William Walcott of Salem MA, c.1610-c.1650

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William Walcott of Salem MA was the head of the third Wolcott/Walcott family in America. He was formerly thought to have come from Stokeinteignhead in Devonshire where a William Walcott/Woolcott, a mariner involved in the Newfoundland trade, was born. New DNA studies indicate this is not so. William's descendants have DNA quite distinct from both the Somerset Wolcotts and the Shropshire Walcots, of a classification called "Nordic", derived from Danes or Normans who settled on the East coast of England . The only participants in the DNA project whose DNA results are at all similar to William are descendants of two Walcott families of Eastern England .

(1) William Walcott, b. c.1610, was granted 30 acres of land at Jeffrey's Creek near Salem MA in 1636. He must have returned to England, however, as he is listed as leaving England for America in 1638: "William Walcot for Capt. Butler, passenger for Providence Island by the Swallow". William held land at Salem for a family of 4 people in 1640. He married Alice Ingersoll, daughter of Richard Ingersoll of Salem. Richard Ingersoll's daughter, Alice Walcott, was mentioned in his will to receive "my house at town with 10 acres upland & meadow after my wifes decease." William Walcott was one of several residents of Salem, including the founder of Rhode Island, Roger Williams, who were censured in a letter from the Salem church to the Dorchester Church, dated 1639: "William Walcott for refusing to bring his child to the ordinance, neglecting willingly family duties, etc." This probably means that he did not have his child baptized, and may indicate he was a follower of Roger Williams who advocated adult baptism. The Quarterly Court at Salem ordered in 1642 that William Walcott be whipped for idleness. Essex Co. Quarterly Court records state: "Willia. Walcotts wife children & estate committed to Richard Inkersell hs father in law 27:10:1643 to be disposed of according to God and the said Wm. Walcott to bee & Remaine as his servant." William is thought to have left Salem about 1644, leaving his family behind. In that year a law was passed saying that all who opposed infant baptism were subject to banishment from the colony. In 1651 he or another William Walcott was a shoals witness in Maine. In 1652 the Salem records show that "means were taken by the court to preserve his estate." This probably included selling his land, because in 1652, Robert Goodell of Salem owned land at Salem which included 30 acres that had formerly been granted to William Walcott.

(2) Alice Walcott, b. c.1636, d. 1714 Northampton MA; m. (1) Francis Bennett c.1650, who died 1655 Boston MA, m. (2) Ralph Hutchinson 1656 Boston MA. She is said to be a daughter of William Walcott, but this is not proven. Her name, Alice, however is the same as William's wife, and the dates, while tight, are possible.

(2) Abraham Walcott, b. c.1640 Salem Village MA, d. 1699 Salem Village MA. Abraham Walcott witnessed a deed by Jane and Thomas Parker at Boston 1658, but another account says he was age 37 when he married in 1682 making him b. 1645, probably too young to have been a witness in 1658. Abraham Walcott was witness to a deed of land in Maine granted to Walter Phillips by Indians, recorded at Sheepscott ME 1663. In 1670 Abraham Walcott, husbandman, purchased from Joseph Foster of Salem for 25L 8 acres of land with an incomplete frame house, and is recorded at Salem Village 1678. In 1681 Abraham Walcott was taxed at Salem for the church rate, and enrolled as a freeman of Salem Village 1690. In 1696 Abraham Walcott, yeoman, and wife signed a mortgage on a house and 32 acres next to John Wolcott, with John Wolcott as a witness; Abrahan was living at Salem Village during the 1692-3 witchcraft trials but did not participate in them; m. (1) Ruth Hooper 1682 Salem Village, m. (2) Abigail Briggs 1689 Salem MA. It is possible that he had an unknown first wife who was the mother of a Mary Walcott who was born c.1678 and married David Harwood 1701 Salem MA.

(3) Abigail Walcott, b. 1690 Salem Village MA.

(3) Nathaniel Walcott, b. 1693 Salem Village MA.

(3) William Walcott, b. 1693 Salem Village MA.

(2) Capt. Jonathan Walcott, b. c.1640 Salem MA, d. 1699 Salem MA; in 1675 he gave his age as 35. He was a witness at Salem in 1662, admitted a freeman of Salem in 1690, elected Captain of the military company at Salem in 1690, a taxpayer at Salem Village, now Danvers, in 1692, owned land there adjoined that of the Ingersolls. His daughter, Mary, was one of the accusers in the Salem witchcraft trials, and Jonathan, himself, was a complainant in several of these cases; m. (1) Mary Sibley 1664 Salem MA; m.(2) Deliverance Putnam 1685 Salem MA.

(3) John Walcott, b. 1666 Salem MA, d. 1738 Salem MA. John was a husbandman, yeoman, and carpenter; John Walkutt, son of Capt. Walkut of Salem Village, was Sgt. in charge of a troop of soldiers 1690; his wife and three daughters were baptized at Salem Village in 1699. John Walcott was a witness at Salem in 1733 for Moses Felt, father-in-law of John's sister, Anna; m. (1) Mary ___ c.1690 Salem Village MA, m. (2) Elizabeth Perkins 1717 Salem Village MA.

(4) Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1693 Salem Village MA, d. 1773 Canterbury CT; m. Gershom Mott 1729 Kingston NY.

(4) Infant, b., d. 1694 Salem Village MA.

(4) Jerusha Walcott, b. 1696 Salem Village MA; m. Francis Elliot , blacksmith, 1715 Salem MA.

(4) Mary Walcott, b. 1699 Salem Village MA; m. (1) Nathaniel Wood 1728 Salem MA, m.(2) William Brackenbury 1730 Salem MA.

(4) Jonathan Walcott, b. 1700 Salem Village MA, d. 1738 Salem MA; joiner; m. Elizabeth Smith 1727 Salem MA; she m. (2) John Needham 1740.

(5) Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1728 Salem Village MA, d. 1802 Danvers MA; m. Skelton Shelden 1753 Danvers MA.

(5) Mary Walcott, b. 1730 Salem Village MA, d. Danvers MA; m. Asa Putnam 1764 Danvers MA.

(5) John Walcott, b. 1732 Salem Village MA, d. 1811 Danvers MA; farmer and cordwainer at Danvers, renamed from Salem Village in 1752; Corporal in Capt. John Putnam's Co., Danvers Militia, which marched to the Lexington alarm 1775; m. Sarah Gardner 1761 Danvers MA, m. (2) Mary __ .

(6) Lt. Jonathan Walcott, b. 1762 Danvers MA, 1844 Danvers MA; farmer, served in Capt. William Townsend's Co., Danvers Militia, commissioned Lt. of militia 1794, selectman of Danvers 1802-7, 1811-17; sometimes spelled his name "Wolcott"; m. Lydia Gale 1785 Salem MA. 1810-30 Danvers MA.

(7) Sarah "Sally" Walcott, b. 1786 Danvers MA.

(7) John Walcott, b. 1788 Danvers, Essex Co. MA, d. 1862 Natick MA; farmer, moved from Danvers to Pepperell MA about 1825; m. Rebecca Newhall 1809 Danvers MA.

(7) Jonathan Walcott Jr., b. 1792 Danvers MA, d. 1826 Danvers MA; farmer and shoemaker; m. Lydia Jacobs 1817 Danvers MA.

(7) Ebenezer Gardner Walcott, b. 1795 Danvers MA, d. 1874 Peabody MA; farmer at Danvers; m. Mary Mugford 1819 Danvers MA.

(7) Samuel Walcott, b. 1797 Danvers MA, drowned 1823 Andover MA age 25, unm.

(7) Hon. William Walcott, b. 1801 Danvers MA, d. 1880 South Danvers MA; farmer at Danvers, tax collector for West Peabody, and MA state legislator 1848-53; m. Elizabeth Wilson 1826 Danvers MA.

(6) Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1765 Danvers MA, d. 1788 Danvers MA unm.

(6) John Walcott, b. 1767 Danvers MA, d. 1790 Danvers MA unm.

(6) Sarah Walcott, b. 1775 Danvers MA, d. 1788 Danvers MA.

(6) Polly Walcott, b. 1780 Danvers MA, d. 1782 Danvers MA.

(5) Susanna Walcott, b. 1736 Salem MA, d. y.

(4) Mehitable Walcott b. 1704 Salem Village MA; m. Joseph Pickworth of Marblehead MA 1740 Salem MA.

(4) Susannah Walcott, b. 1706 Salem Village MA, d. y..

(4) Experience Walcott, b. 1709 Salem Village MA, d. 1782 Conway MA; m. John Oakes, farmer, of Marlboro MA 1732 Salem MA.

(4) Jabez Walcott, b. 1711 Salem Village MA, d. 1781 Stow MA. He was a yeoman, wheelwright; settled at Stow MA 1736, Pvt. in MA militia 1776-7, joined the Continental Army and died in service; m. Lydia Flint 1733 Salem MA.

(5) Jesse Walcott, b. 1734 Salem Village MA, d. 1794 Bolton MA; served in the Essex Co. militia in 1776 in Capt. Houghton's Co. that was defeated at Kip's Bay, later in Capt. Sawyer's Co. that fought in the campaign to recover Newport RI, was given a land grant in NH for his service in the war; had a farm near the Marlboro Bolton town line; he and his son, Jabez Walcott, signed a church covenant at Bolton in 1783, lived on Annie Moore Rd., Bolton in 1788, and were voters in 1790; m. Rebecca Conant 1755 Stow MA.

(6) Jabez Walcott, b. 1756 Marlboro MA, d. 1825 Livermore ME; marched to the Lexington alarm in 1775 with Capt. Longley's Co., and was present at the Battle of Saratoga in 1777 with Lt. Amos Fairbank's Co.; was given a land grant in NH in 1781 for his service in the war; apparently he left his wife and children, for a guardian was appointed for his wife and children in 1796; in 1808 the city of Bolton paid for the food of Jabez Walcott while he was in jail; m. Mary Baker 1781 Bolton MA.

(7) Mary "Polly" Walcott, b. 1782 Bolton MA, d.y.

(7) Josiah Walcott, b. 1784 Bolton MA, d.y.

(7) Elizabeth "Betsy" Walcott, b. 1786 Bolton MA; raised by her grandparents in Berlin MA; m. Obededom Brown, carpenter1805 Bolton MA.

(7) Josiah Walcott (Twin), b. 1787 Bolton MA, d. 1849 Boston MA; lived with his mother in his father's home at Berlin MA in 1796, in 1820 moved to Boston where he was a wheelwright; m. Mrs. Louisa Faulkener c.1810 Boston MA.

(7) Mary "Polly" Walcott (Twin), b. 1787 Bolton MA, d. 1856 Livermore ME; m. Isaac Hamlin of Westford 1802 Bolton MA.

(7) Sarah "Sally" Walcott, b. 1788 Bolton MA, d. 1876; m. Heywood Brown of New Ipswich NH 1809 Bolton MA.

(7) Jabez Walcott Jr., b. 1790 Bolton MA, d. 1855 South Acton MA; carpenter at Concord MA in 1813, Boston MA 1820-39, moved to Bedford MA in 1839; went to Yerba Buena CA prior to the Gold Rush, but returned to Bedford; m. Mrs. Mary Falkner 1813 Concord MA.

(7) Lydia Walcott, b. 1792 Bolton MA; m. Augustus Reed 1817 Boston MA.

(7) Sen. Samuel Baker Walcott, b. 1795 Bolton MA, d. 1854 Boston MA; legally changed his name in 1819 from Jesse Walcott to Samuel Baker Walcott because he was raised by his grandmother, the widow of Samuel Baker; entered Phillips Academy 1812, graduated Harvard College 1819, studied law with Daniel Webster, opened a law office in Hopkinton 1830, MA state legislator, serving in both as Representative and as Senator from Hopkinton, opened a law office in Salem MA in 1850; Samuel was administrator of a sizeable trust fund for his cousin by marriage, Mary Toppan Pickman, daughter of Thomas Pickman of Salem; m. Martha Pickman 1829 Salem MA. 1840 Hopkinton MA. 1850 Salem MA. He was father of Brig. Gen. Charles Folsom Walcott, and Henry Pickering Walcott, President of the MA Medical Society and Acting President of Harvard University.

(6) Phoebe Walcott, b. 1758 Marlboro MA, d. 1833 Ellisburg NY; m. Ezra Smith of Sudbury 1779 Bolton MA.

(6) Esther Walcott, b. 1761 Marlboro MA, d. 1837 Stow MA; m. Jacob Whitney of Stow 1779 Bolton MA.

(6) Ruth Walcott, b. 1763 Marlboro MA, d. 1830 Bolton MA; m. Joseph Sawyer 1782 Bolton MA.

(6) Eunice Walcott, b. 1766 Bolton MA, d. 1799; m. Reuben Chaffin 1788 Bolton MA.

(6) Rebecca Walcott, b. 1769 Bolton MA, d. 1775 Bolton MA.

(6) Josiah Walcott, b. 1773 Bolton MA, d. 1775 Bolton MA.

(6) Rebecca Walcott, b. 1776 Bolton MA; d. 1775 Bolton MA.

(6) Achsah Walcott, b. 1780 Bolton MA, d. 1785 Bolton MA.

(5) Ruth Walcott, bapt. 1737 Stow MA, d. 1784 Stow MA; m. Hon. Jonathan Hapgood, member of the MA legislature, 1755 Stow MA.

(5) Frederick Walcott, b. 1740 Stow MA, d. 1822 Stow MA; Pvt. in Capt. Morse's Co. MA militia and at the Battle of Lexington in 1775, also in Capt. Mann's Co. which marched to assist Gen. Gates in 1777, died during military service; m. Mary "Molly" Taylor 1761 Stow MA.

(6) Abigail "Nabby" Walcott, b. 1763 Stow MA, d. 1843 Bolton MA; m. Joel Whitcomb, carpenter, 1790 Stow MA. Joel Wolcott, below, was apprenticed to Joel Whitcomb of Bolton in 1795.

(6) Mary "Polly" Walcott, b. 1765 Stow MA, d. 1843 Stow MA; m. Ezra Mossman of Sudbury MA 1786 Stow MA.

(6) John Walcott, b. 1773 Stow MA, d. 1849 Stow MA; carpenter at Stow; m. Lydia Brown 1794 Stow MA.

(7) George Walcott, b., d. 1796 Stow MA.

(7) Chloe Walcott, b. 1797 Stow MA, d. 1799 Stow MA.

(7) Joel Walcott, b. 1799 Stow MA, d. 1874 Stow MA; farmer at Stow; m. Rutha Gates 1819 Stow MA.

(7) Abigail Walcott, b. 1800 Stow MA; d. 1814 Stow MA.

(7) Lydia Walcott, b. 1802 Stow MA, d. 1872; m. Ephraim Gates 1829 Stow MA.

(7) Lewis Walcott, b. 1804 Stow MA, d. 1873 Boston MA; teamster and provision merchant at Boston, owned a farm at Bedford MA that he deeded to his mother in 1847; m. Hannah Maria Woodard 1832 Boston MA.

(7) Eli Walcott, b. 1806 Stow MA, d. 1891 Shrewsbury MA; bootchecker at Worchester in 1850; m. Mary Flint 1828 Shrewsbury MA.

(7) Aaron Walcott, b. 1808 Stow MA, d. 1859 Boston MA; carpenter and watchman at Boston; m. Hannah L. Hawkes 1833 Boston MA.

(7) Susannah Walcott, b. 1810 Stow MA, d. 1863; m. Micah Smith 1830 Stow MA.

(7) John Taylor Walcott, b. 1812 Stow MA, d. 1863 Stow MA. He was a boot maker at Medfield MA in 1850; m. Elizabeth "Betsey" Reed 1837 Stow MA.

(7) Charles Walcott, b. 1814 Stow MA; d. 1816 Stow MA.

(7) Mary Walcott, b. 1816, d. 1897 Boston MA; m. Reuben Law Wetherbee 1842 Stow MA.

(7) Chloe Walcott, b. 1819 Stow MA, d. 1898; m. Charles W. Carter of Concord MA 1841 Stow MA.

(6) Lucy Walcott, b. 1775 Stow MA, d. 1866; m. Jonas Whitcomb Jr. 1798 Stow MA.

(6) Sarah Walcott, b. 1778 Stow MA, d. c.1816 Stow MA; m. Silas Jewel 1799 Stow MA.

(6) Josiah Walcott, b. 1781 Stow MA, d. 1870 Hudson MA; carpenter at Marlboro MA, m. (1) Abigail "Nabby" Temple 1804 Marlboro MA; m. (2?) Maria _____ c. 1807; m. (3) Mrs. Elizabeth "Betsey" Maynard Temple, widow, 1831 Marlboro MA; in 1838 a guardianship of Josiah's children, Francis, Asa, Augustine, Henry and Sarah was granted.

(7) Jonas Temple Walcott, b. 1805 Marlboro MA, d. 1877 Bolton MA; learned the carpenter trade from his father and went to work at a sawmill at Bolton, bought a farm at Bolton in 1838 and sold wood; m. Mary Knight 1834 Bolton MA.

(7) Hon. Truman Sheppard Walcott (Twin), b. 1807 Stow MA, d. 1884 Hudson MA; carpenter and builder at Stow until c.1851 when he moved to Brighton MA, then to Putling ME after 1854,and to Hudson MA c.1861; selectman, served in MA state legislature one year, four of his children were given middle names of states admitted to the Union the year they were born; m. (1) Charlotte Brooks Whitman 1832 Stow MA, m. (2) Aurelia N. Myrick 1857 ME. 1840-50 Stow MA.

(7) Freeman Moss Walcott (Twin) , b. 1807 Marlboro MA, d. 1884 Bolton MA; carpenter and builder, built many buildings at Cambridge, Brighton, Milford and Watertown; lived at Stow 1840, Watertown 1850, settled at Bolton 1865 where he bought a farm and sawmill called Century Mills, also called Walcott Mills; he and his son, Clifford, operated it from 1865 to 1889; 33rd degree Mason ; m. Lurena Houghton Wood 1848 Bolton MA.

(7) Abigail Walcott, b. 1810 Stow MA, d. 1844 MA; m. Samuel Parks 1831 Stow MA.

(7) Josiah Walcott Jr. , b. 1813 Stow MA, d. 1902 Stow MA. He was a carpenter at Stow; m. Maria Smith 1840 Stow MA.

(7) George Kendall Walcott, b. 1815 Stow MA, d. 1842 Northborough MA. He was a carpenter at Marlboro MA in 1840 and at Northborough MA 1850, killed in the collapse of a planing machine; m. Emeline Darling 1839 Marlboro MA.

(7) Francis Dexter Walcott, b. 1817 Stow MA, d. 1898; carpenter at Malden MA, adopted his niece, Amelia Parks; m. Mary Taylor 1843 Watertown MA. 1860 Boston MA, 1880 Malden MA.

(7) Daniel Henry "Henry" Walcott, b. 1820 Stow MA, d. 1896 Maynard MA; carpenter at Milford MA 1858-1862, moved to Maynard MA where had business "Henry Walcott & Co."; m. (1) Lydia Evans 1855 Belfast ME, m. (2) Mrs. Anna F. Brown Getchell 1870 Maynard MA

(7) Asa Whitcomb Walcott, b. 1823 Stow MA, d. 1904 San Francisco CA; musician, playing the bugle and coronet, moved to San Francisco CA 1849; leader of the first military band in California, led band at head of parade celebrating California's admittance to the Union; m. Agnes Park Scouler 1858 San Francisco CA.

(7) Augustine Gilman Walcott, b. 1825 Stow MA, d. 1810 Hudson MA; carpenter at Marlboro and then Hudson MA, served in Co. F, 57th MA Inf. for 3 years; m. Emeline G. Hunt 1848 Sudbury MA.

(7) Sarah Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1827 Stow MA; m. Abel H. Pope of Hudson MA 1847 Marlboro MA.

(7) Charles Brigham Walcott, b. 1832 Stow MA, d. 1833 Stow MA.

(5) William Walcott, b. 1745 Stow MA, d. 1827 Stow MA; went to the Lexington alarm in 1775 as a Pvt in Capt. Whitcomb's Co., and also served in Capt. Taylor's Co. in 1777 in the Northern Army; farmed his father's farm at Stow; m.(1) Elizabeth Wetherbee 1766 Stow MA, m. (2) Mrs. Mary Whitney 1792 Harvard MA.

(6) Jonathan Walcott, b. 1767 Stow MA, d. 1823 Stow MA, blacksmith; m. Hannah Sargent 1790 Stow MA. He and his descendants usually spelled their name Wolcott. 1790 Stow-1820 Stow, Middlesex Co. MA.

(7) Jonathan Walcott Jr., b. 1791 Stow MA, d. 1862 Stow MA; farmer at Stow, and inherited his father's farm at Rockbottom Village in South Stow; m. Sarah Bigelow Parks 1819 Stow MA.

(7) Jabez Sargent Walcott, b. 1793 Stow MA, d. 1858 Waltham MA; farmer and millwright at Waltham 1830-50; m. Thankful Weeks 1820 Marlboro MA.

(7) Artemus Walcott, b. 1795 Stow MA, d. 1818 Stow MA, unm.

(7) Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1798 Stow MA, d. 1859; m. William Locke 1820 Stow MA.

(7) Hannah Sargent Walcott, b. 1801 Stow MA, d. 1874 Wilmington MA; m. Danforth Phipps Brigham 1827 Stow MA.

(7) Hiram Walcott, b. 1803 Stow MA, d. 1870 Townsend MA; carpenter and merchant, lived Lowell MA 1830, Townsend Harbor MA 1840-50, at Keene NH 1856-60, later retuned to Townsend; m. Marian Farrar 1827 Concord MA.

(7) William Walcott, b. 1806 Stow MA, d. 1837 Waltham; millwright at Waltham MA; m. Martha Maria Dix c.1831.

(7) George Washington Walcott, b. 1810 Stow MA, d. 1820 Stow MA.

(6) Katherine Walcott, b. 1769 Stow MA m. James Barker of Marlboro MA 1790 Stow MA.

(6) Ephraim Walcott, b. 1771 Stow MA, d. 1837 Stow MA; farmer, shoemaker, and tavern keeper, and was at Stow MA in 1800 and Marlboro MA in 1810; m. (1) Elizabeth "Betsey" Baker 1791 Stow MA, m. (2) Elizabeth Wetherby 1802 Stow MA.

(7) Willard Walcott, b. 1791 Stow MA, d. 1850 CA; carpenter; purchased property at Bolton MA in 1810, moved to Augusta ME c.1830 and lived there until he went to CA c.1850; m. (1) Sally Whitcomb 1819 Bolton, m. (2) Jane Huntress of Boston 1835, possibly also m. Lydia Fry.

(7) Robert Walcott, b. 1793 Stow MA, d. 1885 Somerville MA; served in the War of 1812 and is said to have shot Gen. Brock in a battle near Niagra Falls; he was a blacksmith and merchant at Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Stow; his portrait is printed in "Eastern Massachusetts Genealogies"; m. Hannah Hapgood 1817 Boston MA.

(7) Elizabeth "Betsy" Walcott, b. 1795 Stow MA, d. 1838 unm.

(7) Calvin Walcott, b. 1798 Stow MA, d. 1817 when tree fell on him, bur. Bolton MA.

(7) Ephraim Walcott Jr., b. 1800 Stow MA; went to CA in 1844; m. (1) Susan Booth 1829 Roxbury MA, m. (2) Alice W. Sloan 1830 Roxbury MA.

(7) Sarah Walcott, b. c.1802 Stow MA.

(7) Caroline Walcott, b. c.1804 Stow MA; perhaps m. ___ White

(6) Lydia Walcott, b. 1773 Stow MA, d. 1863; m. Thomas Fairbanks of Harvard MA 1792 Stow MA.

(6) Elizabeth "Betty" Walcott, b. 1775 Stow MA, d. 1843, m. Oliver Whitcomb 1797 Stow MA.

(6) Silas Walcott, b. 1778 Stow MA, d. 1837 Boston MA; apprenticed to his uncle, Joel Whitcomb of Bolton, in 1794 and was a farmer at Stow1800-20, later moved to Boston MA; m. Avis Brown 1798 Stow MA.

(7) Luke Brown Walcott, b. 1799 Stow MA, d. 1863 Rindge NH. He was a wheelwright at Peterboro NH in 1830 and at Rindge 1850-60; m. Hannah Barnes of Rindge NH.

(7) Silas Walcott Jr., b. 1804 Stow MA, d. Grafton MA; moved from Smithfield RI to Grafton MA about 1835; m. Charlotte Sophia Rice 1835 Grafton MA.

(7) Joshua Brown Walcott, b. 1806 Stow MA, d. 1885 Marlboro MA; farmer and a Quaker. In 1830 he was at Berlin MA and in 1850 at Marlboro MA; m. (1) Mary Brown Frye 1828 Bolton MA, m. (2) Sarah Howard Frye.

(7) Elizabeth Wetherbee Walcott, b. 1808 Stow MA, d. 1888 Bolton MA; m. David Babcock 1827 Stow MA.

(7) Mary Buttrick Walcott, b. 1811 Stow MA, d. 1869; m. Edmund Sanford Brigham of Brownington VT 1840 Boston MA.

(7) Thomas Wetherbee Walcott, b. 1813 Stow MA, d. 1881 Providence RI; furnaceman and molder at Providence RI; m. (1) Sarah T. Joslin c.1846, m. (2) Mrs. Mary Earl, widow, 1857 Providence RI.

(7) Ruth Walcott, b. 1816 Stow MA, d. 1862 Boston MA; m. William Buss of Jeffrey NH 1837 Boston MA.

(7) Artemas Walcott, b. 1819 Stow MA, d. 1826.

(6) Mercy Walcott, b. 1781 Stow MA; m. Hiram Brown 1800 Stow MA.

(6) Lucy Walcott, b. 1785 Stow MA.

(6) Ruth Walcott, b. 1787 Stow MA; m. James Neal Fry 1804 Bolton MA. They were Quakers, his diary of 13 month trip to Vermont and Canada has been preserved and their home is still standing at Bolton.

(6) Judith Walcott, b. 1794 Stow MA; m. Calvin Maynard 1815 Stow MA.

(6) Mary Walcott, b. 1796 Stow MA; m. Asa Osborn 1818 Stow MA.

(6) Rev. William Walcott Jr., b. 1799 Stow MA, d. 1877 Kalamazoo MI; attended Yale Theological Seminary and was ordained a Congregational minister, serving at Petersham until 1833 and then at Norristown PA; moved to Adrian MI to do missionary work; purchased 160 acres of government land at Hillsdale Co. MI in 1832, 152 acres at Branch Co. MI and 730 acres in St. Joseph Co. MI in 1839; built a large home in Kalamazoo MI, usually spelled his name Wolcott; m. Mary Ann Penniman 1832 Dorchester MA.

(7) William L. Wolcott, b. 1831 CT.

(7) Mary Jane Wolcott, b. 1836 Adrian MI, d. 1920 Kalamazoo MI; m. her brother-in-law, James Anderson Kent 1877 Kalamazoo MI.

(7) Sarah P. Wolcott, b. 1838 MI.

(7) Charlotte G. "Lottie" Wolcott, b. 1843 Adrian MI, d. 1871; m. James Anderson Kennt 1861 Adrian MI.

(7) Emily A. Wolcott, b. 1846 Adrian MI .

(5) Lydia Walcott, b. 1747 Stow MA; m. Capt. Samuel Patch 1766 Stow MA, a Rev. War militia Captain who fought at Bunker Hill; their home at Fitzwilliam NH is now the Rhododendron State Park.

(5) Susannah Walcott, b. 1749 Stow MA; m. John Maynard of Sudbury MA 1769 Stow MA.

(3) Hannah Walcott, b. 1667 Salem Village MA, d. 1699 unm.

(3) Jonathan Walcott Jr., b. 1670 Salem Village MA, "Jonathan, s. of sister Walcot", bapt. 1671; d. 1745 Windham CT; Jonathan and "now wife" Priscilla Bailey fined for fornication Aug. 1695, daughter born March 1696; yeoman at Salem until 1713, when he moved to Boxford MA, then to Windham CT in 1723 where he owned 60 acres; m. Priscilla Bailey 1695 Newbury MA.

(4) Mary Walcott, b. 1696 Salem Village MA, d. 1746 Windham CT; unm.

(4) Sarah Walcott, b. c.1698 Salem Village MA; m. Jonathan French 1725 Windham CT.

(4) Priscilla Walcott, b. c.1700 Salem Village MA; m. Francis Spofford of Rowley MA 1722 Boxford MA.

(4) Joseph Walcott (Twin) , b. 1710; bapt. 1718 Boxford MA; farmer at Mansfield CT; m. Sarah Walden of Windham CT 1731 CT.

(5) Sarah Walcott, b. 1732 Mansfield CT; m. Gideon Flint 1753 Mansfield CT.

(5) Miriam Walcott, b. 1735 Mansfield CT, d. 1762 Nova Scotia; m. Ephraim Hall 1756 Mansfield CT.

(5) Joseph Walcott Jr., b. 1736 Mansfield CT, d. 1737 Mansfield CT.

(5) Eunice Walcott, b. 1738 Mansfield CT, d. 1835 Randolph VT; m. Isaac Crane Jr.1763 Windham CT.

(5) Nathaniel Walcott, b. 1741 Mansfield CT, d. 1780 Windham CT. He bought 30 acres in CT "near Scotland" in 1767, was a conductor of teams for carrying supplies from CT to Continental Army 1777; m. Lydia Flint 1764 Windham CT.

(6) Joseph Walcott b. 1767 Windham CT, d. 1862 Westfield OH; m. Olive 1792. 1800 Whitingham, Windham Co. VT. 1820-30 Readsboro, Bennington Co. VT, 1850 Westfield OH with son, Joshua.

(7) William Walcott, b. 1793 Norwich CT, d. 1878 Westfield OH; farmer, purchased land at Guilford Twp. near Leroy OH in 1815 where he lived in 1820, purchased 80 acres of government land at Wayne Co. OH in 1822, at Westfield OH 1850-70; his name spelled Walcott on legal documents but Wolcott on his gravestone.; m. Phoebe Brown 1815 Portage Co. OH; m. (2) Emily Richards 1842 Medina Co. OH

(7) Charles Walcott, b. 1796 Norwich CT, d. 1885 Greenfield MA; moved to Readsboro VT c.1820, and then was a farmer at Monroe MA 1844-73, then moved to Greenfield OH; m. Mercy Harris Ballou 1817 Rowe MA.

(7) Lucy Walcott, b. 1798 Norwich CT; d. 1803 Norwich CT.

(7) Joseph Walcott, b. 1801 Norwich CT, d. 1803 Norwich CT

(7) Miriam Walcott, b. 1804 Norwich CT, d. 1811 Norwich CT.

(7) Joseph Walcott, b. 1807 Norwich CT, d. 1811 Norwich CT

(7) Joshua R. Walcott, b. Norwich CT, d. 1860 Westfield OH; farmer at Westfield Twp. OH; m. Violetta Lois Lattimer 1839 Medina Co. OH.

(6) Timothy Walcott, b. 1769 Windham CT, d. 1862 Norwich PA; farmer, moved to Burlington NY shortly after marriage, moved with a group of families mostly from Norwich CT who established Norwich New York, and then moved to McKean Co. PA in 1815; settled in Ceres PA, in 1816 went by canoe to Pittsburg for supplies, he and descendants spelled name Wolcott; m. Sally Preston 1793.

(7) Sophronia Wolcott, b. 1794 Burlington NY, d. Norwich PA; m. Isaac Burlingame 1814 Burlington NY.

(7) Sally "Polly" Wolcott, b. 1796 Burlington NY, d. 1844 McKean PA; m. Edward Hazard Jacox 1818 McKean Co. PA.

(7) Roxie Wolcott, b. 1797 Burlington NY; m. Henry Scott c. 1820 McKean Co. PA.

(7) Loren Ford Wolcott, b. 1800 Burlington NY, d. 1900 Sparta WI; farmer at Sergeant PA 1830, Norwich PA 1850, to WI c.1855 where he purchased 80 acres 1856 and built a log cabin which became sit of Sparta WI, at Leon WI 1860, at Wells WI 1880, at Ridgeville WI 1885; at age 100 he said he remembered James Madison being President when he was 9, and casting his first vote in 1824 for John Quincy Adams; m. (1) Olive Corwin 1824 Otsego Co. NY, m. (2) Rebecca Brewer 1829, m. (3) Alice Arminta Post 1885 Wells WI.

(7) Chloe Wolcott, b. 1803 Burlington NY; unm.

(7) William Eaton Wolcott, b. 1806 Burlington NY, d. Ridgeville WI, farmer at Keating PA 1830, Norwich PA 1850, at Ridgeville WI 1880; m. (1) Sarah "Sally" Ostrander, m. (2) _____.

(7) Joseph Gilbert Wolcott, b. 1816 Sergeant Twp. PA, d. 1900 Sparta WI; served in Co. K, 6th MI Cav. Regt..

(6) Lydia Walcott, b. 1771 Windham CT, d. 1837 Norwich PA; m. John Abbe Jr. 1791.

(6) Miriam Walcott, b. 1774 Windham CT, d. 1837 Burlington NY; m. Joseph Neff 1791 Windham CT.

(6) Jonathan Walcott, b. 1776 Windham CT d. 1819 Windham CT; carpenter, in 1812 Jonathan came to Columbia PA where at a meeting of the board of Directors of the Columbia Bridge Co. "Jonathan Walcott exhibited a plan for the Superstruction of the Bridge accompanied with a proposal to build the same for $20.00 a foot." His plan was apparently combined with that of Henry and Samuel Slaymaker. The bridge was completed in 1814 and was the longest covered bridge at the time, being 5,690 ft. long; destroyed by ice in 1832. After completion of the bridge Jonathan returned to CT where he died; m. Abigail Burke 1798 Windham CT.

(7) Dr. George Washington Walcott, b. 1802 Windham CT, d. 1854 Windham CT; graduated Yale Medical School 1824, was physician at Windham CT; m. Mary Fitch Kinney 1824 Windham CT.

(7) Amanda Walcott, b. 1804 Windham CT, d. 1885; m. Dr. William Webb 1804 Windham CT.

(7) Emily Walcott, b. 1808 Windham CT, d. 1817 Windham CT.

(7) Almira Walcott, b. 1811 Windham CT, d. 1817 Windham CT.

(7) Henry Sleighmaker Walcott, b. 1813 Windham CT, d. 1871 Windham CT; named for his father's business partner, farmer, banker, president of the Windham National Bank at Willimantic CT; m. Eliza Taintor Abbe 1834 Chaplin CT

(6) Mary Walcott, b. 1780 Windham CT, d. 1783 Windham CT.

(4) Jonathan Walcott III (Twin) , b. 1710 Boxford MA, d. 1788 Williamsburg MA; lived at Mansfield CT until c.1772 when he moved to Williamsburg MA, had a farm on "Walcott Hill"; m. Mary Jackson of Suffield, CT 1742 Salem MA.

(5) Mary Walcott, b. , d. 1743 Mansfield CT.

(5) Mary Walcott, b. 1745 Mansfield, CT, d. 1823; m. Rufus Hyde c. 1771 Norwich CT.

(5) Jonathan Walcott IV, b. 1747 Mansfield CT, d. 1791 Easthampton MA; tanner at Northampton in 1775, a Pvt. in Capt Wales Co. 1777 and was at Battle of Saratoga, lived at Southampton MA1779; m. Merrian Bartlett of Northampton 1778 Northampton MA.

(6) Jonathan Walcott V, b. 1779 Southampton MA; joiner at Southampton MA, sold his farm to his brother, Stephen, in 1818, is said to have left his family and disappeared; m. Clarissa Pomeroy 1801 East Hampton MA.

(7) Almira Walcott, b. 1802 Southampton; m. Charles Smith 1826 Southampton MA.

(7) Tertius Walcott, b. 1804 Southampton MA; carpenter at Northampton MA, moved to Troy NY 1828 selling his Northampton land in 1839, sometimes spelled his surname, Woolcott; m. Sarah ____ c.1828.

(6) Isaac Walcott, b. 1781 Southampton MA, d. 1805 Southampton MA.

(6) Capt. Stephen Walcott, b. 1783 Southampton MA, d. 1868 Holyoke MA; carpenter, joiner, and farmer at Southampton, Ensign in Capt. Elisha Strong's Co. in 1814, member of the Southampton Church in 1823, he and most of family usually spelled their surname Wolcott; m. (1) Lucy Strong 1804 Northampton MA; m. (2) Princess Clapp 1842 Southampton MA.

(7) Isaac Stebbins Wolcott, b. 1806 Southampton MA, d. 1892 Southampton MA; farmer and joiner at Southampton 1830-80; m. Eliza Rust 1829 Southampton MA.

(7) Tryphrosa Bush Wolcott, b. 1807 Southampton MA, d. 1885 Southampton MA; m. Ethan Sheldon 1829 Southampton MA.

(7) Lucy Strong Wolcott, b. 1810 Southampton MA, d. 1891 Rootstown OH; m. John Strong Parsons 1832 Southampton MA.

(7) Angelica Wolcott, b. 1812 Southampton MA, d. 1823 Southampton MA.

(7) Stephen Bartlett Wolcott, b. 1814 Southampton MA, d. 1900 Elyria OH; farmer and merchant at Elyria and postmaster there; m. Harriet Cheever 1840 Elyria OH.

(7) Hannah Bartlett Wolcott, b. 1816 Southampton MA, d. 1841 Smyrna NY; m. Rev. Lemuel Pomeroy 1839 Southampton MA.

(7) Mary Maria Wolcott, b. 1818 Southampton MA, d. 1841 Southampton MA; m. Orange Nelson Frary 1839 Southampton MA.

(7) Cyrenius Brooks "Cyrus" Wolcott, b. 1823 Southampton MA d. 1897 Holyoke MA; to Holyoke MA 1837, had shoe store there with brother, George, which he left to George and went into the insurance business, tax collector, Worshipful Master of the Holyoke Masonic Lodge 1863, insurance salesman at Pittsfield MA 1880; m. (1) Emily L. Sheldon 1844, m. (2) Mrs. Harriet Newell Abbott 1852 Kennebunk ME.

(7) George Morris Wolcott, b. 1825 Southampton MA, d. 1896 Holyoke MA; in shoe business at Holyoke with brother, Cyrus", he took over the business and in 1862 built a block of retail stores where he was a boot and shoe dealer in 1880; m. Sarah A. Wesson 1868, d.s.p..

(7) Daniel Pomeroy Wolcott, b. 1829 Southampton MA, d. 1902; moved to Elyria OH with brother, Stephen, where he was in 1870, farmer and mail carrier at Rootstown OH 1880-90; m. Mary A. Bush 1860.

(6) Solomon Wolcott, b. 1785 Southampton MA, d. 1846 Holyoke MA; purchased land at Washington MA 1810, farmer at West Springfield MA, moved to Montgomery MA c.1815 where he was a farmer, spelled surname Wolcott; m. Lovina Clark 1806 West Springfield MA;

(7) Miriam Bartlett Wolcott, b. 1807 Southampton MA; m. Ethan Wait 1829 Montgomery MA.

(7) Lovina Parks Wolcott, twin, b. 1809 West Springfield MA, d. 1840 Southampton MA; m. Samuel Jones Loomis 1831 Montgomery MA.

(7) Octavia Wolcott, twin, b. 1809 West Springfield MA; m. John Blanchard.

(7) Solomon Asa Wolcott, b. 1819 Montgomery MA, d. 1866 South Hadley MA; engineer at South Hadley in 1850; m. (1) Ann Grimshaw 1839 Palmer MA, m. (2) Lucy Bartlett Bolton c.1862.

(7) Salmon H. Wolcott, b. 1823 Montgomery MA, d. 1899 Chicago IL; he worked in the cotton mills at Holyoke MA, and in 1880 was a wood dealer at South Hadley MA; m. Elizabeth L. Damon 1844 West Springfield MA, m. (2) Martha Darrah 1857 Holyoke MA.

(6) Asahel Walcott, b. 1788 Easthampton MA, d. 1811 Washington MA; m. Sarah Taylor 1810 Chesterfield MA.

(7) Rev. Seth Taylor Walcott, twin, b. 1812 Washington MA, d. 1873; graduated Oberlin College 1841 and Oberlin Theological Seminary 1844; was a missionary to Jamaica and the West Indies; m. Mary Jane Cheney 1844 Oberlin OH.

(7) Ruth Walcott, twin, b. 1812 Washington MA, d. 1852.

(6) Miriam Walcott, b. 1791 Easthampton MA, d. 1882 Holyoke MA; m. Noble Ewing.

(5) Rev. Solomon Walcott, b. 1749 Mansfield CT, d. Canajoharie NY; grad. Dartmouth College 1776, minister at North Stanford 1784-5, at Williamsburg MA 1786-90, then Canajoharie NY ; m. Betsey Chandler 1779 Thompson CT.

(6) Lemuel Chandler Wolcott, b. 1780 Oxford MA; probably the Chandler Wolcott at Cherry Valley NY in 1840.

(7) Thomas Bradbury Walcott, b. 1804 NY, d. 1863 Cherry Valley NY, farmer at Cherry Valley until his death there; m. Maria Eckerson c.1830.

(7) Celesta Matilda Altheda "Altheda" Wolcott, b. c.1806 NY, d. 1834 PA; m. David B. Hazzard 1827.

(7) George Wolcott, b. c.1808 NY.

(6) Betsey Walcott, b. 1782 Oxford MA.

(5) Hannah Walcott, b. 1750 Mansfield CT, d. 1785 Easthampton MA; m. Lt. Ezra Ludden of Williamsburg MA c.1773.

(5) Samuel Walcott, b. 1752 Mansfield CT, d. c.1817, served in Capt. Bonney's Co. in 1777 and marched to Ticonderoga; bought land from his father at Williamsburg MA 1777, joined the church at Williamsburg in 1786, excommunicated in 1791 for violating 9th Commandment, readmitted 1805 after full confession; m. Mary Bangs 1777, m. (2) Rhoda Woodworth, widow of Elisha Brown 1787 Williamsburg MA and raised her four children.

(6) Samuel Walcott Jr., b. 1778 Williamsburg MA.

(6) Sarah "Sally" Walcott, b. 1779 Williamsburg MA; m. Caleb Hayden 1799 Williamsburg MA.

(6) Mary "Polly" Walcott, b. c.1782 Williamsburg MA.

(6) Infant, b., d. 1786.

(6) John Walcott, b. 1787 Williamsburg MA, d. 1819 Brecksville OH; moved to Brecksville OH 1818; m. Almira ___.

(6) Charles Walcott, b. 1788 Williamsburg MA, d. 1819 Williamsburg MA.

(6) Theodora "Theodory" Walcott, b. 1788 Williamsburg MA, d. 1858 Lukin IL, m. Zeba B. French.

(6) Almon T. Walcott, b. 1790 Williamsburg MA; fifer in the War of 1812, lived at Bricksville OH in 1820; m. Parmela (Wolcott?) 1818 Cuyahoga Co., OH, m. (2) Irene Hunter 1825 Cuyahoga Co. OH.

(6) Candace Walcott, b. 1792 Williamsburg MA, d. 1880 Anamosa IA; m. John Gaines Joslin 1813 Cuyahoga Co. OH.

(5) Miriam Walcott, b. 1754 Mansfield CT, m. Abial Perry c. 1778.

(5) John Walcott, b. 1755, Mansfield CT, d. 1835 Lansingburg NY; family moved to Williamsburg MA 1772; enlisted as private 1776 Capt. Allen's Co. MA Line, sold farm at Williamsburg 1796 and moved to Lansingburg NY, applied for military pension 1818 Rensselaer Co. NY; on 1832 pension roll, Rensellear Co. NY; widow applied for pension 1838 living Richland NY; m. Lydia Goff 1793 Lansingburg NY.

(6) adopted son, Caleb Wright, b. 1778, adopted by John Wolcott at age 14, lived Troy NY 1847.

(5) Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1758 Mansfield CT, d. 1847 Ravenna OH; m. Nehemiah White 1776 Williamsburg MA.

(5) Priscilla Walcott, b. 1760 Mansfield CT; m. Stephen Miller 1781 Williamsburg MA.

(5) Elijah Walcott, b. 1764 Mansfield CT, d. 1848 Williamsburg MA; m. Mary Blake 1786 Williamsburg MA.

(6) Rev. Calvin G. Walcott, b. 1787 Williamsburg MA, d. 1861 NY; member of the Northampton Church 1807, a trader at Danvers 1814-17, Rector of St. Andrews Church, Hanover MA 1818-34, Rector St. Paul's Episcopal Church Otis MA 1834-6, Principal of the Hanover Academy 1835; minister at St. James Episcopal Church Preston CT 1837-8; m. (1) Sarah "Sally" Gardner 1811 Danvers MA, m. (2) Rebecca____ c.1852.

(7) Elizabeth Gardner Walcott, b. 1812 Danvers MA, d. 1846 Weymouth MA; m. Dr. Jacob Richards 1834 Danvers MA.

(7) Augustus Calvin Walcott, b. 1814 Danvers MA, d. 1833 Havana, Cuba.

(7) Sarah Ann "Sally" Walcott, b. 1817 Marblehead MA, d. 1888 Yonkers NY, unm.

(7) Dr. Samuel Gardner Walcott, b. 1820 Hanover MA, d. 1883 Utica NY; graduated from Trinity College 1847, MD degree from Harvard 1850, physician at Utica NY and Boston MA; m. Caroline Hubbard 1854 Middletown CT

(7) Henrietta Blake Walcott. b. 1823 Hanover MA; m. Edward A. Richards.

(7) Dr. Asa Gardner Walcott, b. 1825 Hanover MA, d. 1858 NYC; graduated Trinity College and Medical College of NY, worked NY State Asylum Utica NY; unm.

(7) George Theodore Walcott, b. 1827 Hanover MA, d. 1851 Quincy MA.

(6) Asenath Walcott, b. 1788 Williamsburg MA, d. 1853 Northampton MA; m. Moses Gouch 1821 Williamsburg MA.

(6) Luther Walcott, b. 1791 Williamsburg MA; farmer; m. (1) Rispah Curtis 1815 Williamsburg MA; m. (2) Sarah ____.

(7) Lucinda Walcott, b. 1816 Williamsburg MA, d. 1904 Williamsburg MA; m. Christopher Meekins c.1850 Williamsburg MA.

(7) Rev. Luther Walcott Jr., b. 1816 Williamsburg MA; Universalist minister Lynnfield MA 1854-5, Universalist minister at Brewster MA 1857, minister at Newport NH 1860, ordained Episcopalian priest 1871, Episcopal minister at Scuylkill PA; m. Ellen A. White 1847 South Hadley MA.

(7) Cyrus Walcott, b. 1817 Williamsburg MA; enlisted in the Army 1839, left home and not heard from thereafter.

(7) Harriet Walcott, b. c. 1824; d. 1903 Westhampton MA; m. Joseph Bush.

(6) Polly Walcott, b. 1793 Williamsburg MA, d. 1820 Williamsburg MA unm.

(6) Willard Walcott, b. 1796 Williamsburg MA, d. 1804 Williamsburg MA.

(6) Wealthy Walcott, b. 1798 Williamsburg MA; m. Gaius Pease 1827 Goshen MA.

(6) Hannah Walcott, b. 1801 Williamsburg MA.

(6) Delilah Walcott, b. 1803 Williamsburg MA; m. Hiram Mann 1832 Northampton MA.

(6) Willard Walcott, b. 1804 Williamsburg MA, d.y.

(6) Willard Walcott, b. 1808 Williamsburg MA, d. 1838 Williamsburg MA; had a farm between Chesterfield and Goshen MA and was a member of the Baptist church; m. Deborah Day of Northampton MA 1835 Williamsburg MA

(7) Fidelia E. Walcott, b. 1836 Williamsburg MA.

(7) Mary Ann Walcott, b. 1837 Williamsburg MA; m. Henry T. Cook 1855 Northampton MA.

(7) Willard Walcott Jr., b. 1839, d. Augusta ME; carpenter, d. unmarried.

(6) Elijah Walcott Jr., b. 1811 Williamsburg MA, d. 1874 Adams MA; joined the Williamsburg church in 1831, but was excommunicated in 1841; m. Diana R. Parker 1839 Williamsburg MA.

(7) Mary Jostlyn Walcott, b. 1839 Williamsburg MA.

(7) Edwin Augustine "Augustus" Walcott, b. 1842 Williamsburg MA, d. 1914 Dundee IN; served in Co. E, 15th NY Engineers in Civil War, lived Dundee IL 1890; m. (1) Olive Land c. 1862 North Adams MA, m. (2) Martha Ellen Sweet 1867 Plainfield MA.

(7) Melissa Walcott, b. 1844 Williamsburg MA.

(7) Ophelia Walcott, b. 1848 Williamsburg MA.

(7) Samuel Walcott, b. c.1850 Williamsburg MA.

(4) Stephen Walcott, b. 1712 Boxford MA; settled at Windham CT c.1738; Stephen and his sons, Moses and Elijah Wolcott, were granted land at Hanover NH 1761; m. Mary "Mercy" Broughton 1737 Windham CT.

(5) Moses Walcott, b. 1738 Windham CT, d. 1826 Chaplin MA; lived Hampton CT 1790; m. (1) Eleanor Putney 1762 Dudley MA, m. (2) Mrs. Huldah Phelps 1803 Hampton CT.

(6) Asa Walcott, b. 1764 Dudley MA, d. 1841 Chaplin CT; farmer at Hampton CT; m. Elizabeth Clark 1784 Chaplin, Windham Co. CT

(7) Polly Walcott, b. 1785 Hampton CT, d. 1854 Hampton CT; m. John Brown 1806 Hampton CT.

(7) William Walcott, b. 1787 Hampton CT, lived Hampton CT 1840.

(7) Elisha Walcott, b. 1789 Hampton CT, d. 1801 Hampton CT.

(7) infant, b., d. 1791 Hampton CT.

(7) Hannah Walcott, b. 1792 Hampton CT, d. 1873; m. Bela Searles 1813 Hampton CT.

(7) Eleanore Walcott, b. 1795 Hampton CT CT, d. 1801 Hampton CT.

(7) Anna Walcott, b. 1798 Hampton CT, d. 1824 OH, unm.

(7) Elizabeth "Betsey" Walcott, b. 1801 Hampton CT, d. 1877 Chaplin CT; m. William Martin 1820 Hampton CT.

(7) Almira Walcott, b. 1809 Hampton CT; m. Zebediah Holt 1831 Chaplin CT.

(5) Elijah Walcott, b. 1740 Windham CT, d. 1823 Chaplin CT; Sgt. in the Windham militia, marched to the Lexington alarm of 1775, joined 1st Church of Windham 1778, moved to Williamstown VT c. 1787 where he and wife were charter members of the Williamstown Congregational Church in 1795, returned to CT 1816; m. Esther Owen, widow of Jonathan Bill, 1758 Windham CT.

(6) Jabez Walcott, b. 1758 Windham CT. He moved to Bethel, Windsor Co. VT shortly after 1796, between 1800 and 1806 they moved to Lewis NY; m. Jemima Rogers, widow of Eliphas Robinson c.1788 Windham CT.

(7) Elijah Walcott, b. 1792 Hampton CT, d. 1855 Wright Twp. MI; sailor and "doubled the Horn " twice, served in War of 1812, moved to St. Thomas, Canada, about 1820, at Grimsby, Ontario 1828, bought 100 acres at Harwick, Ontario 1849, moved to Talmadge MI 1846, purchased land Wright Twp. MI 1847, Commissioner of Highways at Wright in 1847; m. Sarah "Sally" Tuttle 1813 Wyoming Co. NY.

(7) daughter, b. c.1797

(6) Eliphalet Walcott, b. 1760 Windham CT; enlisted as Pvt. in Capt. Clark's Co. CT militia, moved to Vermont after the war; m. (1) Anne ____ c.1790, m. (2) Elizabeth Shurtleff of Tolland VT.

(7) Hannah Walcott, dau. Eliphalet and Anne, b. 1792 Williamstown VT; unm.

(7) Philura Walcott, dau. Eliphalet and Anne Wa., b. 1794 Williamstown VT, d. 1874; m. James Hopkins Jr. 1826.

(7) Zebina Walcott, b. 1795 Williamstown, VT. Williamstown VT 1850, moved to Montello WI c.1851; m. Clarissa Engals c.1818.

(6) Margaret Walcott, b. 1762 Windham, CT.

(6) Phoebe Walcott, b. 1764 Windham, CT.

(6) Asahel "Asa" Walcott, b. 1766 Windham, CT, d. 1782.

(6) Eleazur Walcott, b. 1768 Windham CT, d. 1862 Williamstown VT; m.(1) Sarah "Sally" Phillips 1795 Williamstown VT, m.(2) Sylvia ____.

(7) Sarah "Sally" Walcott, b. 1797 Williamstown VT; m. Daniel Corbin Jr. 1818 Williamstown VT.

(7) Asahel Walcott, b. 1799 Williamstown VT, 1801 Williamstown VT.

(7) Andrew Phillips Walcott, b. 1802 Glover VT; moved to St. Lawrence Co. NY c.1830, in 1850 he was a carpenter at Brasher NY, and in 1860 he was a carpenter and Baptist preacher at Dickinson NY, he or his son Andrew ; m. (1) Susan Kendall 1824 NY, m. (2) Sarah Folsom 1846 Parishville NY.

(7) Ira Walcott, b. 1805 Glover VT; carpenter at Northfield VT in 1860; m. Lucy ____ c.1831.

(7) Sally Walcott, b. 1807 Glover VT.

(7) Asahel Walcott, b. 1807 Glover, VT, d. 1896 Sheffield VT, farmer at Sheffield VT; m. Sarah Coomer c.1836 VT.

(6) Elisha Walcott, b. 1770 Windham CT, d. 1859 Chaplin CT; moved to Williamstown VT with his brother c.1795; m. (1) Lydia Townsend 1801 Chaplin CT, m. (2) Elizabeth, widow of Daniel Martin of Mansfield CT 1819 Chaplin CT.

(7) Elisha Walcott Jr., b. 1802 Williamstown VT.

(7) Roswell Bill Walcott, b. 1806 Williamstown VT, d. 1886 Chaplin CT; bootmaker at Chaplin CT; m. Ann Murta 1857 Chaplin CT.

(7) Lydia Walcott, b. 1811 Williamstown VT, d.y.

(7) Lydia Townsend Walcott, b. 1820 Chaplin CT, d. 1834 Windham CT.

(7) Cornelia Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1823 Chaplin CT, d. 1853 Chaplin CT unm.

(5) Eunice Walcott, b. 1743 Windham CT, d. 1835 Randolph VT; m. (1) Asa Tiffant c.1761 Windham CT, m. (2) Thomas Neff 1770 Windham CT.

(5) Samuel Walcott, b. 1747 Windham CT; d. 1752 Windham CT.

(5) Elipalet Walcott, b. 1752, d. 1753 Windham CT.

(4) Hannah Walcott, b. 1715 Boxford MA; m. Nathaniel Bingham 1750 Mansfield CT.

(4) Rachel Walcott, b. 1718 Boxford MA, m. (1) Daniel Huntington of Norwich CT c.1735, m.(2) Joseph Bingham 1742, m. (3) Thomas Welch 1769 Windham Co. CT.

(4) Miriam Walcott, b. 1718 Boxford MA, d.y.

(4) Anna Walcott, b. 1718 Boxford MA; m. Nathaniel Bingham 1750 Mansfield CT

(4) Samuel Walcott, b. 1721 Boxford MA, d. before 1745; unm.

(3) Joseph Walcott, b. 1673 Salem Village MA, d. 1674 Salem Village MA.

(3) Mary Walcott, b. 1675 Salem Village MA. Mary was one of the "afflicted girls" in the Salem witchcraft trials; m. Isaac Farrer 1696 Salem Village MA. She is sometimes said to be wife of David Harwood, apparently in error.

(3) Samuel Walcott, b. 1678 Salem Village MA, d. 1728 NJ. He was a tailor, moved from Salem to West New Jersey in 1701. Will of Mathias Johnson of Penn's Neck, Salem Co. NJ, yeoman, proved 1730, leaves bequest of "8.5L to Saml. Walcott and wife Katherine, the filial portion of Erick Johnson, said Katherine's former husband." Will of Saml. Walcott of Penn's Neck, Salem Co. NJ, tailor, names dau. Mary his heiress, she and James Whitson to be executors; proved 1728. Inventory of estate, value 291L 9s 9d.; m. Caterina Scheerer, widow of Erick Jansen, 1720 Penns Neck NJ.

(4) Mary Walcott, b. c. 1723. In 1735 Clement Hall of Salem NJ petitioned to be appointed her guardian, replacing Samuel Abbot who had been appointed her guardian in 1734. In 1742 she was unmarried and living at Salem NJ, where she deeded to Andrew Sinick land called Chestnut Neck that had been deeded to her father by Stephen Cornelius in 1725.

(3) Ann Walcott, b. 1685 Salem Village MA; m. Joshua Felt 1713 Salem Village MA.

(3) Thomas Walcott, b., d. 1688 Salem Village MA.

( 3) Thomas Walcott, b. 1689 Salem Village MA, d. y.

(3) William Walcott, b. 1691 Salem Village MA, d. 1777 Cumberland RI; farmer, sold land at Salem Village 1722 and moved to Attleboro MA, bought land there and built a house at Attleboro MA 1723; William, Benjamin, and Eleazur sold their father's homestead land in 1728; m. (1) Mary Felt of Casco Bay ME 1712; m.(2) Mrs. Ruth Perkins 1763 Cumberland RI.

(4) Anna Walcott, b. 1713 Salem Village MA, d. 1726 Salem Village MA.

(4) Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1715 Salem Village MA; m. Ebenezer Emerson of Wrentham MA 1730.

(4) William Walcott Jr., b. 1717 Salem Village MA. He was a member of the First Church of Attleboro MA in 1742, moved to Cumberland RI about 1745 where he was given 50 acres and a house by his father which he sold to his brother, Benjamin, in 1757, moving to Providence RI; in 1774 he was at Smithfield RI, he was given a land grant in VT; m. Esther Foster 1750 Cumberland RI.

(5) William Walcott, b. 1751 Cumberland RI, d.y.

(5) Esther Walcott, b. 1752 Cumberland RI.

(5) Dr. James Walcott, b. 1754 Providence RI, d. 1830 Queechy VT. He was a doctor and family tradition says he was a surgeon in Rev. War; is called "of Woodstock" in 1778 and shortly after was living at Dudley MA; moved to Queechy VT in 1826, usually spelled his name Wolcott; m. (1) Elizabeth " Betty" Bradford of Sturbridge MA 1778; Dr. James Wa. of Dudley m. (2) Mehitable, Amidown 1799 Dudley MA.

(6) Amy Wolcott, b. 1779 Dudley MA, d. 1813 Dudley MA, unm.

(6) Esther Wolcott, b. 1781 Dudley MA, d. 1829 Quechee VT.

(6) Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1783 Dudley MA, d. 1868; m. Fordyce Foster 1807 Bangor ME.

(6) James Wolcott Jr., b. 1787 Dudley MA, d. 1853. With brother Perez, he started the Wolcott Woolen Mfg. Co. at Southbridge, moved to Wolcottville CT, and was at Brooklyn NY 1835; James Wa., Jr. of Charlton m. (1) Lucretia Plimpton, widow of Jared Bostwick 1812 Sturbridge MA; m. (2) Elizabeth Thompson 1820 Brimfield MA.

(7) Louisa Wolcott, b. 1813 Sturbridge MA, d. 1849 Portsmouth VA; m. Samuel T. Hart c.1835.

(7) James Plimpton Wolcott, b. 1815 Sturbridge MA; m. Ann Bleeker.

(7) Lucretia Wolcott, b. 1817 Sturbridge MA; m. Lincoln B. Knowlton 1842 Cook Co. IL.

(7) Helen Wolcott, b. 1819 Southbridge MA, d. 1820 Southbridge MA.

(7) William Henry Wolcott, b. 1821 MA, d. 1845 MA unm.

(7) Elizabeth Brewer Wolcot, b. 1823 MA, d. 1824 MA.

(7) Brewer Thompson Wolcott, b. 1824 MA, d.s.p.

(7) Oliver Wolcott, b. 1826, went to CA. He was a lawyer at Antioch CA in 1880 and voted at Fresno CA in 1890; m. Mary.

(7) John Wolcott, b. 1828, d. 1831.

(7) Helen Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1831, d. 1834.

(7) Mary Thompson Wolcott, b. 1833; m. ___ O'Donnell c.1865.

(7) Gilbert Brewster Wolcott, b. 1837 Brooklyn NY, d. 1911 Peoria IL; government storekeeper at Peoria in 1880; m. Maria Day 1862 Brimfield IL

(7) Jane Thompson Wolcott, b. 1838, d. 1851.

(7) Harriet Eliza Wolcott, b. 1840, d. 1916 Denver CO; m. James Thompson c.1863.

(6) Perez Bradford "Bradford" Walcott, b. 1789 Dudley MA, d. 1851; partner with his brother, James, in the Wolcott Woolen Mfg. Co. at Southbridge MA; about 1835 moved to Cleveland OH; m. Isabella E. Foster 1812 Sturbridge MA, m. (2) Clarinda ____.

(7) Perez Bradford Wolcott Jr., b. 1814 Dudley MA, d. 1906 Felchville VT. He was a blacksmith at Reading VT in 1880; m. Eunice Sibyl Fairbanks 1845 Felchville VT.

(7) Elizabeth H. Wolcott, b. 1815 Southbridge MA, d. 1855.

(7) Charles Wolcott, b. c.1817 Southbridge MA, d. NB.

(7) Isabella Wolcott, b. 1891 Southbridge MA, d. 1903 Southbridge MA.

(7) Daniel Foster Wolcott, b. 1823 Southbridge MA, d. 1895 Southbridge MA; m. Sarah Ann Tower 1846 Sturbridge MA.

(7) George A. Wolcott, b. 1824 Southbridge MA, d. 1853 CA; blacksmith at Sturbridge MA in 1850.

(7) Sarah Wolcott, b. 1826, d.y.

(7) Emily A. Wolcott, b. 1828 Roxbury MA, d. 1913 Holland MA; m. Henry Vinton 1846.

(7) Mary Ellen Wolcott, b. 1836, d. 1841.

(5) George Wolcott, b. 1757 Providence RI, d. 1759 Providence RI.

(5) Charles Walcott, b. 1758 Providence RI, d. 1791 Pomfret VT. He served on privateer in Rev. War, was captured and imprisoned; carpenter and freeman at Pomfret 1778, bought land there 1781 where he built log cabin; Highway Surveyor 1784, fence viewer 1788, Constable 1791; killed in accident during raising of meeting house; m. Susanna Cooper 1782 Smithfield VT.

(6) Mary Walcott, b. 1783 Pomfret VT, d.y.

(6) Esther Walcott, b. 1786 Pomfret VT, d. 1860 Pomfret VT.

(6) Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1788 Pomfret VT, d.y.

(6) Susanna Walcott, b. 1791 Pomfret VT; m. Dr. Isaac Emery Danforth c.1816 Pomfret VT.

(5) Anna "Nancy"Walcott, b. 1761 Providence RI, d. 1845; m. (1) Nathaniel Carpenter 1779 Woodstock VT, m. (2) James Thwing 1800.

(5) Henry Walcott, b. 1762 Providence RI, d.y.

(5) Mary "Polly" Walcott, b. 1865 Providence RI; m. Andrew Durkee 1788 Pomfret VT.

(5) Kate Walcott, b. 1767 Providence RI.

(5) William Walcott III, b. 1770 Cumberland RI, d. 1856 Barnard VT; farmer, purchased 25 acres at Barnet VT 1788, 20 more in 1789, member of the Universalist Society at Woodstock 1794; m. Hannah Boyden c,1793 Walpole NH.

6) Hon. Charles Walcott, b. 1795 Pomfret VT, d. 1879. He was a farmer at Barnard VT, member VT Assembly 1843-4; m. Sarah Ashley of Barnard 1826 Barnard VT

(7) Almira Walcott, b. 1827 Barnard VT, d. 1879 Barnard VT; m. Benjamin F. Bennett 1864 Barnard VT.

(7) John Walcott, b. 1829 Barnard VT, d. 1910 Santa Barbara CA. He moved to Magnolia IL in 1848 where he was a carpenter, enlisted in the 77th IL Regt. during Civil War; moved to Santa Barbara CA c.1872 and ran a grocery business for William Welles Hollister, later divorced his wife, reportedly for having an affair with Hollister; m. Rebecca Josephine Butterfield, an actress and medium, c. 1858 IL.

(7) Jane Walcott, b. 1831 Barnard VT, d. 1915 Lyme VT; m. Edwin Bugbee 1852 Barnard VT.

(7) William Young Walcott, b. 1834 Barnard VT, d. 1909 Enfield NH. He was a farmer at Enfield NH 1860-80, served in the 11th NH Regt. during Civil War; m. Mary Culver 1856 Pomfret VT.

(7) Emily Walcott, b. 1835 Barnard VT, d. 1916 Arlington MA; m. (1) W. Scott Abbott 1856 Barnard VT, m. (2) Joseph Paige 1870.

(7) Charles Winfield Walcott, b. 1837 Barnard VT, d. 1903 Washington D.C. He served in Co. E, 4th VT Regt. during the Civil War, was clerk at Washington DC 1880; bottled "Lucy Hinton Pure Rye Whiskey" at Colonial Beach VA; m. Harriet Pettigrew 1862 Baltimore MD

(7) Isaac Young Walcott, b. 1839 Barnard VT, d. 1844 Barnard VT.

(6) Sarah Walcott, b. 1797 Barnard VT, d. 1865; m. Horatio Nelson Freeman 1821 Barnard VT.

(6) John Walcott, b. 1798 Barnard VT, d. 1829 Pomfret VT; m. Adeline Cox c.1825.

(7) Hanna Ware Walcott, b. 1826 Pomfret VT, d. 1902 Chicopee MA.

(7) Harriet Walcott, b. 1828 Pomfret VT; m. Hiram Downing.

(6) James Walcott, b. 1800 Barnard VT, d. Royalton VT; farmer at Barnard VT and an ardent Methodist; m. Rebecca Freeman c.1822 VT.

(7) Infant, b., d. 1830 Royalton VT.

(7) Frances Rebecca Walcott, b. 1831 Royalton VT, d. 1910 Ceresco MI; m. Jason Lovejoy 1848.

(7) Mary Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1833 Royalton VT, d. 1840 Royalton VT.

(7) James Albert Walcott, b. 1841 Royalton VT, d. 1864 VA; killed in battle serving in the Union Army.

(7) Eliza Freeman Walcott, b. 1848 Royalton VT, d. 1901 Dorchester VT; m. John Howard Fowler 1862 Royalton VT.

(6) George Walcott, b. 1802 Barnard VT; carpenter at Lancaster and Haverhill NH and lived at Worcester VT in 1875; m Jemima Cook c.1828.

(7) Ellen Walcott, b. 1829.

(7) Mary Cook Walcott, b. 1835.

(7) William George Walcott, b. 1838 Lancaster NH; lived Haverhill NH, enlisted 1861 as Cpl. in Co. E, 2nd NH Eng. Regt., also served Co. G, 2nd NH Eng. Regt. and Co. L, 1st NH Heavy Arty Regt.

(7) John Truman Walcott, b. 1841 Lancaster NH.

(6) Lucinda Walcott, b. 1804 Barnard VT, d. 1877 East Barnard VT; m. Calvin Boyden 1844 Barnard VT.

(6) Oliver Walcott, b. 1806 Barnard VT. He lived Barnard VT 1850, and Lebanon NH 1860, active in the Methodist Church; m. Hannah Whipple Dodge c.1835.

(7) John Whipple Walcott, b. 1838, d. 1840.

(7) Hannah L. Walcott, b. 1840 CT; m. Frank Griswold.

(7) Althea Maria Walcott, b. 1842 VT, d. 1869; m. John Milton Thompson.

(7) Sarah Arvilla Walcott, b. 1844 VT, d. 1869; m. Henry P. Coffin.

(7) Mary Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1847 VT, d. 1911; m. John Milton Thompson, widower of her sister, c.1870.

(7) Edward Walcott, b. c.1850, d.y.

(6) Chauncey Walcott, b. 1809 Barnard VT, d. 1890 Monson MA; lived Royalton VT, then moved to Monson MA where he lived with daughter, Lucy; m. Harriet Sophia Rising 1837 Suffield CT.

(7) Boyde Rising Walcott, b. 1838, d. 1841 Barnard VT.

(7) Harriet Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1841 Barnard VT, d. 1893 Monson MA.

(7) Annette Boyden Walcott, b. 1843 Barnard VT, d. 1917 Royalton VT; m. Robert Fox Lyman 1864 Royalton VT.

(7) Lucy Jane Walcott, b. 1846 Barnard VT; m. John Cyril Aldrich 1870.

(7) Adeline Walcott, b. 1852; m. Henry Heber Denison 1886.

(6) Hannah Walcott, b. 1811 barnard VT, d. 1852 Royalton VT; m. Thomas Barnes Fay c.1830.

(6) Elizabeth, b. 1814 VT; m. William Fay 1836 Barnard VT.

(5) Sarah Walcott, b. 1774.

(4) Mary Walcott, b. 1720 Salem Village MA, d. 1809; m. Eleazur Rhodes of Stoughton 1740 Attleboro MA.

(4) Moses Walcott, b. 1721 Salem Village MA, d. 1813 Attleboro MA. He was a farmer at Attleboro MA, joined the First Church of Attleboro 1742; m. Mary Blackinton 1744 Attleboro MA.

(5) Pentecost Walcott, b. 1745 Attleboro MA, d. 1814 Wrentham MA. He was a farmer at Attleboro MA until 1807 and then moved to Wrentham MA; Pvt. in Capt. Willmart's Co. 1778, and Capt. Robinson's Co. 1780, marching to Tiverton RI; m. (1) Hannah Guild 1771 Attleboro; m. (2) Mrs. Hannah Walker Sprout 1809 Norton MA.

(6) Hannah Walcott, b. 1772 Attleboro MA, d. 1830 Wrentham MA unm.

(6) Pentecost Walcott Jr., b. 1774 Attleboro MA, d. 1844 Union ME. He was a farmer at Union ME; m. (1) Elizabeth Mathews 1801 Warren MA; m. (2) Elizabeth Standish c. 1840; she m. (2) Benjamin Clarke of Union ME 1847.

(7) Hannah Walcott, b. 1802 Union ME; m. Elijah House 1832.

(7) Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1805 Union ME; m. Parker Messer c.1827.

(7) Katherine Walcott, b. 1807 Union ME; m. Cornelius Spear 1830.

(7) Lydia Walcott, b. 1809 Union ME; m. Charles Hibbard 1830 Union ME.

(7) Robert Walcott, b. 1813 Union ME, d. 1814 Union ME.

(7) Mary Walcott, b. 1815 Union ME, d. 1836 Union, ME

(6) Martha Walcott, b. 1777 Attleboro MA, d. 1798 Wrentham MA unm.

(6) Abigail "Nabby"Walcott, b. 1781 Attleboro MA, d. 1859 Plainville MA; m. William Riley 1814 Wrentham MA.

(6) Royal Walcott, b. 1783 Attleboro MA, d. 1813 Wrentham MA. He was a farmer at Wrentham; m. Sarah Farrington 1812 Wrentham MA.

(7) Royal E. Walcott, b. 1813 Wrentham MA; m. Mary ___.

(7) Sarah, b. 1814 Wrentham MA; m. lewis C. Allen 1838 Wrentham MA.

(6) Capt. William Walcott, b. 1786 Attleboro MA, d. 1825 Wrentham MA He was a farmer at Attleboro, and Capt. of the Attleboro militia; m. Lydia Fuller 1811 Attleboro MA.

(7) Sarah Ann Walcott, b. 1813 Attleboro MA, d. 1891 Attleboro MA; m. Isaac Church Brainred 1833 Attleboro MA.

(7) Lydia Miller Walcott, b. 1815 Attleboro MA; m. John Phillips 1850 Attleboro MA.

(7) Martha Miranda Walcott, b. 1817 Attleboro MA; m. James Rolland Powers 1837

(7) William Guild Walcott, b. 1819 Attleboro MA, d. 1839 Wrentham MA.

(7) Nancy Maria Walcott, b. 1822 Attleboro MA; m. Thadeus Smith of Wrentham MA 1862.

(7) John Milton Walcott, b. 1824 Attleboro MA, d. 1881 Attleboro MA. He was a silversmith at Attleboro; m. Sarah Ann Gledden 1849 Attleboro MA.

(5) Hannah Walcott, b. c.1747 Attleboro MA; m. David Whiting 1766 Attleboro MA.

(5) Mary Walcott, b. 1750; m. George Blackinton 1769 Attleboro.

(5) Moses Walcott, b. 1752 Attleboro MA, d. 1816 Wrentham MA;farmer, his father deeded him half his land at Attlebororo in 1776; served as Pvt. in Capt. Ellis' Co. Attleboro militia 1775, and as Sgt. in Capt. Robinson's Co. which marched to Tiverton RI 1780; m. Ruth Whipple 1777 Attleboro MA.

(6) Ruth Walcott, b. 1777 Attleboro MA; m. Ebenezer Foster 1779 Wrentham MA.

(6) Mary Walcott, b. 1779 Attleboro MA; m. her cousin, George Backitar 1805 Attleboro MA.

(6) Jemima Walcott, b. 1782 Attleboro MA, d. 1862 unm.

(6) Mandana Walcott, b. 1788 Attleboro MA; d. 1790 Attleboro MA.

(5) Rebecca Walcott, b. 1756, d. 1816 Wrentham MA unm.

(5) Susannah Walcott, b. c.1760 Attleboro MA; m. Samuel Everett 1780 Attleboro MA.

(5) infant, b., d. 1762.

(5) Lydia Walcot, b. c.1764 Attleboro MA, d. 1826 Union ME; m. Calvin Richards 1837 Attleboro MA.

(5) Spencer Walcott, b.1767, d. 1826 Union ME. He was a farmer, moved to Union ME c.1790, between 1805 and 1826 he was tax collector, fish warden, constable, town treasurer, tihingman, Assessor, and school agent at Union; m. Hannah Woodcock c.1791 Attleboro MA.

(6) Sarah Walcott, b. 1792 Union ME, d. 1836 ME; m. Sylvanus Hemmingway 1813 Union ME.

(6) Fanny Walcott, b. 1795 Union ME; m. John Bowes 1818 Union ME.

(6) Rebecca Walcott, b. 1797 Union ME, d. 186_ Liberty ME; m. Morrill Mathews 1819 Union ME.

(6) Avis Walcott, b. 1799 Union ME, d. 1877; m. (1) Sanford Hills 1821 Union ME, m. (2) George Cummings 1839.

(6) Vina Walcott, b. 1801 Union ME; m. Bickford C. Matthews 1823 Union ME.

(6) Moses Walcott, b. 1804 Union ME, d. 1878 Washington ME; m. (1) Mary Chase Robbins, m. (2) Mary Witham, widow of Andrew Suchforth 1850.

(6) Spencer Walcott Jr., b. 1807 Union ME, d. 1884 Union ME. He was a farmer at Union ME and school agent there in 1836 and 1842, town treasurer 1851; m. Esther Pike Dadmun 1830 Union ME.

(7) Hannah Walcott, b. 1831 Union ME, d. 1898; m. David Green Pillsbury 1863 Union ME.

(7) Loana Maria Walcott, b. 1835 Union ME, d. 1904; m. Josiah R. Drake 1853 Union ME.

(7) Mary Adams Walcott, b. 1837 Union ME, d. 1890; m. Cyrus Nye Folger 1859 Union ME.

(7) Sanford Hills Walcott, b. 1839 Union ME, d. 1906 unm.

(7) Joseph Dadmun Walcott, b. 1841 Union ME, d. 1895 unm.

(7) Martha Clotilda Walcott, b. 1849 Union ME; m. William J. Robbins of Haverhill MA 1869 Union ME.

(6) Alzina Walcott, b. 1808 Union ME; m. Stephen Simmons Hawes 1830.

(6) Manning Walcott, b. 1813 Union ME, d. 1887 Union ME. He was a farmer at Union ME; m. Mary Hawes 1837 Union ME.

(7) Herman Hartley Walcott, b. 1838 Union ME, d. 1929 San Diego CA; m. Delia Josephine Manley 1861 South Hope ME..

(7) Edgar Hartley Walcott, b. 1842 Union ME, d. 1915 Union ME. he served in Co. B, 24th Inf. Regt. 1862-3; m. Orrissa A. Tolman 1871 Rockland ME.

(5) Thane Walcott, b. c.1769; m. Oliver May 1789 Attleboro MA.

(4) Deliverance Walcott, b. 1724 Attleboro MA, d. 1804 ; m. Stephen Rhodes 1740 Attleboro MA.

(4) Lydia Walcott, b. 1727 Attleboro MA; m. Ichabod Peck Jr. 1750 Cumberland RI, he is said to have been a Lt. Col. but no record of this has been found.

(4) Lt. Benjamin Walcott, b. 1729 Attleboro, MA, d. 1781 Cumberland RI. He was a farmer at Cumberland Gore, now Arnold Mills, near Cumberland RI, freeman there 1758, Ensign in Cumberland militia 1762, Lt. 1768-70; m. Mary Foster 1753 Attleboro MA.

(5) Capt. Benjamin Stuart Walcott, b. 1755 Arnold Mills RI, d. 1824 Pawtucket RI. Served as 2nd Lt. Capt. Ballou's Co 1776-7, 1st Lt. 1777, joined Continental Army 1778, served until 1779 and was at taking of Bristol, after war was 1st LT. Cumberlan Rangers, Capt. 1791-1796, his widow applied for pension 1837 Cayuga Co. NY, age 82; son, James D. Walcott, age 56, gave affidavit 1837 at Auburn NY, stating his father d. Pawtucket RI, referring to another son, Edward Walcott, residing Auburn NY, and another son W. Walcott; 1814 part owner of new bank at Pawtucket; Owner of schooner "Little Duck" out of Providence in 1815; m. Mercy Dexter 1778 Cumberland RI.

(6) Maj. James Dexter Walcott, b. 1778 Cumberland RI, d. 1852; Arelius NY. He served as Ensign in 6th RI militia 1803, Lt. 1804-8, Capt. 1807, Maj. and commander of 6th Regt 1809-11; Justice of the Peace 1811; worked with his father and learned the yarn and cloth manufacturing business, moved to Newport NH 1813 and built cotton mill, was Selectman for Newport 7 yrs, Town Clerk 5 yrs; sold mill and moved to Auburn NY c.1836; m. (1) Hannah Jenks 1803 Cumberland RI, m. 2) Zelinda Poor 1829.

(7) Daniel Walcott, b. 1800 Cumberland RI, d. 1840, Southbridge; Daniel Wa. of Aurora, Cayuga Co. NY m. Hannah C. Marsh 1838.

(7) Albert Walcott, b. 1804 Cumberland RI, d. 1879 St. Peter MN. He was a machine manufacturer and dealer, lived Auburn NY until 1837 when his store was destroyed by fire, moved to Rochester NY, to Detroit MI 1845; m. Martha Camp 1828 Whitestown NY.

(7) Horatio Nelson Walcott, b. 1806 Cumberland RI, d. 1867 Pilot Point TX. He sailed from Bridgeport MS to Brazoria TX in 1836, was founder and mayor of Pilot Point TX.

(7) James Dexter Walcott Jr. , b. 1807 Cumberland RI, d. 1881 Pilot Point TX. He moved to Granville SC c.1840 and then to Pilot Point TX where he had a store and was postmaster; m. (1) Lydia Tillinghast 1837, m. (2) Martha Merissa Eddleman 1859 Pilot Point TX.

(7) Benjamin Stuart Walcott, b. 1809 Cumberland RI, d. 1878 Honey Grove TX. He moved to OH in 1829 and started a business, moved to Clinton MS 1835 and was a millwright, purchased a slave, moved to TX 1846 and helped found town of Honey Grove and had a store, founded Walcott Institute, a school that operated until 1900, owned several thousand acres; m. (1) Mrs. Elizabeth Graves Parrish Gilmer 1848 Honey Grove TX, m. (2) Amanda Bugbee 1866 Honey Grove TX.

(7) Rev. Jeremiah Whipple Walcott, b. 1812 Cumberland RI, d. 1880 Green Lake WI. he graduated Dartmouth College 1839 and Auburn Theological Seminary 1843, was minister at Virgil NY 1844-6, Principal of Munroe Academy at Eldridge NY 1846-8, principal of Auburn Female Seminary 1848-50, in 1850 at Detroit MI with uncle Albert, went to WI as missionary to Indians 1852, Principal of Ripon Preparatory School 1853-8; Rev. Jeremiah Wa. of Auburn NY m. (1) Hannah Burton Church 1844 Bristol RI, m. (2) Caroline Cooper 1853 Auburn NY.

(7) Cornelia Walcott, b. 1815 Newport NH, d. 1893 Auburn NY; m. James Carp 1856 Auburn NY

(7) Bella Whipple Walcott, b. 1818 Newport, NH, d. 1842 Auburn NY; unm.

(6) Nancy Walcott, b. 1780 Cumberland RI, d. 1819; m. John Gray Whipple 1807.

(6) Philadelphia Walcott, b. 1782 Cumberland RI, d. 1832 Providence RI; m. Uriah Benedict 1812 Cumberland RI.

(6) Benjamin Stuart Walcott Jr., b. 1785 Cumberland RI, d. 1862 New York Mills NY. He came with his father to Whitestone, Oneida Co. NY c.1808, where they built a yarn mill incorporated 1810, bought a nearby mill also, 1817 built first power loom in NY employed hundreds of workers, eventually became a town called New York Mills; during the war he gave a schooner to the government; trustee of Congregational church in 1847, endowed a chair of Christian Morals at Hamilton College, left funds for building a Presbyterian church at New York Mills m.(1) Irena Wetmore Doolittle 1810 New York Mills NY, m.(2) Judith Lane 1832 Utica NY.

(7) Catherine Marcy Walcott, b. 1811 Whitestone, Oneida Co. NY; m. William R. Young 1835 New York Mills NY.

(7) William Doolittle Walcott, b. 1813 Whitestone, Oneida Co. NY. His middle name is sometimes given as Dexter, but it is Doolittle on his marriage record;he was a partner with his father in New York Mills, took over management 1856, also had cattle business sold in 1873 for $370,000, trustee of Hamilton College and Oneida National Bank of Utica; his wife was relative of Alexander G. Bell and he had one of the first telephones in his home; m. Hannah Coe Hubbatd 1836 Middletown CT.

(7) Elizabeth Frances Walcott, b. 1816 Whitestone, Oneida Co. NY; m. Edward Chauncey Hamilton 1836 New York Mills NY.

(7) Charles Doolittle Walcott, b. 1818 Whitestone, Oneida Co. NY. He was a partner with his brothers in New York Mills; m. Mary Lane 1840 NYC. They were parents of noted geologist Charles Doolittle Walcott Jr.

(7) Julia Mann Walcott, b. 1822 Whitestone, Oneida Co. NY; m. Ellis B. Pitcher 1841 New York Mills NY.

(7) Irena Walcott, b. 1825 Whitestone, Oneida Co. NY, d. 1826 Oneida Co. NY.

(7) Benjamin Stuart Walcott III, b. 1829 Whitestone, Oneida Co. NY, d. 1890 NYC. He was Vice Consul and acting Consul General at Beirut, Syria c.1850, in wholesale dry goods business, Sec. and Pres. Hanover Fire Insurance Co. of NY, his library was one of the largest private collections in US; m. Loenza Boutelle Boynton 1853 Brooklyn NY.

(7) Irena Emma Walcott, b. 1833 Whitestone, Oneida Co. NY; m. James E. Hazlehurst.

(7) Oliver Walcott, b. 1834 Whitestone, Oneida Co. NY, d. 1835 Oneida Co. NY

(7) Capt. John Marshall Walcott, b. 1835 Whitestone, Oneida Co. NY, d. 1864. He; was a Capt. in the Union Army and died during the war; m. Laura Colbran.

(7) Edward Taylor Walcott, b. 1839 Whitestone, Oneida Co. NY, d.y.

(7) Franklin Hamilton Walcott, b. 1842 Whitestone, Oneida Co. NY. He served in the RI Cav., was Sgt Maj. of 17th NY Regt., discharged for disability, lived Tarrytown, Nyack, and NYC; m. (1) Clementine C. Timby c.1870 Nyack NY, m. (2) Eliza Laschy NYC.

(6) Mercy Walcott, b. 1787 Cumberland RI, d. 1861 Providence RI; m. Larned Pitcher 1833 Providence RI.

(6) Esek Dexter Walcott, b. 1792 Cumberland RI, d. 1843 Mt. Holly MS. He moved to Warren Co, MS 117 and purchased a plantation called Walnut Hill near Vicksburg, owned 500 acres, owned 3 slaves, sold the plantation in 1840 and moved to Mt. Holly MS; m. (1) Charlotte White 1815 Whitestown NY, m. (2) Mrs. Sarah Ann Thomas 1832 Warren Co. MS.

(7) Charlotte White Walcott Whitestown NY, d. Columbia TX; m. David H. Yeiser 1837 Warren Co. MS.

(7) Marcy Walcott, b. , d. 1819 Whitestown NY; m. D. H. Yeister 1837 MS

(7) Edward Walcott, b. 1819 Whitestown NY, d. 1844 Warren Co. MS; unm.

(7) Ann Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1822 Warren Co. MS; m. Steven William Perkins 1838 Warren Co. MS.

(7) Susan Walcott, b. 1823 Warren Co. MS, d. 1824 Warren Co. MS.

(7) Louisa Irene Walcott, b. 1826 Warren Co. MS, d. 1855 TX; m. Dr. Robert Baker Scott 1844 Mt. Holly MS.

(7) Dexter Esek "Esek" Walcott, b. 1828 Walnut Hill VA, d. 1887 Comanche TX; farmer at Comanche Co. TX 1880; m. Sarah E. Richey 1851 Bedford Co. VA in a Quaker church.

(7) Jeanette C. V. Walcott, b. 1833 Warren Co. MS, d. 1862; m. Thomas H. Hill 1847 Warren Co. MS.

(7) Theodore George Walcott, b. 1835 Warren Co. MS; student at Western Military Institute in KY 1850; m. (1) Mary Jane Hicks 1854 Warren Co. MS; m. (2) Elizabeth C. Harris 1858 Warren Co. MS.

(7) Eugene Walcott, b. 1837 Warren Co. MS, d. 1844 Warren Co. MS.

(7) William Harrison Walcott, b. 1840 Warren Co. MS, d. 1844 Warren Co. MS; m. Georgia ___.

(6) William Walcott, b. 1794 Cumberland RI, d. 1859 Staten Island NY. He lived at Whitesboro where he was an agent for his brother's mills, paymaster for 8th Arty Regt NY militia 1821, treasurer of Michigan Southern & Northern Indiana Railroad; m. Catherine Curtenius 1824 NYC.

(7) Helen Ann Walcott, b. 1826 Whitestown NY, d. 1827 Whitestown NY.

(7) Katheriine Walcott, adopted niece; m. Edward Brayton.

(6) Edward Walcott, b. 1796 Cumberland RI, d. 1870 Providence RI; cotton cloth manufacturer at Pawtucket and later at Providence, town treasurer of Providence 1832; m. (1) Anne Witherspoon Green 1822 Pautucket RI; m. (2) Amelia Ames Wheelock 1835 providence RI.

(7) Anna Greene Walcott, b. 1823 Pautucket RI, d. 1876; m. Thomas T. Phillips 1845 Providence RI.

(7) Edward Walcott Jr., b. 1827 RI, d. 1891 NYC.

(7) William Stuart Walcott, b. 1829 RI, d. 1904 NYC. He was a real estate agent at New York City; m. Adelaide Meserole 1860.

(7) Joseph Cantero Walcott, b. 1836 ProvidenceRI, d. 1908 NYC. He was a stock broker in NYC; m. Eva Johnson.

(7) Mary Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1838 Providence RI, d. 1888 NYC.

(7) Augustus Stuart Walcott, b. 1840 Providence RI, d. 1873 NYC; unm.

(7) infant, b., d. 1845 Providence RI.

(7) Amelia Ames Walcott, b. 1847 Providence RI; m. Dr. Edward Sprague Peck 1881 London, England.

(5) Capt. John Walcott, b. 1757 Arnold Mills RI, d. 1809 Cumberland RI. He was a Pvt. in Capt, Foster's Co. at the Tiverton alarm in 1780, Ensign in 1st Cumberland militia company in 1791, Capt. 1792-4 ; He and sons had general store at Arnold Mills and a cotton mill which operated until 1840, elected to RI General Assembly; m. Mary "Molly" Ellis 1778 Cumberland RI.

(6) Foster Walcott, b. 1778 Cumberland RI, d. 1803 Arnold Mills RI.

(6) Lewis Walcott, b. 1779 Cumberland RI, d. 1818 Arnold Mills RI. He was a partner in his father's store and mills; m. Judith Wilkinson 1813 Providence RI.

(7) Elizabeth Southwick Walcott, b. 1814 Arnold Mills RI; m. Preston Bennett 1829 Arnold Miss RI.

(7) Frances Maria Walcott, b. 1816 Arnold Mills RI, d. 1818 Arnold Mills RI.

(6) Capt. John Foster Walcott, b. 1781 Cumberland RI, d. 1836. He was Capt. of the Smithfield Light Dragoons 1808-11; mill owner and manufacturer at Arnold Mills, Pawtucket, Providence, and NY, started a stove manufacturing business in 1813. m. Lydia Weedon, she d. 1821 Cumberland RI.

(7) Charlotte Maria Walcott, b. 1816 RI, d. 1837 unm.

(7) Lydia Ann Walcott, b. 1818; m. Jonathan Bliss Carpenter 1846 RI.

(7) Sarah Lewis Walcott, b. 1821 RI, d. 1869; m. Rev. George Moulton Carpenter 1843 RI.

(6) Sarah "Sally" Walcott, 1783 Cumberland RI; m. Dr. Nehamiah Potter 1805 Arnolds Mills RI.

(6) Capt. Jabez Walcott, b. 1785 Cumberland RI., d. 1825. He was Capt. of the Cumberland and Smithfield Light Dragoons 1815-1818, a partner in the cotton mills at Arnold Mills and Pawtuxet; m. his cousin, Loretta Walcott c.1824.

(7) Mary Ellis Walcott, b. 1825 Cumberland RI; m. Joseph W. Nichols.

(6) Mary Ellis "Molly" Walcott, b. 1794 Cumberland RI.; m. Levi Titus Cheever 1825 Cumberland RI.

(6) Oliver Walcott, b. 1800 Cumberland RI, d. 1820 Providence RI.

(5) George Walcott, b. 1759 Arnold Mills RI, d. 1826 Providence RI. He joined Col. Tallman's Regt RI militia in 1776 and served as his brother, Lt. Benjamin Walcott's waiter, in Capt. Peck's Co., 1778 and took part in Sullivan's Expedition against the Indians, member of Capt. Whipple's Co. 1781, moved from Cumberland to Providence about 1810, his widow applied for military pension 1838; m. Sabra Whipple 1785 Cumberland RI.

(6) Cynthia Walcott, b. 1785 Cumberland RI, d. 1831 unm.

(6) Harriet Walcott, b. 2 1790 Cumberland RI, d. 1809 unm.

(6) Amy Walcott, b. 1792 Cumberland RI, d. 1794 Cumberland RI.

(6) Sarah Ann Walcott, b. 1794 Cumberland RI, d. 1855; m. Isaac Field 1816 Providence RI.

(6) George Whipple Walcott, b. 1799 Providence RI, d. 1857 Providence RI. He attended Brown University in 1820, he and his sons were jewelers at Providencer; m. Amy Ann Lawrence 1823.

(7) George William Walcott, b., d. 1824 Providence RI.

(7) Henry Lawrence Walcott b. 1824 Providence RI, d. 1910 Providence RI. He was a jeweler, d. childless; m. Caroline Elizabeth Howard 1853 Providence RI.

(7) George Spencer Walcott, b. 1828 Providence RI, d. 1877 Foxborough MA. He was a jeweler; m. Harriet Althena Carroll 1854 Foxborough MA.

(7) Amy Ann Walcott, b., d. 1830 Providence RI.

(7) Harriet Whipple Walcott, b. 1839 Providence RI, d. 1897; m. Ezra Callendar Colvin 1870 Providence RI.

(6) Elizabeth Walcott, b., d. 1803 Providence RI

(5) Dr. Michael Walcott, twin, b. 1762 Arnold Mills RI, d. 1821 Cumberland RI. He signed petition for tax exemption 1787 at Winthrop ME with brother Ebenezer, practiced medicine at Cumberland for 35 years; m. Eunice Pitcher 1787 Attleboro MA.

(6) Dr. Halsey Draper Walcott, b. 1788 Cumberland RI, d. 1842. He was a physician at Arnold Mills, his office there could still be seen in 1915, childless; m. Lucy Arnold 1840 Cumberland RI.

(6) John Milton Walcott, b. 1789 Cumberland RI, d. 1853 Cumberland RI. He was a mechanic; m. Mary Arnold 1815 Cumberland RI.

(7) Mary Arnold Walcott, b. 1815 Arnold Mills RI; m. Joel Ellis 1842 Cumberland RI.

(7) Clarissa Maria Walcott, b. 1817 Arnold Mills RI, d. 1886; m. Frederick Richard Robinson 1843 Cumberland RI.

(7) Frances Keziah Walcott, b. 1822 Arnold Mills RI; m. William Cortiss c.1846.

(7) Jane Eliza Walcott, b. 1823 Arnold Mills RI, d. 1832 Arnold Mills RI.

(7) Milton Edwin Walcott, b. 1824 Arnold Mills RI. He and his brother, Halsey were watch importers at Boston MA in 1853, and at New York City in 1877; m. Etta Smith.

(7) Halsey Draper Walcott, b. 1827 Arnold Mills RI; m. Climena ____ c.1850.

(7) Ann Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1829 Arnold Mills RI, d. 1832 Arnold Mills RI.

(7) Lewis Walcott, b. 1832 Arnold Mills RI, d. 1860; m. Jennie M. Blanding 1855 Central Falls RI.

(7) Ann Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1835 Arnold Mills RI, d. 1860 St. Louis MO.

(6) Abijah Warren Walcott, b. 1792 Cumberland RI;, d. 1860 Boston MA. He was called Warren, had a machine shop at Seekonk until 1815, moved to Mendon MA, later to Chicopee MA; m. Sophia Smith 1815 Mendon MA.

(7) Halsey Foster Walcott, b. 1817 Mendon MA. He was a tailor, moved to Fishkill NY c.1845 and had a hardware store there, Justice of the Peace and Postmaster at Fishkill; m. Jane H, Bogardus 1846 Fishkill NY.

(7) William Walcott, b. c.1820 Mendon MA, d. c.1858.

(7) Angeline Maria Walcott, b. 1822 Mendon MA, d. 1906 Boston MA; m. Rev. Thomas W. Clarke 1851.

(7) Sophia Walcott , b. c.1825 Mendon MA.

(6) Eunice, b. 1794 Cumberland RI; m. Emerson Carpenter of Attleboro 1815 Providence RI.

(6) Loretta Walcott, b. 1795 Cumberland RI; m. her cousin, Capt. Jabez Walcott c. 1824.

(6) Rufus Pitcher Walcott, b. 1798 Cumberland RI.

(6) William Augustus Walcott, b. 1799 Cumberland RI, d. 1855 Arnold Mills RI. He was a farmer and a shopkeeper at Arnold Mills, Justice of the Peace in 1833; m. Ruth Metcalf c. 1834.

(7) Irene Walcott, b. 1836 Arnold Mills RI, d. Pawtucket RI; m. Henry A. Bishop 1858 Arnold Mills RI.

(7) Alice Walcott, b. 1840 Arnold Mills RI, d, 1932; unm.

(6) Keziah Pitcher Walcott, b. 1802 Cumberland RI, d. 1803 Cumberland RI.

(6) Eliza Davis Walcot, b. 1804 Cumberland RI; m. William Metcalf.

(6) Michael Walcott Jr., b. 1806 Cumberland RI. He applied for a military pension in 1853, based on military service 1832-41, moved to Chickopee MA and worked with brother, Abijah as a machinist; m. Dorothy A. Smith 1844 Newton MA.

(7) Marian Smith Walcott, b. 1845 Chicopee MA, d. 1849 Chicopee MA.

(7) Irving Homer Walcott, b. 1848 Chicopee MA, d. 1862.

(6) Benjamin Edward Walcott, b. 1808 Cumberland RI, d. 1874 Attleboro MA. He was a machinist at the Springfield Armory in 1847, lived Boston 1856 where he was a lubricating oil dealer, his business failed in the financial crash of 1857, and he then bought a farm at Attleboro MA; m. (1) Emmaline Ellis of Attleboro MA at Attleboro 1830, m. (2) Julia Maria Whitaker 1847.

(7) Jabez Ellis Walcott, b. 1833 Attleboro MA, d. 1898. He lived at Boston until c.1865, then moved to Providence RI where he was secretary of the Raymond Improvement Co.; m. Eliza F. Edwards 1854 Boston MA.

(7) Anna Rosalie Walcott, b. 1838 Springfield MA, d. 1893 Brooklyn NY; m. William H. Thompson 1856 Pawtucket RI.

(7) Emmaline Ellis Walcott, twin, b. , d. 1840 Springfield MA.

(7) William Walcott, twin, b., d. 1840 Springfield MA.

(7) Benjamin Edward Walcott Jr., b. 1856 Newton MA, d. 1932. he learned the jeweler's trade, but ran the family farm after his father's death, studied law at Taunton MA, admitted to Bristol Co. bar 1882, moved to Youngstown OH 1885 where he managed an insurance company, worked in shipping dept. of Ohio Steel Co., then was inspector for Carnegie Steel Co.; m. Caroline Josephine Jones 1882 Rehoboth MA.

(7) Julia Maria Walcott, b. 1861, d. 1942; m. Frank Emmons Smith 1890 Attleboro MA.

(5) Sarah Walcott, twin, b. 1762 Arnold Mills RI, d. 1825 Attleboro MA; m. Joel Ellis 1784 Attleboro MA.

(5) Ebenezer Walcott, b. 1765 Arnold Mills, RI, d. 1806 Arnold Mills RI. He signed petition for tax exemption at Winthrop, Kennebeck Co. ME in 1787, lived at Winthrop ME 1787-1790; m. Mary "Molly" Titus 1788 Attleboro MA.

(6) Col. Pelemon Walcott, b. 1788 Attleboro MA, d. 1845;. He was a manufacturer of mill machinery, superintendant of Amoskeag Cotton and Wool Mfg. Co. at Goffstown NH 1812, moved to Smithfield RI 1813, Ensign 6th Regt. MA militia 1821, Lt. 1822, Capt. 1823-7, Col. 1828, Justice of the Peace for Smithfield 1839-44; m. Amelia Ann Kent 1811.

(7) Mary Foster Walcott, b. 1812 Smithfield RI, d. 1817 Providence RI.

(7) Amelia Ann "Amy" Walcott, b. 1814 Smithfield RI, d. 1845 Providence RI; unm.

(7) Ann Frances Walcott, b. 1816 Smithfield RI, d. 1896; m. Leonard Monroe Blodgett 1839.

(7) Lavinia Dexter Walcott b. 1818 Smithfield RI; m. William Butterworth Whiting 1839.

(7) Ebenezer Walcott, b. 1820 Smithfield RI, d. 1822 Smithfield RI.

(7) Capt. Albert Kent Walcott, b. 1822 Smithfield RI, d. 1866 Providence RI. He was Captain of the Providence Light Dragoons, a printer at Johnston RI; m. (1) Ann Elizabeth Rathbone 1843 Providence RI, m. (2) Alvina B. Wilbour 1848 CT.

(7) Samantha Walcott, b. 1823 Smithfield RI, d. 1824 Smithfield RI..

(7) Helen Douglas Walcott, b. 1825 Smithfield RI; m. Daniel Verry 1857.

(7) Jane Maria Walcott, b. 1826 Smithfield RI; m. Sewall T. Capron 1852 Providence RI.

(7) Pelemon Walcott, twin, b. 1830 Smithfield RI, d. 1851 Providence RI.

(7) Elizabeth Walcott, twin, b. 1830 Smithfield RI, d. 1872 East Providence RI; unm.

(7) Clarissa Walcott, b. 1832 Smithfield RI; m. Samuel F. Bemis 1857 Smithfield RI.

(6) Samantha Walcott, b. 1791 Attleboro MA, d. 1823 Cumberland RI.

(6) Nancy Walcott, b. 1793 Attleboro MA; m. Loring Carpenter 1820 Attleboro MA.

(6) Ludowick Stanton Walcott, b. 1795 Attleboro MA, d. 1832 Hampton MA. He lived at Killingsly CT 1829, moved to Hampton CT; he and nephew, Samuel Walcott, owned a saw and grist mill at Hampton which were destroyed in a fire; m. Mary Dexter1825 Smithfield MA.

(7) Charles Stuart Walcott, b. 1826 Smithfield MA, d. 1871 Smithfield MA. He and brother William lived with mother, went around Horn to CA in 1848, returned to Warren RI and worked as a railroad engineer, moved to Midwest and worked for Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR, returned to NY to care for brother wounded in war, worked at a chemical plant and the A. J. Stewart store; m. Mary Catherine Leahy 1867 NYC.

(7) Col. William Henry Walcott, b. 1828 Attleboro MA, d. 1901 Washington DC. He went to the CA Gold Rush with bro. Charles, enlisted in Arty Co. at beginning of Civil War, promoted to Sgt., commissioned 1st Lt. 1861, Capt. 1864, lost leg at Battle of Gettysburg 1864, retired 1865, brevetted Col. for meritorious service, died insane in Washington DC hospital; m. (1) Jennie Lomira Dudley 1856 Wilkinsonville MA, m. (2) Georgieanna Josephine Weaver 1870 Providence RI.

(6) Erastus Walcott, b. 1799 Attleboro MA, d. 1846 Sutton MA. He was probably the Erastus Walcott who patented a a process for manufacturing cotton yarn without the aid of a twist in 1821; m. Sarah Draper 1824 Attleboro MA.

(7) Sarah Henrietta Walcott, b. 1826, d. 1849 Saratoga NY.

(7) Erastus Loring Walcott, b. 1836 Hampton MA, d. 1893 Minneapolis MN. He was a dealer in manufacturing supplies at Providence RI; m. Harriet Amelia Pratt 1859 Providence RI.

(6) Celestina Walcott, b. 1801 Attleboro MA, d. 1854 Attleboro MA; m. Otis T. Titus 1826 Attleboro MA.

(6) Frederick William Walcott, b.1804 Attleboro M, d. 1843; m. Abigail Whiting.

(7) Samuel Titus Walcott, b. 1830 Attleboro MA. He lived at Hampton CT in 1854; m. Rachel Holt 1845 Chaplin CT.

(6) Samuel Titus Walcott, b. 1806 Attleboro MA, drowned 1828 Attleboro MA; unm.

(6) Benjamin Walcott, b. 1808 Attleboro MA.

(5) Mary Walcott, b. 1767 Arnold Mills RI; m. George Gould c.1794.

(5) Otis Walcott, b. 1768 Arnold Mills RI. He had a machine shop at Seekonk MA where he made mill machinery, owned land at Pelham MA in 1820, later moved to Pawtucket MA; m. Relief Walker 1793 Rehoboth MA.

(6) Parlee Walcott, b. 1794 Cumberland RI, d. 182o.

(6) William Augustus Walcott, b. 1796 Cumberland RI, d. 1796 Cumberland RI.

(6) Sarah Ann "Sally", b. 1797 Cumberland RI; m. Uriah Benedict 1833 Seekonk MA.

(6) Susan Walcott, b. 1800; m. John S. Gallop 1929

(6) Marietta Walcott, b. 1803 Cumberland RI, d. 1812 Cumberland RI.

(6) Adeline Walcott, b. 1806 Seekonk MA; m. Arnold Fenner 1833 Seekonk MA.

(6) Cornelia Walcott, b. 1813 Seekonk MA; m. James Madison Kimball 1844 Plainfield CT

(5) Faniah Walcott, b. 1771 Arnold Mills RI; m. Oliver May c.1788.

(5) Lucy Walcott, b. 1774 Arnold Mills RI; m. Charles Day 1793 Attleboro MA.

(4) Prudence Walcott, b. 1732 Attleboro MA, d. 1732 Attleboro MA.

(3) Ebenezer Walcott, b. 1693 Salem Village MA, d. Stillwater NY. He was a farmer and cooper, moved to Reading NY 1722, selectman at Reading, deacon of the First Church of Reading 1736-40, to Andover MA 1738 and bought 140 acres and additional meadow for 710L, subscriber to Land Bank of Boston 1740, moved to Stillwater NY 1749; m. (1) Elizabeth Wiley 1717 Reading MA, m. (2) Mrs. Abigail Lawrence, widow, 1749 Andover MA.

(4) Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1719 Andover MA; m. Thomas Chandler 1739 Reading MA.

(3) Capt. Benjamin Walcott, b. 1695 Salem Village MA, d. 1752. He was a blacksmith, bought the farm of his brother, Ebenezer, in 1723 and sold it in1726, moved to Boston 1723, Clerk of the Boston Market 1731 and 1740, Constable of Boston 1733, subscriber to the Land Bank at Boston 1740 and a member of the Boston Arty. Co. 1745, left an estate of 1,200L in houses and 4 slaves valued at 240L; m. Abigail Walters 1721 Boston MA.

(4) Abigail Walcott, b. 1722 Boston MA, d. 1744 Boston MA; m. Edward Foster 1739 Boston MA.

(4) Ann Walcott, b.. 1726 Boston MA, d. y.

(4) Capt. Benjamin Walcott, b. 1731 Boston MA. He was a blacksmith and made ship fittings, was referred to as "anchor master of the West India Station", owned 14 slaves who apparently helped with this work, died "in Carolina" working at this trade; m. Elizabeth Marshall c.1753 Boston MAin 1789 she was a widow schoolmistress at Boston.

(5) Capt. Benjamin Walcott, b. 1757 Attleboro MA, d. 1836 Nantucket MA. He was a baker at Boston, Sgt. in Capt. Truscott's Co. MA militia, enlisted in a Regt. of his uncle Col. Thos Marshall, commissioned Capt. in militia1776, elected Lt. of the Boston Continental Line 1776 and was given 10L to recruit a Co., captured at Ft. Ann 1777 and taken to Quebecand exchanged for British prisoners, received land grant for 300 acres and awarded a pension which was dropped for lack of need, moved to Nantuckett MA 1789 where he was a baker; m.(1) Sarah Loring 1776 Boston MA, m.(2) Elizabeth Hawes 1789 Boston MA.

(6) Loring Walcott, b. 1781 Boston MA, d. y.

(6) Eliza Walcott, b. 1782 Boston MA; m. Alexander Inott 1811

(6) Rev. Robert Folger Walcott, b. 1797 Nantucket MA, d. 1884 Boston MA. He used money left by his aunt, Elizabeth Marshall Walcott, to study at Harvard College, graduated 1817, graduated Harvard Divinity School 1820, ordained as Unitarian clergyman, minister at Berlin MA 1835-7, and at North Dennis MA 1838-42. publisher agent for The Liberator newspaper 1846-65, later a clerk of the Boston Custom House; m. Mary Ann Powers 1832 Berlin MA.

(7) Mary Ray Walcott, b. 1833 Boston MA.

(7) Ann Eliza Walcott, b. 1835 Bedford MA. MA

(5) Ens. Christopher Walcott, b. 1756 Attleboro MA, d. 1777 Bennington VT. He enlisted in Capt. Soper's Co. MA militia 1776, commissioned Ensign in his uncle, Col. Thomas Marshall's Regt., killed at Ft. Ann in service 1782; pension granted in 1798 to Benjamin and Thomas Walcott and Lucy Strafford, coheirs of Christopher Walcott.

(5) Thomas Walcott, b. 1758 Cambridge MA, d 1840 Boston MA. He often spelled his name Walcutt. He lived with his mother at Hanover NH in childhood, passed Dartmouth entrance exam at age 16. Soon after this he walked 90 miles to Crown Point and on to the Indian village of St. Francis near Montreal. His mother wanted him to become a missionary, but at the outbreak of war he joined a privateer for 3 mo., then joined his uncle, Thomas Marshall's Regt., enlisted in MA Line for 3 years, serving as clerk and steward at military hospital at Abany NY, then at military hospital in PA 1782, discharged 1782, pension of $350/yr. for life granted 1831. He is said to have been engaged to a Quaker girl whose death left him unstable. He put all his funds into the Ohio Comany, and visited Ohio in 1789, walking from Baltimore to Marietta Ohio. His journal of a trip to Ohio in 1790 was printed by the Massachusetts Historical Society, which he helped organize and of which was recording secretary in 1791. He was a collector of American historical materials. In 1794 he solicited a clerkship in the Massachusetts Secretary of State's office, and attempted to create interest in a national library. Fron 1815 to 1821 he was a clerk in the Massachusetts legislature. He accumulated a great collector of books, pamphlets, and newspapers, giving over 500 books to Baudoin College in 1820. In 1834 he gave a huge collection of 7,000 Colonial pamphlets, and some rare books and papers to the American Antiquarian Society, which he had helped found in 1812. In 1838 his investment in the Ohio Company was lost due to unpaid taxes, and his nephew, Robert Folger Wolcott was appointed his guardian.

(5) Lucy Walcott, b. c.1765; m. Henry Strafford 1790 Boston MA.

(4) Rebecca Walcott, b. 1733 Boston MA; m. John Butler 1751 Boston MA.

(3) Prudence Walcott, b. 1699 Salem Village MA; m. Edward Hircum 1732 Salem Village MA.

(2) Elizabeth Walcott, b. c.1643 Salem Village MA.

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