Samuel Wolcott of Shrewsbury NJ c.1630-1687

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The fifth Wolcott family to come to America was that of Samuel Wolcott of Shrewsbury NJ, who emigrated to America in 1660. He was probably the Samuel, son of Samuel Wolcott, who was bapt. at Plymouth, Devonshire, in 1630, the same year that Henry Wolcott, the immigrant left that port en route to America. This is the only Samuel of the right age known to have been in England. The elder Samuel m. Charity Bake 1627 at Plymouth, and had Phillip, b. 1628, Samuel b. 1630, and Hannah b. 1632.

The current Wolcott/Walcott DNA project indicates that Samuel was closely related to Henry Wolcott, the immigrant, but the exact relationship is as yet undetermined. Further information about this can be found at Considerable research on this family was done by Michael Raymond Wolcott of Brooklyn NY.

(1) Samuel Wolcott, b.1630 Plymouth, Devon, d. 1687 Tinton Falls NJ; arrived in America in 1660 as an indentured servant of John Templeton, mariner. Most indentures for passage to America were for four years, at the conclusion of which Samuel would have been at liberty to settle wherever he wished. In 1664, the year in which Samuel's indenture would have been completed, the Dutch surrendered New Amsterdam to the British and the colony of New York was established. This was divided in 1665, and New Jersey was established as a separate colony. In 1676, the New Jersey colony was divided into East Jersey, which included Shrewsbury, and West Jersey, which included Burlington, with West Jersey being given to the Quakers. In 1677, a warrant for survey of lands in East Jersey included the name of Samuel Wilcott, so he had settled there by that date. A land grant document dated 1688 refers to "Saml Willcott of Shroesbury for 160 acres there bounded E. by Stephen Williams, N. by Neversinks River, W. by unsurveyed land, S. by Col. Morris formerly Saml Leonard; 2 acres of meadow bounded S.W. by John Hanse, S.E. by the head of small creek, N.E. by Edmonds Lafetera, N.W. by uplands; 4 acres meadow on Raccoon Island bounded S.W. by Gideon Freebourne, N.W. by river, N.E. by unsurveyed meadow, S.E. by Shroesbury River." This land must have been acquired by Samuel earlier, as the document is dated after his death.

Samuel's will, dated and proved 1687, bequeaths unto his "sons" Edward Williams and Nathaniel Wolcott all his lands and goods to be equally divided between them and provides that Edward be reembursed for money he paid out for Samuel and for his land. Because Edward Williams is referred to as Samuel's son, it has been assumed that Samuel married a widow named Williams and that Edward was his step-son. In is equally likely that Edward may have been Samuel's son-in-law. Edward's wife was named Mary, but her surname is unknown. Samuel is also thought to have been the father of Peter Wolcott, who was living as a Quaker at Burlington NJ in 1686. Peter was not mentioned in Samuel's will, and there is no indication that Samuel was a Quaker, so Samuel may have disowned Peter because of Peter's religious beliefs. The relationship of Peter to Samuel has not been proven.

(2) Nathaniel Wolcott, b. c.1670, d. 1691 Burlington NJ. The will of his father, Samuel, dated 1687, provides that Judah Allen and Thomas Webley be his executors, and asks that they "take that my son Nathaniel be no wise wronged by his master Joseph Grover." This indicates that Nathaniel was at that time apprenticed to Grover, and therefore in his teens. Nathaniel died intestate. Letters of administration of his estate were granted to Edward Williams of Shrewsbury in 1692. Benjamin and Peter Wolcott, sometimes said to have been Nathaniel's children, were sons of Peter Wolcott of Burlington. Nathaniel is said to have also had a son, Henry, but there has been no evidence found to support this, nor any evidence that Nathaniel ever married. Nathaniel was probably about 21 years old when he died.

(2) Peter Wolcott, b. c.1665, d. 1690 Burlington NJ. Peter was about 22 when Samuel Wolcott died. He apparently moved to West Jersey, which had been given to the Quakers a few years earlier. He is not mentioned in Samuel's will, possibly because he was disowned for becoming a Quaker. There is no indication that Sanmuel or his son, Nathaniel, were Quakers. In 1685, the Burlington Society of Friends records show that "Peter Woolcott is willing to make graves and to look at ye fences of ye burying ground." At this time he was also hired to open and close the Friends meeting hall. The records also show that in 1686 Thomas Budd and others were requested to take care of Peter Wolcott and his wife, "being poor." This may have meant that he was in poor health. Peter Woolcott served on a jury at Burlington in 1688. His widow, Joan Wolcott, was a witness to births at Burlington in 1691 and 1693. Jone Woolcott of Burlington m. William Worth of Shrewsbury in 1695 at the Burlington Friends' meeting house. William Worth died at Shrewsbury in 1711, and Joan died at Shrewsbury in 1720.

(3) Peter Wolcott, b. 1689 Burlington NJ, d. 1689 Burlington NJ.

(3) Benjamin Wolcott, b. 1687 Burlington NJ, d. c.1750 Shrewsbury. His birth was recorded at the Burlington Friends Society. Benjamin declared himself a Quaker in 1704, requesting exemption from military service in the Burlington militia. Benjamin and his wife, Meribah gave permission for their daughter, Susannah, to marry in 1743. Benjamin is probably the ancestor of all the following NJ Wolcotts.

(4) Peter Wolcott, b. 1717 Shrewsbury NJ; m. Lydia ____.

(5) Lydia Wolcott, b. 1735, birth recorded at Shrewsbury Friends Society.

(4) Mary Wolcott, b. c.1720 Shrewsbury NJ; m. Hugh Jackson, a Shrewsbury weaver, 1745 Shrewsbury NJ.

(4) Benjamin Wolcott Jr., b. 1724 Shrewesbury NJ, d. 1790 Shrewsbury NJ; weaver and school teacher; joined Shrewsbury Friends Society 1754. The will of Hugh Jackson of Shrewsbury, wife of Mary, above, dated 1760, names his "brothers", William Jackson and Benjamin Willcot as executors; Benjamin Wi. paid tax at Shrewsbury 1779-1790. His will dated 1784, proved 1791, left his house and weaving equipment to his widow, Clemy, and his land, etc., to his children Peter, Jacob, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Henry, Meribah, and Amos; m. Rachael Wainwright 1749 Monmouth NJ, she d. 1750; m. (2) Clementine Cook 1750.

(5) Peter Wolcott, b. 1753 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1816 Shrewsbury NJ; his birth and his wife and children's births recorded at Shrewsbury Friends Society. He was a carpenter and store keeper, and is said to have owned a mill at Eatontown; 1779-1808 Peter on tax roll Shrewsbury NJ; m. Lydia Potter 1777 Shrewsbury NJ.

(6) Joseph Wolcott, b. 1778 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1829 Shrewsbury NJ; Quaker at Shrewsbury NJ; in 1729 the Shrewsbury Friends split into two groups, Joseph being part of the Hicksite group for which he was speaker; m. Mary Lewis, his second cousin, 1807 Shrewsbury NJ.

(7) Abigail Wolcott, b. 1809 Eatontown NJ, d. 1891 Eatontown NJ; m. Davis Wooley, an Eatontown tailor.

(7) Sarah Tabor Wolcott, b. 1813 Eatontown NJ, d. 1901 NY; she and husband received into the New York Friends Monthly Meeting 1839; m. James LaFetra 1831 Monmouth Co. NJ.

(7) Joseph Wolcott, Jr., b. 1816 Eatontown, d. 1891 NY; Quaker and a member of the NY Monthly Meeting; m. Ann Parker c.1837.

(7) Mary Lewis Wolcott, b. 1818 Eatontown NJ, d. 1875 Monmouth Co. NJ; m. Robertson Smith c.1840.

(7) George Wolcott, b. 1822 Eatontown NJ, d. 1872; m. Sarah A. Rowe.

(7) Lydia Potter Wolcott, b. 1825 Eatontown NJ, d. 1893; m. John Van Horn c.1842.

(7) Henry Lewis Wolcott, b. 1829 Eatontown NJ, d. 1906 Brooklyn NY; Quaker, transferred to the New York Monthly Meeting in 1845; at Brooklyn NY 1870; m. Anne Gwynne c.1858.

(6) John Wolcott, b. 1780 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1826 Shrewsbury NJ; farmer and Quaker at Shrewsbury; m. Ann Smythe 1803 Shrewsbury NJ.

(7) Meribah S. Wolcott, b. 1804 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1885 Shrewsbury NJ; m. Rylee T. LaFetra 1824 Monmouth Co. NJ.

(7) Peter S. Wolcott, b. 1806 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1874 Monmouth Co. NJ; m. Harriet Brewer. 1850-60 Ocean NJ.

(7) Benjamin Wolcott, b. 1808 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1893 Shrewsbury NJ; Quaker and farmer at Shrewsbury; m. Mary Tremly Spining c.1830 NJ.

(7) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1811 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1884 Shrewsbury NJ, unm. .

(7) John T. Wolcott, b. 1815 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1898 Oceanic NJ; shoemaker at Eatontown NJ 1840 and at Oceanic NJ 1850-80; m. Mary Etris.

(7) Robinson Wolcott, b. 1816 NJ Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1892 Eatontown NJ; farmer at Shrewsbury in 1850 and at Eatontown in 1880; m. Sarah Bennett c. 1838. 1850 Shrewsbury NJ.

(7) Lewis Wolcott, b. 1818, d. 1852 Shrewsbury NJ; stone mason; m. Catherine Louisa Richmond 1845. 1850 Oceanic NJ.

(7) David File Wolcott, b. 1820 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1891 Eatontown, NJ. He was a Quaker and a merchant. In 1880 he had a dry goods store at Eatontown NJ; m. Mary Jane Nelson 1876 Philadelphia PA.

(6) Mary Wolcott, b. c.1781 Shrewsbury NJ.

(6) Abigail Wolcott, b. 1782, d. 1787 Shrewsbury NJ.

(6) Rhoda Wolcott. b. 1783 Shrewsbury NJ.

(6) Clementine Wolcott, b. 1784 Shrewsbury NJ; she and husband were Quakers; m. James VanNote 1803 Shrewsbury NJ.

(6) Lydia Wolcott, b. 1786 Shrewsbury NJ; m. (1) Joseph Branson 1807 Shrewsbury NJ, m. (2) Benjamin Branson.

(6) Hannah Wolcott, b. 1788 Shrewsbury NJ; m. Hon. Samuel Fleming Allen 1814 Shrewsbury NJ; he was postmaster at Manasquan in 1819, a member of the NJ General Assembly 1820, farmer at Howell Twp. NJ 1840-50.

(6) Peter Tilton Wolcott, b. 1791 Shrewsbury NJ; he and wife were Quakers; he had patent for "an improved easy draught bedstead registered 1812; m. Hannah F. Croxson 1811 Shrewsbury NJ.

(6) Benjamin Wolcott, b. 1793, d. 1794 Shrewsbury NJ.

(6) Daniel Wolcott, twin, b. 1795, d. 1795 Shrewsbury NJ.

(6) Abigail Wolcott, twin, b. 1795, d. 1795 Shrewsbury NJ.

(6) Samuel Potter Wolcott, b. 1796 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1830 Middletown NJ; dropped from membership in the Shrewsbury Friends in 1820 for marrying outside the church, but joined the New York Friends in 1824; m. Hannah White 1819.

(7) Catherine Wolcott.

(7) Ann Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1829 NY, d. 1889 NY; m. Richard Moran.

(7) James Henry Wolcott, b. 1832 NY; m. Caroline. 1850 Meredith NY.

(7) John Wolcott, b. 1834 NY.

(6) Hon. Henry W. Wolcott, b. 1799 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1883 Shrewsbury NJ; Quaker, opened the first store at Oceanport NJ and had a lumber business there, Representative to NJ state legislature 1840; m. Isabella Potter 1823. Family says he took the initial W. because he had no middle name.

(7) Caroline Allen Wolcott, b. 1824 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1847 Shrewsbury NJ.

(7) Henrietta Wolcott, b. 1826 Shrewsbury NJ; m. Rowland Johnson 1852 Monmouth NJ.

(7) Lydia Ann Wolcott, b. 1830, d. 1832 Shrewsbury NJ.

(7) James Henry Wolcott, b. 1831, d. 1832 Shresbury NJ.

(7) James Henry Wolcott, b. 1836, d. 1838 Shrewsbury NJ.

(7) Peter Augustus Wolcott, b. 1839 Shrewsbury NJ; m. Harriet Breed. 1880 East Orange NJ.

(7) Olivia Mary Wolcott, twin, b. 1841 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1929 Red Bank NJ; m. Aaron Miller Osborn 1863 NJ.

(7) Oliver Wolcott, twin, b. 1842 Shrewsbury NJ.

(7) Frances S. Wolcott, b. 1845, d. 1848 Shrewsbury NJ.

(7) Jane Wolcott, b. 1847 Shrewsbury NJ.

(5) Jacob Wolcott, b. 1755 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1806 Mansfield NJ; witnessed weddings at Shrewsbury Friends Church 1775, 1777, 1779; joined the Monmouth County Defence Association in 1878 and was a member of Capt. Benjamin Dennis' Co., 3rd Regt., Monmouth Co. militia; moved to Mansfield NJ c. 1780, was tax assessor at Mansfield NJ 1785, 1789, 1790. Jacob Walcott enrolled NJ militia Burlington Co. NJ 1793; at his death in 1806 was Mansfield town clerk; m. Rebecca Robbins 1777 Monmouth Co. NJ. Deed dated 1806, Rebecca Wolcott, widow, to John Brognard, land and buildings in Mansfield Twp. NJ, he to pay $20.00 a year for her life.

(6) Rhoda C. Wolcott, b. 1781 Mansfield NJ, d. 1849 Burlington Co. NJ; unm.

(6) Benjamin Randolph Wolcott, b. 1782 Mansfield NJ, d. 1844 Mansfield NJ; middle name sometimes given as Robbins but is Randolph in family Bible; m. his cousin Hannah R. Wolcott 1809. 1840 Chesterfield, Burlington Co. NJ.

(7) Selina Rebecca Wolcott, b. 1810 NJ, d. 1880; m. (1) Abiel Francis Phebus 1833, m. (2) John Shaw.

(7) Jacob Robbins Wolcott, b. 1812 NJ, d. 1861 Brooklyn NY, had a livery stable at Brooklyn 1850; m. Hannah Bedell Duryea 1837. 1840-50 Brooklyn NY.

(7) Richard Colton Wolcott, b. 1814 NJ, d. 1884 Hoboken NJ; m. (1) Caroline Imlay c.1833, m. (2) Eliza Curtis c.1850.

(7) Mary T. Wolcott, b. 1815 NJ; m. Charles Southwick .

(7) Ann Marie Wolcott, b. 1818 NJ; m. Michael Higgins 1839 Burlington Co. NJ.

(7) Eleanor Sturd Wolcott, b. 1820 NJ, d. 1879 unm.

(7) Sarah Lewis Wolcott, b. 1822 NJ, d. 1901; m. Charles Youndt.

(7) Benjamin Lewis Wolcott, b. 1824 Bordentown NJ, d. 190 Camden NJ. He was a house painter at Bordentown; m. (1) Ann Compton c.1845, m. (2) Sophia Collins c.1872, m. (3) Henrietta Nutt 1878.

(7) William Lewis Wolcott, b. 1827 NJ, d. 1859; m. Martha Lewis.

(7) John Lippincott Wolcott, b., d. 1830 NJ.

(7) Stockton Lipp Wolcott, b. 1830 NJ, d. 1881; m. Amanda Garrett Wood 1851 Burlington Co. NJ.

(7) Charles Southwick Wolcott, b. 1833 Camden NJ, d. 1899. He was a clerk for the Adamis Express Co. at Camden NJ in 1880; m. Henrietta Broach Davison 1860 Camden NJ.

(6) Mary Ann Wolcott, b. 1785 Mansfield NJ, d. 1806; m. James Brelsford 1801.

(6) John Hollinshead Wolcott, b. 1786 Mansfield NJ, d. 1868 OH Brown Twp. OH; surveyor, farmer, and fruit grower; moved to Butler Co. OH 1807, and to Warren Co. OH in 1808; served in Capt. Maltbie's Co., Ohio militia, during the War of 1812; moved to Lost Creek Twp., OH 1820 where lived one year, then moved to Brown Twp., Miami Co. OH in 1821 and built a one room log cabin with huge fireplace and glass windows, Justice of the Peace for Miami Co. 1834, bought additional land Brown Twp. in 1836, one of the first surveyors in Miami Co. and for a while Miami County Surveyor, had one of Miami Co.'s first nursuries, in 1844 deeded land at Miami Co. to each of his sons, William, John, and Benjamin; m. Sarah James 1813 Warren Co. OH. 1830- 60 Brown, Miami Co. OH.

(7) Rebecca Posey Wolcott, b. 1814 Warren Co. OH, d. 1893 Champaign Co. OH; m. Lewis Frazee 1833 Brown Twp., Miami Co. OH.

(7) William J. Wolcott, b. 1816 Warren Co. OH, d. 1894 Lena OH; settled on a farm at Brown Twp. in 1838, taught school from 1840 to 1860, deacon of the Lena Baptist Church in 1855, was a grain dealer at Conover OH 1873-80; m. Rachel Merritt 1838 Brown Twp. Miami Co. OH.

(7) James Wolcott, b. 1817 Warren Co. OH, d. 1818 Warren Co. OH.

(7) Benjamin Lafetra Wolcott, b. 1819 Warren Co. OH, farmer and carpenter at Brown Twp. OH, he took over his father's farm, was member of Brown Twp. Board of Supervisors; m. Jane Boyd 1846 Miami Co. OH. 1850 Brown Twp. OH.

(7) John Hollinshead Wolcott Jr., b. 1821 Miami Co. OH, d. 1908 Brown Twp. OH, had 120 acres farm and orchards at Brown Twp. OH; m. Anna Graham 1846 Miami Co. OH. 1850 Brown Twp. OH.

(7) George Lafetra Wolcott, b. 1823 Miami Co. OH, d. 1895 Fletcher, Miami Co. OH. He took over part of his father's farm in Brown Twp. OH, was a lay minister of the Lena Baptist Church; m. Garthary Merritt 1849 Miami Co. OH. 1850-80 Brown Twp. OH.

(7) Joseph Wolcott, b. 1825 Miami Co. OH, d. 1831 Brown Twp. OH.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1787 Mansfield NJ; m. John Wesley 1817 NJ.

(6) Nancy Wolcott, b. 1788 Mansfield NJ, d. 1791 Mansfield NJ.

(6) Joseph Bloomfield Wolcott, b. 1793 Mansfield NJ, d. 1860 Trenton NJ; charter member of the Bordentown Baptist Church in 1821, was a carpenter at Nottingham NJ in 1850; m. Sarah Reeves 1814 NJ.

(7) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1815 Bordentown NJ, d. 1898 Trenton NJ; m. Maj. Samuel Mulford 1837 Lamberton NJ.

(7) Jacob Wolcott, b. 1817, d. 1819 Bordentown NJ.

(7) Ann Wolcott, b. 1821 Bordentown NJ.

(7) Joseph Bloomfield Wolcott, Jr., b. 1823 Bordentown NJ, d. 1859 Trenton NJ, carpenter at Nottingham NJ; m. Ann Baty 1845 South Trenton NJ.

(7) John Wolcott, b. 1825 Bordentown NJ, d. 1828 Bordentown NJ.

(7) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1829 Bordentown NJ; m. George Hindley c.1847.

(7) Charles Wolcott, b. 1830, d. 1831 Bordentown NJ.

(7) Emma Wolcott, b. 1832 Bordentown; m. Joseph Stephens 1856 NJ.

(7) Ruth Ann Wolcott, b. 1834, d. 1835 Bordentown NJ.

(7) Edwin S. Wolcott, b. 1836, d. 1841 Bordentown NJ.

(6) Jacob Wolcott, Jr., b. 1795 Mansfield NJ, d. c.1870, farmer at Oceanic NJ 1850; m. Elizabeth ____ c.1830. 1830-40 Shrewsbury NY.

(7) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1831 Oceanic NJ.

(7) Matilda Wolcott, b. 1833 Oceanic NJ.

(6) Nancy Ann Wolcott, b. 1797 Mansfield NJ, d. 1875 Brown Twp. OH. ; m. John Matthews 1830 Shrewsbury NJ.

(6) Lyman B. Wolcott, b. 1805 Trenton NJ; m. Julienne. 1860 Trenton NJ

(5) Benjamin Wolcott, III, b. 1758 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1820 Eatontown NJ, school teacher Benjamin Wi. Jr. paid tax at Shrewsbury 1789. Benjamin and Henry Willcott, and Amos Wolcott were all exempt from service with the Shrewsbury NJ militia as Quakers on payment of $3 annual tax in 1793. Wife and children received into membership Friends Society 1794; Benjamin Wi. paid tax at Shrewsbury 1795; m. Ann Lewis 1779. 1840 Shrewsbury NJ.

(6) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1779 Shrewsbury NJ; m. John Bennett 1797 Shrewsbury.

(6) William Wolcott, b. c.1782 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1836; dropped from Shrewsbury Friends Society for marrying outside the church ; m. Elizabeth Grace 1804 Shrewsbury NJ.

(6) Ann Wolcott, b. 174 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1860 Shrewsbury NJ; m. Jacob Morris 1799 Shrewsbury NJ.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1786 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1875; m. Daniel Wooley 1803 Shrewsbury NJ.

(6) Benjamin Wolcott, IV, b. 1789 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1859 Ocean Twp. NJ. He was a farmer in Ocean Twp. NJ, dropped from membership in the Shrewsbury Friends Society for marrying outside the church; m. Phoebe Jeffrey 1812. 1840 Shrewsbury NJ. 1840-50 Ocean Twp. NJ.

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. 1813 Shrewsbury NJ; m. (1) James Williams c.1835, m. (2) Joseph Carman.

(7) Edmund E. Wolcott, b. 1816 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1890 Eatontown NJ. He was a farmer; 1850 Ocean Twp. NJ, 1880 Eatontown NJ; m. Sarah Ann Dangler 1840 Monmouth NJ.

(7) Edna Wolcott, b. 1819 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1857; m. John Hulick 1840 Shrewsbury NJ.

(7) Benjamin Wolcott V, b. 1820 Shrewsbury NJ; unm.

(7) Elizabeth, b. 1824 Shrewsbury NJ; m. _____ Low.

(7) Jane Wolcott, b. 1824, d. 1904 NJ; m. George Corlies Bennett.

(7) Lewis N. Wolcott, b. 1826 Ocean Twp. NJ; farmer at Ocean Twp. NJ 1860; m. Ann Kelsey c. 1849.

(7) Ann Wolcott, b. 1834 Ocean Twp. NJ; m. Alfred Hegeman c.1853. (7) Daniel Wolcott, b. 1837 Ocean Twp. NJ, farm laborer at Eatontown NJ 1870.

(6) Hannah R. Wolcott, b. 1791 Monmouth Co. NJ, d. 1863; m. her cousin, Benjamin Robbins Wolcott 1809 Monmouth Co. NJ and was dropped from membership in the Shrewsbury Friends Society for that reason in 1810.

(6) Daniel A. Wolcott, b. 1794 Monmouth Co. NJ, d. 1848 Ocean Twp. NJ, farmer; dropped from membership from the Shrewsbury Friends Society for marrying outside the church; m. Hannah Boyer 1821 Shrewsbury NJ. 1830-40 Shrewsbury NJ.

(7) Daniel Wolcott, b. c.1822 NJ, d. y..

(7) Gordon Wolcott, b. 1827 Ocean Twp. NJ, d. 1858; farmer at Ocean Twp. NJ 1850; m. Jane LaFetra 1848 Monmouth Co. NJ.

(7) Edwin Wolcott, b. 1829 Ocean Twp. NJ, d. 1904 Eatontown, farmer at Eatontown NJ 1880; m. Hannah Johnson 1853 Long Branch NJ.

(7) Jane Wolcott, b. 1830 Ocean Twp. NJ.

(7) Daniel A. Wolcott, Jr., b. 1840 Ocean Twp. NJ, stone mason at Ocean Twp. NJ 1880; m. Mary Ann Taylor c. 1864.

(5) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1761 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1838 Hendricks Co. IN; m. Emanuel Job Pierce 1780 Shrewsbury NJ.

(5) Henry Wolcott, b. 1764 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1834 Shrewsbury NJ; dropped from membership in the Shrewsbury Friends Society for marrying outside the church in 1790 but later was a member, exempted from military service on payment of an annual $3 fine in 1793; Henry Wi. paid tax at Shrewsbury 1789 and 1795. An account of his estate taken 1834 includes an old Bible, a History of South America, silver spectacles, farming, carpentry, shoemaking, and spinning and weaving equipment, 3 horses, a wagon, an ox, 8 cows, a mule, and sheep; m. Elizabeth White 1788 Monmouth Co. NJ, (2) Abigail Boyer c.1799.

(6) John Wolcott, b. 1798 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1856Ocean Twp. NJ. He was dropped from membership in the Shrewsbury Friends Society in 1811 for marrying outside the church and became a Methodist; his farm accounts journal dating from 1826 are in the Rutgers University library; m. Lydia Brinley 1810 Shrewsbury NJ. 1830-1850 Shrewsbury NJ.

(7) Ruth Wolcott, b. 1810 Monmouth Co. NJ, d. 1826.

(7) Meribah Wolcott, b. 1811 Monmouth Co. NJ, d. 1904 NY; m. Thomas White 1846 Eatontown NJ.

(7) Eliza Jane Wolcot, b. c.1813 Ocean Twp. NJ; m. William Jackson 1843.

(7) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1815 Ocean Twp. NJ, d. 1890; m. James W. White 1834.

(7) Rebecca Wolcott, b. 1818 Ocean Twp. NJ, d. 1899; m. James T. Wooley 1840 Eatontown NJ.

(7) Deborah W. Wolcott, b. 1821 Ocean Twp. NJ, d. 1899 West Long Branch NJ; m. John Corlies Edwards 1844.

(7) James Brinley Wolcott, b. 1828 Ocean Twp. NJ, d. 1905 Monmouth Co. NJ; at Ocean Twp. 1860 and was a farm worker at Eatontown NJ 1880; m. (1) Margaret Fields Clayton c.1851, m. (2) Mary Louisa Poland c.1857, m. (3) Martha A. Megill 1870.

(6) Eseck Wolcott, b. c. 1791 Freehold NJ, d. 1825 Lebanon OH, moved to Warren Co. OH c.1818, farmer; m. Anna Kirby 1819 Warren Co. OH.

(7) Samuel Wolcott, b. 1820 Warren Co. OH, d. 1899 Lebanon OH, farmer at Lebanon 1880; m. Hannah Beal 1844 OH.

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. 1822 Warren Co. OH, d. 1891.

(7) Henry Wolcott, b. 1824 Warren Co. OH, d. Lebanon OH, farmer at Lebanon; m. Sarah Carey 1844 Warren Co. OH.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1794 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1875; m. Thomas Howland c.1814.

(6) Meribah Wolcott, b. c.1800.

(6) Job Wolcott, b. 1801 Shrewsbury NJ, d. Shrewsbury NJ; m. Margaret Emmons. 1840-60 Shrewsbury NJ.

(7) John Wolcott, b. c.1825 Shrewsbury NJ, m. Deborah Wells.

(7) Eseck Wolcott, b. c.1828 Shrewsbury NJ, d. y..

(7) Deborah Wolcott, b. c.1829, m. Hartshorne Howland, fisherman, c.1845.

(7) Mary Jane Wolcott, b. 1833 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1914 Long Beach NJ; m. George H. Green 1852.

(6) Henry Wolcott, Jr., b. 1805 Monmouth Co. NJ, d. 1888 Eatontown NJ, farmer, had a store at Eatontown in 1833; m. (1) Margaret Bowyer 1826, m. (2) Deborah Clayton 1856. 1830-47 Shrewsbury NJ. 1850 Oceanic NJ.

(7) Caroline A. Wolcott, b. 1824 Ocean Twp. NJ, d. 1847.

(7) John E. Wolcott, b. 1826 Ocean Twp. NJ; fisherman at Ocean Twp. NJ in 1850, and a fish dealer there in 1880; m. Deborah ____ c.1852.

(7) Clementine Wolcott, b. 1830 Ocean Twp. NJ; m. David H. Brown.

(7) Mary Jane Wolcott, b. 1832 Ocean Twp. NJ.

(7) Rev. Eseck Wolcott, b. 1832 Ocean Twp. NJ, d. 1914 Eatontown NJ; pastor of the 7nd Day Adventist Church at Keyport in 1870, and Eatontown in 1885; m. Sarah Jane Haynes c.1854.

(7) Margaret Wolcott, b. 1836 Eatontown NJ, d. y..

(6) Jacob B. Wolcott, b. 1808 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1887 Brooklyn NY; moved to Brooklyn NY before 1840, and was a pilot there in 1880; m. (1) _____ Osterman, m. (2) Sybilla Rose Parker c.1841.

(7) Henrietta Wolcott, b. 1842 NY.

(7) Theodore Wolcott, b. 1845 Flushing NY, d. 1905 Brooklyn NY; dry good salesman at Brooklyn in 1880; m. Emily M. Gildersleeve c. 1873, m. (2) Ella Rowena Andrews 1898 Brooklyn NY.

(7) George Wolcott, b. 1847 Flushing NY; ship joiner at Brooklyn 1880 and 1897; m. Josephine ___ c.1875.

(7) William H. Wolcott, b. 1853 Flushing NY; ferry boat deck hand at Brooklyn NY 1880, and a pilot there in 1897; m. Mary ___ c.1875.

(7) Ella Wolcott, b. c.1855 NY.

(5) Meribah Wolcott, b. 1766 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1843 Clear Creek Twp. OH; m. James LaFetra, Jr. 1792 Shrewsbury NJ. They were Quakers.

(5) John Wolcott, b. c. 1770 Shrewsbury NJ, d. y. Shrewsbury NJ.

(5) Amos Wolcott, b. 1773 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1830 Monmouth Co. NJ; raised a Quaker and paid a fine in 1793 for exemption from military service; he was dropped from membership in the Shrewsbury Friends Society for marrying outside the church 1794, his wife ackowleged in 1795 to the Shrewsbury Friends she married without her parents consent and with the assistance of a magistrate; later a farmer at Ocean Twp. NJ; m. Lydia Borden 1794 Shrewsbury NJ. 1800 Shrewsbury NJ.

(6) Richard Wolcott, b. 1794 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1871 Ocean Twp. NJ; farmer at Ocean Twp. 1850; m. Rachel V. Brown 1832 Monmouth Co. NJ.

(7) Zilpha Wolcott, b. 1835 Ocean Twp. NJ; m. George Yetmar.

(7) Mary Wolcott, b. c.1838 Ocean Twp. NJ, d. 1918 NJ; m. William H. Bills 1862.

(7) Lydia Ann Wolcott, b. c.1840 Ocean Twp. NJ; m. Samuel Vallieu 1856 Monmouth Co. NJ.

(7) Tyler Brown "Tylee" Wolcott, b. 1841 Ocean Twp. NJ, d. 1921 Brooklyn NY; served as private in the 29th NJ Inf. Regt. during the Civil War; was a carpenter at Neptune NJ in 1880; m. Isabelle Devereau 1871 Monmouth Co. NJ.

(7) John Borden "Borden" Wolcott, b. 1843 Ocean Twp. NJ; house painter at Ocean Twp. NJ in 1880; m. Catherine Bennett c. 1864.

(7) Loretta Denis Wolcott, b. 1845 Ocean Twp. NJ, d. 1924; m. Peter Drummond White 1863.

(7) Sarah Ann Wolcott, b. c.1848 Ocean Twp. NJ; m. Thomas Braunson.

(7) Morris Wolcott, b. 1850 Ocean Twp. NJ, d. 1933 Brooklyn NY; laborer at Neptune NJ in 1880; m. Mary Ann Southard 1873.

(7) Jane Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1852 Ocean Twp. NJ.

(7) Caroline Sardinia Wolcott, b. 1855 Ocean Twp. NJ.

(7) George W. Wolcott, b. c.1857 Ocean Twp. NJ, d. infancy.

(7) Clarence E. Wolcott, b. 1859 Ocean Twp. NJ.

(6) Jacob Wolcott, b. 1795 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1872 NJ; m. Elizabeth LaFetra c.1822. 1840 Monmouth Twp. NJ, 1860 Ocean Twp. NJ.

(7) Margaret L. Wolcott, b. 1823 Monmouth Twp. NJ; m. John Brinley c.1850 Monmouth Co. NJ.

(7) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. c.1830 Monmouth Twp. NJ; m. John Hulick, farmer.

(7) Caroline Matilda Wolcott, b. 1833 Eatontown NJ; m. John Stewart Megill 1856 Eatontown NJ.

(6) Jesse Wolcott, b. 1798 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1876 Ocean Twp. NJ; farmer at Shrewsbury Twp., and was dropped from membership in the Shrewsbury Friends Society in 1825 for marrying outside the church and was buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery at Shrewsbury; m. Elizabeth Knott 1824. 1830- 40 Shrewsbury NJ.

(7) Eliza Jane Wolcott, b. c.1828 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1892 NJ; m. Capt. William Jackson, a sea captain.

(7) David Amos Wolcott, b. 1832 Shrewsbury NJ. He was a merchant at Shrewsbury, and later a steamboat captain at Edgewater NY and Middletown NY; m. Hannah E. Grant Jackson c.1867. 1850 Shrewsbury NJ. 1880 Edgewater, Richmond Co. NY.

(7) Ann Amanda Wolcott, b. 1840 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1875 unm.

(6) Mary Wolcott, b. c.1802 Ocean Twp. NJ; m. William Thompson 1824 Monmouth Co. NJ.

(6) Jane Wolcott, b. 1807 Ocean Twp. NJ; m. David Sanford 1823 Monmouth Co. NJ. Jane was at Ocean Twp. in 1850 with her mother Lydia Wolcott and her 3 sons, apparently a widow.

(6) Amos Wolcott, Jr., b. 1810 Ocean Twp. NJ, d. 1856 Ocean Twp. NJ; built an inn at Eatontown where his 4 sons were born and kept a hotel at Barklays Corner near Eatontown in the 1850s, played fiddle at many social events and died because he was scheduled to play at a wedding and went out in a blizzard and caught pneumonia; innkeeper in Ocean Twp. NJ in 1850; m. Sarah Elizabeth Knott 1840 Shrewsbury NJ.

(7) William L. "Bill" Wolcott, b. 1843 Ocean Twp. NJ; store clerk at Ocean Twp. in 1880; m. Margaret A Lindley c.1876 NJ.

(7) Henry C. "Harry" Wolcott, b. 1845 Ocean Twp. NJ.

(7) Sidney Wolcott, b. 1847 Ocean Twp. NJ; pier clerk at Jersey City in 1880, and later an engineer for the Pennsylvania Railroad; m. Jennie ___ c.1875.

(7) Jacob Addison "Addison" Wolcott, b. 1849 Ocean Twp. NJ, d. 1925 Oceanport NJ; mailman, and fisherman, and in 1880 was a house painter at Eatontown NJ; m. Mary "Nellie" McAuliff 1883 Long Branch NJ.

(6) Henry H. Wolcott, b. 1802 Ocean Twp. NJ, d. 1874 Freehold NJ; farmer at Millstone NJ 1850; m. Hariett Morse 1827 NJ.

(7) Andrew Jackson Wolcott, b. 1828 Monmouth Co. NJ; wheelwright at Buena Vista VA in 1880; m. Henrietta ___ c. 1858 VA.

(7) Mary Eliza Wolcot, b. 1830 Monmouth Co. NJ; m. Clark R. Vaughn, stone mason.

(7) Lydia Ann Wolcott, b. 1831 Monmouth Co. NJ; m. Charles Garrett.

(7) Charles Henry "Henry" Wolcott, b. 1834 Millstone NJ, d. 1882; restaurant proprietor at Freehold NJ in 1880; m. Phoebe Ann Travers c.1864.

(7) Amos A. Wolcott, b. 1836 Monmouth Co. NJ, d. 1908; jeweler at Raritan NJ in 1880; m. Anne A. Strickland 1865.

(5) Daniel Wolcott, b. c.1775 Monmouth Co. NJ, d. y.

(4) Susanna Wolcott, b. c.1725 Shrewsbury NJ; m. Nicholas Chambers 1743 Shrewsbury NJ.

(4) Meribah Wolcott, b. 1728 Shrewsbury NJ, d. 1793 Shrewsbury NJ; m. Noah Tabor 1748 Shrewsbury NJ.

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