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Among documents which belonged to Henry Wolcott, the immigrant, is an ancient manuscript dated 1618, conveying to Henry's brother, Christopher Wolcott, land in the parishes of Tolland and Lydiard St. Lawrence in the county of Somerset "which now are or lately were parcel of the Manor of Gauldon." Henry Wolcott inherited these lands when Christopher died in 1639. American Wolcotts came to believe that the property Henry Wolcott inherited from his brother was the principle residence at Tolland known today as "Gauldon Manor". An Inquest Post Mortem, taken at the time that Christopher Wolcott died, however, shows that the property purchased by Christopher was only part of the manor of Gauldon, consisting of two houses and a mill. One of these houses, with the adjacent mill, was the home of Henry's father and grandfather, and probably Henry's birthplace. This house is now a residence called Watersmeet Farm owned by Chris Butler.

In the fourteenth century, the manor of Gauldon was given by Andrew de Bovedon to Taunton Priory, a house of the Augustinian monks. The Priory still owned the manor when the Wolcotts first appeared there in 1525. In 1539, Taunton Priory surrendered all its lands, including the manor of Gauldon, to Henry VIII. In 1544, the manor was sold by the Crown for 212L to William Standish of London, with remainder to his daughter, Alice, and her husband, Francis Southwell of Norfolk, and their heirs, and failing such heirs, to John Mynne and his heirs. William Standish died in 1553, and the manor went to his daughter, Alice Southwell, who died childless. Gauldon then went to the Mynne family in accordance with the purchase deed.

The manor of Gauldon never had a conventional manor house with a resident "lord of the manor." Instead, the Priory at Taunton leased out the properties and collected the rents. In 1520 John Selleck obtained a lease on the principal farm in the manor and a fulling mill adjoining it for life, with successive leases to his wife Agnes and their sons, John and Henry Selleck. This is the house known today as "Gauldon Manor". In 1525, John Selleck and John Stodden were the largest landowners in the Tolland parish. Selleck paid a tax of 26 shillings, and Stodden 30 shillings. John Stodden left the parish soon after, but the Selleck family stayed on. John's grandson, Robert Selleck (1554-1623), lived in the house that had been his grandfather's. In 1581, the "Manor of Gawlden" was held by Robert Selleck from George Mynne. Robert married Elizabeth Blake, aunt of Elizabeth Saunders, wife of Henry Wolcott, the immigrant. Robert Selleck was also a witness to the will of Roger Wolcott in 1592, and acted as an agent for George Mynne's son, Robert, when Robert sold a portion of Gauldon manor to Christopher Wolcott in 1618.

Most of the remainder of the lands that once were the manor of Gauldon, including "the capitall mesuage and farme comonly called or knownne by the name or names of Gawldon or Gawldon Farme, now or late occupied by Robert Sellake in the parishes of Tolland and Lydeard St. Lawrence, a fulling mill adjoining, and Gawldom Wood of twelve acres", and two enclosed lots of eight acres, was purchased from Robert Mynne by John Turberville of Sampford Peverell, Devon, in 1615. Gauldon Farm was refurbished by the Turbervilles with the ornate plaster decorations with the Turberville coat of arms that distinguish the house today. The house remained in the Turberville family until 1731, after which it passed to successive owners. An old tradition that says the house was occupied by Bishop James Turberville is without foundation. The house is known today as Gauldon Manor and has recently been renovated and landscaped. For several years it was open to the public on certain days for a fee, but that has been discontinued.

The earliest record known of Wolcotts in Somerset is the will of a William Wulcote of Dulverton written in 1500 and proved in 1530. William 's will mentions his wife, Elizabeth, and several godchildren, but no children. He is apparently a different person than the William Wolcott who was at Tolland from 1525 to 1539. There is a hamlet called "Woolcotts", located about 6 miles north of Dulverton in the parish of Brompton Regis. There is no known record of Wolcotts living there, but one of the homes located there, called "Higher Woolcotts", is thought to date back to the 16th century.

All other records of Wolcotts or Woolcotts in Somerset from 1525 to 1550 are from the parish of Tolland. The names of William and Thomas "Wolcot" appear in 1525 on the earliest existing tax roll for Tolland. Thomas was taxed on land valued at 5 pounds per year with a tax of 2 shillings 6 pence, and William on land valued at 3 pounds per year with a tax of 18 pence. Both William and Thomas Wolcott's names also appear on the Tolland subsidy rolls of 1535 and 1539. The 1535 and the 1539 tax rolls are nearly identical, with the exception that the tax for William Wolcott was substantially reduced, from 17s 1/2d in 1535 to 1s 5 1/2d in 1539, while Thomas, like most others, paid the same tax each time; in his case, 8s 1 1/2d. William apparently increased and then decreased his Tolland holdings. The Sellacks and Wolcotts were the only surnames from 1525 that remained the same on the Tolland tax rolls of 1535. The 1539 tax roll is the last time William Wolcott's name appears at Tolland, so he either died or left Tolland soon after this. He appears to have been older than Thomas, and so was probably Thomas' father. Thomas appears to have been the ancestor of all other Tolland Wolcotts.

The Tolland Wolcotts were once thought to have been descendants of the Walcott family of Shropshire.  Recent research has found no evidence to support this, and the Wolcott DNA project indicates they had different early ancestors. It seems likely that the Tolland Wolcotts were related to the Wolcott's of Devonshire. William Wolcott who was at Tolland from 1525 to 1539 may have been the William Wolcott who appears on the 1524 tax roll at Bovey Tracy and is missing from the 1525 roll.  For information on this family, see "The Wolcott Family of Devonshire". Numbers in parentheses below are used here to identify succeeding generations, beginning with Thomas Wolcott.

(1) Thomas Wolcott, c.1500-c.1555, a "tucker", listed with William Wolcott on the 1525, 1535, and 1539 tax roll, is the only Wolcott listed on the Tolland tax rolls in 1550. Tucking and fulling were names for the finishing process of cloth making, in which newly woven wool cloth was prepared for sale by soaking and beating, usually by means of a water driven mill. Gauldon Farm and a tucking mill adjacent to it were leased to John Selleck in 1520, above. Thomas Wolcott's name is also found in several wills of the period. The will of Elizabeth Hervye of Tolland, dated 1550, has Thomas Wolkot as a witness. The will of William Howe of Tolland, dated 1551, has Thomas Wolcott, the elder, as a witness, and mentions a debt due from John Wolcott for eleven yards of raw cloth. The will of John Seller of Tolland, dated 1553, also has Thomas Wolcott, the elder, as witness. Thomas was a property owning adult in 1525 and still alive in 1553, so he was probably born sometime between around 1500. The information in the 1986 Wolcott Genealogy that he was born in 1487, died 5 June 1554, and was married to a Margaret Welling, appears to be fabricated, as he left no will, and birth, marriage, and death records don't begin at Tolland until 1598. Thomas appears to have been the father of all of the next generation of Tolland Wolcotts, Thomas Jr., John, Henry, and Roger Wolcott, who were all adults living in 1572.

The will of Elizabeth Woolcott of Lawrence Lydiard, widow, is dated 1565 and was proved 26 September 1565. In it, Elizabeth asks that she be buried at Tolland, and bequeaths all her property to Thomas Winter, her servant, who she appoints executor of her will. No one else is mentioned. She may have been the widow of Thomas.

(2) Thomas Wolcott,"the younger", c.1525-1572, was a witness to the will of John Toven of Tolland, dated 1551. The will of Alice Howe of Tolland, dated 1565, mentions her godfather, Thomas Woolcott, and also Henry Woolcott, and has Thomas Woolcott and Thomas Venn as overseers. The will of Thomas Wolcott, tucker, of Tolland, dated and proved in 1572, bequeaths 10 pounds to his son, John Wolcott, the elder; an ewe sheep each to his son, Simon, and two unnamed daughters, 4 pence each to several unnamed god-children, and the remainder to his wife Alice. He appoints John Dawe, his brother-in-law, and John Wolcott, his son, as overseers of the will. Whether his wife, Alice, was a Dawe or his sister was married to John Dawe is unknown.

(3) John Wolcott, c.1545-1589, the eldest son of Thomas Wolcott, was a successful clothier. As a cloth merchant he probably purchased wool and farmed it out for spinning and weaving. John Wolcoot leased from Sir Thomas Standish a tenement and land at Tolland for a term of the lives of John, Elizabeth his wife, and their son, Henry, which was relinquished by Henry in 1624. John's eldest son, Henry, was born in 1565, and his fourth son, Richard, in 1580, according to depositions they gave as adults. When John wrote his will in 1585, Henry was old enough to act as his father's executor, but the other eight children were all minors. John's will bequeathed 30 pounds to his son, William; 50 pounds each to his sons John, Edward, Richard, and Nicholas; 66 pounds each to his daughters Elizabeth and Agnes; 60 pounds to his son David, and the remainder to his son, Henry, who he named executor. The custody of John's children, except for Henry, was given to his uncle, Henry Woolcott of Elworthy, Christopher Nation of Bishops Lydiard, and his brother, Simon. John is mentioned in several other wills. The will of John Seller of Tolland, dated 1572, has John Woolcott and John Dawe as witnesses. The will of another John Seller of Tolland, dated 1581, appoints John Wolcotte the elder and Thomas Dawe of Tolland as overseers, and mentions a debt of 21 shillings owed to Roger Wolcott of Tolland and a debt of 20 shillings owed to widow Wolcotte. John Dawe was John Wolcott's uncle, and Thomas Dawe probably his cousin. As these are mentioned in the two Seller wills along with John, the clothier, and John Seller was a witness to his father, Thomas Wolcott's, will, it seems likely that the Sellers were also relatives of John.

(4) Henry Wolcott, 1565-c.1642, was a prosperous clothier at Tolland. Henry was the eldest of John's sons, and was executor of his father's will in 1572. He was executor of the will of Thomas Dawe in 1592, and is on the Tolland tax rolls for 1593, 1597, 1610, 1622 and 1623. In 1606 he served as church warden at Tolland, and was tithingman there in 1623 and 1629. In 1609, Edward Warr of Chipleigh, esq., leased to Henry Woollcott of Tolland, clothier, for 248L, a messuage and tenement in East Towne in the parish of Tolland, to hold for 99 years or the lives of Henry, John, and George, sons of the said Henry. Henry relinquished this property in 1621. A survey of the manor of Brompton Ralph made in 1615, records that Henry Wolcott held by copy of the court rolls dated 1602, for a term of 99 years, or for the term of the lives of Henry Wolcott, and Henry and John Wolcott his sons, four fenced meadows, called Rode Meade, Rodemeadehill, Flaxhaye, and Longmeade or Wester Longmeade, containing 10 acres, valued at 13L 6s 8d per year. In 1618 Henry Woolcott acted as an agent for Robert Mynne in the sale of land in Gauldon Manor to Christopher Woolcott of Wellington. This was apparently the Henry listed on the manor roll as "Henry Woolcote for one cottage in length 80 ft. and in breadth 80 ft. upon the waste of the lord of Tolland in the King's Highway there called the Church House next the rectory there, formerly of Robert Selleck and the late Elizabeth Selleck, by grant of David Selleck. In 1631, a Special Commission of the Exchequer held an investigation at Taunton "in distraint of knighthood". In order to raise money, King James was requiring that all men with lands or goods valued at a certain amount be knighted, for which honor they were required to pay a large sum of money into the Exchequer. Many men tried to avoid this dubious honor. On the list of men examined by this commission appears the name of Henry Woolcot, followed by the notation, "not seized". On a later list, the same name appears, with the notation, "will plead". The first note meant that Henry did not hold land directly from the King, and the second note that he would appear before the commission at a later date. Henry successfully avoided this "honor".

Henry's wife, Joan, is buried under the large stone tomb in the Tolland churchyard. The Tolland parish register for 1637 reads: "7 April - Joan wife of Henry Woolcott the elder buried". She is buried with her eldest son in the tomb which bears the inscription:"The body of John Wolcot 21 Mar 1618 Here also lieth the bodie of Johne Woolcot mother of the saide John Wolcot who deceased the 5th of April 1637." This tomb is next to a similar one on which the inscription has been obliterated, which probably covers Joan's husband, Henry.

(5) Henry Wolcott, Jr., c.1595-1650, is named in a manor roll of 1630: "Henry Woolcott junior of Tolland for one cottage with appurtenances standing by the end of Tonebridge called le Dye House in the tithing of Mullane, formerly of Elizabeth Nichols, by grant of Richard Nicholas. Fine 13s d4." In 1633, Henry Woolcott and George Woolcott were appointed attorneys to deliver seizin of Grove tenement in Tolland. Henry and his brother, George, were defendants in extensive litigation which took place in 1636 in the Chancery case of Rogers v. Wolcott, following. Henry married Joan ____, who is listed in the parish records as mother of his daughter born in 1637. Henry Wollcot of Tolland, gent., was the overseer of the will of Giles Locke of Nynehead, written in 1644, and was probably the "Henrie Wollcott" who acted as an attorney for Henry Wolcott of New England in 1650.

(6) Joan Wolcott, c. 1630-1684, m. Robert Proctor. Their children, Ann Proctor Gale, Henry Proctor, and Joan Proctor Thurston, are named in the will of Joan's brother, John Wolcott, dated 1699.

(6) Henry Wolcott, c. 1635-1670, apparently never married, and died relatively young leaving a sizeable estate, said to be worth 4,000L. His will bequeaths to his sister Joan Proctor, his nieces, Ann Gale and Joan Proctor, and his nephews Henry and Robert Proctor 200 pounds each; to his cousin Joan, daughter of his uncle George, of Tolland, recently deceased, 100 pounds; to Mr. Francis Colby, minister of Tolland ten pounds; to his godson, Henry Neuton ten ewe sheep; to Anne Gardner 10 pounds; to William Newton, butcher, my tenant, 10 pounds; to each of my household servants 20 shillings; to each of my covenant ship servants 20 shillings; to George Woolcott of Greenway, 5 pounds; to Richard and George Woolcott, sons of Richard Woolcott late of Bishops Lydiard 5 pounds each; and "all the rest of my goods and chattels, parts of ships and plantations beyound sea, I do give and bequeath unto my brother John Woolcott." Henry's bequest to his cousin Joan Wolcott was the basis of a legal dispute between Henry's brother, John, and Joan's half brother, John Walsh. John Walsh complained that "Henry Woolcott late of Tolland, gentleman, deceased, being in his lifetime possessed of a very great personal and testamentary estate consisting in goods chattels ready money jewels plate vessels household stuffs etc. to the value of 4,000L and more left in his will among other legacies and bequests unto one Joan Wolcott his cousin germain, daughter of his uncle George Woolcott of Tolland, late before deceased, the sum of 100L.... John Woolcott, his brother and executor... did scruple the payment of the aforesaid 100L and questioned the validity of the deceased passing the right to her legacy to John Walsh ...."

(6) Helen Wolcott, 1637-38, daughter of Henry and Joan Woolcott, was baptized at Tolland in 1637 and buried there in 1638.

(6) Infant daughter of Henry Woolcott born 1639, buried at Tolland, unbaptized, in 1639.

(6) John Wolcott, 1640-1700, was the residual heir of his brother, Henry, who died in 1670. A ship mentioned in Henry's will was probably the ship, Adventure, mentioned in a deposition taken in 1682: "About four months since came into this harbor the ship Adventure, Morgan Byneham master, of which John Woollcots of Tolland was part owner and was loaded with wine brandy linen cloth and salt. The salt entered and paid duty at Minehead but the wine brandy and cloth all run and was a considerable parcel for there was not less than thirty men at work between two and three hours delivering the same." Whether or not John Wolcott was a party to this smuggling operation is unknown. The will of John Wolcott was proved in 1700. It leaves 20L to his kinswoman Frances Procter, widow of Henry Proctor, gent; 30L to Henry Proctor, his godson; 15L to Frances Proctor; 20L to Ann Gale his kinswoman, wife of Thomas Gale, Esq.; 20L to Robert Gale his Godson; and 10L each to Thomas, Henry, Ann, and Joan Gale; 20L to Joan, wife of Edward Thurston Esq., and 20L to Joan Thurston, his goddaughter; and to all the other children of Joan and Edward Thurston, 60 pounds be equally divided. The will mentions his land called Lambrooke lying in the parish of West Monkton, which would go to John Galhampton when he reached the age of 21, and land in Tolland in the possession of Christian Rossiter which would go to his daughter, Joan, for life after the decease of the said Christian Rossiter and then to John Galhampton. Property called Burts Tenement, and meadow called Watkins Meade and four acres of ground at Tolland he left to Joan Galhampton for life and then to John Galhampton. Certain furniture in his dwelling house he left to Ann and John Galhampton. His cattle, sheep, swine, and grain he left to his daughter, Joan. To his kinsman, Samuel Date, was bequeathed two guineas, and unto such servant maid living with him he left 20 shillings. All other lands and properties he bequeathed to his grandson, John Galhampton, naming Edward Galhampton and John Webber, the elder, of Stogumber as executors.

(7) Joan Wolcott, b. 1670, married Edward Galhampton about 1690. Edward was the son of Edward Galhampton of Lydiard St. Lawrence, who died in 1673, and his wife Ann Trebyll. Joan and Edward had children, John, Joan, Ann, and at least one more daughter. Edward Galhampton purchased the house called Gauldon Farm at Tolland in 1699, and died in 1703. His son, John, was apparently deceased in 1720 when his three married sisters sold Gauldon. One of these sisters was apparently the Joan Galhampton who married Benjamin Wolcott of New England at Tolland in 1719. Benjamin was the great-great-grandson of the Henry Wolcott who emigrated to America in 1630. Benjamin had returned to England attempting to settle a disputed inheiritance of the family's land at Tolland. Henry, the emigrant, had entailed the property to his male heirs, a common practice in those days. His grandson, Henry Wolcott, having no sons, bequeathed the property in England to his two daughters, Benjamin's cousins, in 1718. Benjamin was not successful in his attempt to claim the family lands, but his visit to England did result in his marriage to Joan Galhampton. By her he had a son, Henry, baptized at Tolland.

(8) Henry Wolcott, b. 1721, probably died young.

(5) John Wolcott, c.1595-1618, is buried in a tomb in the Tolland churchyard, d.s.p..

(5) George Wolcott, 1599-c.1668, was baptized at Tolland in 1599. He was at Tolland on the tax roll of 1642, but later lived at Taunton. In 1640, George Woolcott witnessed a deed of land at Tolland by Henry Standish to to William Doble. In 1647, George Woolcott of Taunton, merchant, was appointed overseer of the will of Robert Matthew alias Proctor of Rushton, Somerset, the husband of his niece, Joan Wolcott. In 1654 George Woolcott of Taunton, gent., was named overseer of the will of his cousin, William Woollcott of Lydiard St. Lawrence.

(6) Joan Wolcott, b. c.1630. The will of her cousin, Henry Wolcott, dated 1670, leaves a bequest of 100 pounds to "my cozen Joane Woolcott, daughter of my Unckle George Woolcott of Tolland lately deceased".

(4) William Wolcott, c.1567-c.1635, was churchwarden at Tolland in 1627. A lease by John Venn of Lydiard St. Lawrence to William Selleck of Plainsfield, gent, of six Messuages, occupied by William Wolcott and six others, cites an earlier undated lease to William Wolcott of closes called Bromecrofte, Burrage Crofte, Great Hill, Little Hill, Butts, and ground in John Venn's orchard, for 99 years or the lives of William Wolcott, Richard Wolcott, and John Govier.

(5) William Wolcott Jr., c.1600-1645, married a Katherine, perhaps Katherine Locke, and lived at Lydiard St. Lawrence. In his will, dated 1644, Giles Locke of Nynhead bequeathed seven pounds in money and a coffer to the daughter of William Woolcott of Lydiard St. Lawrence, twenty marks and a chest to William Woolcott, his godson, three pounds and a coffer to George the son of William Woolcot, and the residue of his estate, after other bequests, to his kinswoman, Katherine Wollcott of Lydiard St. Lawrence. Henry Wollcot of Tolland, gent, was named overseer of this will. William's name is on the Protestation Returns for Lidiard St. Lawrence in 1641. The will of William Woollcott, clothier, dated 1645, leaves 20 shillings each to Edward Buckrom, John Fliewood, and Frances Lanrum; household effects, clothing, tools, and 20 pounds to his son, William; 20 pounds and use of his house in Lydiard St. Lawrence and household effects for life to his wife, Katherine, after which the house would be his son, William's; the remainder of his goods to be divided between his children, George and Agatha; and appoints George Woollcott of Taunton, gent., and Thomas Stanfast of Lydiard St. Laurence to be overseers.

(6) William Wolcott III, c. 1625-1646, died shortly after his father, apparently unmarried and chidless. The will of William Woolcott of Lydiard St. Lawrence, clothier, dated 1646, leaves 10 pounds to Robert Collens of Rod, 10 pounds and all his clothing to his "kinsman",William Lock , 50 shillings to Dorothy Gower, one pound to his goddaughter, Sally Totendell, 30 pounds to Joan, daughter of Robert Collens; and the remainder to his mother, Katherine Woollcott; with Robert Collens and William Lock as overseers.

(6) Agatha Wolcott is mentioned in her father's will dated 1635.

(6) George Wolcott, b. 1631, was baptized at Lydiard St. Lawrence in 1631. He is mentioned in his father's will dated 1635.

(6) Edith Wolcott, b. 1637, daughter of William and Katherine Wolcott, was baptized at Lydiard St. Lawrence in 1637.

(4) John Wolcott, b. 1568, was a clothier, and lived at Tolland on a farm called Greenway. John Wollcott served as churchwarden at Tolland in 1605. In 1654, Mary Lottisham sold the propery called Greenway to John Turberville of Tolland. The property was described at that time as having been leased to John Wolcott and his sons, George and Thomas.

(5) John Wolcott Jr., b. 1603, was baptized at Tolland in 1603. John Woolcott of Greenway served as churchwarden of the Tolland parish church in 1640.

(5) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1605, daughter of John & Mary Woollcott, was baptized at Tolland in 1605.

(5) George Wolcott, 1608-c.1670, was baptized at Tolland in 1608. George served as tithingman at Tolland in 1631 and was churchwarden there in 1636. George Woolcot made his mark as churchwarden at Tolland in 1662, and George Woolcot, yeoman, is listed on the Tolland tax rolls in 1663. The names of George Wolcott, Sr. and George Wolcott, Jr., appear on the Tolland tax roll of 1664. Only one other Wolcott appears on this tax roll, Joan Wolcott, widow, probably the widow of George's cousin Henry Wolcott. George Woolcott, the elder, of Greenway, was bequeathed five pounds by Henry Wolcott of Tolland, his cousin's son.

(6) George Wolcott Jr., b. 1636, appears on the Tolland tax roll of 1664.

(6) John Wolcott, 1638-1638, son of George and Elizabeth Woolcot, was baptized and buried in 1638 at Tolland.

(6) John Wolcott, b. 1641, was baptized at Tolland in 1641.

(5) Elinore Wolcott, b. 1608, was baptized in 1608 at Tolland. Elinore married Roger God at Tolland in 1629.

(5) Joan Wolcott, 1613-1613, was baptized and buried in 1613 at Tolland.

(5) Thomas Wolcott, b. c.1615, was living at Greenway in 1654.

(4) Edward Wolcott, c. 1570-c.1640, married Mary Phippen at Axbridge in 1598. Mary died in 1619. Edward Wolcott of Axbridge, linen draper, and Sarah Hill of Axbridge, widow, were married at St. Cuthbert's, Wells in 1619. Edward Wolcott was mayor of Axbridge in 1623, and in the same year was a witness to the will of his brother in law, Hugh Norman. In 1629 his occupation was that of mercer. In 1638 Edward Wolcott of Axbridge was involved in the settlement of the estate of John Woolcott of Glaston, below.

(5) John Wolcott, 1599-1638, was baptized at Axbridge in 1599. John Woolcott of Axbridge, woolen draper, married Mary Wrentmore of St. Johns, Glastonbury, in 1621. In a quitclaim dated 1634, John Wolcot of Glaston, yeoman, filed a quitclaim to the mayor of Axbridge for a house and land called Tennys Court in Axbridge, which had been held by his father, Edward Wolcot, by deed dated 1610. In 1634 John emigrated to America on the Recovery which sailed from Wemouth 31 March 1634. John Woolcott of Glaston, England, planter and yeoman, was admitted a freeman at Waterford, Massachusetts, in 1634. He owned property in the neighboring township of Cambridge in 1635, and purchased and resold the Higginson-Roger Williams house in Salem that same year. His first wife died in England, and shortly after his arrival in America he married Winnifred Longman Crawford, a widow, by whom he had a son, John, and a daughter, Sarah.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1620, was baptized in1622 at St. John's, Glastonbury. In 1638 Elizabeth and Mary Wolcott, filed a petition to have their uncles, Richard Vayle (or Nayle) of Glaston and Christopher Atkins, mercer, act as guardians of their lands at Glaston. These lands were apparently entailed to the children of John and Mary Wrentmore. Elizabeth Wolcott married David Offley, and later, as a widow, sold the lands at Glaston to Edmund White. In the notebooks of Thomas Lechford, lawyer, of Boston, there is an entry, "Elizabeth and Mary Wolcott, daughters of John Wolcott of Glaston, Somerset, England, appoint their uncles, Richard Vayle and Christopher Atkins of Glaston, attorneys". A note in the margin reads, "Write to Henry Wolcott of Windsor, New England, and Edward Wolcott of Axbridge, Somerset."

(6) Mary Wolcott, b. 1624, was baptized at St. John's, Glastonbury, in 1624. She apparently went to America with her father and was living in 1638 when she was co-heiress to lands at Glastonbury.

(6) Martha Wolcott, 1626-1626, died in infancy.

(6) Martha Wolcott, b. 1628 was baptized at Axbridge in 1628. Martha probably died young for she was not an heir to her father's property.

(6) John Wolcott Jr., b. c.1635 MA, d. 1690 Brookfield MA; m. Mary Thurlay 1653 Newbury MA..

(6) Sarah Wolcott, b. c.1637 Newbury MA, d. 1676 Watertown MA; m. Thomas Chadwick 1674 Newburt MA

(5) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1603, was bapt. in 1603 at Axbridge.

(5) Marie Wolcott, b. 1608, was bapt. in 1608 at Axbridge.

(5) Joan Wolcott, 1620-1637, was bapt. in 1620 at Axbridge and died at Axbridge.

(5) Anne Wolcott. b. 1621, was baptized at Axbridge in 1621.

(5) Edward Wolcott, b. 1624, was bapt. in 1624 at Axbridge. The wife of Edward Wolcott, Jr. d. in 1649 at Axbridge. Edward m. (2) Ann _____.

(5) William Wolcott, 1626-1626, was bapt. and bur. at Axbridge.

(5) Agnes Wolcott, b. 1628 was bapt. in 1628 at Axbridge.

(5) Sarah Wolcott, 1628, was bapt. in 1628 at Axbridge.

(5) James Wolcott, 1633-1633, was bapt. and buried atAxbridge.

(4) Richard Wolcott, c.1575-c.1652, was a tithingman at Tolland in 1604, 1628 and 1633, and church warden there in 1613 and 1628. In a deposition taken in 1636 in the Chancery Proceedings, Rogers v. Wolcott, he is described as Richard Wolcott of Bishops Lydiard, clothier, age 56. Richard moved from Tolland to Bishops Lydiard some time between 1633 and 1636. The Protestation returns for 1641 show Richard Wolcott residing at Bishops Lydiard. In 1652, an investigation was held into a dispute concerning a house at Bishops Lydiard known as "Willcott's tenement" in the tenure of Richard Willcotts, who claimed that he held in right of Magdalen Nation of East Comb, widow. Ownership of the property, worth 15 shillings per year, was declared to have reverted to the Crown, for lack of proof of tenure.

(5) Joan Wolcott, b. 1606, was baptized at Bishop's Lydiard in 1606, probably in her mother's home parish.

(5) Richard Wolcott, c. 1610-1658, and his sister-in-law, Agatha Wolcott, widow, were involved in a legal dispute with the Carse family in 1634 regarding a bakehouse, a tucking mill adjoining, a plot of ground on which two racks stood, a garden plot, and one half acre of meadow adjoining the mill, at Stogumber. In about 1623, Richard and Hugh Wolcott, sons of Richard Wolcott, deceased, "being then but children", were given a lease of the property, except for the bakehouse and two rooms above it, for 21 years at 3L per year by John Carse of Poughill, Devon. In 1634, the Carses complained that the rent was one year in arrears, the premises going to decay, and the racks broken, so they were claiming forfeiture of the Wolcott's 40L bond. Richard Wolcott, fuller, died at Stogumber in 1658. His will leaves 20 pounds to his son, Richard, and 5 shillings each to his five children; 5 pounds each to his grandchildren, John, Richard, and Thomas Webber and 10 pounds to Elizabeth Webber, all under age 21; 10 shillings to his grandson, Richard Wolcot; 10 shillings to Christopher Goodin of Murber; and the remainder to John Webber his son-in-law.

(6) dau., b. c.1633; m. John Webber. Her children, John, Richard, Thomas, and Elizabeth Webber are mentioned in her father's will.

(6) Richard Wolcott, b. c.1635. In his father's will dated 1658 he and his five children are mentioned. In 1670, Henry Woolcott of Tolland left bequests to Richard and George Woolcott, sons of Richard Woolcott, late of Bishops Lydiard.

(6) Joan Wolcott, b. 1639, daughter of Richard and Reddigund Woolcott, was baptized at Bishops Lydiard in 1639.

(5) Hugh Wolcott, c. 1610-1632, married Agatha Bishop at Tolland in 1628. Hugh's will was proved at Taunton in 1632, but is missing. His widow was a defendant in the legal suit given above.

(4) Nicholas Wolcott, b. c.1576, was a child when his father died in 1585. Nothing further is known of him.

(4) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. c.1577, married David Ingram, and by him had two daughters, Elizabeth and Joan. Joan married Humphrey Cordwent, and had two children, John and Elizabeth. Elizabeth, born about 1607, married Daniel Rogers about 1629, causing a series of suits between Daniel and the Wolcott family over her money. In 1630, Daniel claimed that when his wife, Elizabeth, was single, she had personal estate worth 400L, including lands worth 30L per year. She had used Henry Wolcott, Jr., as her man of business, as did her sister, Joan, then wife of Humphrey Cordwent. Evidence was given by Richard Woolcott of Bishops Lydiard, age about 56 years. He stated that he had known Daniel Rogers for about 5 years, Elizabeth Rogers, Henry and George Wolcott, and the Cordwent children from childhood, and Humphrey Cordwent for about 15 years. He did not know what estate Elizabeth had five years ago when she married, but had heard that she was then worth about 103L in goods, money and debts owing.

(4) David Wolcott, b. c.1578, married Denise Clawsey at Tolland in 1605. Nothing further is known of him.

(4) Agnes Wolcott, b. c.1579, married Hugh Norman of Orchard Portman in 1596. Hugh Norman's will, dated 1623, leaves bequests to his wife, Agnes, and to their children Phillis, Ann, Hugh, and William, all under age, and appointed his "cousin", Henry Woolcott, and his "cousin", Richard Sweeting, as overseers of his will. The will of John Wolcott, the clothier, had Richard Sweeting as a witness and bondsman, and in 1644, George Saunders, writing to his uncle Henry, son of John, the miller, also mentions "cousin" Richard Sweeting.

Hugh Norman's eldest son, Hugh, emigrated to Plymouth, New England. He married Mary White of Plymouth, October 1639. He later abandoned his family and returned to his English home at Orchard, near Taunton. A deposition of Thomas Allyn in 1654 states "Being requested by goodman White to relate in what condition I found hugh Norman to bee in att my last being in ould England; which was about five yeares sence, ...I tooke a Journey of purpose to speake with him being att Orchyard a little Parisse about 2 or 3 miles from Taunton where hee lived in a great house that had been plundered; and as I was credably Informed hee kept there with 2 or 3 whores and none else in the house and had spent all hee had that hee had not clothes to were fiting to companie with men soe that I could not come to speake with him; Wheruppon haveing understood that Mr Richards lived ther abouts I went unto him hee being his Cozen and brought him over to New England soe hee tould mee of his wickednes and his bad life hee then lived in as I had been tould of by many; And the yeare before his mother Died and left him sixty pounds in money and a tennement hee sould for an hundred pounds all which hee spent in less then a yeares time; Mr Richards was Divers times with him hee tould mee; and pswaded him what hee could to reclame & to send somthing to his wife and children but could not gitt soe much as sixpence from him and tould him that hee had noe wife and would not owne her nor would goe more unto her...." The will of Hugh Norman of Orchard left 50L each to daughters Phillis and Ann

(3) Simon Wolcott, c.1558-1644, was probably quite a bit younger than his brother, John, for in their father's will dated 1572 he was left only one sheep, a bequest often made to a child. Simon settled at Heathfield, a village about 5 miles southeast of Tolland. The court books of Taunton Deane show that he was the miller there from 1585 to 1603, and was tithingman there in 1585. Robert, his son, took over the mill in 1603. Simon apparently moved to Tolland, for the John Wolcott, who was miller at Tolland, in his will dated 1623, bequeathed "unto Symon Wolcott my kinsman now dweling wyth me ils vid in money". The will of Simon Wolcott of Heathfield was filed at the Taunton Probate Registry about 1644, but is now missing.

(4) Thomas Wolcott, c.1580-1603. The will of Thomas Wolcott of Heathfield was proved at Taunton in 1603, but has disappeared.

(4) Robert Wolcott, c.1580-1652, took over the mill at Heathfield from his father. The Court Books of Taunton Deane show him as miller at Heathfield from 1603 to 1636. Robert Wolcott and his son, Robert, signed the 1641 Protestation return at Heathfield. Robert Wolcott of Heathfield paid a tax of 11s on the Lay Subsidy of 1642, which was the second largest tax paid by any Wolcott in Sopmerset on that tax roll, after Henry Wolcott, Sr. of Tolland, who paid 15s 2d. Robert's will, dated 1652, leaves 3 shil;lings 4 pence to his son, John; 5 pounds to his son, Richard; household furnishings to Agnes Marten; various household effects to his grandchildren, Agnes, Simon, and Robert Wolcott and to Lewis Wolcott and Elizabeth Oliver; and the remainder to his son, Robert, with Robert Wolcott, John Harris, and James Wolcott as witnesses.

(5) Robert Wolcott Jr., c.1600-c.1665, m. Anne Langford. Robert signed the 1641 Protestation return at Heathfield, and was named executor of his father's will in 1652. Anne, wife of Robert Woolcott, was buried at Heathfield 4 July 1662.

(6) Robert Wolcott, b. c.1630, was a cooper living at Bishops Lydiard.

(6) Anne Wolcott, b. c.1630. An undated reference says that Anne Woolcott of Bishops Lydiard, spinster, 20 years of age, grandaughter of John Langford of Oake, was born at Heathfield but was residing with her brother, Robert Woolcott, cooper, of Bishops Lydiard.

(6) Simon Wolcott, c.1630-1636,was buried at Heathfield 9 October 1636.

(5) John Wolcott, b. c.1608, is mentioned in his father's will dated 1652.

(5) Richard Wolcott, b. c.1610, signed the 1641 Protestation return at Heathfield. The only Wolcott on the Heathfield tax roll in 1671 was a Joan Wollcott, who may have been Richard's wife.

(4) Richard Wolcott, c.1580-c.1645. Robert's will mentions James and Lewis Wolcott and Elizabeth Oliver, but does not say what relation they are to him. They appear to have been the children of a Richard Wolcott who was probably Robert's brother. These names are found in the records for Holford, located on the east side of the Quantock Hills, a mile north of Doddington. Richard Woolcott was a churchwarden at Holford in 1640.

(5) James Wolcott, b. c.1610, m. Mary c.1630. James Wolcott married his second wife, Alice Hall, at nearby Doddington in 1634.

(6) Richard Wolcott, 1632-1632, son of James and Mary Woolcott was baptized and buried in 1632 at Holford.

(6) Lewis Wolcott, b. 1635, son of James and Alice Woolcott was baptized in 1635 at Holford. Lewis was mentioned in the will of Robert Wolcott of Heathfield in 1652.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1640, daughter of James and Alice Woolcott was baptized in 1640 at Holford. In 1661 Elizabeth married Hugh Sherwood at Holford.

(5) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1615, daughter of Richard and Dorothie Woolcott was baptized in 1615 at Holford. Elizabeth Woolcott married Walter Oliver at Norton Fitzwarren, a village 2 miles south of Heathfield, in 1637.

(2) John Wolcott, c.1525-1571. John was apparently another son of Thomas Wolcott the elder. Like Thomas the younger, he was a miller. There appear to have been two mills at Tolland, a tucking mill and a grist mill. Thomas seems to have run the former and John the latter. John's name appears with that of Thomas, the elder in the will of William Howe dated 1551 as owing William for raw cloth. John must have been an adult at that time, so was probably born somewhere around 1525. He married Agnes who apparently died in 1606, for Tolland parish records show that Agnes Woollcot, widow, was buried there on 6 November 1606. The will John Woolcot of Tolland, miller, leaves 4 pence to John Howe of Tolland, a kettle and a bullock to his son, John; 10 pounds and household items to each of his unmarried daughters, Alice and Mary; a sheep to Agnes Meyn; and the remainder to his wife, Agnes, with his brothers, Henry and Roger Woolcote as overseers.

(3) John Wolcott Jr., c. 1547-1623, was the miller at Tolland, as his father had been before him. The court books of Taunton Deane record the name of John Wolcott or Wulcott as miller at Tolland from 1585 until 1603, and show that he was elected tithingman for Tolland for 1585/6. After 1603 the names of Henry Wolcott and John Wolcott alternate as miller until 1636. The mill was part of the property that John's son, Christopher, purchased freehold in 1618. John's other son, John, operated the mill after Henry, emigrated to America in 1630. "John Wolcot and Agnes Crosse al. Aishe" were married at Lydiard St. Lawrence in 1579. Agnes may have been a widow, and Ash the name of her first husband. The will of Thomas Crosse of Tolland, husbandman, dated 1583, requests that "his good friend" John Woolcot be one of his overseers. The will of Francis Crosse of Tolland, dated 23 January 1588 also has John Woolcott as overseer, and John and Henry Wolcott as witnesses. These men must have been Agnes' relatives, and they were all probably related to Walter Crosse, AB, who was the Tolland parish priest from 1480 to 1517, and John Crosse, AM, who was the Tolland parish priest from 1517 to 1554. John Crosse was replaced as rector at Tolland in 1554 when about one fifth of the parish priests in England were replaced by order of Queen Mary, most of them because they were married. Agnes Crosse, wife of John Wolcott, may have been John Crosse's grandaughter. A John Crosse of Tolland left a will dated 1544 which was proved at Taunton, but has since been destroyed. Another member of the Crosse family, William Crosse, was rector at Stawley, a village 5 miles south of Wivilscomb, from 1515 until his death there in 1531. Henry Howe of Stawley, who died in 1528, left a bequest to William Crosse, his curate, and the will was witnessed by John Crosse, parson, probably the rector of Tolland.

In 1592, John Woollcott of Tolland was executor of the will of Robert Goodgrome of Nettlecombe, his brother-in-law. Robert left 40 shillings to his sister, Avis Denborowe, and 20 shillings to each of her 3 children; 30 shillings to his sister Agnes Cross; 20 shillings to each child of his brother-in-law Thomas Duddridge, 20 shillings each to the 4 children of John Woollcott, and the remainder to John. Another will, that of Walter Washer of Lydiard St. Lawrence, dated September 1592, has John Wolcott as overseer. He is probably the John Woolcott involved in a dispute with the rector of Lydeard St. Lawrence in 1607. Witness testified that John had owned three or four acres in Lydiard St. Lawrence for ten years, which he, his son, and servants and laborers used "for tiling or healing stones to cover houses." He had kept two, three, or four horses or mares " to carry his heling or tyling stones to be sold," sometimes at Tolland and sometimes at Brompton Ralph. In 1612, John Woolcott of Tolland, husbandman, made a deposition on behalf of Robert Sellack of Tolland. He said he had lived at Tolland for about 50 years, and before that at Elworthy since infancy, and that he was born at Tolland and was age 65 or thereabouts (b. c. 1547). His son, John Woollcott, junior, of Tolland, yeoman, also testified, saying he was age 30 of thereabouts and had lived at Tolland since birth.

John's will, dated and proved in 1623, leaves household items and 5 shillings 8 pence to Hugh, Agnes, and Mary, children of his son, John; 6 shillings 8 pence to each child of his son, Henry; 2 shillings 6 pence to "Symon Wolcott my kinsman now dwelinge wth me"; 2 shillings 6 pence to his servant, Giles More; 7 pence each to Richard Locke and Alexander Shattuck; 12 pence to John Sealey; 2 shillings to Maudlen Engram; and the remainder to his son, John; with Christopher and Henry Woolcot as witnesses.

(4) Henry Wolcott, 1578-1655, was baptized at Lydiard St. Lawrence in 1578. In 1594, Henry's great uncle, Henry Wolcott of Elworthy, clothier, granted a house and land at Holford tithing in the manor of Brompton Ralph to his "nephew", Henry, when he should come of age. This must have been this Henry, for his cousin who was also named Henry was to old to have been a minor in 1594. In 1596, when the elder Henry died, the land was given to John, father of the younger Henry, to hold until his son was 21 years old. Henry must have taken possession of this land in 1599 when he came of age. Beginning in 1603, the name of Henry Wolcott alternates with that of John Wolcott as miller at Tolland, and this continues until 1636. Apparently Henry continued to help his father and brother John operate the Tolland mill. In 1621, Henry Woolcott of Holford and Holford Carsley paid a tax or fee of 40s on property located in the parish of Tolland. This may have been a fine paid for taking over his father's property. On 9 Sept. 1630 a fine was registed in the manor accounts for vacating his property at Holford: "Henry Woolcott for licence to demise at farm and to dwell away from one messuage and one ferling of bondland in the tithing of Holford late of Henry Woolcott... for 16 years. Fine 26s 8d."

Henry Wolcott and Elizabeth Saunders were married at Lydiard St. Lawrence in 1606. Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Saunders of Lydiard St. Lawrence, and his wife, Anne Blake and was baptized at Lydiard St. Lawrence in 1584. Thomas Saunder's will, dated 1609, leaves, among numerous bequests,10 shillings to his daughter, Elizabeth Wolcott, and 20 shillings to her son John. His sons-in-law, Thomas Wrentmore alias Bond and Henry Wolcott of Ash Priors were named overseers of the will. Thomas' wife, Anne Blake Saunders, was the sister of Elizabeth Blake, wife of Robert Selleck who then lived in the Gauldon Manor house. The court records for the manor of Brompton Ralph say that in 1608 Henry Wolcott recorded a document in which he gave to Elizabeth, his wife, a jointure of 16L for life from a house and land in the tithing of Holford, to be paid after his death. Henry Woolcott and his wife, Elizabeth, were presented at the Diocesan Court in July 1609 for the offence of incontinence. "They weare marryed two yeeres agon and shee was delivered of childe within thirtye weekes after." At his time Henry and Elizabeth are described as residing at Lydiard St. Lawrence. When the hearing was held, in 1609, however, they were living at Ash Priors. They were admonished, and the case was dismissed.

On 20 March 1630, Henry and Elizabeth, with their sons Henry, Christopher and George, emigrated to America on the ship Mary and John. Apparently the family was motivated by strong Puritan religious beliefs. Henry may have been influenced also by Simon Venn of Lydiard St. Lawrence, who Henry later appointed as overseer of his property he inheirited at Tolland. Simon was a brother of John Venn of London, one of the partners in the Massachusets Bay Company in 1628 and 1629. The Wolcotts settled at Dorchester, Massachusetts where Henry was registered on the first list of freemen dated 19 October 1630. Their two daughters, Anna and Mary, and their younger son, Simon, joined them there sometime after 1631. In 1636 the family moved to Windsor, Connecticut. Henry was one of the first twelve men elected to the lower house of Connecticut's first General Assembly in 1637, and in 1643 he was elected to the Magistrates, the upper house of that assembly where he was a member until his death on 30 May 1665.

(5) John Wolcott, b. 1606, was baptized at Lydiard St. Lawrence in 1606. John remained in England when his family emigrated to America. A letter to Henry Wolcott, Jr., from his cousin in England dated 1631 says: "Your Brother John continues in his old course of living", whatever that means. Henry Wolcott, John's father, in a deed dated 1642 refers to his second son, Henry, as his oldest son.

John may have been the John Wolcott who lived at Brompton Ralph, but this is uncertain as there were other Johns in the area at that time. Mary, daughter of John Wolcot, was buried at Brompton Ralph in 1634, and John, the son of John and Mary Wolcot was baptized there in 1640. John Wolcot is also listed at Brompton Ralph on the Protestation Returns of 1641. On the 1642 Brompton Ralph lay subsidy roll, Henry Woolcott and John Wolcott are both listed, the first taxed at 3s 10d, and the latter at 1s 8d. The first was probably Henry Wolcott, Jr., the clothier, who leased property called Easter Gansted and Gozes at Brompton Ralph in 1626. The other was probably the before mentioned John.

(5) Henry Wolcott Jr. 1610-1680. The property at Tolland inherited by Henry Wolcott from his brother, Christopher, was deeded to his son, Henry, in 1642. Henry Wolcott, Jr. died in 1670. His will leaves to his son, Henry, "housing and lands at Tolland now or late in the improvement of John Dart, land at Wellington called Longforth, eleven acres of land at Tolland now in the possession of John Wolcott after the termination of the estate that was granted by my uncle Christopher Wolcott unto John Wolcott, Sr., long since deceased." The properties at Tolland were eventually sold in 1787 for 850 pounds sterling by the Henry's daughters, Elizabeth Allyn and Sarah Chauncey.

(4) John Wolcott III, c.1580-1653. The family's copyhold was held in the names of "John Wolcott the father, John Wolcott the son, and Christopher Wolcott". John operated the mill at Tolland, like his father before him. Elizabeth, wife of John Woolcot, was buried at Tolland in 1629. John must have remarried, as one of his letters to his brother mentions his wife, as does his will dated 1652. John was still operating the mill at Tolland in 1634, but by 1639 had moved to Bishops Lydiard, from where he wrote to his brother, Henry: " it hath pleased the Lord to take to his mersie the soull of our deare brother Christopher Wollcott of Wellington who decesed the 25th of March 1639: in the morninge he died untestat and tharby as I understand that his Land faleth unto yourself or your sonne which maketh me to write unto you to know your minde what you will have done in it I desire your answer as soone as maye be for I am informed that his land falleth unto you and all his prsonall estate falleth unto his wiffe and for my partt I shall have nothinge yeat you knowe deare brother that I have supported him by his breeding and his beinge in Fraunce and by byeing him lande by copie into Tolland Mill living and into John Greenslades living which never cost him a pennie and nowe in requitall of it I shall not have a pennie which greveth the verie harte of me that it should soe fall out for he did promise our father in his death bed that my sonne John Wolcott should be his heare unto Tolland Mill."

A letter from John's son, Hugh, written in 1642 from Wellington, says, "soe it is we are removed from Venns to Wellington at Micklemas last and my father and mother doth live in the house that was my uncles Chr Wollcott and I and my wife doth live with them." On the Lay Subsidy Roll of 1642, John Wolcott paid a tax of 2s 3d at Wellington. A letter from John, dated 1650, says: "at mickelmas 1649 I left of housekeping and myselfe and wife and Daughter Elizabeth doth rent 2 or three roomes of my sonne Hugh Wollcott in the house my sister did lieve and since that time my sonne did take Longforth of your Trustees...." Another letter from Hugh says: "my father is dead he died the 17th of februr 1652... and for Tolland mill there are som goods wch were my grand fathers and my fathers and now I preceaive by my Cozen Henrie you have noe Intent to Departe wth the Estate: you shall buy such household goods as I have there if you plese for I am loth they should be removed ."

John's will, proved in 1653, leaves 10 shillings each to his daughter, Agnes Kist, and her two daughters; household items and the balance unpaid on the marriage portion of 45 pounds to his daughter, Mary, wife of Richard Coomer; 10 shillings to his daughter, Elizabeth Roach; his interest in a house occupied by Thomas Mundy to his grandchild, Christopher Woolcott; 50 shillings each to the two daughters of his son, Hugh Woolcott; a brass pot to Alice Woolcott; 5 shillings each to George Bickeham and his two daughters; use of his house and land at Tolland to his wife for life; and the residue to his son, Hugh.

(5) John Wolcott IV, b. c.1610, was probably about the age of his cousin, Henry, who he refers to in a letter of 1631 as his "unseperable cousin." John may have then gone to sea, for in a letter of 1639 his father says, "my sonne John is not com home from the Indens", probably referring to the Indies. The Lay Subsidy Roll of 1642 lists a "John Woolcott at Mill", paying a tax of 6s 5d at Tolland, which is probably this John, for his father was then residing at Bishops Lydiard. When his uncle, Henry Wolcott, deeded the Wolcott lands at Tolland to his son, he described it as land now or late in the possession of John Wolcott, except one estate that the said John Wolcott holds by copy of the Court Roll. John is not mentioned in his father's will in 1652, but Alice Wolcott, mentioned in that will, may have been John's wife or daughter.

(5) Hugh Wolcott, b. c. 1618, was living at Bishops Lydiard in 1641, and moved with his parents to Wellington in 1642. He leased the land called Longforth for 10L per year from his uncle Henry in 1649, and still held it in 1654, at which time he was also paying rent to his cousin Henry for Tolland mill. Hugh still held Longforth in 1670. He married Elizabeth ___, who was referred to as "my cousin" by Mary Greenslade Wolcott in her will of 1644. Their son, Christopher, and two daughters were born prior to 1652.

(6) Christopher Wolcott, b. c.1650 Bishops Lydiard, d, 1726 Wellington, m. (1) Elizabeth ____.

(7) Amos Wolcott, b. c.1680 Wellington, d. 1765 Wellington; m. Joan Poole 1711 Wellington.

(8) Sarah Wolcott, b., d. 1712 Wellington.

(8) William Wolcott, b. 1713 Wellington, d. c.1797, London, carpenter; a deed of 1761 to William Woolcott of Wellington, carpenter, describes property as 'all those old walls or ruins of a house with a burgage in Milway in Wellington Borough' and has a schedule of deeds 1747-1761. By 1801 eight houses had been built on this site and by 1810 a workshop, warehouses and dying house had been 'lately built'. The property is first described as Woolcott Row in 1838. Deeds of 1763, 1767 and August 1801 also include a cottage and ¼ garden near Westford, the 1801 deed being endorsed 'called Stubb's'; m. (1) Elizabeth Hartland 1741 St. Ann Soho, London, m. (2) Ann Drake 1780 Wellington, Somerset.

(9) William Woolcott, Jr., b. 1736 Hackney, Middlesex, d. 1793 St. Marylebow, London, builder;

SEE Woolcotts of London.

(9?) George Wolcott, b. c.1740, d. 1775 Wellington, brazier; m. Joan ____.

(10) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1775 Lydeard St. Lawrence, d. 1771 Wellington.

(10) Mary Wolcott, b. 1760 Lydeard St. Lawrence.

(10) George Wolcott, Jr., b. 1764 Lydeard St. Lawrence, d. c.1765 Wellington.

(10) Robert Wolcott, b. 1767 Lydeard St. Lawrence; m. Sarah ____.

(11) George Wolcott, b. 1792 Lydeard St. Lawrence.

(11) Mary Wolcott, b. 1795 Lydeard St. Lawrence.

(10) George Wolcott, b. 1775 Wellington; in 1851 he was a military pensioner lodging with the Thomas and Ann Sealey family at Lydiard St. Lawrence.

(9) Jane Wolcott, b. c.1740; m. ____ Sutcliff.

(8) John Wolcott, b. 1716 Wellington.

(8) Susanna Wolcott, b. 1720 Wellington; m. George Chappel 1748 Wellington.

(8) George Wolcott, b. 1724, d. 1732 Wellington.

(8) Joan Wolcott, b. 1727 Wellington.

(7) John Wolcott, b., d. 1684 Wellington.

(7) Christopher Wolcott, b. 1686 Wellington; m. Ann Hoyle 1715 Wellington.

(7) Henry Wolcott, b., d. 1691 Wellington.

(7) Hugh Wolcott, b., d. 1691 Wellington.

(7) Joan Wolcott, b. c.1692 Wellington; m. Richard Morish 1709 Wellington.

(5) Agnes Wolcott, b. c.1620, and her 2 daughters were mentioned in her father's will in 1652; m. ____ Kist.

(5) Mary Wolcott, b. 1624, was baptized in 1624 at Tolland; m. Richard Coomer. Her daughter, Elizabeth Coomer, was mentioned in her grandfather's will.

(5) Elizabeth Wolcott, b.1627, was baptized in 1627 at Tolland; m. ____ Roach.

(4) Christopher Wolcott, c.1583-1639, was the godson of his great-uncle, Roger Wolcott of Tolland, who bequeathed Christopher one sheep in his will dated 1592. A deposition taken in 1630 states that Christopher was born at Tolland, was then about 47 years of age, had lived at Wellington for the past 21 years, that is since 1609, and was a mercer, a dealer in textiles. A survey of the manor of Brompton Ralph, taken 3 March 1615, says that John Wolcott, 30, and Christopher Wolcott, 24, held by copy of the court roll dated 1602 three fenced properties called Greenmore, Redpitts, and Redpitts meadow. Christopher was a witness to a will at Wellington in 1614. By 1616 Christopher had acquired sufficient capital to purchase freehold, from Robert Mynne, for 220 pounds, property consisting of two messuages, one mill, three gardens, three orchards, eight acres of meadow, and seventy-four acres of pasture in Tolland and Lydiard St. Lawrence; land which John Wolcott, the father, John Wolcott, the son, and the said Christopher Wolcott held by copy of the Court Roll, and property held by William Pyke by copy of the court roll, all now or lately part of the Manor of Galdon. Robert Catford , William Selleck, and Edward Webber were witnesses. Christopher purchased another piece of land in 1624 called Nollands, or Rowlands, located in Wellington, for the remainder of a term of 60 years. In 1620, Christopher married Mary Greenslade Partridge, widow. She was one of nine children of John Greenslade of Wellington, who died in 1620. Mary was childless and she and Christopher had no children.

Christopher served as Constable of Wellington in 1627, resulting in Chancery Proceedings brought against him by Christopher Haddon. Christopher Haddon, yeoman, and Christopher Woolcott, mercer, both of Wellington, were chosen to serve as constables for the borough. Christopher Haddon was the senior, but since Christopher Woolcott was reputed to be a great monied man and was accustomed to handling money, Haddon asked him to take charge of collecting all taxes levied in the year and to make all necessary payments. At the end of the year, Christopher Woolcott was to present an account of his dealings and Haddon was to share the cost of any defecit. Haddon claimed that Christopher Wolcott collected 60L and paid out less than that, but gave a false accounting. This caused Haddon's arrest for a debt of 30L which Christopher Woolcott claimed was the defecit. Christopher Wolcott replied that he had collected only 30L 16s 4d and had paid out 63L 17s, mostly on conducting soldiers.

Christopher died intestate, in 1639. An Inquisition Post Mortem was taken in 1641. It states that by an indenture taken in 1619, John Greenslade, in consideration of the marriage of his natural daughter Mary Partridge to Christopher Woollcott, enfeeofed to the couple a house and lands at Wellington, and 11 acres of land called Longforth, to be Mary's during her lifetime, with remainder to Christopher Woollcott, his heirs and assigns, forever, to be held by male descent. Christopher also held in his own right field land called Brambles Land at Wellington. In addition, he held in capite, from the King, three messuages and tenements and 80 acres of land, meadow, and pasture, with appurtenances, at Tolland, in the tenure of John Woolcott, Sr., John Woolcott, Jr., and Valentine Date for the duration of their lives. Christopher also held one messuage and garden at Wellington in the tenure of George Spiring for his life; a house, garden and orchard, with free plowed meadow and pasture at Wellington in tenure of Christopher's wife, Mary, for her life; and another house and garden at Wellington called Crooke. Christopher had signed a deed of entail, which provided that the properties at Wellington were all to be his wife's until her death. The document states that Henry Woollcott, Christopher's brother and heir, was 50 years of age and more. After Christophers death, his widow remained at Wellington, where she paid a tax of 10s in the Lay Subsidy of 1642. Her will, dated 1644, leaves bequests to her siblings, and "to my Cosen Elizabeth Wulcot Hugh Wulcotes wife the cupboard and presse in the parlour & the bord & my best Serge petticote." John Wolcott was one of the witnesses.

(2) Henry Wolcott, c.1530-1596. Henry purchased a house and one furlong of land at Holford in 1555, and in 1556 was granted licence to "demise the same at farm for 21 years and dwell away from it." Henry then lived at Elworthy, about three miles northwest of Tolland. He is mentioned in the will of Alice Dawe, together with Thomas Wolcott the younger, in 1565, and is listed on the muster roll for Elworthy in 1569. He was the overseer of the will of his brother, John, in 1571. He was also one of the overseers of the will of John, son of Thomas Wolcott the younger in 1589, and one of the guardians of John's children. He apparently had no children of his own.

In 1594, a grant of land was registered in the manor court of Brompton Ralph to "Henry Wullcote, son of John Wullcote, for a piece of bondland 20 ft. long and 10 ft. wide in the tithing of Holford by grant of Henry Wullcote, senior, uncle, to attract after it the rest of the messuage and land of the said Henry, vis. a messuage and ferlong of bondland in the said tithing, herriot a cow, price 33s 3d, on condition that he pays 40L as in the will of the said Henry, senior, and that if the said Henry Wullcote, senior, should die before the said Henry Wullcote, junior, is 21 then the said John Wullcote should have the same until he is aged 21. Fine 12s." The elder Henry died in 1596.

(2) Roger Wolcott, c. 1535-1615, was an overseer of the will of his brother, John, in 1571, and was named in the will of John Seller of Tolland in 1581. In 1575 a citation was issued against "Andrew Geffries, clerk, rector of Tolland, Roger Wulcotte of the same, John Gibbs, and Thomas Warmowthe of Lydyarde St. Lawrence, and Christofer Foweracres of Bradforde to answer concerning the goods of John Sellacke late of Tolland aforesaid who died intestate." Roger's name is found on the Subsidy Roll of 1581, and on the Tolland tax rolls in 1593, 1597 and 1610. He was a churchwarden at Tolland in 1599 and in 1611. Roger's wife, Alice, was the daughter of John Gibbs alias Hall, husbandman, of Lidiard St. Lawrence. Roger, Alice, and their daughters Marie and Elizabeth, are all mentioned in John Gibbs's will, dated 1579. Roger's will dated 1592 and proved in 1615, leaves certain household effects and 40 pounds to his daughter, Mary; 5 shillings to his wife's godson, John Jenkins; 12 pence to each godchild; a sheep to his godson, Christopher Woolcott; his house and the residue of his goods to Alice, his wife, and Elizabeth, his daughter; with Robert Sellack of Tolland, John White of Elworthy, and John Standfast of Tolland as overseers and Richard Wrentmore and John Standfast as witnesses.

(3) Mary Wolcott, b. c.1565.

(3) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. c.1565.



Another family of Wolcotts lived in northern Somerset. They have no known relationship to the Wolcotts who settled at Tolland. Some of the relationships are conjectural.

(1) Richard Wolcott, c.1510-60. Richard Wolcott of Selworthy and his descendants lived in and around Selworthy, a village on the north coast of Somerset, 4 miles west of Minehead, and about 20 miles northwest of Tolland. Little is known about Richard Wolcott except that he was living at Selworthy in 1560, and married Margaret. Richard's will, dated 1560, leaves 8 pence to the church of Selworthy and 8 pence to the poor of Selworthy; 8 pence to his god-son Hugh Bryant, 13 shillings 4 pence to each of his sons, Michael, John, Edward, Robert and William, with the stipulation that if any of them die before they were married their legacy was to be divided among the others; pans, spoons, platters and candle sticks to his daughters, Joan and Alice, after the death of his wife, Margaret; and the rest of his estate to his wife.

After Richard's death, Margaret apparently married someone named Colley, as she and some of her children used the name "Wolcott alias Colley". Chadwyck-Healey's History of West Somerset tells of a controversy that broke out in 1570 between a John Bowyer and Francis Hawley. This errupted into violence in Horners Wood in the manor of West Luccomb, a mile south of Selworthy. There William Wulcott, Mychell Colley and others, acting on behalf of the Hawleys, routed Boyers men. Another similar combat, based on the same quarrel, occurred in 1572. William Colley alias Wulcott was among the participants, and after the fight had broken up the house of Margaret Colley of East Luccomb was searched. A deposition was also taken from Margaret Colley alias Wulcott of Selworthy, widow, age 60 or thereabouts (b.c.1512), the mother of Michael Colley. Margaret Wolcott is also mentioned in another deposition taken in 1572, given in Somerset & Dorset Notes & Queries. It concerned a controversy between Joan Kympe and Jone Wood. Here she is called Margaret Collie alias Wolcott and Margaret Wolcott alias Colly, widow, age 55 years (born in 1517), of the parish of Elworthie (perhaps this should read Selworthy). The deposition states that she kept Joan Kympe, widow, the complaintant and her kinswoman, in her home.

(2) Michael Wolcott, 1534-. Michael, sometimes known as Michael Colley alias Wolcott, was Richard's living eldest son in 1560, as he was the first named child in his father's will. Michael was involved in the quarrel between John Bowyer and Francis Hawley in 1572. Depositions concerning this quarrel were taken, including one from Mychell Colley alias Wulcott, age 38 (born in 1534) of Buckland, servant of Francis Hawley, lord of the manor of Buckland. Buckland was in the parish of Durston, Somerset. He had no known children.

(2) John Wolcott, c. 1535-1587; sometimes known as John Colley als. Wolcott; m. Christian. John was the second son mentined in the will of Richard Wolcott of Selworthy, dated 1560. He lived at Wooton Courtney, a village three miles south of Selworthy. In 1562, John Wolcott was a witness to the will of Margaret Ritner of Wooton Courtney. The muster rolls of 1569 shows that John Ulcote of Wooton Courtney was to furnish arms, and that William Wolcott, possibly John's younger brother, was to serve as an archer. In 1581, John Wolcote was on the Subsidy Roll, taxed on land with an annual value of 20s, paying a tax of 16d. A wife or daughter of John Wolcot was buried at Selworthy 1577, but this record is partly illegible. John Wolkot was buried at Wooton Courtney 1587. His will bequeathed to his two sons and to Christian, his wife, one sheep apiece, and the residue to his daughter, Elizabeth, who he made his executrix; m. (1) ____ c.1555; m. (2) Christian ____.

(3) Elizabeth Wolcott, c.1555-. Elizabeth was mentioned in the will of Joan Folentine in 1565. She was the residual heiress of her father in 1585.

(4) Joan, 1580-1581. Parish records for Wooton Courtney show that Joan Wolcott, "notha filia" of Elizabeth Wolcott, was baptized there 1580, and that Joan Wolcott, probably the same child, was buried there 1581.

(3) Thomas Wolcott, c.1560-. Thomas was mentioned in the will of Joan Folentine in 1565 and in his father's will of 1587. Joan Wulkot, widow, buried at Wooton Courtney 1596, may have been his wife.

(4) Thomas Wolcott, c.1585. In 1626, Thomas Wolcott was named overseer of the will of William Leigh of Wooton Courtney. The Protestation Retun of 1641 for Wooton Courtney lists the names of Thomas Woolcott and William Wollcott, and the Lay Subsidy of 1642 lists Thomas and William Wolcott together at Wooton Courtney with property valued at 6s 6d per annum and a tax of 1s. Thomas Woolcott took an inventory of the estate of Mary Worth of Luccomb in 1649.

(5) William Wolcott, 1606-1685. William, son of Thomas Wolcote, was baptized at Wooton Courtney 1606. In 1637 orders were issued to reemburse William Woollcott, watchman for the tithing of Wooton Courtney, for expences incurred in apprehending felons. William Woolcott was the only Wolcott to pay the Hearth Tax at Wooton Courtney in 1664. His will was proved at Taunton in 1685. A William Woolcott is shown at Avell, Dunster, a village 3 miles east of Wooton Courtney, on the Lay Subsidy of 1642, and may be the same person.

(6?) Robert Wolcott, b. c. 1635, d. 1694 Williton, Somerset. Robert Wolcott of St. Decumans, a village 1/2 mile from Watchet and 1 1/2 miles from Williton, was probably born about 1635. The name of Robert Woollcott of St. Decumans, is found on the Protestation Returns of 1641, and Robert Woolcot is mentioned in the will of Thomas Vicary, clerk, of St. Decumans Church, dated 1648. At Luccomb, two miles south of Selworthy, where the fighting involving Michael and William Wolcott occurred, the names of Robert and John Wolcott of Luccomb appear on the Protestation Rolls of 1641, John Wolcott of West Luccomb appears on the Lay Subsidy Roll of 1642 with a tax of 1s 9d, and the name of Robert Woolcott appears on the Hearth Tax Roll of 1664. Robert Woollcott is also listed on the tax rolls for Williton in 1670. The will of Robert Woolcott, Sr., of Williton, Somerset, dated 1676, leaves to the poor of the parish of St Decumans 40 shillings, to his son, Thomas, 20 shillings, to Thomas' wife 5 shillings, to Thomas' two children 10 shillings each, asks that his wife have his property known as Thrashers Tenement for six years to pay these legacies, and after that it is to go to Thomas for the remainder of the lease of it; to his son, Robert 50 pounds and after six years he is to have land called Holmescombe during the remainder of the lease of it; to his daughter, Mary, 200 pounds; to his son, John, after six years land at Streame called Durberough's Tenement; to his son, Bernard, 80 pounds and after six years land called Tenn Acres for the remainder of the lease of it; and the remainder to his wife, Joan, who he names as exexutrix; m. Joan Baker 1654 Luccomb.

(7) Rev. Thomas Wolcott, c.1655-1709 Fiddington. Thomas and his wife and two children were mentioned in his father's will in 1676. Thomas, age 17, son of Robert Woolcott of St. Decumans, Somerset, matriculated Balliol College 1666, BA 1672, MA 1673, rector of Fiddington 1682.

(8) Joan Wolcott, b. 1676 Williton.

(8) Ann Wolcott, b. 1677 Williton.

(8) Margaret Wolcott, b. 1679 Williton.

(8) Grace Wolcott, b. 1682 Williton

(8) Alice Wolcott b. c.1680; m. Gawin Teale 1706 Fiddington.

(8) Rev. John Wolcott 1687-1765; entered Balliol College, Oxford 1704, BA degree 1708, was ordained deacon 1710, and rector of Fiddington in 1711. He was rector of Fiddington for 53 years, until his death.

(9) Ann Wolcott, b. 1704 Fiddington

(9) Thomas Wolcott, b. 1713 Fiddington

(9) Gawen Wolcott 1715-1764 Fiddington, held Shuttlebridge in Fiddington; m. Elizabeth Strawbridge 1740 Stogursey.

(10) Gawen Wolcott, Jr., 1741 Stogumber-1766 Fiddington.

(9) John Wolcott c.1720 Fiddington-1765 Fiddington; apprenticed to Henry Pritchard of St. Martins, London, joiner 1733; m. Mary ____.

(10) Henry Wolcott, 1743 St. Martins, London- 1819 Shoreditch, London; m. Mary Payne 1773 St. Martins, London

(7) Robert Wolcott, c.1655-. Robert is mentioned in his father's will of 1676. Robert Woolcott was buried at Luccomb in 1711.

(7) Mary Wolcott, c.1660-. Mary is mentioned in her father's will of 1676.

(7) John, c.1660-. John is mentioned in his father's will in 1676.

(7) Bernard Wolcott, c.1665-. He is mentioned in his father's will of 1676.

(3) John Wolcott, "the younger", is mentioned in the will of Joan Folentine in 1565, and in his father's will dated 1587.

(4) Christian Wolcott c.1555. Christian, daughter of John Wolcott, is mentioned in the will of Joan Folentine in 1565.

(2) Joan Wolcott, b. 1540 Nettlecomb; possibly m. ___ Folentine and died 1565. Joan was the eldest daughter mentioned in the will of Richard Wolcott, dated 1560. She was probably the Joan Folentine, widow, of Wooton Courtney, whose will dated 1565, bequeathed to Elizabeth, daughter of John Wolcott, one sow, 16 sheep, 2 brazen pans of 7 and 2 gallons, her best cupboard, one tub of timbers, one best standerd, a bed in the inner chamber with all its apparell, and a crook; and to Christian, daughter of John Wolcott, the same. She also left legacies to George Swetting, Thomas Wolcott, John Wolcott the younger, and to Thomas Boardman. The residue of her estate she left to John Wolcott the elder, who she named her executor; m. (1) ____ Folentine, m. (2) John Harrys 1562 Nettlecomb.

(2) Edward Wolcott, c.1540-c.1563, was the third son mentioned in Richard's will dated 1560. Joan Wolcott, widow, of Monksilver, another village on Exmoor, may have been Edward's wife because Edward's brothers, Michael, John and William, were apparently all living in 1563 when Joan wrote her will, and their brother, Robert, was married to Austis. The will of Jone Wulcott of Monksilver is dated 1563, and was proved in 1565. In it she leaves bequests to her son, Bartholomew, and her daughter, Jone.

(3) Bartholomew Wolcott, c.1560-. Bartholomew is mentioned in his mother's will dated 1563. Bartholomew Woolcott is also mentioned in a will of Christian Farthinge of Monksilver, widow, dated 1566, where he is bequeathed one sheep, a bequest often made to a child.

(4) Bartholomew Wolcott, Jr., c.1595-c.1650. Bartholomew is listed on the Protestation return of 1641 at Old Cleeve. Old Cleeve is a village five miles northwest of Monksilver.

(5) Michael Wolcott, c.1620-. In 1641 Michael Woolcott and Bartholomew Woolcott were listed at Old Cleeve on the Protestation Return list. Mihill (Michael) Wollcott married Sarah Poole at Norton Fitzwarren, a village 4 mi. south of Taunton 1648. Their children, were baptized at Norton Fitzwarren between 1649 and 1658. In 1649, Ursula Howe, widow, formerly of Luxborough, then of Sherrards, initiated a suit in Chancery against Michael Wolcott of Luxborough. Ursula stated that she owned property at Luxborough named North Colley, and Michael had rented part of it called Beereland, and a house at North Colley Hill. Michael claimed that he had rented it for 40 years at 10L for the first two years and 12L thereafter. Ursula retained two rooms, free access, cooking facilities, fodder for a horse, fuel, and two acres of wheat. Michael improved the property, and Ursula agreed to vacate it entirely for an additional 1L per year. In the suit, Ursula requested that her property be returned to her, claiming that she never said that she would lease the property for 40 years, only that she might do so, and that she had not leased Beerlands to Michael, but merely allowed him to use it. She also claimed that she had not agreed to vacate the house for 20 shillings, and if she had, Michael had never paid it.

(6) Michael Wolcott, Jr., baptized at Norton Fitzwarren in 1649.

(6) John Wolcott, baptized at Norton Fitzwarren in 1652

(6) Sarah Wolcott, baptized at Norton Fitzwarren in 1653.

(6) James Wolcott, baptized at Norton Fitzwarren in 1655.

(6) Agnes Wolcott, baptized at Norton Fitzwarren in 1658.

(3) Joan Wolcott, c. 1560-. She is mentioned in the will of her mother.

(2) Joan Wolcot, b.c.1540, d. 1565 Wooton Courtney; named in father's will. Joan Folentine, widow, of Wooten Courtney bequeathed to Elizabeth, daughter of John Wolcott, one sow, 16 sheep, 2 brazen pans of 7 and 2 gallons, her best cupboard, one tub of timbers, one best standerd, a bed in the inner chamber with all its apparell, and a crook; and to Christian, daughter of John Wolcott, the same. She also left legacies to George Swetting, Thomas Wolcott, John Wolcott the younger, and to Thomas Boardman. The residue of her estate she left to John Wolcott the elder, who she named her executor.m. ____ Folentine

(2) Robert Wolcott, b. c.1545, d. 1592 Wiveliscombe. Robert was the fourth son mentioned in the will of Richard Wolcott dated 1560.

(2) William Wolcott, c. 1550. William was the youngest son mentioned in the will of Richard Wolcott in 1560. He was listed as an archer on a muster at Wooton Courtney in 1569 with his brother, John. He may have been the father of Michael and William Wolcott of Lynge.

(3?) Michael Wolcott, c. 1570-. A Michael Wolcott who was one of the witnesses to a will dated 1596 written at Lynge, a village 5 miles east of Taunton. This will is almost illegible, but the testator was not a Wolcott.

(3?) William Wolcott, c.1570-1624. The will of William Wolcott, Sr. of Lynge was proved in 1624 at the Taunton Probate Registry. A Widow Wolcott was taxed 8d on the 1642 Lay Subsidy at Stoke St. Gregory, a village 1 miles south of Lynge. She may be William's widow.

(4) William Wolcott, c.1590-. Another William Wolcott of Lynge, probably the son of William, Sr., was apprenticed in 1605 to a dyer at Bristol.

(5?) Elizabeth Wolcott, 1606-. Elizabeth Woolcott was baptized in 1606 at Ashill, a village 3 miles east of Lynge. She may be the Elizabeth Woolcott who married Michael Witheral in 1631 at Aller, a village 10 mi. east of Taunton.

(2?) Richard Wolcott. Richard may have had another son who died prior to the writing of Richard's will in 1560. Luce Wolcott, whose husband had died some time before 1558 may have been his widow. Luce lived at Luxborough, a village on Exmoor located five miles south of Minehead. Luce Wolcott died here in 1558, apparently surviving her husband and daughter. She must have been born sometime before 1540. Her will, dated and proved 1558, leaves "my bodye to be buried in ye churche or Churchyard of Luxborowe Itm I bequeathe to my godchild Jane Sythwayne one shepe The resydewe of all my goodes and chattles as well moveable as unmoveable I do give and bequethe to the prshe Churche of Luxborowe ... for ye mayntennce of gods service & praie for my soule my housbande and my daughter wt the rest of my frendes."



Nettlecombe is a village 5 miles northwest of Tolland

(1) _____ Wolcott, b. c.1515, m. Elizabeth. A survey of the manor of Woodadvent in Nettlecomb, Somerset, taken 1556 says "Elizabeth Wolcott for her widowhood by copy of 1522 holds two cottages, rent 7s 8d, fine 4L, reversion granted John Woulcott, Katherine his sister, and Wilmote Woulcotte by copy of Apr. 1545, fine 40s." This same property was held by John Woolkott in 1619. Elysabetha Woolcott died 1581 at Nettlecomb. The will of Elizabeth Woolcout of Nettlecomb, widow, dated 1579, was proved 1581 at Taunton Probate Registry. In it she left bequests to Mary Westlake, and to the children of John Wolcott, her son. The residue, she left to her son, James Wolcott, whom she appointed overseer of her will.

(2) Catherine Wolcott, b. c.1535. Katheryn Woolcotte m. Peter Westlake 1553. Elizabeth Wolcott, her mother, left a bequest to Mary Westlake in 1579

(2) Agnes Wolcott, b. c.1537. Agnes Woolcotte m. John Slade 1557 Nettlecomb. She is not mentioned in Elizabeth's will dated 1581, but may have been dead then.

(2) Joan Wolcott b. c.1540, m. John Harris 1562 Nettlecomb. She is not mentioned in Elizabeth's will dated 1581, but may have been dead then.

(2) John Wolcott, c. 1547-c.1602. He had two or more children in 1579 when his mother, Elizabeth, died. John Woulcotte of Woodadvent Manor at Nettlecomb paid a tax of 23d in 1581 John Wolcott was mentioned in the will of James Woolcott dated 1588. John Woollcott bur. 1597 Nettlecomb; m. Jone Harrys 1568 at Nettlecomb. She was probably his sister's brother-in-law. The will of Joan Woolcot of Nettlecomb was proved at the Taunton Probate Registry, some time between 1603 and 1644, but its dates and contents are unknown. She occupied two cottages at Nettlecomb from 1602 to c.1618.

(3) Thomasine Wolcott, b. c.1569. Thomyson, dau. of John Woolcote, d. 1569, Nettlecomb.

(3) Elizabeth Wolcott, 1569-. Elizabeth, dau. of John Woolcote bapt. 1569 Nettlecomb; m. Harry Ottye 1591 Nettlecomb.

(3) John Wolcott, Jr., 1581-c.1635. John, son of John Wolcot bapt. 1581 Nettlecomb, Somerset. Three children of this John were baptized at Nettlecomb. A survey of the manor of Nettlecomb dated 1619 has John Woolkott, age 40, holding two cottages, late occupied by Johanna Woollcott, his mother, by copy of the court roll dated 1602, by the lives of him and his sons. John was churchwarden at Nettlecomb in 1623 and 1632. The will of Richard Chilcott of Nettlecomb, clerk, was proved 1628, and mentions his cousin John Woolcot. Richard Chilcot was rector of the church at Nettlecomb from 1604 until his death in 1628. The wills of John Woolcot of Nettlecomb, and of Joan Woolcot of Nettlecomb, were proved at the Taunton Probate Registry, probably some time between 1603 and 1644, but their dates and contents are unknown.

(4) Joan, daughter of John Woolcot, was baptized at Nettlecomb 1608 and buried 1608.

(4) Grace, daughter of John Woolcot, was baptized at Nettlecombe 1609.

(4) John Wolcott III, 1611-1663. John, son of John Woolcot, was baptized at Nettlecomb 1611. The name of John Woolcott appears on the Nettlecomb Protestation Returns of 1641. He was a churchwarden at Nettlecomb in 1663. John Woolcott, "the elder", was buried at Nettlecomb on 4 November 1663; m. Thomasin Juel at Milverton in 1638 with George Woolcott as bondsman; she died 1700 Nettlecombe.

(5) Dorothy Wolcott, 1639-. Dorothy, daughter of John and Tamsin Woolcot, was baptized at Nettlecomb 1639.

(5) John Wolcott IV, c.1640-1716 Nettlecomb. John was administrator of the will of his mother, Thomazin Woolcott of Nettlecombe, in 1700; occupied tenement in Woodadvent 1702; 1711 John Woolcot of Nettlecombe granted household gooods to John Woolcott, son of his brother George; m. (1) Joan Norman 1672 Nettlecomb, m (2) Emlin Moore of Old Cleve, spinster, in 1673, with George Woolcott of Wivilscomb, yeoman, acting as bondsman.

(6) Jane Wolcott, b. 1673 Nettlecombe; m. (1) Nicholas Hurford 1694 Nettlecombe, m. (2) John Clark 1697 Nettlecombe.

(6) Susanna Wolcott, 1675-1693 Nettlecombe, dau. of John and Joane.

(6) Mary Wolcott, b. 1676 Nettlecombe, dau. of John and Joan.

(6) John Wolcott V 1679-1748 Nettlecombe, son of John and Joan. Possibly John Woolcott of Old Cleeve, a village 3 miles north of Nettlecombe and 3 miles south of Dunster. John Woolcott married Florence Slocomb at Old Cleeve in 1703 and had 9 children there.

(6) Thomas Wolcott, b. 1682 Nettlecombe son of John and Joan.

(6) Hugh Wolcott, 1685-1763 Nettlecombe, son of John and Joan ; m. Alice Joice 1714 Nettlecombe.

(7) Hugh Wolcott Jr., 1720-1792 Nettlecombe, son of Hugh and Alice.

(8) Hugh Wolcott, c.1760-1798 Nettlecombe.

(6) George Wolcott, 1688-1690 Nettlecombe.

(6) George Wolcott, 1691-1724 Nettlecombe, son of John and Joan.

(5) Joan Wolcott, b. 1641 Nettlecombe.

(5) Elizabeth Wolcott, 1643-1686 Netttlecombe; m. Simon Slade 1670 Nettlecombe.

(5) George Wolcott, c. 1645-1724 Nettlecombe. George died at Nettlecomb in 1725. In 1670 a George Wolcott is found on the Luxborough tax roll; m. (1) Jane ____, m. (2) Florence Bowring 1669 Wiveliscombe..

(6) John Wolcott, c.1680-1746 Nettlecombe. John, son of George Woolcott of Wooladvent witness to church deed at Nettlecomb with John Woolcott, Sr., as witness; John Woolcott of Nettlecombe, yeoman, had lease for 2 lives in 2 messuages and 30 acres at Woodadvent Farm in 1732; administration of his estate given to dayghter Mary, wife of John Lyddon of Taunton.

(7) Mary Wolcott b. 1714 Nettlecombe; m. John Lyddon 1740 Nettlecombe.

(7) John Wolcott c.1715-1715 Nettlecombe.

(6) Joan Wolcott, 1685-1714 Nettlecombe.

(6) Thomasine Wolcott, b. 1686 Nettlecomeb.

(6) Emline Wolcott, b. 1689 Nettlecombe; m. Henry Slocombe 1728 Old Cleeve.

(6) Dorothy Wolcott, 1691-1715 Nettlecombe.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1694 Nettlecombe.

(4) Conand Wolcott, 1613-1664 Nettlecombe; m. Mary ____.

(5) Diana Wolcott b. 1659 Nettlecombe.

(4) Joan Wolcott, b. 1615 Nettlecombe.

(4) J. Wolcott, b. 1617 Nettlecombe.

(4) Mary Wolcott, b. 1620 Nettlecombe.

(4) Agnes Wolcott, b. 1624 Nettlecombe.

(4) George, son of John Woollcott, 1627-1681 Nettlecombe; m. Florence Bowrind, she d. 1668 Nettlecombe.

(5) Grace, daughter of George and Florence Woolcot, 1653-1673 Nettlecombe.

(5) George Wolcott, Jr., 1656-1697 Nettlecombe, son of George Woolcot .

(5) Thomas, son of George and Florence Woolcott, b. 1658 Nettlecombe; m. Sedwill Williams 1686 Wiveliscombe.

(6) Hugh, son of Thomas and Sewell Woolcott, b. 1686 Nettlecombe; m. Joan Sine 1720 Nettlecombe.

(6) Mary, daughter of Thomas and Sidwell Woolcot, b. 1689 Nettlecombe..

(5) Abraham Wolcott, son of George and Florence Woolcott, b. 1660 Nettlecomb, m. Joan Shattock 1690 North Petherton.

(6) Elizabeth, daughter of Abraham and Joan Woolcott, b. 1691 North Petherton.

(5) Sarah Wolcott, b. c.1662 Wiveliscombe, m. George Taylor 1682 Nettlecomb.

(5) Jane Wolcott; m. Nicholas Hurford 1694 Nettlecomb.

(5) William Wolcott, c.1665-1673 Nettlecombe, son of George and Florence.

(5) Florence Wolcott, c.1668-1668 Nettlecombe.

(3?) Thomasine Wolcott, b. c.1583; m. William Towill 1601 Nettlecombe.

(3) Joan Wolcott, b. c.1585; m. Samuel Joice 1603 Nettlecombe, m. (2) Conand Rice 1603 Nettlecombe. Her nephew Conand Wolcott b. 1613.

(2) James Wolcott, b. 1549 Nettlecombe.

(2) James Wolcott, 1549 Nettlecombe-1588 Bicknoller. James Woolcott bapt. 1549 Nettlecomb. James lived at Bicknoller, a village 3 miles east of Nettlecomb. The will of James Woolcott of Berkenaller, husbandman, was dated 1588 and was proved at the Taunton Registry. In it James desires to be buried in the churchyard of Berkenaller. He leaves two sheep to John or Joan Harcome; one sheep to William Harcome, his son-in-law; one sheep, a tableboard, and a pan of white brass which was in John Dier's house in Nettlecomb to John Wolcott; one ewe sheep to Margaret Steadman; one ewe sheep to Grace Harcome; one sheep to John Harcome; and the residue of his goods to his wife, Agnes. Agnes Woolcot, James' widow, died 1622 Bicknoller.

(3?) Christian Woolcote bur. 1569 Nettlecomb.

(3) Joan Wolcott, c.1570-; m. William Harcome prior to 1588. They had children, Grace and John Harcome.

(3) Mary Wolcott, c.1570; m. Edward Jenkins 1590 Bicknoller.

(2) Thomasine Wolcott, 1551-1569 Nettlecombe.



Two families of Wolcotts, descended from Thomas and Robert Wolcott, probably brothers, lived at Wiveliscome, a town 3 miles west of Milverton and 9 miles west of Taunton. Their relation to the other Somerset Wolcotts is unknown.

(1) Thomas Woolcott, b. c.1550

(2) Henry, son of Thomas Woolcott b. 1572 Wiveliscomb.

(3) Henry Wolcott Jr., b. 1611 Wiveliscombe; m. Cecilie Goodman 1631 Wiveliscombe. She died 1642 Wiveliscombe.

(4) Mary, dau. of Henry Woolcott b. 1636 Wiveliscombe.

(4) John, son of Henry Woolcott b. 1640 Wiveliscombe.

(1) Robert Wolcott c.1550-1592 Wiveliscombe; m. Austis Harris 1569 Wiveliscombe.

(2) Edward Woolcott, b. 1570 Wiveliscomb, d. 1641 Wiveliscomb; m. Meliora Cross 1594 Wiveliscomb.

(3) Robert Wolcott, b. 1599 Wiveliscombe.

(3) John Wolcott, b. 1599 Wiveliscombe, d. 1642 Wiveliscombe.

(3) Austice Wolcott, b. 1602 Wiveliscombe; m. Edward Thomas 1620 Wiveliscombe.

(3) Andrew Woolcott b. 1606 Wiveliscomb; m. Joan Snow 1635 Wiveliscomb. He signed the 1641 Protestation return at Wiveliscomb.

(4) Agnes Wolcott, b. 1637 Wiveliscombe.

(4) Marie Woolcott b. 1639 Wiveliscomb.

(4) Wilmot Woolcott, b. 1639 Wiveliscomb.

(4) Joan Woolcott, b., d. 1641 Wiveliscomb.

(4) Andrew Woolcott, Jr., b. 1645 Wiveliscomb, d. 1719 Wiveliscombe; m. (1) Mary ____ 1670 Wiveliscombe, m. (2) Ann ___, d. 1719 Wiveliscombe.

(5) Ann Wolcott, b. c.1670, d. 1677 Wiveliscombe.

(5) Andrew Wolcott III, b. 1675 Wiveliscombe, weaver; m. Jane ____.

(6) Mary Wolcott, b. 1697 Wiveliscombe; m. Rogrt Venn 1725 Wiveliscombe.

(6) Andrew Wolcott IV, b. 1700 Wiveliscombe; m. Elizabeth Pole 1729 West Bagborough.

(6) Ann Wolcott, b. 1702, d. 1703 Wiveliscombe.

(6) Robert Wolcott, b. 1704, d. 1726 Wiveliscombe.

(6) John Wolcott, b. 1706, d. 1707 Wiveliscombe.

(6) John Wolcott, b. 1708 Wiveliscombe.

(6) Grace Wolcott, d. 1709 Wiveliscombe.

(6) James Wolcott, b. 1711 Wiveliscombe.

(5) David Wolcott, b. c.1676 Wiveliscombe, m. Jane ___.

(6) John Wolcott, b. 1706 Wiveliscombe.

(5) Wilmot Wolcott, b. 1679 Wiveliscombe, d. 1683 Wiveliscombe.

(5) Edward Wolcott. b. 1680 Wiveliscobe; m. Elizabeth Bryant 1705 Wiveliscombe.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1706 Wiveliscombe.

(5) Bernard Wolcott, b. 1684 Wiveliscombe.

(5) Robert Wolcott, b. 1687 Wiveliscombe, d. 1712 Wiveliscombe.

(2) Humphrey Woolcott b. 1572, d. 1573 Wiveliscomb.

(2) Agnes Woolcott, b. 1574 Wiveliscomb; m. John Thompson als. Spicer 1605 Wiveliscomb.

(2) Robert Woolcott Jr. , b. 1576 Wiveliscomb; m. Mary Story 1606 Wiveliscomb.

(3) Robert Woolcott b. 1609, d. 1616 Wiveliscomb.

(3) Alice Woolcott b. 1611 Wiveliscomb; m. John Bayland 1634 Wiveliscomb.

(3) Judith Woolcott, b. 1613, d. 1614 Wiveliscomb.

(3) Robert Woolcott, b. 1616 Wiveliscomb.

(2) Joan Woolcott, b. 1578 Wiveliscomb.

(2) Alice Woolcott, b. and d. 1580 Wiveliscomb.

(2) Eleanor Woolcott, b. 1580 Wiveliscomb.

(2) John Woolcott, b. 1581 Wiveliscomb.

(3) Nathaniel Wolcott, b. 1601 Wiveliscombe, d. 1670 Wiveliscombe; m. Agnes Wolcott 1633 Wiveliscombe.

(4) Susan Wolcott, b. 1632 Wiveliscombe.

(4) Edward Wolcott, b. 1633 Wiveliscombe, d. 1685

(4) George Wolcott, b. 1637 Wiveliscombe.

(4) Infant Wolcott, b., d. 1637 Wiveliscombe.

(4) John Wolcott, b. 1642, d. 1644 Wiveliscombe.

(3) Agnes, daughter of John Woolcot, was b. Wivilscomb 1607 and buried there 1607.

(3) John Woolcott, b. 1608, d. 1642 Wiveliscomb.

(3) Agnes Woolcott, b. 1617, d. 1622 Wiveliscomb.

(2) Elizabeth Woolcott, b. 1585 Wiveliscomb.

(2) Thomas Woolcott, b. 1587 Wiveliscomb.

(2?) William Woolcott; m. Marie Barrow 1605 Wiveliscomb. William appears on the 1641 Protestation at Wivilscomb.

(3) Alice Woolcott, b. 1607 Wiveliscomb; m. Edward Mylton 1631 Wiveliscomb

(3) Agnes Wolcott, b. Wivilscomb 1609.

(3) Robert Woolcott, b. 1616 Wiveliscomb.

(3) Anstis, d. 1620 Wiveliscomb.

(3) Margaret Woolcott, b. 1623 Wiveliscomb.

(3 ) Anstis Woolcott, b. 1634 Wiveliscomb.

(1) Nathaniel Wolcott, b. c.1600, d. 1670 Wiveliscomb; m. (1) Alice c.1620; m. (2) Agnes Wolkote 1633.

(2) Henry, son of Nathaniel and Alice Woolcott b. probably 1621, d. 1734 Wiveliscombe. The 1674 tax roll for Wivilscomb has Henry Woolcott of Nettlecomb and widow Woolcott of Croford and Nunnington tithing as having taxes assessed at Wivilscomb. A Henry Wolcott was granted licence at Taunton to marry Susana Stoden of Nettlecomb in 1685.

(3) John , son of Henry Wollcott, b. 1666 Wiveliscombe.

(2) Edward, son of Nathabiel Wolkot d. 1633 Wiveliscombe.

(2) unnamed son of Nathaniel Woolcot b. 1637 Wiveliscome.

(2) John, son of Nathaniel and Agnes Woolcot, b. 1644 Wiveliscombe.

(1) Ann Wolcott;b. c.1560 Wiveliscombe; m. Stephen Treake 1583 Wiveliscombe.

(?) Agnes Wolkote, widow, was buried at Wivilscomb 14 Apr. 1630. Susan Wollcott, widow, was buried at Wivilscomb 23 Jan. 1663.



CANNINGTON, a village 3 mi. northwest of Bridgewater: Nicholas Wolcot married Margaret Roswell here in 1563. The will of Wilmot Wolcott, widow, of Cannington, dated 1644, was proved at the Taunton Probate Registry, but has apparently been destroyed.

CLATWORTHY, a village about five miles West of Tolland.

(1) Matthew Wollcott, c.1600-1673; Matthew Wolcott of Clatworthy is listed on the 1641 Protestation Return and the 1642 Lay Subsidy Roll. His wife was buried at Dulverton in 1664. He was living at Brompton Ralph in 1673 when wrote his will. His will leaves to the poor of Exton 8 shillings; 30 shillings to any poor at his funeral; to his daughter, Margaret Skinner his land in the parish of Dulverton; to his grandson, Mathew Burston, 35 pounds; to Margaret's two daughters 10 pounds each; to his daughter Jane Burston, a brass pan, and to her sons 5 pounds each; to Elizabeth Turk's two children 5 pounds each; to his grandchild, Thomas Evett, houshold furniture and plowing equipment, and to his daughter, Elizabeth 5 pounds; to John Durborow the son of Agnes Durborow his grandchild 6 pounds; to his daughter Mary Evett, two pans, and to her daughter, Jane Evett 10 pounds; to Elizabeth Tyler his Goddaughter three pounds; with all the remainder to his three daughters Mary Evett, Jane Bursston and Margaret Skinner, with his three son-in-laws, Thomas Evett, John Burston, and George Skinner as overseers.

(2) Mary, b. c. 1630-; m. Thomas Evett

(2) Jane; b. c.1630; m. John Burston

(2) Margaret, b. c.1630; m. George Skinner 1648 Dulverton

COMBE FLORY, a village 2 miles east of Lydiard St. Lawrence:

(1) Arthur Wolcott, b. c.1590.

(2) Mary, daughter of Arthur Wolcott, b. 1613Combe Flory.

(2) James, son of Arthur Wolcott, b. 1615 at Durston, a village 5 mi. east of Taunton.

(2?) Arthur; m. Mary

(3) Mary, daughter of Arthur Wolcott baptized at Combe Flory 1645.

(3) Joan, daughter of Arthur and Mary Wolcott, baptized at Combe Flory 1647.

(3) John, son of Arthur Wolcott baptized at Combe Flory 1652.


William Wolcott lived at Dulverton, just across the Devonshire border in West Somerset. He is the only other Wolcott known to be in Somerset prior to 1525. His will was copied from records at Wells before they were destroyed in World War II. It reads: "In dei nom Amen the second day of August in the yere of or lorde god mccccc I Willm Wulcote of hole mynde and pfett remembrance make my testament in this wyse ffirst I bequethe my soule to Almyghti god and my body to be buryed in the churchyarde of Dulvton. It. to Saynt Andrew of Wells iiijd and to evy one of my godchildren iiijd. It. to Allhallow a pounde of wax. It. to Saynt erasmus a pounde of wax. Item to Saynt xystopher a pounde of wax. to or ladye in the chapell a pounde of wax. It. to the high crosse iiiis iiijd. The residu of my goods not bequethed I give to my wif Elisabeth and her make my full executx to bestow my goods as it plese her for the welth of my sowle. This being witnesse John Skynnr John Kemplyn (or Rawlyn) wt others." This William could hardly have been the same William who was at Bovey Tracy in 1501, if the dates of the will were copied correctly. As Dulverton was a center for the cloth trade like Okehampton, it seems likely that this William may have been related to the Wolcotts of Okehampton. Having several godchildren, yet with no children of his own mentioned in his will, this William seems to have been an older man with no children. His will is said to have been proved in 1530 at the Bishop's Court at Wells, thirty years after it was drawn, which is unusual, as in those days most people made their wills on their deathbeds and wills were normally proved a year or so after the decease.

ENMORE, a village 3 mi. east of Bridgewater:

(1) Richard Wolcott, b. c.1640, bur.1726 Enmore. Possible wife Jane Woolcott bur. 1723 Enmore. Mary, wife of the late Richard Woolcott bur. 1736 Enmore.

(2) Richard Wolcott Jr., b. 1684; bur. 1753 Enmore; Action of ejectment from cottage on death of leasor against Richard Woolcott of Enmore 1737; m. Catherine Standard 28 Dec. 1705, she d. 1712.

(3) Thomas Wolcott, son of Richard Jr. and Catherine, b. 1706 Enmore, bur. 1706 Enmore.

(3) Mary, daughter of Richard Woolcott Jr., b. 1710 Enmore, d. 1711 Enmore.

(3) Richard Wolcott, the elder, b. c.1712, bur. Langport 1772, Richard Woolcott m. Elizabeth Flory 1744 Taunton.

(4) John Wolcott, b. 1754 Langport.

(4) Richard Wolcott Jr., b. c. 1765. Richard Woolcott of Langport Eastover, baker, mentions his widow Mary, and son James, a minor, with a messuage in Langport. Mary Woolcott, born 1781, was at Enmore in 1841.

(5) James Wolcott, b. c.1790: James Woolcott of Enmore m. Elizabeth Bishop 1818 Taunton.

(1) Uriah Wolcott, b. c.1640, bur 1712 Enmore; m. Ruth ____.

(2) Emlin Wolcott, b. 1662 Enmore.

(2) John, b. 1665 Enmore, bur. 1731 Enmore.

FITZHEAD, a village 3 mi. south of Tolland: John Wolcotte married Grace Washer here 10 July 1609. Richard Woolcott of Fitzhead is listed on the Protestation Return of 1641.

LANGFORD BUDVILLE, 1 mi. south of Milverton: Robert and William Wolcott are listed at Langford Budville on the Protestation Return of 1641

MILVERTON, a village 5 mi. west of Taunton: Elizabeth Wolcott married Robert Parris here in 1615. John Wolcot married Thomasine Juel here in 1638, This was probably John Wolcott of Nettlecomb. Thomas Wolcot married Catherine Saunders here in 1641. Thomas Woolcott of Milverton is listed on the Protestation return of 1641. Anne Woolcott married John Hodge here in 1654.

NORTH PETHERTON: Henry Woolcott of West Newton in North Petherton wrote his will 22 May 1717, proved 24 April 1718. It left bequests to his kinswoman, Elizabeth Galhampton, underage, his sister Mary, wife of Richard Galhampton, and his brother, James, of Shearstone. Shearston Farm in North Petherton is also called Woolcotts. It was purchased in 1772 by James Woolcott, "whose family had been tenants there since the 17th century".

OVERSTOWEY, a village 1 mi south of Doddington: Catherine Wolcot married Robert Collard here in 1646.

PITMINSTER, a village 4 mi. south of Taunton: Elizabeth Wolcot married John Philpot here in 1573. Richard Wolcot, perhaps Richard, Jr. of Bishops Lydiard, married Christian Thorne here in 1640.

TAUNTON, the county seat of Somerset:

James Woolcot of Taunton St. James married Elizabeth Prowse of Bradford 1610 at Bradford.

Jane Woolcott married John Wood 1628 at Taunton St. James.

William Woulcot married Edith Kent 13 Aug. 1632 at Taunton St. Mary Magdalen.

Florence Woulcot married John Tanner 1635 at Taunton St. James.

Thomas Woulcot married Elizabeth Hartley 1636 at Taunton St. James.

Mary Wolcott married John Cuff 1637 at Taunton St. James.

Robert Woolcot married Elizabeth Huford 1651 at Taunton St. Mary Magdalen.

Robert Woolcot married Anes Burde 1662 at Taunton St. Mary Magdalen.

Mathias Woolcot married Cicele Worme 30 June 1678 at Taunton St. Mary Magdalen. This may be the Mathias Wollcot who was baptized at Bovy Tracy, Devon, in 1651.

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