George Wolcott of Windsor CT, 1618-1662,

3rd son of Henry Wolcott, of Windsor CT.

Revised - January 2020

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(1) Henry Wolcott; m. Elizabeth Saunders.

(2) George Wolcott, b. c. 1618 Tolland, Somerset, d. 1662 Windsor CT.  He came to America with his parents in 1630, and moved to Wethersfield CT about 1650; in 1655 he lived in a house there that had been bought by his father-in-law in 1641, was admitted a freeman of Wethersfield in 1657, and was constable at Wethersfield in 1657, left an estate valued at 270L; m. Elizabeth Treat 1649 Wethersfield CT, dau. of Richard Treat, a Magistrate and member of the Governor's Council, and sister of Robert Treat, Governor of Connecticut 1683-98. 

Rev. Fred W. Chapman known as "the Wethersfield Genealogist" began a genealogy of the Wolcott family which was left in unpublished manuscript form at the time of his death. Its location is unknown.

(3) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1650 Wethersfield CT; m. Gabriel Cornish 1686 Wethersfield CT.

(3) George Wolcott, Jr., b. 1653 Wethersfield CT, d. 1726 Wethersfield CT.  He inherited his father's homestead at Wethersfield, was a farmer, owned land at Hebron CT; the will of George Woolcott of Weathersfield left half his dwelling house at Weathersfield to wife Elizabeth, 100 acres of land at Hebron to son George, half his house at Weathersfield to son Joshua and the other half on the death of Joshua's mother, land at Hebron and horses to sons Daniel and Josiah, 45 pounds to daughter Elizabeth, 14 pounds to daughter Deborah Taylor as the balance of her marriage portion, 40 pounds each to daughters Eunice, Anna, and Sarah, and names his wife and son Joshua as executors, his estate valued at 840L; m. Elizabeth Curtis 1691 Wethersfield CT.

(4) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1693 Wethersfield CT, d. 1770.

(4) Deborah Wolcott, b. 1695 Wethersfield CT, d. 1731 Wethersfield CT; m. John Taylor 1722 Wethersfield CT.

(4) Ann Wolcott, b. 1698 Wethersfield, d. 1730 Wethersfield CT.

(4) George Wolcott III, b. 1701 Wethersfield CT, d. Newington CT.  He was a farmer at Wethersfield, m. Mary Hartwell 1722 Lebanon CT.

(5) Mary Wolcott, b. 1724 Wethersfield CT; m. Moses Barnes 1748 Farmington CT.

(5) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1726 Wethersfield CT, d. 1805 Wethersfield CT; m. Jonathan Blinn  c.1758.

(5) Caleb Wolcott, b. 1728 Wethersfield CT, d. Chemung Co. NY.  He was at Newington CT 1776 and Wethersfield 1790; moved to Corning NY in 1795; m. Jerusha Price c.1753 Wethersfield CT.

(6) Elizur Wolcott b. 1754 Newington CT.

(6) Eunice Wolcott, b. 1755 .

(5) George Wolcott, b. 1731 Wethersfield CT, d. 1744 Wethersfield CT.

(5) James Wolcott, b. 1734 Wethersfield CT; m. Mrs. Huldah B. Case.

(6) son, b. c.1765

(5) Justus Wolcott, b. 1735 Wethersfield CT, d. 1831 Painted Post NY, buried Old Gorton Cemetery, Corning NY.  He was a farmer, served in NY militia, was appointed Sgt. in Newington CT militia, moved to New Lebanon NY c.1773, then at Stephentown NY prior 1790, served in NY militia during Rev. War, settled at Painted Post NY c.1795; m. (1) Rachel Bidwell 1760 Glastonbury CT, m. (2) Mrs. Edify Loomis Scott 1778 New Lebanon NY.

(6) Joseph Wolcott, b. 1760 Newington CT, d. 1845 Switzerland Co. IN.  He was a farmer, enlisted in NY militia 1776, served in NY Line as a substitute for his father, lived at Stephentown NY for 24 years after the war, settled at Painted Post prior to 1810, moved to Caton NY 1814, moved to KY, claimed bounty land in IN and settled there c.1820 with sons Alanson and David, received military pension 1833 Switzerland Co. IN ; m. Ruth __ c.1785

(7) Nathaniel Wolcott, b. 1787 Stephentown NY, d. Caton NY; military service War of 1812; m. (1) Ruth Tollarday c.1814, m. (2) Almira____. 1820 Painted Post NY. 1830 Hector, Tompkins Co. NY. 1840 Painted Post, Steuben Co. NY. 1850 Caton, Steubin Co.

(7) Henry Wolcott, b. c.1790 Stephentown NY.

(7) Sabiah Wolcott, b. c.1791 Stephentown NY.

(7) Alanson Wolcott "Anson", b. 1793 Stephentown NY, d. Vermilion Co. IL; farmer, went with his father to IN c.1820; m. (1) Jane Steward c. 1823, m. (2) Jemima Dodd 1830. 1830 Switzerland Co. IN. 1850 Vermillion Co. IL

(7) Daniel Wolcott, b. 1798 Stephentown NY, d. 1856 Switzerland Co. IN; farmer, went with his father to IN c.1820; m. Mary Dougherty 1826 Dearborn Co. IN. 1820 Painted Post NY. 1830 Switzerland Co. IN. 1840 Cotton Twp. IN . 1850 Posey Twp. IN.

(7) Justus Beckley "J. B." Wolcott, b. 1801 Stephentown NY; he was a moulder and farmer; early settler at Ashkum IL where he was elected first Justice of the Peace in 1861; m. Catherine Poynes 1830 Geauga Co. OH. 1840 Madison, Lake Co. OH. 1850 Union OH. 1860-90 Ashkum IL.

(6) Hannah Wolcott, b. 1762 Newington CT, d. 1856 Caton NY; m. Daniel Loomis c.1780.

(6) Justus Wolcott Jr., b. 1763 Newington CT, d. 1831 Painted Post NY.   He was a farmer at Wethersfield until after 1800, then moved to New Lebanon NY, then to Broome Co. NY shortly before 1810, took land and cleared for farm at Wilna NY 1812; m. Rosetta Squires 1785 Painted Post NY. 1820-30 Wilna NY.

(7) Harriet Wolcott, b. 1786 Wethersfield CT, d. 1786 Painsville OH; m. James Beard 1810.

(7) Lavinia Wolcott, b. 1789 Wethersfield CT; m. James Hurlburt 1806 Wethersfield CT.

(7) Harriet Wolcott, b. 1791 Wethersfield CT, d. 1876 Painesville OH; m. James Beard 1810 and moved to Painesville OH in 1823; parents of artists James and William H. Beard.

(7) Erastus Wolcott, b. 1793 Wethersfield CT, d. 1800 Wethersfield CT.

(7) Sheldon Wolcott, b. 1796 Wethersfield CT; to Illinois c.1833; m. Claudia Haziett 1839 Sangamon Co. IL. 1820 Shelby Co. KY. 1840-50 Sagamon Co. IL.

(7) Celestia Wolcott, b. 1798 Wethersfield CT.

(7) Erastus Wolcott, b. 1801 Wethersfield CT, d. c.1872 Frankfort NY; m. Eliza ____. 1830-50 Frankfort, Herkimer Co. NY.

(7) Chester Jefferson Wolcott, b. 1803 Wethersfield CT. 1840 Gates, Monroe Co. NY.

(7) Henry Wolcott, b. 1810 Wethersfield CT, d. 1891 Leray NY; laborer at Philadelphia NY 1850; m. Eunice ____. 1870-80 Theresa NY .

(6) Sabiah Wolcott, b. 1765 Newington NY; m. Ezra Rowley.

(6) Norman Wolcott, b. 1765 Newington CT, d. 1859 Bradford NY; farmer, moved to Broome Co. NY c.1800, was a member of Tyrone Baptist Church at Jersey NY in 1850. 1840 Wayne NY. 1850 Jersey and Bradford NY; m. Sarah Cook c.1793.

(7) Caleb Wolcott, b. 1794 NY, d. 1873Tecumseh MI; m. (1) Rhoda Hedges c.1826, m. (2) Anna Teachman c.1833 NY. 1860 Bradford NY.

(7) Hannah Wolcott, b. c.1796 Corning NY.

(7) Eunice Wolcott, b. 1798 Corning NY, d. 1859 Thurston NY.

(7) Edify Wolcott, b. c.1800 Corning NY; sold her farm in Michigan and returned to NY at the time of her husband's death; m. William Brown 1818; m. Joseph Hall 1830. Her son, Lt. Col. Norman Hall was stationed at Ft. Sumter in 1860 and was the one to deliver the request to surrender the fort, the beginning of the Civil War.

(7) Celestia N. Wolcott, b. 1801 Corning NY, d. 1897 Howell MI; m. Benjamin Ferris Schofield 1822 Steubin Co. NY .

(7) Jonathan Cook Wolcott, b. 1804 Corning NY, d. 1877 Bradford NY.  He was a farmer at Bradford NY 1850-60; m. Rebecca Boyd c.1826.

(7) James Wolcott, b. 1806 Painted Post NY, d. 1878 Decatur MI, farmer; m. Mary Susanna Gillespie 1829. 1850 Metz NY. 1860 Hartford MI.

(7) Benjamin Wolcott, b. , d. 1815 Jersey NY.

(7) Nathan Wolcott, b., d. 1815 Jersey NY.

(7) Alvira Wolcott, b., d. 1825. 

(6) Capt. Charles Wolcott, b. 1768 NewingtonCT; d. 1858 Painted Post NY. Charles was a farmer, settled at Painted Post c.1800, Capt. in War of 1812, he and brother Joseph lived at Caton NY 1814; m. (1) Lydia Keeler 1793 Painted Post NY, m. (2) Mrs. Elizabeth Thurber 1816 Painted Post NY.

(7) Charles Wolcott Jr., b. 1795 Painted Post NY, d. 1863, farmer; m. Elizabeth Daulp; 1814 c.1825. 1850 Caton NY.

(7) Samuel Keeler Wolcott, b., d. 1797 Painted Post NY. 

(7) Edify Wolcott, b., d. 1799 Painted Post NY.

(7) Samuel Keeler Wolcott, b. 1800 Painted Post NY, d. 1851 Dead Man's Gap CA.  He built a sawmill above French's Creek, died in the CA gold fields; m. Hannah B. McNulty 1826 Big Flats NY. 1850 Caton NY.

(7) Hon. Nelson Wolcott, b. 1802 Painted Post NY, d. 1860.  He was a Painted Post town supervisor 1836, and a judge of the Steuben Co. Court; m. Margaret Smith Hoffman 1824 . 1830 Painted Post NY. 1860 Caton NY.

(7) Martial Wolcott, b. 1804 Painted Post NY, d. 1805 Painted Post NY.

(7) Frederick Wolcott, b. 1806 Painted Post NY, d. 1873 Corning NY, farmer; m. (1) Pantha Bennet c.1832, (2) Priscilla Moore 1844 Steuben Co. NY. 1860 Corning NY.

(7) Susan Wolcott, b. 1810 Painted Post NY; m. Salter Steel.

(7) Norman W. Wolcott, b. , d. 1812 Painted Post NY.

(7) James Keeler Wolcott, b. 1813 Painted Post NY, d. 1883 New Lebanon NY; moved to Beloit WI 1854 where he and his brother-in-law had a business, moved to Floyd Co. IA 1861 and to Union Co. Dakota Territory where he homesteaded in 1868; m. Augusta L. Perkins 1843 New Lebanon NY.

(7) Ira H. Wolcott, b. 1816 Painted Post NY, d. 1888 KS.  He lived Loyd NY and then moved West, probably to MI; m. Sophia Thraul 1838 NY.

(6) Roger Wolcott, b. 1770 Newington CT; Roger was a farmer at Painted Post NY,  served in War of 1812 then disappeared saying he was going to TN; when he did not return his wife remarried; m. Elizabeth Bosworth 1792 NY.

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. 1792 Painted Post NY, d. 1832 Dayton OH; m. (1) William Reynolds 1811, m. (2) ____ Seymour.

(7) Cynthia Wolcott, b. 1798 Painted Post NY; m. Samuel Lane 1818.

(7) Paulina Wolcott, b. 1800 Painted Post NY; m. David Knapp.

(7) James Harvey Wolcott, b. 1802 Painted Post NY; m. Susanna Taylor 1831. 1850 Pulney NY.

(7) Elizabeth Bosworth Wolcott, b. 1804 Painted Post NY; m. Henry Lyon 1828

(6) David Wolcott, b. 1774 New Lebanon NY, d. 1775 New Lebanon NY.

(6) Rachel Wolcott, b. 1776 New Lebanon NY; m. Bnjamin Gorton 1795 Corning NY.

(6) John Wolcott, b. 1780 New Lebanon NY, d. 1864 Corning NY; m. Harriet Jones 1806 Corning NY. 1810 Painted Post NY.

(7) Phineas Bradley Wolcott, b. 1807 Painted Post NY, d. 1829 .

(7) William Alfred Wolcott, b. 1809 Painted Post NY, d. 1838 .

(7) Augusta Maria Wolcott, b. 1811 Painted Post NY, d. 1812.

(7) Augustus Wolcott, b. 1814 Painted Post NY, d. 1835 .

(7) Horace Douglas Wolcott, b. 1817 Corning NY.

(7) Irving Gillis Wolcott, b. 1819 Corning NY.

(7) Edwin Jones Wolcott, b. 1821 Corning NY; m. Emily Fidelia McHenry 1846. 1860-1880 Corning NY.

(7) George Henry Wolcott, b. 1823 Corning NY, moved to Columbus Ohio, then to Oskaloosa IA c.1855; m. Eliza Morris 1849 Tuscarawas Co. OH.

(7) Maria Augusta Wolcott, b. 1825 Corning NY; m. Barzillai Buckley 1844 .

(7) Mary Sydna Ann Wolcott, b. 1827 Corning NY; m. Horatio Sturtevant 1848.

(6) David Wolcott, b. 1781 New Lebanon NY, d. 1854 Steuben Co. NY.  He purchased land in the Holland Patent, New York, in 1809; m. Eliza Mulhollan 1816 New Lebanon NY.

(7) Lorenzo Scott Wolcott, b. 1817 Erwin NY; m. Lucy S. Brookins 1847 New Lebanon NY.

(7) Hugh Erwin Wolcott b. 1819 Erwin NY.

(7) David Ferdinand Wolcott, b. 1821 Erwin NY; m. Elizabeth Hall 1849.

(6) Lucy Wolcott, b. 1784 New Lebanon NY, d. 1875; m. William Chilson 1806 Steuben Co. NY.

(6) Mary Wolcott, b. 1786 New Lebanon NY; m. Caleb Mallory 1819 Windham CT.

(6) George Wolcott, b. 1789 New Lebanon NY: m. Sarah "Sally" Baird 1829 Painted Post NY; l. Big Flatts NY.

(5) Rosanna Wolcott, b. 1737 Wethersfield CT; m. Levi Warner 1764 Wethersfield CT.

(5) Lois Wolcott, b. 1742 Wethersfield CT. d. 1820 Windsor CT; m. James Blinn c.1756.

(5) Eunice Wolcott, b. 1744 Wethersfield CT, d. 1747 Wethersfield CT.

(5) George Wolcott IV, b. 1747 Wethersfield CT, d. 1809 Newington CT.  He settled at Newington CT, and was a Sgt. in the CT Line 1776-7; m. Elizabeth Nott 1774 Wethersfield CT.

NOTE: The Wolcott DNA Project indicates a break in the paternal line of George or one of his descendants and that the paternal ancestor was a member of the Blinn family that lived near the Wolcotts in the 1700s, at Wethersfield and Newington. A probable scenario is that a Wolcott daughter had a child by a Blinn father out of wedlock, and that the child was raised by her parents as their own. This George was the youngest child in his family and had two older sisters, Mary age 23 and Sarah age 21. Mary married Moses Barnes the following year. Sarah married Jonathan Blinn at an unknown date. George may have been their son. Jonathan Blinn's brother, James, married George's sister, Lois Wolcott, about 1756.

(6) George Wolcott V, b. 1774 Wethersfield CT, d. 1819.  He was a farmer at Burlington CT; m. Jemima Andros c.1797 Newington CT .

(7) Nancy Wolcott, b. 1798 Burlington CT; m. Truman Hawley 1819 .

(7) Oliver Wolcott, b. 1800 Burlington CT, d. 1881 Avon CT; m. Lucy French 1838 Avon NY; divorced.

(7) Charlotte Wolcott, b. 1802 Burlington CT, d. 1896 Avon CT; m. (1) Samuel Hadsell 1827 West Avon CT, m. (2) Jesse Birdwin c.1852

(7) George Todd Wolcott, b. 1805 Burlington CT, d. 1856 PA; m. Maria Peffley 1839 PA.

(7) De Forrest Wolcott, b. 1811 Burlington CT, d. 1880 Avon CT.  Before his marriage he was a travelling clock salesman, later a farmer at Avon CT; m. Sarah Chidsey 1841.

(6) William Nott Wolcott, b. 1776 Wethersfield CT, d. 1807 Wethersfield C; m. Cynthia Clark 1803.

(7) Mary Nott Wolcott, b. c.1805 Wethersfield CT; m. Elisha Wolcott Sellew 1828 Wethersfield CT.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1780 Wethersfield CT; m. Horace Andrews.

(6) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1782 Wethersfield CT; m. Abner Roberts.

(6) Nott Wolcott, b. 1783 Wethersfield CT.

(4) Caleb Wolcott, b. 1703 Wethersfield CT.

(4) Eunice Wolcott, b. 1705 Wethersfield CT, d. 1747 .

(4) Joshua Wolcott, b. 1708 Wethersfield CT, d. 1753 Wethersfield CT; m. Esther Belding c.1728.

(5) Joshua Wolcott Jr., b. 1730 Wethersfield CT, d. 1766 Portland ME.  Joshua moved to Portland CT c.1758; m. Esther Dean 1757 Middletown CT.

(6) Joshua Wolcott III, b. 1758 Middletown CT, d. 1835 Portland CT, lived at Portland CT; m. Mary Rogers 1796 New London CT. 1790 Chatham CT.

(7) Lucy B. Wolcott, b. 1797 Portland CT, d. 1858; m. Alpheas Penfield 1818 Middlesex Co. CT.

(7) Oliver Wolcott, b. 1798, Portland CT, d. 1799 Portland CT.

(7) Ruth A. Wolcott, b. 1801 Portland CT; m. Dyer Woodworth 1826 Chatham CT.

(7) Esther Wolcott, b. 1802 Portland CT.

(7) Oliver Wolcott, b. 1804 Portland CT.

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. 1807 Portland CT; m. George W. Taylor 1842 Portland ME.

(6) Elijah Dean Wolcott, b., d. 1759 Portland CT.

(6) Esther Wolcott, b. 1761 Portland CT; m. Isaac Knowles .

(5) Esther Wolcott, b. 1733 Wethersfield CT; m. (1) Samuel Russell 1756 Canaan CT, (2) ____ Hollenbeck.

(5) Solomon Wolcott, b. 1735 Wethersfield CT, d. 1829Wethersfield CT.  He apparently lived in CT but owned land at Washington, Berkshire Co. MA from 1769 until 1815, some of which he deeded to Asa Wolcott in 1813 and Asa's widow, Sally Wolcott sold in 1825; m. Abigail Hastings of Pittsfield, Berkshire Co. MA 1767. 1790 New London CT.

(6) Dr. Solomon Wolcott, b. 1769 Colchester CT, d. 1818 Utica NY.  He moved from Williamstown MA to Utica NY c.1790, where he was a physician, signed a petition to build a bridge across there in 1792, appointed a director of the Utica branch of the Manhattan Bank, post surgeon in War of 1812, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas; m. Abigail E. "Nabby" Butler 1799 Pittsfield MA, she m. (2) Rev. William Woodbridge 1824.

(7) Julius Hastings Wolcott, b. 1800 Utica NY, d. 1802 Utica NY.

(7) Juliet Adeline Wolcott, b. 1802 Utica NY, d. 1804 Utica NY.

(7) Sidney Butler Wolcott, b. 1804 Utica NY, d. 1806 Utica NY.

(7) Horace Butler Wolcott, b. 1807 Utica NY. Horace B. of Utica NY, age 22, son of late Dr. Wolcott, d. 1829 Cherry Valley NY.

(7) Sidney Hastings Wolcott, b. 1810 Utica NY, d. 1881 Addison NY; he and brother, Solomon, were lumber dealers at Addison NY 1849-60; they lived together in a hotel at Addison, unmarried.

(7) Solomon Belding Wolcott, b. 1812 Utica NY, d. 1860; lived with and was in business with his brother, Sidney.

(6) infant dau., twin, b., d. 1771 Colchester CT

(6) Abigail Wolcott, twin, b., d. 1771 Colchester CT

(6) infant son, b., d. 1772 Colchester CT

(6) Abigail Marsh Wolcott, b. 1773 Colchester CT, m. Flavel Gaylord.

(6) Esther Belden Wolcott, b. 1777 Colchester CT, d. 1857 Williamstown MA; m. Daniel Noble 1802.

(6) Mary Hastings Wolcott, b. 1780 CT.

(6) Waitstill Hastings Wolcott, b. 1782 CT, d. 1833 Hartford CT

(6) John Wolcott, b. 1784 CT, d. 1830 Utica NY.  m. Polly Smith.

(7) George Washington Wolcott, b. c.1810, d. 1837 Trenton, Ontario, Canada.  m. Brigit Nolan 1833 Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

(5) Joseph Wolcott, b. 1740 Wethersfield CT, d. 1808 Sandisfield MA; Rev. War svc. in Berkshire Co.  militia 1777, moved to OH with children Lucy and Horace in 1796, "large, portly, and strong"; m. Elizabeth Bosworth 1766. 1790 Sandisfield MA.

(6) Lucy Wolcott, b. 1767 Sandisfield MA, d. 1828 East Watertown OH; moved to OH 1796, m. Col. Simeon Demming 1789 Sandisfield MA Col. Simeon Deming, who was aide to Maj. Samuel Wolcott during Rev. War.

(6) Hon. Horace Wolcott, b. 1769 Sandisfield MA, d. 1833 Worthington OH.  He moved to OH 1796, served as Capt. in Indian Wars, Capt. at Battle of Tippicanoe 1809, served as scout in OH during War of 1812, charter member of Masonic Lodge at Franklinton OH 1815, first Sgt. at Arms in Ohio State Legislature, judge at Franklinton 1830; m. Lucy Kent Smith 1788.

(7) Emily Wolcott, b. 1788 St. Albans, Licking Co. OH, d. 1865 Alexandria OH; m. Helon Rose 1816.

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. 1790 Sandisfield MA, d. 1807 Franklinton OH .

(7) Gad Fuller Wolcott, b. 1792 Sandisfield MA, d.y.

(7) Lucy Wolcott, b. 1794 Sandisfield MA, d.y.

(7) Horace Wolcott Jr., b. 1799 Marietta OH, d. 1875 Granville OH; farmer, moved to Granville OH c.1823 where he grew wheat, purchased a grist mill, a tannery, and a woolen mill; founder of the Granville Female Seminary; m. Rebecca Rose Winchell 1829 Granville OH .

(7) Persis Wolcott, b. 1801 Marietta OH, d. 1819 Marietta OH.

(7) Lucy Wolcott, b. 1802 Marietta, Washington Co. OH, d. 1866 St. Albans OH; m. Linus G. Thrall 1823 Licking Co. OH.

(7) Charlotte Bosworth Wolcott, b. 1806 Washington Co. OH; m. William Bishop 1829 Franklin Co. OH; her husband's barn was a stop on the "Underground Railroad".

(7) Uriel Smith Wolcott, b. 1809 Washington Co. OH, d. 1841 Alexandria OH .

(7) Lovis Eliza Wolcott, b. 1811 OH, d.y

(6) Joseph Wolcott, Jr., b., d. 1771 Sandisfield MA.

(6) Honor Wolcott, b. 1772 Sandisfield MA, d. 1831 Manchester VT; m. Asa Loveland 1796 Tolland CT.

(6) Joseph Wolcott, Jr., b. 1775 Sandisfield MA, d. 1847 Sandifield MA.  He was a wagonmaster in the War of 1812, bequeathed $2,100 to the Sandisfield Congregational Church; m. (1) Rebecca Bosworth, m. (2) Anna Twining.

(6) Elias Wolcott, b. 1777 Sandisfield MA, d. 1872 Watertown OH; settled at Watertown c.1798 with his brother, Horace; War of 1812 service OH militia as wagonmaster; m. Delinda Howe 1802 Marietta OH.

(7) Elias Howe Wolcott, b. 1803 Watertown OH, d. 1883 Watertown OH; farmer at Watertown 1850-80; m. Lorana Starling 1827 Marietta OH.

(7) Alanson Wolcott, b. 1805 Watertown OH, d. 1871 Watertown OH; farmer at Watertown; m. Caroline McClure 1831 Watertown OH.

(7) Eliza Bosworth Wolcott, b. 1807 Watertown OH, d. 1826 Watertown OH.

(7) Augustus Stone Wolcott, b. 1808 Watertown OH, d. 1885 Belpre OH; merchant at Guyandotte VA 1852 which became part of West Virginia in 1863; served in Co. E 8th VA Cav. Regt during the Civil War; moved to Belpre OH 1879; m. Susan Baird 1840 Marietta OH. His name sometimes given as Augustus Stowe Wolcott in error.

(7) Josiah Wolcott, b. , d. 1811 Watertown OH .

(7) William Riley Wolcott, b. 1812 Watertown OH, d. 1877 OH, m. Lydia Ann Phillips 1834 OH.

(7) Vilaty Susan Wolcott, b. 1815 Watertown OH, d. 1883; m. Richard Beebe 1839 .

(7) Joseph Bosworth Wolcott, b. 1818 Watertown OH, d. 1839 New Orleans LA.

(7) Sylvanus Howe Wolcott, b. 1820 Watertown OH, d. 1897 KY; surveyor at Greenup Co. KY 1870-80; m. Caroline Virginia Sweetland 1860 Amanda Furnace KY.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1779 Sandisfield MA; m. Timothy Harding 1805 Sandisfield MA.

(6) Edward Wolcott, b. 1781 Sandisfield MA, d. 1823 Granville OH; purchased 96 acres at Granville OH in 1819 and moved there to farm; m. (1) Susan Twining 1808 Sandisfield MA, m. (2) Maria Squires 1817 Licking Co. OH.

(7) Lois Eliza Wolcott, b. 1809 Sandisfield MA, d. 1854 Washington Co. OH; m. Julius Deming 1833 Sandisfield MA.

(7) Darius Twining Wolcott, b. 1812 Sandisfield MA; m. Mary Callendar 1838.

(6) Hon. Josiah Wolcott, b. 1783 Sandisfield MA, d. 1859 Sandisfield MA; farmer at Sandisfield, served in Berkshire Co. militia, was a Justice of the Peace and a Representative to the General Assembly; m. Amelia Minerva Cowles 1811.

(7) Josiah Bissell Wolcott, b. 1812 Sandisfield MA, d. 1839 Sandisfield MA; lived with his uncle, Edward Wolcott; m. Lucy Ann Beldin 1835 Sandisfield MA.

(7) Susan Amelia Wolcott, b. 1814 Sandisfield MA; m. Horace C. White 1838.

(7) Edward Cowles Wolcott, b. 1815 Sandisfield MA, d. 1876 Sandisfield; m. Dorothy Jane Fuller 1838 Sandisfield MA.

(7) Joseph Newton Wolcott, b. 1817 Sandisfield MA, "Joseph N. Wolcott, son of Hon. Josiah and Amelia, d. 1836 Sandisfield MA .

(7) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1819 Sandisfield; m. Francis B. Smith 1840 Sandisfield MA.

(7) Frederick Wolcott, b. , d. 1821 Sandisfield MA.

(7) Eliza Wolcott, b. 1823 Sandisfield; m. Francis B. Smith 1843 Sandisfield MA.

(7) Oliver Wolcott, b. 1825 Sandisfield, d. 1834 Sandisfield MA.

(7) Orlow Wolcott, b. 1827 Sandisfield MA, d. Hutchinson KS; farmer at Sandisfield, hotelier at Waterbury CT, to Lawrence KS 1871, to Reno KS 1881 where he had a cattle farm; m. Mary Cordelia ____.

(6) Esther Wolcott, b., d. 1785 Sandisfield MA.

(6) Esther Wolcott, b. 1787 Sandisfield MA; m. Nathan Hall.

(6) Joshua Wolcott, b., d. 1791 Sandisfield MA.

(6) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1793 Sandisfield MA, d. 1817 Sandisfield MA.

(5) Caleb Wolcott, b. 1743 Wethersfield MA.

(5) Josiah Wolcott, b. 1746 Wethersfield MA, d. 1793 NY.  He was a Justice of the Peace at Big Flats NY; m. Prudence Warner 1772 Wethersfield CT; Josiah also had an illegitimate son, Josiah, by Jerusha Hurlbut.

(6) Josiah Wolcott Jr., b. 1771 Wethersfield CT. Josiah was raised by his father's cousin, George Wolcott, at Newington CT.

(7) Ichabod Wolcott, b. c.1797 NY, d. c.1848 Otselic NY; m. Fanny Chase c.1818.

(7) Patty Wolcott, b. 1801 NY.

(7) Nelson Wolcott, b. 1808 NY, d. Otselic NY; farmer at Otselic 1850-1870; m. Nancy ____.

(6) Belden Wolcott, b. 1773 Wethersfield CT, d. 1824; m. Lydia Weeks 1801 Wethersfield CT, m. (1) Lydia Weeks 1801 Wethersfield CT (2) Sarah Wells Bidwell 1812.

(7) Josiah Wolcott, b. 1802 Wethersfield CT, d. y.

(7) Prudence Wolcott, b. 1804 Wethersfield CT, d. y.

(7) Belden A. Wolcott, b. 1806 Wethersfield CT, d. 1859 Napoleon MI; m. Keziah Jane Gay 1828.

(7) Lydia Wolcott, b. 1808 Wethersfield CT; m. John H. Dickinson 1833.

(7) James Wolcott, b. 1810 Wethersfield CT, d. MI; m. (1) Azuba Bassett 1838 Lee MA, m. (2) Mary ____.

(7) Sarah Bidwell Wolcott.

(7) Mary Wolcott.

(5) Thomas Wolcott, b. 1749 Wethersfield CT, d.s.p.

(4) David Wolcott, b. 1710 Wethersfield CT, d. 1779 Wethersfield CT.  His memorial at Wethersfield reads "A man of great moral excellence."  In 1745 he sold meadow land to Jacob Way, a negro; lived at Newington CT 1757-1776; m. (1) Eunice Buck c. 1740; m. (2) Abigail Loomis c.1757.

(5) David Wolcott Jr., b. 1744 Wethersfield CT, d. c. 1783 Horse Neck NJ; at Newington CT1776, Pvt. in CT militia during Rev. War; died at Horse Neck during the war; m. Hannah Munsell c.1768 CT.

(6) Hannah Wolcott, b. 1770 Wethersfield CT; m. Samuel Thompson 1788.

(6) Lydia Wolcott, b. 1772 Wethersfield CT, d. 1781 Wethersfield CT.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1774 Wethersfield CT, d. 1808 Rensselaer Co. NY; m. Isaac Spicer.

(6) David Wolcott III, b. 1776 Wethersfield CT, d. 1850 Alps NY. David was a farmer at Rensselaer Co. NY prior to 1800; m. (1) Mary Hunt 1797, m. (2) her sister, Sarah Hunt 1823 Rensselaer Co. NY. 1810 Java NY.

(7) Julia Wolcott, b. 1798 Rensselaer Co. NY, d. 1800 Rensselaer Co. NY.

(7) Almira Wolcott, b. 1800 Rensselaer Co. NY, d. 1802 Rensselaer Co. NY

(7) David Wolcott IV, b. 1802 Rensselaer Co., d. 1850 Rensselaer Co. NY; m. Clarissa Bristol 1823.

(7) Elias Wolcott, b. 1803 Rensselaer Co. NY, d. 1851 Sand Lake NY; blacksmith at Sand Lake NY 1850; m. Sarah Caroline Quinby 1828.

(7) Seymour Wolcott, b. 1806 Rensselaer Co. NY; m. Eliza Curtis 1829 Troy NY.

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. 1808 Rensselaer Co. NY; m. Hosea Valentine 1825.

(7) Justus Wolcott, b. 1809 Rensselaer Co. NY, d. 1811 Rensselaer Co. NY.

(7) Lewis Wolcott, b. 1812 Rensselaer Co. NY, d. 1889 Rensselaer Co. NY; blacksmith at Nassau NY 1850; m. Candace Neals 1833. 1870 Troy NY.

(7) Hannah Wolcott, b. 1814 Rensselaer Co. NY; m. Oliver Griffis 1833.

(7) Ira Hunt Wolcott, b. 1816 Rensselaer Co. NY; farmer and blacksmith at Nassau NY 1850; m. Phebe J. ____ . 1880 Nassau NY.

(7) Armena Wolcott, b., d. 1819 Rensselaer Co. NY.

(7) Alvah Wolcott, b. 1824 Rensselaer Co. NY, d. 1882 Troy NY; m. (1) Mary J. ____ c.1860 NY, m. (2) Martha E. Carr c.1865.

(5) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1746 Wethersfield CT, d. 1832 Newington CT; m. Elias Seymour 1769 Newington CT.

(5) Eunice Wolcott b. 1748 Wethersfield CT, d. 1822 Newington CT.

(4) Josiah Wolcott, b. 1713 Wethersfield CT, d. 1784 Newark NJ; at Coventry CT 1740-50, then moved to Saybrook CT 1750-60; then to Newark NJ. In 1763 Josiah was witness to the will of James Craig of Elizabeth NJ. Josiah of Coventry CT m. (1) Lucy White, widow of Joseph French 1741 Wethersfield CT, m. (2) Sarah Baldwin, sister of Eleazur Baldwin of Newark NY mentioned in his will 1779; Josiah's will mentions dau. Lucy, dau. Phebe, wife Sarah.

(5) Lucy Wolcott, b. 1742 Coventry CT; m. John Thompson 1762 Westfield NJ.

(5) Anna Wolcott, b., d. 1744 Coventry CT.

(5) Anna Wolcott b., d. 29 Apr. 1745 Coventry CT.

(5) Theodora Wolcott, b. 5 Nov. 1746 Coventry CT, d. 1814 New Haven CT m. Michael Baldwin 1768 New Haven CT; their son, Henry White Baldwin was U.S. Rep. and Supreme Court Justice.

(5) Susanna Wolcott, b. 1747 Coventry CT.

(5) Anna "Hannah" Wolcott, b. Jan. 1749 Coventry CT, m. Jedediah Pratt 1768, m. (2) Samuel Pratt 1778 Wethersfield CT.

(5) Desire Wolcott, b. 1751 Saybrook CT, d. 1835 Westbrook CT; m. Robert Lay 1772 Westbrook CT.

(5) Sarah Wolcott, b. 26 March 1753 Saybrook CT, d. 1840 Westbrook CT, adopted by Rev. John Devotion; m. Asa Lay 1770 Westbrook CT.

(5) Elisha Wolcott, b. 1756 Saybrook CT, d.y.

(5) Josiah Wolcott, b. 1759 Saybrook CT. A notice placed in the 1775 New York Gazette reads: "Whereas my son Josiah Wolcot Jun. of Newark hath absconded himself from me without my libertie of knowdedge, these are therefore to forbid all persons trusting him (for I protest against paying any debts of his contracting) or to employ him in any business except making chairs, spinning wheels, or joiners work. All masters of vessels are forbid taking him on board. If he enlists himself in any military service I demand his wages during the time of his minority. Josiah Wolcot, dated Newark July the first 1775."

(5) George Wolcott, b. 1760 Saybrook CT, d. y..

(5) Phoebe Wolcott, b. 1769 Newark NJ, d. 1811; m. David Doremus 1800 Newark NJ "her father having come from Saybrook CT".

(4) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1716 Wethersfield CT, d. 1769 Hartford CT; m. Timothy Hollister c. 1738.

(3) John Wolcott, b. 1656 Wethersfield CT, d. 1725 New Haven CT; blacksmith, selectman of Wethersfield 1678, received land at Wethersfield in 1680 for his services in "the late war", made a proprietor of Wethersfield in 1685, and in 1704 had 16 acres of land there; in 1711 "The Colony of Connecticut is debtor to sundry persons in money, as followeth, ...To John Woolcot of Newhaven, for work upon guns, 15 shiilings 2 pence". His death was recorded at New Haven. His name was usually spelled Woolcott or Woolcutt; m. Sarah Johnson, 1683 New Haven CT, she m.(2) Benjamin Bradley, (3) David Perkins 1729 New Haven CT.

(4) Noah Wolcott, b. 1685 New Haven CT; Surveyor of Highways at New Haven in 1751.; m.(1) Sarah Tuttle 1725 Woodbridge CT; m. (2) Mary Horton 1728, New Haven CT.

(5) Mary Wolcott, b. 1726 Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT; m. Abraham Johnson 1752 New Haven CT.

(5) Ebenezer Wolcott, b. 1729 New Haven CT; served in Col. Elizur Goodrich's Co. CT militia in 1755 and in 1st Co. 2nd Regt. CT militia in 1758; m. Rhoda Todd 1753 New Haven CT.

(6) Mary Wolcott, b. 1754 New Haven CT; m. Ebenezer Alling 1774 New Haven CT.

(6) Sarah Wolcott, b. c.1757; m. Samuel Pierpont Jr. 1777 North Haven CT.

(6) Rhoda Wolcott, b. c.1759; m. Eldad Hall 1784 Wallingford CT.

(6) Lois Wolcott, b. c.1761; m. Enoch Hotchkiss 1783 Waterbury CT; moved to MI in 1819.

(5) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1732 New Haven CT, d. 1789, unm.

(5) Eunice Wolcott, b. 1733 New Haven CT.

(5) Noah Wolcott, b. 1737 Windsor CT, d. 1803 Hamden CT; admitted a freeman of New Haven CT 1755 and served in Col. Elizur Goodrich's Co. CT militia, at New Haven in 1755 during the French and Indian War; m. Thankful Hitchcock 1760 New Haven CT.

(6) Solomon Wolcott, b. 1762 New Haven CT, d. 1839 Windham NY; served in the Rev. War, moved with his brother, Abijah, to Windham NY c.1795, was there in 1810 with 2 sons and 6 dau.; will of Solomon Wolcott of Windham proved 1839: wife Cornelia; daughters Dolly, Naomi, Clarry; sons Solomon, Lyman, Julius; widow, Cornelia, applied for military pension 1855 Windham, his sister Esther Gilbert gave affadavit saying he born 1760 Hamden CT and lived there when he enlisted; m. (1) Dolly Lyman 1791 West Springfield MA, m. (2) Cornelia Boomhower 1810 Durham NY.

(7) Ahirah Wolcott, b. 1791 West Springfield MA, d. 1868 Ashland NY; farmer at Windham NY 1830-40 and at Ashland NY 1850-60; will proved 1868 Greene Co. NY, l. Ashland NY, bequests to wife Anne, bro. Salomon, Lyman, sisters Naomi, w. of Orrin Osborne, Clarissa, wife of Cyrus Scoville, Thankful, wife of Jonathan Johnson, Dolly; m. (1) Eunice 1793 MA m. (2) Anne Bradshaw.

(7) Eunice Wolcott, b. 1793 West Springfield MA, d.y.

(7) Naomi Wolcott, b. 1795 West Springfield MA.; m. Orrin Osborne c.1823.

(7) Solomon Wolcott, b. 1797 West Springfield MA; d. 1873 Sherman NY; farmer at Windham NY 1830, a farmer at Ellicott NY 1845 and at Sherman NY 1850 -60; later lived with son Calder; m. Clarenda Baldwin c.1826.

(7) Dolly Wolcott, b. 1801 Windham NY, d. 1880 Windham NY unm.

(7) Lucy Wolcott. b. 1802 Windham NY, m. Merritt Osborn.

(7) Clarissa Wolcott, b. c.1802 Windham NY; m. Cyrus Scoville.

(7) Thankful Wolcott, b. c.1804 Windham NY; m. Jonathan Johnson.

(7) dau. of Solomon, b. 1807 Windham NY, d. 1809 Windham NY.

(7) Lyman Wolcott, b. 1808 Windham NY; farmer at Windham 1850; m. Clarissa ____

(7) Samuel Wolcott, b. 1810 Windham NY.

(7) Julius Wolcott, b. 1813 Windham NY, d. 1851 Windham NY; farmer at Windham 1840, carpenter at Windham 1850, died age 38, admin. of his will granted Greene Co. NY.

(6) Noah Wolcott III, b. 1763 New Haven CT, d. 1842 West Springfield MA; farmer, moved to West Springfield, later called Holyoke, before 1790; m. Abigail Allen c.1780.

(7) dau., b.1785-90

(7) Dinah Wolcott, b. 1787 West Springfield MA, d. 1804 West Springfield MA; m. Ely Loomis 1834 West Springfield MA.

(7) Allen Wolcott, b. 1793, d. 1864 Holyoke MA; m. Martha Chapin 1812 West Springfield MA.

(7) probably 2 more dau.

(7) dau. b. c. 1808.

(6) John Hitchcock Wolcott, 1766 New Haven CT, d. 1836 Austinburg OH.  John Wolcott was living at Warren OH in 1817 when he purchased land in Ashtabula Co. OH; "settled at Eagleville: John, son Newton, and many daughters." Letter in file says his children were Laura, Lavina, Newton, Polly, Thankful. This or perhaps another John came to Jefferson Twp. OH about 1815, and is said to have had sons Horace, Noah, and Sylvester and several daughters, one being Mrs. Henry Payne of Austinburg OH: J. H. Wolcott, N. Wolcott, and H. Wolcott, John and his sons, Noah and Horace, lived at Austinburg in 1830; m. (1) Mary Wright 1792 New Haven Co. CT, she d. 1803 New Haven CT; m. (2) Rebecca Wright 1804, m. (3) Mrs. Aurel Ellsworth Paine 1810 Richland, Ceauga Co., OH.

(7) Laura Wolcott, b. 1793 Colebrook CT, d. 1846 Austinburg OH; m. Jarius Guild 1817 Ashtabula Co. OH.

(7) Lavinia Wolcott, b. c.1795.

(7) Polly Wolcott, b. c.1797.

(7) Noah Wolcott, b. 1798 Windham NY, d. Jefferson OH; moved to Ashtabula Co. OH before 1820, at Austinburg 1827-60, moved to Jefferson OH prior 1870; m. Mary Dick 1835 Ashtabula Co. OH.

(7) Thankful Wolcott, b. c.1800 Windham NY, retarded .

(7) Newton Wolcott, b., d. 1803 New Haven CT.

(7) Horace Wolcott, b. 1804 Windham NY, d. 1886 Austinburg OH.  He is sometimes said to be only son of John Wolcott of Oxford MA in error as Oxford census shows John residing with his mother and no others. Horace later farmed the property of his "relative", Abijah Wolcott and named his daughter after Abijah's wife, Wealthy Parmalee Jones.  Horace settled in Eagleville, Ashtabula Co. OH 1832; m. Fannie M. Warner 1828 Jefferson, Ashtabula Co.

(7) John Newton "Newton", b. 1806 CT, d. c.1880 Austinburg OH; m. Mary M.

(7) Armenia Wolcott, b. 1808 Windham CT, d. 1885 Austinburg OH; m. Henry Payne 1826 Austinburg OH.

(7) Rebecca Wolcott, b. c.1810 OH.

(7) C. Wolcott, b. 1805, d. 1868 Austinburg OH.

(7) Sylvester Wolcott b. 1812 Goshen NY, d. 1885 Geneva OH, farmer at Jefferson OH 1860-1870; m. Emeline Marantha Lee 1834 Astabula Co. OH.

(7) Thankful Wolcott, b. c.1818 OH.

(6) Eldad Wolcott, b. c.1767 Hamden CT, d. 1842 New Haven CT, lived at Hamden CT, was insane at time of death; m. (1) Mabel Bishop 1799 Hartford CT, m. (2) Abigail Bassett.

(7) Lue Wolcott, b. 1801 Windsor CT, d. 1802

(7) Leva Wolcott, b. 1803 Windsor CT; m. David Nichols of Huntington CT 1821.

(7) Mareva Wolcott, b. 1806 Windsor CT, d. 1845, age 39; m. Russell Dickerman 1823 Hamden CT.

(7) infant child of Eldad, d. 1806.

(6) Thankful Wolcott, b. 1769 Hamden CT, d. 1842 Hamden CT; m. William Shares c.1800.

(6) Ira Wolcott, b. 1771 Hamden CT, d. 1843 Hamden CT; m. Esther Humiston c. 1800.

(7) Vashti Wolcott, b. c.1801 Hamden CT CT, d. 1820 Hamden CT.

(7) Abiah Wolcott, b. c.1803 Hamden CT, d. 1881 Hamden CT; m. Henry Leek 1840  Hamden CT.

(7) Jeremiah Wolcott, b. 1805 Hamden CT; m. Rhoda Allen .

(7) Ira Wolcott, b. 1809 Hamden CT, d. 1838 Hamden CT.  He and his brother, Jason, drowned together.

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. 1811 Hamden CT, d. 1833 Hamden CT.

(7) Laura Wolcott, b. 1814 Hamden CT, d. 1823 Hamden CT.

(7) Jason Wolcott, b. 1816 Hamden CT, d. 1838 Hamden CT.

(6) Abijah Wolcott, b. c.1773 Hamden CT, d. 1820 Ashtabula Co. OH. A printed history of Ashtabula Co. OH says: "Abijah Wo. and his wife, Wealtha Parmalee Jones, settled at Eagleville in 1808He was born at Hamden CT and came to Ohio in 1807. His sons moved to Bedford, Taylor Co. Iowa and his land went to his kinsman, Horace Wolcott, born 1 April 1801 Windham NY." He rented land in Ashtabula County from H. Wolcott in 1819. Lands he was taxed on in 1818 in Ashtabula Co. OH were taxed in 1820 and 1824 to John H. Wolcott, executor of the estate of Abijah Wolcott; m. Mrs. Wealthy Parmalee Jones 1797 New Haven CT.

(7) Hiram Wolcott, b. 1795 NY, d. c.1880 Bedford IA; moved to Austinburg Twp. OH prior 1820 with brother Noah, and was there until 1835 when he moved to Jefferson OH; moved to Taylor Co. IA 1866 and settled at Bedford; m. Lydia Gleason 1818 Middlesex Twp. Ontario Co. NY. In 1880 he was a widowed retired shoemaker at Bedford.

(7) Martha Wolcott, b, 1797 Granville NY, d. 1858 Pittsfield NY, m. Asa Pritchard 1813 New Haven CT.

(7) Noah Wolcott, b. 1797 NY, d. Jefferson OH; m. Mary Dick 1835 Ashtabula Co. OH.

(6) Esther Wolcott, b. c.1775 Hamden CT, d. 1849 Hamden CT.  Esther Gilbert gave affidavit for brother Solomon's Rev. War pension 1854 Hamden CT; m. Jeremiah Gilbert.

(6) Elisha Wolcott, b. 1777 Hamden CT, d. 1861 Hamden CT.  He joined the 1st Baptist Church of Holyoke MA in 1815; m.(1) Sarah Wolcott 1799 Windsor CT; m. (2) Eunice _____

(7) Eneas Wolcott, b. 1801 Hamden CT, d. 1804 Hamden CT.

(7) infant, b., d. 1805 Hamden CT.

(7) Eneas Wolcott, b. 1806 Hamden CT; m. Susan Ann Fuller 1828 New Haven CT.

(7) Elisha M. Wolcott, b. c. 1810 Hamden CT, m. Mary c. 1832.

(7) Noah Wolcott, b. 1811 Hamden CT, d. 1886 New Haven CT; m. Rhoda P. Alling 1844 New Haven CT, divorced.

(7) Sarah Wolcott, b. c.1811 Hamden CT.

(7) son, b. c.1819 Hamden CT d. 1826 Hamden CT.

(6) Mary Wolcott, b.  c.1780 Hamden CT; m. Charles Alling 1800.

(6) Patience Wolcott, b. c.1782 Hamden CT; m. Jabez Munson.

(5) Elijah Wolcott, b. 1741 Windsor CT, d. 1829 Pownal VT; served during the French and Indian Wars in Capt. Nathan Whitings Co., 2nd Regt., 1758. About 1766, Elijah moved to Pownal VT. A 1766 Petition by the inhabitants of Pownal to King George lists Charles Wright and next after is Elijah Wolcott, who married Charles Wright's daughter Dorcas. He paid taxes at Pownal, Vermont, in 1779. Pvt. in Capt. Samuel Robinson's Co. VT militia 1778, and was Sgt in Capt. Eli Noble's Co. VT militia that marched to Sarasota on the alarm of 1781; one of the first seettlers at Charlotte VT in 1784. His widow applied for pension 1836 New Haven CT. Elijah Wolcott was issued a warrant in 1790 for land due to military service and was given a land grant in Tuscawara Co. OH in 1800; m. Dorcas Wright 1768 Pownal VT.

(6) Molly Wolcott, b. 1767 Pownal VT.

(6) Ebenezer Wolcott, b. 1769 Pownal VT, d. 1842 Colchester VT.  He was in ME 1787, and moved with his brother, Elijah, to Colchester VT in 1797; they quarried and burned lime for making plaster; m. Patience Parcher.

(7) Noah Wolcott, b. 1795 Pownal VT, d. 1847 York MI.  He served in the VT militia in War of 1812, wife Harriet, widow of Noah Smith, received pension,  m. (1) Mary Smith 1826 Colchester VT, m. (2) Harriet Draper 1838 Washtenaw Co. MI.

(7) Ira Wolcott, b. 1797 Colchester VT, d. 1813 Colchester VT.

(7) Eunice Maria Wolcott, b. 1799 Colchester VT, d. 1851, m. Elisha Baker c. 1818.

(7) Sylvia Wolcott, b. 1801 Colchester VT, d. 1835, m. John Lyon.

(7) Sabrina Wolcott, b. 1803 Colchester VT, d. 1866, m. Alphonso Bates.

(7) Solomon W. Wolcott, b. 1806 Colchester VT, d. Colchester VT c.1887; lived in Havana, Cuba, where his first wife died in 1852; his three eldest children were born in Havana also.; m. (1) Adaline Thurber 1834 Rouses Point NY, m. (2) Eliza Tittle Bailey.

(7) Ebenezer Wolcott Jr., b. 1808 Colchester VT, d. 1883 Colchester VT.  He was a farmer at Colchester: m. Fanny Bates c. 1832. 

(7) Ann Wolcott, b. 1810 Colchester VT.

(7) Chauncey H. Wolcott, b. 1811 Colchester VT, d. 1885 Cowles NE.  He moved to Iowa where he was a farmer; m. Electa C. Griffen 1832.

(7) Hiram Whitney Wolcott, b. 1814 Colchester VT, d. 1892 WI; moved to Fond du Lac WI c.1855 and to Wampum WI c.1865; homesteaded land at Moody Co. SD 1884; lived Madison, Dakota Territory 1885; m. Sarah Ann Delaplaine c.1837.

(7) David W. Wolcott, 1814 - 1892 Colchester VT, farmer; m. Adelia R. Isham c. 1843.

(7) Patience Maritta Wolcott, b. 1818 Colchester VT, m. Robert P. Thompson 1842.

(7) Caroline Wolcott, b. 1822 ColchesterVT; m. Orlando Isham.

(6) Elijah Wolcott Jr., b. 1771 Pownal VT, d. 1837 Colchester VT.  He moved to Colchester VT with his brother, Ebenezer, where he was a farmer; had War of 1812 pension; m. Desire Nichols1788 Washington CT, m. (2) Betsy Bryant Colchester VT.

(7) Daniel Wolcott, b. 1793 Colchester VT, d. 1813 Colchester VT.

(7) George Wolcott, b. 1795 ColchesterVT, d. 1873.  He was a farmer at Colchester and served in the VT militia in the War of 1812, pension to wife Nancy; m. Nancy Hyde.

(7) Dorcas Wolcott, b. 1797 Colchester VT, d. 1877; m. Andrew Ellis

(7) Polly Wolcott, b. 1799 Colchester VT, d. 1885; m. John Croker 1834.

(7) Elijah Wolcott, b. 1802 VT, d. 1806 Colchester VT.

(7) Desire Wolcott, b. 1803 Colchester VT, d. 1806 Colchester VT.

(7) Annis Wolcott, b. 1805 Colchester VT, d. 1806 Colchester VT.

(7) Sally M. Wolcott, b. 1807 Colchester VT; m. Luther Barnes 1832 Colchester VT.

(7) Desire Nichols Wolcott, b. 1809 Colchester VT, d. 1874 Colchester VT; m. Ebenezer Bowman 1842 Colchester VT.

(7) Electa R. Wolcott, b. 1816 Colchester VT, d. 1858; m. Hezekiah Bates 1841 Colchester VT.

(7) Haskell M. Wolcott, b. 1818 Colchester VT, d. 1852.

(7) Merrill Cyprean Wolcott, b. 1820 Colchester VT, d. 1862Colchester VT; m. Laura  A. Hodges 1841 Shelburn VT.

(6) Ruth Wolcott, b. c.1773 Pownal VT.

(6) Eunice Wolcott, b. 1783 Pownal VT, d. 1861 Orwell OH; m. Eli Baker c. 1810.

(4) Mehitable Wolcott, b. 1689 New Haven CT; m. (1) John Ford c.1712, m.(2) Israel Thomas c.1728 New Haven CT.

(4) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1692 New Haven CT, d. y.

(4) John Wolcott Jr., b. 1696 New Haven CT, d. 1743 New Haven CT, blacksmith; admitted as a freeman of New Haven 1717; m. Anne Sperry 1722 New Haven CT, she m. (2) Samuel Bradley.

(5) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1723 New Haven CT, d.y.

(5) John Wolcott III, b. 1726 New Haven CT; m. Sybil Mix 1744 New Haven CT.

(6) John Wolcott IV, b. 1746 New Haven CT, d. 1827.  He served in CT Line and on a boat in Lake Champlain during the Rev. War, applied for pension saying he had sickly wife, Martha Sanford; she  applied for pension 1838 New York City, age 80; m. Martha Sanford 1778 Milford CT.

(7) Newton Wolcott, b. c.1771 Milford CT.

(7) Robert Wolcott, b. 1773 Milford CT, d. 1856 Sparta GA 1856 unm. .

(7) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. c.1774 Milford CT; m. John Clarke .

(7) Sybil Wolcott, b. 1776 Milford CT; m. Stephen Gillette c.1805.

(7) Martha Wolcott, b. 1780 Milford, d. 1802 Milford; m. ____ Clarke.

(7) Julia Anne Wolcott, b. 1794 Milford CT, l. Bridgehampton, Long Island NY; m. David Pierson Halsey.

(7) Isaac Wolcott, b. 1796 Milford CT.

(6) Timothy Wolcott, b. 1747 New Haven CT.

(6) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1749 New Haven CT; m. Jotham Alling 1770 New Haven CT

(6) Elijah Wolcott, b. 1750 New Haven CT, d. 1813.  He served as Sgt. in CT Line, widow applied for pension 1836 New Haven, age 76, widow stated she was 76, living at Milford CT, and had 5 sons and 2 daughters; m. Mary Beecher 1784 New Haven CT. 

(7) Henry Wolcott, b. 1785 Milford CT; was a seaman 1805-15.

(7) Samuel Beecher Wolcott, b. 1786 Milford CT.  He lived  Milford CT 1820; m. Huldah Isbel 1805 Orange CT.

(7) Lyman Wolcott, b. 1790 Milford CT ; was a seaman 1807-13.

(7) Elijah Wolcott, Jr., b. 1792 Milford CT ; was a seaman 1806-15.

(7) Alfred Wolcott, b. 1795 Milford CT ; was a seaman 1807-13.

(7) dau., b. abt 1797; m. John Smith.

(7) Rudolphus, b. 1799 Milford CT; was a seaman 1815-18.

(7) dau. b. 1800-10.

(6) Molly Wolcott, b. 1751 New Haven CT; m. Elihu Cook 1784 New Haven CT.

(5) Joseph Wolcott, b. 1728 New Haven CT, d. 1833 Woodbridge CT.  He served in the 2nd Regt. CT militia in 1755 during the French and Indian War, moved to Wallingford CT; m. Content Blakely 1749 New Haven CT.

(6) Abel Wolcott, b. 1750 New Haven CT, d. Meriden CT.  He was named for his mother's brother. He moved to Cheshire CT about 1774 and to Wells VT about 1800, In 1800 he was at Meriden CT; m. Mrs. Elizabeth Martin Bellamany 1771 Wallingford  CT.

 (7) Chauncey Wolcott, b. 1772 Wallingford CT, prob. d.y.

(7) John Wolcott, b. 1774 Wallingford CT, d. 1832 Farmington MI.  He was a shoemaker and a farmer, moved to Wells VT 1800, he and wife separated and he remarried c.1810,  moved to  Wayne Co. NY, then Farmington MI; m. (1) Rhoda Doolittle 1795 New Haven CT, divorced 1806, she m. ____ Ford of Augusta NY; John m. (2) Susannah Lamb c. 1810.

(7) Abel Wolcott, Jr., b. 1780 Cheshire CT, d. 1822 Covington Twp. NY, killed by falling from a frame he and others were building; m. Elizabeth Howe c.1802.

(7) Anna Wolcott, b. 1782 Wallingford CT .

(6) Anna Wolcott, b. 1753 Wallingford CT, d. 1810 Hamden CT; m. Caleb Andrews 1773 North Haven CT.

(6) Joseph Wolcott Jr., b. 1756 Wallingford CT, d. 1791 at sea.  He served at the Lexington alarm of 1775, enlisted 1777 at Wallingford as a fifer and served 3 years, reenlisted 1781 as a fifer, reached rank of Sgt. and died at sea; Sarah Hixon, widow of Joseph Wolcott and wife of Elkanah Hixon applied for pension 1837 at Williamstown VT; Elkanah Hixon was a Sgt in the Continental Army, and was from Sharon MA at the time of his enlistment; Elkanah Hixon lived at Ware MA in 1790. Joseph m. Sarah Lathrop 1779, she m. (2) Aaron Johnson 1791, he d. 1800, she m. (3) Elkanah Hixon 1802, he d. 1828 Stockbridge VT.

(7) Joseph Wolcott III, b. 1780 Granby MA, d. Williamstown VT; farmer at Williamstown VT, made affadavit in support of mothers pension 1837 Williamstown VT, age 57, spelled name Woolcott; m. Roxanna Hatch 1803 Williamstown VT.

(7) Samuel Wolcott, b. c.1783 Granby MA, d. Frenchtown MI; m. Leticia, she d. Monroe MI.

(7) Ebenezer Wolcott, b. 1783 Granby MA, d. 1872 Stockbridge VT; farmer at Windsor Co. VT 1810, spelled name Woolcott; m. Asenath Gibbs 1807.

(6) Samuel Wolcott, b. 1760 New Haven CT CT, d. 1840 Lexington NY.  He enlisted at Cheshire CT 1777 as Pvt. in 8th Regt. CT Line and was at Battle of Germantown and the defense of Ft. Miflin, discharged Valley Forge PA Jan. 1778, and reenlisted in RI Line for 9 more months; moved from Wallingford CT to  Lexington NY about 1798 where he was a shoemaker and farmer; charter member of the Jewett Presbyterian Society in 1802 and a member of the 2nd Congregational Church of Windham for many years, in 1808 he bought 50 acres adjoining 22 acres owned by his wife, that he sold to Ransom Wolcott of Lexington NY in 1823;  applied for pension 1818 residing at Lexington, Greene Co. NY, widow applied for pension 1840; m. Sarah Hull 1784 Wallingford CT.

(7) Electa Wolcott, b. 1785 Wallingford CT, d. 1859 Greene Co. NY; m. William Distin c.1804.

(7) Ziba Hull Wolcott, b. 1787 Wallingford CT, d. 1835 Terre Haute IN; m. Sarah Scranton 1808 Durham CT.

(7) Martin Wolcott, b. 1788 Wallingford CT.

(7) John Wolcott, b. 1790 Wallingford CT, d. 1820 Lexington NY.  He was elected a trusee of the Lexington Congregational Society in 1818; m. Hannah Strong c.1815.

(7) Ransom Wolcott, b. 1791 Wallingford CT, d. 1881 Webster NY.  He was a charter member of the Jewett Presbyterian Society in 1802, a donor to the Lexington Missionary Fund in 1818, and collector for the Society in 1826, joined the Lexington Congregational Society in 1827, purchased his fathers farm in 1823 and later had a farm at Webster NY, had a barrel making business which failed; m. (1) Lola c.1816; m. (2) Nancy Hull c. 1849.

(7) Joel Wolcott, b. 1794 Wallingford CT, d. 1830 Lexington NY, farmer at Lexington NY; m. Lucy ___.

(7) Lois Wolcott, b. 1796 Wallingford CT; m. Antrim Hitchcock.

(7) Julia Wolcott, b. 1798, d. 1817 Lexington NY.

(7) Reuben Ives Wolcott, b. 1800 Lexington NY, d. 1863 Ruggles OH.  He was a farmer at Lexington, and moved to Ruggles OH in 1832 where he bought 160 acres in 1838, died of wounds received in Civil War; m. (1) Artemisia Buel 1820 Wallingford CT, m. (2) Anna Hinman 1843 Ruggles OH.

(7) Lavina Wolcott, b. 1802 Windham NY.

(7) Melinda Wolcott, b. 1804 Windham NY; m. Samuel Ormsby.

(7) Aaron Wolcott, b. 1806 Windham NY, d. OH.  He was a farmer at Hunter NY in 1830, moved to Fitchville Twp. OH 1836, in 1850 he was a stone mason at Sullivan Twp. OH; m. Anna Winter c.1828 East Jewett NY.

(7) Samuel Wolcott, b., d. 1808 Windham NY.

(7) Samuel B. Wolcott, b. 1809 Windham NY, d. 1884 Freeport MI, mason, moved from Windham NY to Carlton, Barry Co. MI c. 1855 where he lived 1880; m. Mary Jane Holcomb c.1830.

(6) Content Wolcott, b. 1762 New Haven CT, d. 1782.

(5) Jesse Wolcott, b. 1732 New Haven CT, d. 1814 West Springfield MA; purchased land at West Springfield 1776, Pvt. in Capt. Daniel Pomeroy's Co. Hampshire Co. MA militia1778; m. Eunice Thomas 1752 New Haven CT. 1790 West Springfield MA.

(6) Jesse Wolcott Jr., b. 1754 New Haven CT, d. 1832 West Springfield.  He came with his father to West Springfield 1776, and lived there until after 1800; m. (1) Mehitable Brockett 1774 North Haven CT, m. (2) Lydia Rose 1791 West Springfield MA.

(7) John Wolcott, b. 1775 West Springfield MA.

(7) Thomas Wolcott, b. 1778 West Springfield, d. 1881 Franklin NY.  In 1818 sold land at West Springfield MA and moved to Franklin Twp. NY, was moderator of the school board there and school district trustee 1819 to 1829, deacon of the Franklin Baptist Church; m. Margery Boyd 1802 West Springfield.

(7) Cornelius Wolcott, b. 1782 West Springfield MA.  He moved from West Springfield to Tioga Co. NY about 1812; m. Jemima Bradley 1803 West Springfield MA.

(7) Lyman Wolcott, b. 1784 West Springfield MA, d. Franklin NY, to Franklin NY c. 1830; m. Lydia Parsons 1805 West Springfield.

(7) Jesse Wolcott III, b. 1786 West Springfield MA, d. 1828 Watervliet NY, purchased land at Watervliet NY 1824; m. Fanny Stebbins 1809 Northampton MA.

(7) Hazael Wolcott, b. 1792 West Springfield MA.

(7) Laura Wolcott, b. 1797 West Springfield MA, d. 1876 Lyme NY; m.(1) Rowland Loomis 1816 West Springfield MA, m.(2) Abner Rogers 1818 West Springfield MA.

(7) Mehitable Wolcott, b. 1799 West Springfield MA.

(6) Eunice Wolcott, b. 1756 New Haven, CT; m. John Brockett 1779 West Springfield MA.

(6) possibly Justin Wolcott, b. c. 1760, Rev. War svc. from West Springfield MA 1780.

(6) David Wolcott, b. 1766 New Haven CT, d. Windham OH; enlisted 1781 in MA Line, applied for pension 1832 Portage Co. OH which was approved 1840,  moved from West Springfield MA to Owego NY 1818, then moved to Windham, Portage Co. OH in 1827; m. Dorcas Thomas 1793 West Springfield MA.

(7) Justin Wolcott, b. 1791 West Springfield MA, d. 1848. Justin Woo enlisted 1814 for 30 days service in the KY volunteer militia.

(7) Julius Wolcott, b. 1793 West Springfield MA, d. 1851 Windham OH.  He moved to Windham OH with his parents in 1827; m. (1) Princess Danks 1816 West Springfield MA; m. (2) Catherine Waltman 1821.

(7) Isaac Wolcott, twin, b. 1797 West Springfield MA, d. 1806.

(7) Theodore Wolcott, twin, b. 1797 West Springfield, d. 1828 .

(7) Sally Wolcott, b. 1800 West Springfield MA, d. 1823.

(7) Amanda Wolcott, b. 1803 West Springfield MA, d. 1841.

(7) Hepsibah "Seba" Wolcott, b. 1809 West Springfield MA, d. 1857; m. Harry Lane 1829 Portage Co. OH.

(7) Emily Wolcott, b. 1813 West Springfield MA, d. 1858; m. Orson Seely 1834 Portage Co. OH.

(7) Catherine Wolcott, b. 1816 West Springfield MA, d. 1863.

(6) Solomon Wolcott, b. 1767 New Haven CT; d. 1852 Southampton MA.  He was a cooper, came to West Springfield with his father in 1776, was a member of the Holyoke Baptist church in 1801, moved to Southampton MA prior to 1837; Solomon of West Springfield MA m. Mary "Polly" Rogers 1804 Southampton MA, m. (2) Princess Pomeroy 1793 Southampton MA.

(7) Sylvester Wolcott, b. 1805 West Springfield MA, d. 1888 Kent OH.  he was a brick mason at Kent OH; m. (1) Pamelia Ewell 1832 Chesterfield MA, m. (2) Sarah B. Hall 1845 Portage Co. OH .

(7) Vernera S. Wolcott, b. c.1807 MA.

(7) Patty L. Wolcott, b. c.1810 MA.

(7) Morris Wolcott, b. 1814 MA.  He was a carpenter and a cooper at Southampton MA; m. Dorcas H. Clapp 1841 Southampton MA.

(7) Lewis Wolcott, b. c.1817 MA.

(7) John Jay Wolcott, b. c.1820 MA.  He was a school teacher and wanted to leave Baltimore but his wife refused to go with him so he left alone and taught school in Pennsylvania; m. Amelia J. Taylor 1846, Baltimore MD .

(7) Betsey Wolcott, b. c.1822 West Springfield MA.

(7) Emerson J. Wolcott, b. 1823 West Springfield MA, d. 1894 Southampton MA.  He served as a Pvt. in Co. F, 15th CT Inf. Regt; m. Lucy A. Johnson .

(6) Hannah Wolcott, b. 1773 New Haven, CT; m. Richard Thomas 1798 West Springfield MA.

(5) Timothy Wolcott, b. 1735 New Haven CT, d. 1745 New Haven CT.

(4) Hannah Wolcott, b. 1699 New Haven CT, d. y.

(4) Ebenezer Wolcott, b. 1703 New Haven CT, d. 1729 New Haven CT; m. Rachel Hotchkiss c. 1728; she m. (2) Thomas Humphreville 1731 New Haven CT, m. (3) Samuel Pardee 1745 New Haven CT .

(3) Mary "Mercy" Wolcott, b. 1659 Wethersfield CT, l. 1687, invalid, unm..

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