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The ancestors of the Wolcotts, Walcotts, Wilcotts, etc. on this page are still in question. Anyone having information which might help establish their ancestry is invited to contact us. (johnwolcott at mail.com). 

I. Wilcotts of Boston MA.

II. Thomas Willcutts of North Carolina.

III. Hiram Wolcott of Wyoming Co. PA.

IV. Wilcutts of KY

V. Cortez Wolcott of Newfield NY.


(1) Unknown.

(2) Thomas Wilcott, b. c.1640.  Mentioned in a deposition taken at Boston in 1672, is Thomas Wilcot, age about 30, a mariner on a "decked shallop" with Christopher Smith as master, carrying on fur trading with the Indians.  In August 1671, when the shallop was en route from St. Johns, Nova Scotia to Boston, the ship was damaged in a storm, after which, it is charged, Smith intentionally destroyed it near Winskeage Island. Thomas seems to have been second in command. Part of the cargo was left with Thomas Wilcott at the Eastward. Deponent in Wharton vs. Elson, 1675, Thomas Wilkott, mariner, aged about 35 years testifies that he knows the substance of what is above written and deposed to be true, he being boatswain of the said ship. The ship in question was the Blessing, James Elson, master, trading between Boston, the French West Indies, and France. This and the above from Sussex Co. Court records. It is possible that the "Mrs. Hannah Woolcott, single person," who died 1683 at Boston was his wife.

(2?) William Wilcott, b. c.1645 Salem MA, d. c.1700, took the oath of allegiance at Boston in 1678 and appears on the 1681 tax roll at Boston. In 1682 William Willcutt attended a meeting in Boston for the formation of an association to settle Sheepscott, ME. In 1688 John Tucker of Newbury petitioned to settle 150 acres of land on west side of Draper's River at Dartmouth, Cornwall Co., with a two acre home lot adjoining the lands of Wilcotts. William Willcott signed his mark as the only witness to a deposition made by Thomas Gent at Boston in 1689 in which Thomas deposed that on a march along the Kennebeck River they met Gov. Andros and Gent told him that his men were in no condition to go after the Indians due to some men were sick, some lame, some tired. Andros said he would get the Indians if Gent identified them, or send other Indians to get them, possihbly Mohawks. William Willcutt was living at Sheepscott ME in 1689. William Wilcott testified against Lt. Jordan, charged with treason and cruelty by the residents of Eastern, at Boston 1690, giving his age as 45, and late an inhabitant of New Dartmouth (Sheepscott). An undated document reads: "Widow Wilcott claims a Tract of Land on ye West Side Sheepcott River below ye falls beginning at ye great Springs agst ye falls & along the River Side to a small Spring on ye Nor. sd of Saml Corrbison house qts, about one hundred acres which Land was in ye possession of Thomas Mercer & given to Wm. Wilcott Deced and by him in his lifetime Improved and Enjoyed Several years till ye warrs, witness Thos Jent,  Robt Scott." William's wife was probably a daughter of Thomas and Edith Mercer of Sheepscott. The residents of Sheepscott, including William Wilcott and the Mercers, were forced to leave Maine due to hostile Indians in October of 1676. They were in Boston MA in 1682, with others that were planning to resettle Sheepscott.

(3) William Wilcott, b. c.1680, sold the land at Sheepscott on 1737: "Know ye that I William Wilcott of Billings Gate, County of Barnstable, mariner, for 5L paid by Samuel Baker of Eastham in said County, mariner, convey to him one full moiety or half part of a tract on West side of Sheepsgutt below the Falls beginning at the great Spring against the Falls and along the river side to a little Spring to the Northward of Samuel Corbisons house, about 100 acres lying in Co. of York, which land was heretofore in possession of Thomas Mercer, with One half Part of the Divisions and subdivisions heretofore made or that shall hereafter be made and set forth. William Willcut" This deed was acknowleged at Boston by Mr. William Wilcott on the same date and recorded 1743.Thomas Westbrooke of Portsmouth, NH, was commissioned to organize a military force to range from Kennebeck to Penobscott, ME, to controll the Indians there. They fought battles at Piscatagua, Penobscott, Pemmequid and other locations. Two muster rolls for these troops exist. One, dated July-December 1722 contains the names of William Wilcote, Sgt., and William Wilcote, sentinel. Another roll for 22 Nov. 1724-22 May 1725 lists the name of Thomas Willcott.

(4) William Wilcott, b. c.1700; probably served under Capt. Westbrook with his father in 1722; probably the William Willcott who was a soldier with Capt. Doan's 4th Co., 7th MA Regt. at the battle of Louisborg in 1745. In 1788, Seth Harding signed a petition at Boston MA, on behalf of Barnabas Harding, William Wilcot and himself. They were employed in the reduction of Cape Breton in 1745, and requested land in York, Cumberland, or Lincoln Co. ME; William Wilcot m. Abigail King 1725 Truro RI, recorded Provincetown RI.

(5) Elizabeth Wilcott m. Seth Harding 1746 MA.

(4) Thomas Wilcott, b. c. 1700, in ME in 1725.

(2?) Hugh Wilcott, b. c. 1655, bur. 1691, St. Michaels Cathedral, Bridgetown, Barbados; sued Joshua Ward, master of the ship John & Elizabeth, of Salem, for 6 months wages in Essex Quarter Session Court in 1679. Hugh Wolcott taxed at Salem for a family of 4 in 1684; Hugh Wilcott taxed at Salem 1685 and 1692.; m. Dorcas Penley, dau. Sampson and Rachael Penley of Falmouth MA.  Dorcas' will said she lived at Boston, mentioned children Dorcas Ballard, Elizabeth Pringle, and grandsons.

(3) Esther, Wilcott b. c.1682; m. Thomas Andrews 1703 Boston.

(3) Dorcas Wilcott, b. c.1684; m. Daniel Ballard 1704 Boston MA. (3) Elizabeth, b. 1688 Boston MA; m. (1) Anthony Reed 1708 Boston MA, m. (2) William Hall 1711 Boston MA; m. (3) James Prignal 1715 Boston MA.

(3?) John Wilcott, b.c. 1685. John Wilcott , Boston MA. John Walcott witness at Lynn, Essex Co. MA, regarding land of Bartholomew Gidney; John Wilcott m. Hannah Abraham 1708 Boston MA.

(4) Hannah Wilcott, dau. of John Wilcot and Hannah, b. 1711 Boston.

(3?) possibly Lydia Wilcott, m. 1710, Boston MA.

(3?) possibly Hannah Wilcott, m. Nehemiah, son of Timothy Yeale, mariner, of ME 1715 Boston MA.

(2?) Samuel Wilcott buried 1667 Haverhill MA, Essex Co. Quarterly Court records. Haverhill was later part of Methuen, adjacent to Salisbury MA.




(1) Thomas Willcutts, b. 18 Mar 1758 Guilford Co. NC, d. SC or IN; Thomas Wilcutts m. 24 Jun 1797 Deep River NC to Milly Clark, b. 28 Dec. 1765 Guilford Co. SC, dau. of Francis Clark and Christiana Stone, widow of James Thomas m. 1787, who d. Guilford Co. NC 1787. Millie had 2 children from her first marriage, Benjamin Thomas b. 29 Dec 1786, and John Thomas b. 19 Aug. 1789, d. 1859 IN, who m. Ascha Peele. Thomas and Millie were Quakers. In 1797, Milly Willcutt was "condemned for outgoings "by the New Garden Monthly meeting, Guilford Co. NC. Thomas Wilcuts was received into the Deep River Monthly Meeting 1797, and in 1797 had his sons, Benjamin and John Thomas, and Clark Wilcutts, were received into membership there. Milley had her daughters, Christan and Rachel received into membership in 1798. Piney Grove is on the North Carolina border. In 1814 a certificate was issued to transfer Thomas and family to the White Water, Indiana, Monthly Meeting.

(2) Clark Willcuts b. 1792 Deep River NC; Clark was dropped by the Quakers in 1811 for marrying outside his religion; later a charter member of the Grant Co. IN Quaker monthly meeting; m. (1) Sarah 1811, m. (2) unknown, m. (3) Eunice Hall, widow of Philip Hockett, she b. 1802 NC. Clark Wilcotts of Wayne Co. IN purchased OH land 1814; purchased 290 acres of land at Grant Co., IN 1835-50. 1850 Wayne Co. IN.

(3) Thomas Willcuts, b. 1814 IN; m. Mary Mills 1839 Wayne Co. IN.

(3) Milly Willcuts, b. 1826 IN(3) John b. 1827 IN; m. Jerusha, b. 1828 IN.

(4) Jerusha Willcuts, b. 1850 Wayne Co. IN.

(3) Elizabeth Willcuts, b. 1830 IN

(3) Clarkson Willcuts, b.1840 IN, d. 1912 Franklin Twp., Grant Co. IN; m. Hannah Druckemiller.

(2) Christian Willcutts, b.1793 Deep River NC; m. Daniel Baldwin 1812 Marlboro Dist. SC., Daniel and brother Thomas, below, were both Quakers, sons of Daniel Baldwin and Margaret Benbow. Both transferred their church membership from Piney Grove to White Water IN monthly meeting.(2) Rachel Willcutts, b. c.1795, m. Thomas Baldwin, brother of Daniel Baldwin, above. Thomas Baldwin m. (2) Celia Willcutts.

(2) Hursley Willcutts, b. 1798.

(2) Joseph Willcutts, b. 1799.

(2) Tabitha Willcutts b., d.1801 Piney Grove SC.

(2) Jonathan Willcuts b. 1804 Piney Grove SC, farmer; m. Mary Jane Starbuck, m. (2) Ursula b. 1801 NC. 1830 New Garden, Wayne Co. IN.. 1850 Centre Twp., Grant Co. IN.

(3) Alpheus, son of Jonathan Willcuts & Mary Jane Starbuck, at Wayne Co. IN 1854.

(3) poss. Thomas.

(3) Rachel Willcuts, b. 1837 IN.(3) Betsey Willcuts, b. 1839 IN.

(3) Leban Willcuts, b. 1843 IN.

(2) David Willcuts, b. 1805 Piney Grove SC, d. 1881 Fountain City, Wayne Co. IN, David was a conductor on the underground Railroad in Wayne Co. IN; m. Mary Marine 1826 Fountain City IN, m. (2) Rachel Unthank. 1850 New Garden Twp. IN.

(3) Billy Willcuts, b. 1827 Fountain City IN; m. Sally Venard. 1850 New Garden Twp. Wayne Co. IN.

(3) Jonathan Willcuts, b. c.1829 Fountain City IN.

(3) Ruth Willcuts, b. c.1831 Fountain City IN.

(3) Hannah Willcuts, b. c.1836 Fountain City IN.

(3) Blanchard Willcuts, b.1838 Fountain City IN.

(3) Marietta Willcuts, b. c.1840 Fountain City IN.

(3) Thomas Willcuts, b. c.1834 Fountain City IN.


(1) Hiram Wolcott , b. 4 June 1807 Wyoming Co. PA; m. Mary Anne Boughton 29 Nov. 1838 Wyoming Co. PA, she b. 1810 PA.. 1840 Huntington, Luzerne Co. PA. 1850 Washington PA.

(2) Louisa Wolcott, b. 1838 PA.

(2) Charles Thaddeus Wolcott, b. 1838 Washington PA, adopted by Daniel Avery of Tunkhannock, d.c. 1875; m. Harriet Chamberlin.

(2) Jerusha Wolcott, b. 1839 Wyoming Co. PA, drowned age 2.

(2) Julia Avery Wolcott, b. 1841 Washington, Wyoming Co. PA, d. 1886 Forkstown PA; m. Peter Harvey 1860.

(2) Cordelia Jerusha Wolcott, b. 1842 Washington PA; m. Norman Blizzard Sept. 1868.

(2) Henrietta Ann Wolcott, b. 1844 Washington PA, d. 1865 Forkston PA; m. Andrew Eastwood 1861.

(2) Hiram Wolcott Jr., b. 1846 Washington PA; d. 27 Apr. 1864 unm..

(2) Louisa Wolcott, b. 1847 Eaton, Wyoming Co. PA, d. 15 Nov. 1916 Boulder CO; m. 1868 Nelson Emery Aumick.

(2) Benjamin, b. 25 March 1849 Washington PA, d. 1851.(2) Druscilla, b. 1850 Wyoming Co. PA; m. (1) Jackson Hadsell, m. (2) Perry Murphy.

(2) Rosa Wolcott, b. 1852 Washington PA; m. Samuel Pinnock 1871.

(2) Lorinda Wolcott, b. 13 Dec. 1853 Washington PA, d. 1854.

(2) William Wolcott, b. 1855, d. 1886; m. Elizabeth Jones, m. (2) Mary York.

(2) Timothy, b. 1856 Forkston PA, d. 1858 Forkston PA.

(2) Frank Wolcott, b. 1857 Forkston PA, d. 1859.

(2) Jessie Wolcott, b. 1858 Forkston PA, d. 1864.

(2) Ernest Wolcott, b. 1862 Forkston PA, d. 1862.



NOTE: Lewis Wilcutt might be related to Elijah Wilcutt as they spelled their name the same and were born within 3 years of each other in Kentucky, and Lewis named a son, Elijah. A DNA sample from one of Elijah's male descendants shows a close connection with descendants of the PA descendants of John Wolcott of Watertown.

(1) Thomas (?) An old Bible belonging to Lewis Wilcutt's grandson's wife said that Lewis' father was Thomas Wilcutt from Ireland.

(2) Lewis Wilcutt, b. 1794 KY, at Tuskaloos AL 1830 and Blout Co. AL 1840; said to have died on a trip out of state and buried on a river bank.; m. Rachel Ann Amoson/Amerson 1825 Blout Co. AL.

(3) William Robert Wilcutt, b. c.1826 Tuscaloos Co. AL; m. Nancy Hisaw (3) Benjamin Wilcutt, b. c.1830 AL.

(3) Sarah Jane Wilcutt, b. c.1831 AL, d. 1925 Atlanta TX' m. Clement C. Anderton.

(3) James Wilcutt, b. 1833 AL, d. 1896 Walker Co. AL, private in 43rd AL Inf. Regt., farmer at Walker Co. AL; m. Jane Williams. (3) Phoebe Wilcutt, b. c.1836 AL; m. Alsey Johnson.

(3) Robert Wilcutt, b. c.1838 AL, d. 1862 Mobile AL, private in 32nd Alabama Inf. Regt., died at Mobile 2 months after enlisting; m. Margaret Jones 1857 Tuscaloos Co. AL.

(3) Malissa Wilcutt, b. c.1840 AL, d. 1925 Tuscaloosa Co. AL; m. James T. Jones.

(3) Elijah W. Wilcutt, b. 1843 AL, d. 1917 Fayette Co. AL; m. Amanda Williams 1871 Tuscaloosa AL.

(3) Eliza Wilcutt, 1845-1918 Tuscaloosa Co. AL.

(3) Lewis Wiley "Wiley"Wilcutt, b. 1848 MS, d. 1918 Fayette Co. AL, farmer; m. Hulda C. Williams 1870 Tuscaloos Co. AL.

(3) Shepherd Wilcutt, b. 1853 Berry AL, d. 1938 Windham Springs AL, farmer; m. Sarah Ann Young 1878 Tuscaloosa Co. AL. (2) Elijah Wilcut, b. 1797 KY, d. 1864 IA; at Montgomery Co. IN 1830, Knoxville IA 1850-60; m. Sarah c.1815, she b. c.1793 PA.

(3) John J. Wilcut, b. 1818 OH, d. 1882 Mills Co. IA; m. Elinore "Nellie" Cooper 1835 Montgomery Co. IN.

(3) Mary Jane Wilcut, b. 1821 OH, d. 1910 Washington KS; m. Tyler Higbee 1838 Louisa Co. IA.

(3) Rachel Wilcut, b. c.1826 IN, d. 1893 Hillsdale IA; m. Elisha B. Ryan 1844 Mahaska Co. IA.

(3) Angela Wilcut, b. 1829 IN, d. 1894 Knoxville IA.

(3) Charles D. Wilcut, b. 1833 IN, d. 1894 Marion Co. IA; m. Mary Ann Gregory 1858 Marion Co. IA.

(3) Sarah E. Wilcut, b. c.1838 IA; m. William H. McVay 1867 Marion Co. IA. This family being researched by Greta Thompson gt@new.rr.com.

(2) Elijah Wilcutt, b. 1797 KY, d. 1864 Des Moines IA; m. Sarah Jones c.1816 OH. 1830 Montgomery Co. IN. 1840-60 Knoxville, Marion Co. IA.

(3?) John J. Wilcutt, b. 1818 OH, d. 1882 Rawles Twp. IA, farmer; m. Elinore Cooper 1835 Montgomery Co. IN. 1837 LaSalle Co. IL. 1839 Louisa Co. IA. 1842 Mahaska Co. IA. 1847-55 Washington Twp., Marion Co. IA. 1860 Aubrey Twp. KS. 1880 Rawls Twp. IA.

(3) Mary Jane Wilcutt, b. 1821 Columbus OH, d. 1910 Farmington Twp. KS; m. Tyler Higbee.

(3) Rachel Wilcutt, b. 1826 IN; m. Elisha B. Ryan 1844 Mahaska Co. IA.

(3) Angela Wilcutt, b. 1829 IN, d. 1894 Knoxville IA unm..

(3) Charles D. Wilcutt, b. 1833 IN, d. 1894 Columbia IA; m. Mary Ann Gregory 1858 Marion Co. IA.

(3) Sarah E. Wilcutt, c.1838 IA; m. William H. McVay 1867 Marion Co. IA.


(1) Cortez Wolcott, b. c.1812 NY, d. Alpine NY. He was a farmer at Newfield NY 1840-50, and was at Alpine NY in 1868; m. Charlotte ____.

(2) George A. Wolcott, b. 1837 Newfield NY, d. 1890 Northumberland PA. He worked for the PA Railroad in the car shop at Northumberland; served as Sgt. in 187th PA Inf. during the Civil War.

(3) William Wallis Wolcott, b. 1863 PA, laborer Newfield NY 1892, Catherine NY 1900, section foreman Alpine NY 1914; m. Lucina ____.

(3) Cortez H. Wolcott, b. 1867, d. 1935.

(3) George A. Wolcott Jr., b. 1888.

(2) Clara A. Wolcott, b. 1844 Newfield NY.

(2) Mary A. Wolcott, b. 1845 Newfield NY.

(2) Andrew B. Wolcott, b. 1847 Newfield NY.


(1) William Thomas Woolcott, b. 1815 London, clerk at the Finsbry Savings Bank; m. Catherine Ann Boulton.

(2) William Woolcott, b. 1838 London, immigrated to America in 1861 with brother Walter; was a merchant at Raleigh NC in 1880; m. Mary _____.

(3) Walter Woolcott, b. 1866 NC.

(3) Frederick Woolcott, b. 1872 VA.

(3) Mary Woolcott, b. 1877 NC.

(2) Walter Woolcott, b. c.1840 London, d. 1913;1875 at Phalanx NJ, 1889 moved to Kansas City, secretary to the Kansas City Light & Coke Co., 1896 to Germantown PA; spent his last years in an institution; his wife's family lived in a Utopian colony near Red Bank NJ; m. Frances "Bam" Bucklin, b. 1847, dau. of John S. Bucklin.

(3) HarryWoolcott, b. 1871 Freehold NJ.

(3) Julia Woolcott, b. 1873 Freehold NJ; m. Charles Taber.

(3) William W. "Billy" Woolcott, b. 1876 Freehold NJ, l. Baltimore; l. Cantonville MD 1943: children: Nancy; m. Henry Smith, on faculty Univ. of VT; Joan, reporter for Philadelphia Bulletin, NY Times. Her great great grandmother was Lydia Warren, sampler dated 1797, desc of Stephen Warren the bro of Gen. Warren of Rev. War d. Bunker Hill; m. Fritz Jennings 1940, son b. 1942; Barbara, b.c. 1921, reporter for NY Sun; Polly, b.c. 1924.

(3) Phillip Woolcott, b. 1879 Freehold NJ.

(3) Alexander Humphries Woolcott, b. 1887 Phalanx NJ, d. 1943 New York City, unm., graduated from Hamilton College 1909, mumps left him an eunuch; on staff of Stars and Stripes in France 1918; well known writer and radio personality, close friend of Harpo Marx, Somerset Maughm,George Bernard Shaw, Elinore Roosevelt, etc.

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