank 1785 West Springfield MA; m. (2) Lucy Waldo 1807 Boston MA.

(6) Frances Wolcott, b. 1786 Windsor CT, d. Chicago IL; m. (1) Thomas Homans 1804 Middletown CT, m. (2) Arthur William Magill 1806 Middletown CT.

(6) Dr. Henry Wolcott, b. 1788 Middletown CT, d. 1846 Chicago IL. He was a physician, and was Justice of the Peace and Collector of the Port at Middletown OH, moved to Chicago 1833 where he practiced medicine; m. Mary Elmira Starr 1813 Middletown CT.

(7) Alexander Wolcott, b. 1814 Middletown CT. He was a surveyor at Chicago IL in 1880; m. Mary A. Spalding 1845 DuPage Co. IL.

(7) Henry Huntington Wolcott, b. 1816 Middletown CT, d. 1890 Brooklyn NY. He was in the transportation business on the Great Lakes; in 1859 he and Eben Starr formed the Starr Arms Co. of which he was President; held several patents for guns, furnished guns to the Union Army, after the Civil war sold guns to foreign governments; in 1880 he was a paper box manufacturer in NYC; m. Elizabeth Franklin Townsend 1850 Niagra Falls NY.

(7) Caroline Starr Wolcott, b. 1818 Middletown CT, d. 1901; m. Joseph Neree Balestier 1837 Chicago IL. Their grandaughter married Rudyard Kipling.

(7) Edward Wolcott, b. 1821 Middletown CT. He was a school teacher at Glenn NY; lived Washington DC 1880; m. Anna McCracken 1848.

(7) Frances Burbank Wolcott, b. 1823 Middletown CT; m. Dr. Leonard Proctor 1841.

(7) Ellen Wolcott, b. 1828 Middletown CT, d. 1829.

(7) Almira Wolcott, b. 1830 Middletown CT.

(7) Emma Wolcott, b. 1832 Middletown CT, d. 1848.

(7) Juliette Wolcott, b. 1835 Middletown CT, d. 1836 Middletown CT.

(6) Dr. Alexander Wolcott III, b. 1790 Windsor CT, d. 1830 Chicago IL He graduated from Yale College in 1807 and studied medicine in New Hampshire, was commissioned surgeon's mate in the U.S. Army in 1812, later established a medical practice at Vincennes IN, was appointed Indian Agent at Detroit in 1819, accompanied Gov. Cass on his exploration of the Mississippi headwaters in 1820, was appointed Indian Agent at Chicago in 1820, purchased land Cook Co. IL 1830; m. Eleanor Marion Kinzie 1823 Chicago IL.

(7) Mary Ann Wolcott, b. 1824 Chicago IL, d.y.

(7) Ellen Maria Wolcott, b. 1826 Chicago IL, d.y.

(7) Alexander Wolcott IV, b. 1829 Chicago IL, d.y.

(6) Mary Ann Wolcott, b. 1792 Windsor CT, d. 1865.

(5) Guy Wolcott, b. 1760 Windsor CT, d. 1823 Tallmadge OH. Settled Torrington Ct 1783 on a farm that became Wolcottville; he and Frederick Wolcott built a woolen mill there in 1813, deacon of Torrington church 1813, 1822 moved to Tallmadge OH where his son had settled.; m. Abigail Allyn 1781 East Windsor CT.

(6) Abigail Wolcott b., d. 1784 Torrington CT.

(6) Abigail Wolcott, b. 1785 Torrington CT, d. 1830 Tallmadge OH; m. Nathan Gillett Jr. 1803

(6) Guy Wolcott Jr., b. 1787 Torrington CT, d. 1865 Tallmadge Co. OH. He had 1/8 interest in a sawmill in 1811; moved to Tallmadge OH in 1817 and bought a large farm there; m. Annis Porter 1821 Tallmadge OH.

(7) James Orin Wolcott, b. 1823 Tallmadge OH, d. 1876 Tallmadge OH. He inherited his father's homestead and half of the farm; m. (1) Jane E. Lewis 1846, m. (2) Ellen A. Lewis 1850 Tallmadge OH.

(7) Elizabeth Elvira Wolcott, b. 1824 Tallmadge OH, d. 1845 South Hadley MA while attending Mt. Holyoke Seminary.

(7) Charlotte Amanda Wolcott, b. 1827 Tallmadge OH, d. 1891 Tallmadge OH; m. Dennis Edson Fenn 1851 Tallmadge OH.

(7) Lemuel Porter Wolcott, b. 1831 Tallmadge OH, d. 1876, Tallmadge OH. He received half of the family farm and built a house in which his descendants lived for five generations; m. Harriet Esther Treat 1856 Tallmadge OH.

(7) Elizur V. Wolcott, b. 1833 Tallmadge OH, d. 1873 Tallmadge OH. Graduated Yale College 1856 and entered Andover Theological Seminary but did not complete because of poor health; had a farm near Tallmadge; m. Fanny Pierce 1860 Summit Co. OH, she m. (2) Rev. Charles Cutler.

(7) Eleanor Wolcott, b. 1833 Tallmadge , d. 1834 Tallmadge OH.

(7) Hon. Franklin Maginnis Wolcott, b. 1837 Tallmadge OH, d. 1896 Weeping Water NB. He went to NB in 1856 and bought land, but returned to OH; in 1864 went to Ottumwa IA by rail and overland to NB where he built a house at Weeping Water; elected to the NB House of Representatives in 1870; agent for the B & M Railroad Land Development in 1880; m. Henrietta M. Brooks 1864 Tallmadge OH.

(7) Ellen Coe Wolcott, b. 1844 Tallmadge OH, d. 1871; m. Lyman Walker Peet 1870.

(6) Hon. James Wolcott, b. 1789 Torrington CT, d. 1873 Maumee OH. James purchased 300 acres at Maumee OH in 1827 and was a merchant, hotel keeper, ship owner, and wharf operator there. He was elected Lucas Co. judge in 1839, and mayor of Maumee in 1843. His home at Maumee is now a museum; m. Mary Wells 1821 St. Charles Co. MO, dau. of Capt. William Wells and Manwangopatti, daughter of Chief Little Turtle.

(7) William Wells Wolcott, b. 1821 Lewisville KY, d. 1905 Maumee OH. He went to the Great Lakes and became a steam boat captain, one of which was the "General Harrison, built and owned by his father; lived Toledo OH 1847-1850, then moved back to Maumee; at Toledo OH in 1880; m. Eliza Jane Border 1847 Toledo OH.

(7) Robert Fulton Wolcott, b. 1824 Ft. Wayne IN, d. 1836 Maumee OH, drowned in the Maumee River.

(7) Mary Ann Wolcott, b. 1827 Ft. Wayne IN, d. 1891 Maumee OH; lived in her father's home after his death; m. Smith Gilbert 1848 Ft. Wayne IN.

(7) Henry Clay Wolcott, b. 1829 Ft. Wayne IN, d. 1882 Maumee OH. He enlisted in Co. C, 3rd OH Cav. Regt. in 1868; his life after the war was said to have been "difficult". He lived alone at Maumee in 1880 and apparently never married.

(7) Frederick Calhoun Wolcott, b. 1831 Ft. Wayne IN, d. 1864 Atlanta GA; served in the 47th OH Inf. Regt. and killed at the Battle of Atlanta.

(7) Hon. James Monroe "Tip" Wolcott, b. 1838 Maumee OH, d. 1918 Maumee OH unm.. He served in the 130th Inf Regt., Union Army and was Justice of the Peace and Mayor of Maumee OH.

(7) Emily B. Wolcott, b. Maumee OH, d. y.

(6) Elizur Wolcott, b. 1792 CT; m. Esther Lewis of Albany.

(6) Frederick Wolcott, b. 1795 Torrington CT, farmer; m. Eliza Ann Gaylord 1821 Portage Co. OH.

(7) Eliza Ann Wolcott; m. Elijah Judson Dibble c.1840.

(7) Oliver Wolcott, b. c.1828.

(7) Lucy Ann Wolcott, b. 1832 Stow OH; m. John A. Knolton 1864 Summit Co. OH

(7) Frederick Wolcott, b. 1834 Stow OH, d. 1903. He and wife went from OH to KS by wagon train; they lived in a sod house and suffered locust plagues, droughts, Indian troubles, prarie fires, and other problems; had farm atTrego Co. KS in 1880; returned to OH; m. Katherine Finley 1866 Cuyahoga Falls OH.

(7) Mary C. Wolcott, b. 1836 Stow OH; m. John C. Treat 1855 Tallmadge OH.

(7) Hobart Wolcott, b. 1839 Stow OH.

(6) Anna Wolcott, b. 1797 Torrington CT, d. 1881 Bryan OH; m. Dr. John Emery 1830 Tallmadge OH.

(6) Almira Wolcott, b. 1799 Torrington CT; m. George Kilborn Jr. 1820 Portage Co. OH.

(6) Amanda Wolcott, b. 1802 Torrington CT, d. 1815 Torrington CT.

(6) Eleanor Wolcott, b. 1804 Torrington CT, d. 1873; m. Lucius Warner Hitchcock 1826 Tallmadge OH.

(6) George Wolcott, b. 1806 Torrington CT, d. 1857 Wolcottville IN. Moved to Wadsworht OH 1828 where he bought 100 acres; purchased half interest in a sawmill in 1832, moved to La Grange Co. OH 1837 and built a sawmill and store at Johnson Twp. which later became the town of Wolcottville; built a school that became the Wolcottville Young Ladies Seminary; m. Margaret Hine 1828 Tallmadge OH.

(7) Anna Louisa Wolcott, b. 1829 Wadsworth OH, d. 1919 Kalamazoo MI; m. Timothy Hudson 1850 Wolcottville IN.

(7) Abigail Amanda Wolcott, b. 1831 Wadsworth OH, d. 1918 Wolcottville IN.

(7) Julia Almira Wolcott, b. 1832 Wadsworth OH, d. 1838 Wadsworth OH.

(7) Esther Rowena Wolcott, b. 1834 Wadsworth OH, d. 1908 Middlebury IN; m. John F. Cooper 1861.

(7) Elton Romeo Wolcott, b. 1836 Wadsworth OH, d. Sheridan Twp. IA. He lived at Wolcottville IN 1864-1872; farmer at Sheridan IA in 1880; m. (1) Emily F. Jones 1864 Walton NY, m. (2) Mrs. Lettie M. Hedges .

(7) Marshall Franklin Wolcott, b. 1838 Johnson IN, d. 1902 Moreno CA. He was a merchant at Geneseo IL in 1880; m. Fannie L. Perry 1866 Wolcottville, La Grange Co. IN.

(7) Amelia Wolcott, b. 1842 Johnson IN, d. 1864 Wolcottvolle IN.

(5) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1763 Windsor CT, d. 1817 South Windsor CT; m. Elizur Wolcott c. 1782 Windsor CT.

(4) Sarah Wolcott, b., d. 1712 Windsor CT.

(4) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1715 Windsor CT, d. 1735 Windsor CT.

(4) Hephzibah Wolcott, b. 1717 Windsor CT, d. 1780 East Windsor CT; m. John Strong 1737 Windsor CT.

(4) Josiah Wolcott, b. 1719 Windsor CT, d. 1802 South Windsor CT.

(4) Erastus Wolcott, b. 1721 Windsor CT, d. 1722 Windsor CT.

(4) Epaphras Wolcott, b. 1721 Windsor CT, d. 1733 Windsor CT.

(4) Gen. Erastus Wolcott, b. 1722 Windsor CT, d. 1793 East Windsor CT. He was Rep. to General Assembly, Speaker of Lower House, Justice of Peace, Judge of Probate, Chief Judge of County Court, Chief Judge of Superior Court; commanded a Regt. of CT troops 1776 at siege of Boston, New London, Peekskill, Danbury; appointed delegate to Constitutional Convention but did not accept, Judge of the CT Supreme Court; m. Jerusha Wolcott 1746 CT, who received a military pension for MA service.

(5) Erastus Wolcott Jr., b. 1747 Windsor CT, d. 1751 East Windsor CT.

(5) Flavia Wolcott, b. 1750 Windsor CT, d. 1751 East Windsor CT.

(5) Col. Erastus Wolcott Jr., b. 1752 Windsor CT, d. 1797 EastWindsor CT. Capt. in CT Line, commanded a Regt. at Boston and was taken prisoner and held for long period, Justice of the Peace, Rep. to CT General Assembly, Judge of Probate; military pension to wife Chloe 1799, guardian of Erastus, Chloe, Edward, Julia, and Helen, minors, also land grant of 300 acres in Delaware Co. OH in 1800 for military service; m. Chloe Bissell 1783 East Windsor CT.

(6) Erastus Wolcott III, b. 1784 East Windsor CT, d. 1812 Windsor CT.

(6) Chloe Wolcott, b. 1786 East Windsor CT, d. Rochester NY.

(6) Col. Edward Wolcott, b. 1788 East Windsor CT, d. 1832 East Windsor CT. Capt., CT militia, 1813, later Col. of militia.

(6) Julianna Wolcott, b. 1791 East Windsor CT, d. 1832; m. Elihu Wolcott 1823 Windsor CT.

(6) Helen Wolcott, b. 1794 East Windsor CT, d. 1840 Rochester NY; m. Horace Hooker 1822.

(5) Flavia Wolcott, b. 1754 Windsor CT; m. Lt. Col. Roswell Grant 1783.

(5) Jerusha Wolcott, b. 1755 Windsor CT, d. 1844 East Windsor CT; m. Samuel Wolcott 1774 WindsorCT.

(5) Arodi Wolcott, b. 1760 Windsor CT, d. 1805 South Windsor CT; m. Ruth Pitkin 1789 Hartford Co. CT.

(6) Arrodi Pitkin Wolcott, b. 1791 East Windsor CT, d. 1842.

(6) Almira Wolcott, b. 1793 East Windsor CT, d. 1865 South Windsor CT.

(6) infant, b., d. 1795 East Windsor CT.

(6) Mary Wolcott, b. 1797 East Windsor CT, d. 1858 South Windsor CT; m. Russell Cone.

(5) Albert Wolcott, b. 1761 Windsor CT, d. Cleveland OH. He lived in the home his grandfather, Roger Wolcott, built, later moved to Cleveland OH; m. Hannah Loomis 1786 East Windsor CT.

(6) Hannah Wolcott, b. 1786 East Windsor CT, d. Cleveland OH.

(6) Albert Wolcott Jr. , b. 1787 East Windsor CT, d. 1810 East Windsor CT.

(6) Cynthia Wolcott, b. 1789 East Windsor CT, d. 1848 Cleveland OH; m. William Bliss 1813 Cleveland OH.

(6) Laura Wolcott, b. d. 1793 East Windsor CT.

(6) Laura Wolcott, b. 1794 East Windsor CT, d. 1795 East Windsor CT.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1797 East Windsor CT, d. Cleveland OH.

(4) Ursula Wolcott, b. 1724 Windsor CT, d. 1788 Lyme CT; m. Gov. Matthew Griswold 1743 Windsor CT.

(4) Gov. Oliver Wolcott, b. 1726, d. 1797 East Windsor CT, buried Litchfield CT. He graduated Yale College 1747, commissioned Capt. 1747 and raised and led a company in defense of the colony against French and Indians, Moved to Litchfield CT c. 1850, Rep. to General assembly 1764-1770, Asst. to Governor 1771-86, judge of Probate 1772-95, Chief judge of Court of Common Pleas 1774-86, rose in militia from Capt. to Major General, Commissioner of Indian Affairs 1775-85, CT Rep. to Continental Congress 1776-8, signed Declaration of Independence 1776, Maj. Gen CT Line, Lt. Gov. of CT 1786-1796 Governor of CT 1796-7; he and his sons, Oliver Jr., and Frederick had land grants at Elmore NH for service in the war, also given a grant of lands at Wolcott NH, which was named for him because he was one of the primary supporters for making New Hampshire a state, in 1790 owned 6 slaves; m. Laura Collins 1755 CT.

(5) Oliver Wolcott, b., d. 1757 Litchfield CT.

(5) Gov. Oliver Wolcott Jr., b. 1760 Litchfield CT, d. 1833 NYC. He grad. Yale College 1778, served as military aide to his father, studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1781; clerked for State Treasury, State Comptroller 1788-9, State Auditor 1789-91, Comptroller of the US Treasury 1791-5, Succeeded Alexander Hamilton as Sec. of the US Treasury 1795-1800 , Judge of the Circuit Court 1801-2, President of Mercantile Bank of NY 1803-4, President of Bank of North America 1812-14, Governor of CT 1817-1827. Oliver was given land grants at Warren NH and at Elmore NH in 1780 for his service in the Rev. War; m. Elizabeth Stoughton 1785 Windsor CT.

(6) John Stoughton Wolcott, b. 1787 Philadelphia PA, d. 1789 Philadelphia PA.

(6) Oliver Wolcott, b. 1790 Philadelphia PA, d. 1791 Philadelphia PA.

(6) Laura Wolcott, b. 1794 Philadelphia PA, d. 1870 NYC; m. Col. George Gibbs Jr. 1810 NYC.

(6) Elizabeth Stoughton Wolcott, b. 1795 Philadelphia PA, d. 1819 NYC; m. William Gracie 1813 NYC. There is an unproven story that Elizabeth died tragically of a ruptured blood vessel only hours after her wedding to William Gracie. However, it seems more likely that she died in 1819. The Rochester Telegraph and the Litchfield Republican (July 1, 1819) newspapers reported on that she died "suddenly" of apoplexy on the Thursday before. It is also claimed by some that her ghost haunts Gracie Mansion in New York City.

(6) Oliver Stoughton Wolcott, b. 1800 NY, d. 1832 NYC. Oliver attended West Point Military Academy, and was a midshipman on the Chesapeake; moved from Litchfield CT to NJ, later to NYC; m. Jane Lowe Conrad 1820 Litchfield CT.

(7) Oliver Wolcott, b. 1821 Litchfield CT, d. 1823 Litchfield CT.

(7) Dr. Oliver Wolcott, b. 1823 Litchfield CT, d. 1856 San Francisco CA. He graduated from College of Physicians and Surgeons NYC, physician NYC, l. Argentina, d. unm.

(7) Elizabeth Stoughton Wolcott, b., d. 1825 Litchfield CT.

(6) Dr. John Stoughton Wolcott, b. 1802 NYC, d. 1843 NYC. Physician, l. NYC and Litchfield CT. His father lived with him until his death in 1833. Samuel Wolcott, author of the 1881 Wolcott Memorial, was a close friend of George Gibbs, John's nephew, who gave him full access to the papers of Oliver Wolcott. Oliver's will leaves half of his estate to John and half to the Gibbs. It mentions the children of George Gibbs and his son Oliver's son Oliver, but mentions no children of John. Samuel gives no children for John and says he lived in NYC and Litchfield, where he is buried. His burial date is on his tombstone. A Wolcott family sometimes said to be descendants of John Stoughton Wolcott is in error.

(6) Henry Wolcott, b., d. 1805 NY.

(5) Laura Wolcott, b. 1761 Litchfield CT, d. 1814 Hartford CT; m. William Moseley 1785 Hartford CT.

(5) Mariann Wolcott, b. 1765 Litchfield CT, d. 1805 Hartford CT; m. Sen. Chauncey Goodrich 1789 CT.

(5) Sen. Frederick Wolcott, b. 1767 Litchfield CT, d. 1837 Litchfield CT. He graduated from Yale in 1786, was Clerk of Common Pleas in 1793 and appointed Judge of Probate in 1796; elected to CT General Assembly in 1808 and to the CT Senate in 1810; he was a partner in the Wolcottville Woolen Mills and a livestock breeder; m. (1) Elizabeth Huntington 1800 Norwich CT, m. (2) Sarah Worthington Goodrich, widow of Amos Cooke 1815.

(6) Mariann Goodrich Wolcott, b. 1801 Litchfield CT, d. 1864 Newark NJ; m. Asa Whitehead 1827 Newark NJ.

(6) Hannah Huntington Wolcott; b. 1803 Litchfield CT; m. Frederick Freeman 1834 Litchfield CT.

(6) Joshua Huntington Wolcott, b. 1804 Litchfield CT, d. 1891 Boston MA. He was a merchant, and was Treasurer of the Sanitation Commission during the Civil War; m. (1) Cornelia Frothingham 1844 Boston MA, m. (2) Harriet Frothingham 1851.

(7) Lt. Huntington Frothingham Wolcott, b. 1846 Cambridge MA, d. 1865 Boston MA. He was a 2nd Lt. in the 2nd MA Cav. and died of typhoid during the Civil War.

(7) Gov. Roger Wolcott, b. 1847 Cambridge MA, d. 1900 Boston MA. He grad. Harvard College 1876, LLb Harvard Law School 18740; lawyer at Boston MA, member of the Common Council 1877-79, MA House of Reps. 1882-84, Lt. Gov. of MA 1892-95, Governor of MA 1896-98; overseer of Harvard University 1885-95; a statue of him is in the lobby of the MA State House; m. Edith Prescott 1874 Boston MA.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1806 Litchfield CT, d. 1875 Newark NJ; m. John Peter Jackson 1827 Pompton Plains NJ.

(6) Frederick Henry Wolcott, b. 1808 Litchfield CT, d. 1883 Astoria NY. Frederick was a merchant in NYC. He hired H. G. Somerby to research the early history of the Wolcotts in England and assisted in the preparation of the Wolcott Memorial, the first published Wolcott genealogy; m.(1) Abby Woolsey Howland 1839 NY, m. (2) Sarah Elizabeth Merchant 1855 Plattsburg NY

(7) Elizabeth Huntington Wolcott, b. 1840 NYC; m. Stephen L. Merchant 1861 NYC.

(7) Frederick Henry Wolcott, Jr., b. 1845 NYC, d. 1885 unm..

(7) Gardiner Howland Wolcott, b. 1848 NYC, d. 1881 unm..

(7) Oliver Huntington Wolcott, b. 1850 NYC, d. 1852 NYC.

(7) Abby Howland Wolcott, b., d. 1852 Astoria NY.

(7) Charles Merchant Wolcott, b. 1855 NYC, d. 1858 NYC.

(7) Abby Howland Wolcott, b. 1863 Litchfield CT, d. y..

(7) Alice Wolcott, b. 1865 NYC; owned and lived in the Oliver Wolcott house at Litchfield which she sold to her niece, Alice Sherman in 1922.

(6) Laura Maria Wolcott, b. 1811 Litchfield CT, d. 1887; m. Robert Grosman Rankin 1831.

(6) Charles Moseley Wolcott, b. 1816 Litchfield CT, d. 1889 NYC. He was a merchant, living at Matteawan NY; m. (1) Mary Elizabeth Goodrich 1843 Roxbury MA, m. (2) Catharine Alamandia Rankin 1849 NYC.

(7) Frederick Wolcott, b.1844 Litchfield CT, d. 1846 Litchfield CT.

(7) Lt. Col. Henry Goodrich Wolcott, b. 1853 Fishkill NY, d. 1906 Genoa, Italy. He graduated from Yale in 1873 and from Columbia Law School in 1877, was a member of the NY bar, a U.S. Comissioner, and Lt. Col. in the 21st Regt. NY Guards; He resided at Roseneath, Fishkill-on-the-Hudson, but practiced law at Matteawan, a neighboring village. He was a Director of the New York Rubber Company and lived abroad, having gone to inroduce a machine he had patented for the manufacture od rubber balls and toys. He remained in Europe for the education of his family and for some time resided in Berlin. While travelling with his family he contracted pneumonia and died of heart failure in Italy.m. Julia Sterling 1879 NYC.

(7) Katherine Rankin Wolcott, b. 1855 Beacon NY, d. 1941 Beacon NY; m. Samuel Verplanck 1896.

(7) Annette Rankin Wolcott, b. 1857 NY, d. unm.

(6) Chauncey Goodrich Wolcott, b. 1819 Litchfield CT, d. 1820 Litchfield CT.

(6) Henry Griswold Wolcott, b. 1820 Litchfield CT, d. 1852 NYC. He trained in Boston with his brother, Joshua; went to China as a merchant in 1843, was U. S. Consul at Shanghai, contracted maleria in China, went to Germany for the spas, returned to NYC where he died in his brother's home.

(6) Mary Frances Wolcott, b. 1823 Litchfield CT; m. Theodore Frothingham 1845.

(4) Mariann Wolcott, b. 1729 Windsor CT, d. 1798 Chaplin CT; m. Thomas Williams 1758 Pomfret CT.

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