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One Woolcott family at London descended from William Woolcott of Somerset:

(1) William Woolcot, b. 1713 Wellington, Somerset, son of Amos Woolcott & Jane Poole, d. c.1797. A deed of 1761 to William Woolcott of Wellington, carpenter, describes property as 'all those old walls or ruins of a house with a burgage in Milway in Wellington Borough'. By 1801 eight houses had been built on this site and by 1810 a workshop, warehouses and dying house had been 'lately built'. The property is described as Woolcott Row in 1838. Deeds of 1763, 1767 and August 1801 also include a cottage and ¼ garden near Westford; m. (1) Elizabeth Hartland 1741 St. Ann Soho, London, m. (2) Ann Drake 1780 Wellington, Somerset.

(2) William, son of William and Elizabeth Wolcott, b. 1742 Hackney, Middlesex, d. 1793 St. Marylebone, London; builder, Methodist; borrowed 2,000L secured by a house in Portland Street 1773, and another 2,000L in 1776 secured by house in Portland St. and 3 houses in Union St; property at Marlebone St. insured 1777-1781, property at Titchfield Street, Westminster, insured 1785-6. His will requests burial in family grave at Tottenham Court Methodist Chapel, gives household effects to wife Mary, to eldest son William a tenement in Titchfield St. with yard and workshop, adjoining his residence for the term remaining on it and a house in Clipstone Street, tools of his business, clothing, watch, and his share in the tenements and effects of his father,William Woolcott of Wellington, Somerset; to his brother George Woolcott and sister Jane Sutcliff 5 guineas each for mourning, with the remainder of his estate in trust with wife to remain in present house until their children reach 21 and have an annuity of 100L if her father, John Everleigh, releases the mortgage he holds for 300L, otherwise 60L per year; the rents and profits from his property in Burleigh St. to daughter Lucy, wife of George Osmund; m. (1) Anna Maria Baker 1765 Westminster, m. (2) Mary Everleigh 1774 St. Marylebone, she m. (2) Rober Laxton..

A case in Chancery, Turner v. Robinson et. al., says that William Woolcott in his will gave several legacies and the rest placed in hands of trustees until his youngest child reached 21, to then divide the money equally among his children, and that his sons shares should be paid them and the daughters' shares be invested and the profits be given to the daughters but the principle be held until they went to the daughter's heirs named in their wills. Ten children survived, one being Mrs Esmand who left her estate to her daughters, Mrs Turner and Miss Esmand, including the money from her father's will. To this John Doubleday and his wife Elizabeth, another daughter of William Woolcott, disagreed. In 1808, James Moore of Percy Street in the parish of St. Pancras, co. Middlesex, gent., surviving executor of the late William Woolcotte of Titchfield Street in the parish of St. Marylebone, granted to Nathaniel Conant of Portland Place in the parish of St. Marylebone, esq., a messuage on the east side of Portland Place, to be held for a term of 21 years at a yearly rent of £250.

(3) William, son of William and Ann Woolcott III, b. 1765 St. Marylebone, baptized in the Swallow St. Presbyterian Church; d. young.

(3) William, son of William Woolcott and Ann Maria Baker, 1769-1821 St. Marylebone; carpenter, Methodist; William Woolcott, son of William Woolcott of Marylebone, carpenter, apprenticed to John Tricker, carpenter 1784; George Woolcott of Titchfield Street Parish of St. Marylebone ... with the consent of James Moore Excr of the late William Woolcott, father of said George, apprenticed to William Woolcott of Titchfield Street aforesaid, carpenter & also citizen & carpenter of London, consideration £100; at Upper Titchfield St. 1798-1805, and Upper Thames St. 1812-17; Methodist, son baptized at St. Luke Independent Tabernacle, he buried Whitefield Memorial Cemetery. Described as carpenter and surveyor in 1805 trade directory, and as carpenter and builder in 1808. In 1827 properties of William Woolcott, late of Titchfield St., Marylebone. builder, deceased, situate in Portland Place, Devonshire Pl., Charlton St., Foley St., Ogle St., Cirencester Pl., Upper Marylebone St., Upper Ogle St., and Union St. in Marylebone parish, to be sold in settlement of his estate; m. (1) Mary Davies 1788 St. Marylebone, m. (2) Catherine Ann Corbett 1789 St. Mary Lambeth.

(4) William George Woolcott, son of William and Catherine Ann Woolcott, b. 1791 St. Marylebone, bapt. in Independent chapel, St. Luke Finsbury 1793; d. Floore, Northampton; apprenticed to his father as carpenter 1805; witness to marriage of sister-in-law Susanna Smith Woolcott; m. Hannah ____.

(5) Catherine Ann, daughter of William George and Hannah Woolcott, b. 1816 Floore, Northamptonshire.

(5) William George, son of William George and Hannah WoolcottWoolcott, b. 1818 Floore, Northamptonshire.

(5) Henry Woolcott, son of William George and Hannah WoolcottWoolcott, b. 1818 Floore, Northamptonshire.

(4) Elizabeth Ann Maria, daughter of William and Catherine Woolcott, b. 1793 St. Marylebone; m. William Betts 1813 St. Mary Lambeth.

(4) Catherine Ann, daughter of William and Catherine Ann Woolcott, b. 1795 St. Marylebone; m. Edmund Watson 1821 St. Marylebone.

(4) Henry, son of William and Catherine Ann Woolcott, b. 1797 St. Marylebone, d. 1842 Bristol, Gloucester, mason and builder; bankruptcy allowing mother, Catherine Ann Woolcott, a portion of the furniture 1824 Paddington; bankruptcy of Henry Woolcott; moved to Bristol c.1830; marble mason and builder at Bristol 1840; will of Henry Woolcott of Bristol 1842; m. (1) Anne Marie Doubleday 1824 St. Luke, Chelsea, m. (2) Mary Evans c. 1837.

(5) Emma Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Woolcott, stone mason, and Ann Maria Woolcott, b. 1825 Paddington,Westminster; m. Edmund Watson 1852 St. John Hackney.

(5) Ellen, daughter of Henry Woolcott, mason, b. c. 1831; m. William Knowles 1860 St. John Hackney.

(5) Mary Ann, daughter of Henry and Mary Woolcott, b. 1833 Bristol.

(5) Frances, daughter of Henry and Mary Woolcott, b. 1835 Bristol.

(5) Henry John Edmund, son of Henry and MaryWoolcott, b. 1835 Bristol.

(5) Thomas William, son of Henry and MaryWoolcott, b. 1837 Bristo; in 1851 he was a pauper in the Clifton Union workhouse.

(5) Sarah Evans, daughter of Henry and Mary Woolcott, b. 1837 Bristol, d. 1885 Savannah Georgia; in 1850 she emmigrated to America at age 13; m. William Francis Black 1855 Charleston, South Carolina.

(5) Rosa Woolcott, b. 1840 Bristol; with mother 1851 Bristol.

(5) Laura Woolcott, b. 1842 Bristol, d. 1923 Wallingford, Berkshire; with grandmother Ann Evans 1861 St. Briavel, Gloucester; ladies' maid at Cheltenham and St. Mary, Gloucester 1881-1891.

(4) Lucy Maria, daughter of William and Catherine Ann Woolcott, b. 1799 St. Marylebone, d. 1801 London, buried with her father in Whitefield Memorial Methodist Chapel.

(4) Thomas, son of William and Catherine Ann Woolcott, b. 1801 St. Marylebone, d. 1855 Sheerness, Kent, Clerk of the Works, Royal Engineers; m. (1) Unknown, m. (2) Elizabeth Jane Sibley 1834 St. Paul Shadwell, m. (3) William Woolcott, widower, clerk of the Works, son of William Woolcott, builder, m. Susanna Smith Pollard, widow, 1854 Poplar All Saints, she married (3) ___ Busley.

(5) Albert William Woolcott, b. 1831 Gibraltar, d. 1863 Aukland, New Zealand; m. Mary Ann Watson 1856 Walthamstowe, Essex.

(6) Alfred Charles, son of Albert William and Mary Ann Woolcott, b. 1860 Walthamstowe, Essex

(5) Edmund George Woolcott, b. 1834 Plumstead, Kent, d. Wellington, New Zealand, carpenter; with parents 1851, immigrated to New Zealand c.1660; m. Mary Ann Gilbert 1864 Nelson, New Zealand.

(5) Emma Jane Woolcott. b. 1846 British Guiana; d. 1891 New Zealand; m. Samuel Dobbinson.

(5) Marion Emily Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth Jane Woolcott, b. 1849 Gillingham, Kent; lived with her stepmother 1861 Sheerness, Kent.

(5) Thomas William Woolcott, b. 1855 Sheerness, Kent, d. at sea 1890; Apprentice Seaman 1871, certified Second mate 1875, First Mate 1880. Present at the wreck of the Uppingham: " Mr. Woollcott tossed up with pennies to decide who should swim ashore a distance of half a mile to inform the coastguard of the wreck. Mr. Woollcott lost the toss, and without hesitation plunged into the seas, which were dashing over the rocks with tremendous..., although Mr. Wolcott battled sturdily with them, he was dashed to pieces against the rocks within sight of those on board the ship."; will proved 1891; m. Mary Jane Bateson 1880 Leeds, Yorkshire.

(6) Marion Woolcott, b. 1881 Sheerness, Kent.

(6) Clara Woolcott, b. 1883 Sheerness, Kent.

(6) Reginald Joseph Woolcott, b. 1885 Sheerness, Kent; at Lewisham 1911.

(6) Gwendoline Marie Woolcott, b. 1887 Sheerness, Kent.

(6) Nora Anne Woolcott, b. 1888 Sheerness, Kent.

(6) Annie Elizabeth Woolcott, b. 1890 Sheerness, Kent.

(4) Matthias, son of William and Catherinne Ann Woolcott, b. 1802 St. Marylebone, d. 1847 Hackney.

(4) Daniel Edward, son of William and Catherine Ann Woolcott, b. 1805 St. Marylebone, d. 1831 Hackney.

(3) Lucy Woolcott. b. 1770 St. Marylebone, filed claim on father's estate; m. George Esmand 1792 St. George Hanover Square.

(3) John Woolcott, b. c.1773, d. 1775 St. Marylebone.

(3) Sarah, dau. of William and Mary Woolcott, b. 1779 St. Marylebone; m. Thomas Glenn 1805 St. Marylebone.

(3) Elizabeth, dau. of William and Mary Woolcott, b. 1781 St. Marylebone, filed claim on father's estate; m. (1) John Doubleday 1797 St. Pancras, m. (2) ____ Williams.

(3) John Woolcott, b. 1783 St. Marylebon, d. 1823 St. Marylebone, surgeon, East India Co.; died aboard Company ship Marquess of Wellington on the eve of leaving England to regain his official duties in India; m. Harriet Paul 1816 St. George Hanover Square.

(3) George, son of William and Mary Woolcott, b. 1784 St. Marylebone, bapt. 1799 St. Marylebone, d. 1855 Bayswater, London; apprenticed to his brother, William Woolcott, carpenter 1798 for 7 years; admitted Citizen of London, lived Doughty St., St. Pancras 1813-1846; builder in partnership with Bryan Browning built mansion house at Strensham Court, Worcestershire for John Taylor, and Fillongley Hall for Rev. Boyer Adderley; filed bankruptcy 1840; George Woolcott and George Woolcott Jr., builders assign all of the estate of the said George in trust for their creditors 1844; m. (1) Ann Pitchford 1811 St. Marylebone, m. (2) Elizabeth Fisher 1812 Ambledon, Surrey, who d. 1846.

(4) Uriah George, son of George and Ann Woolcott, b. 1812, St. Giles, Holborn, d. 1862 Lambeth, Surrey; builder and builder's clerk; m. Mary Ann Hills 1836 St. Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, she d. c.1840.

(4) Elizabeth, dau. of George and Elizabeth Woolcott, b. 1812 St. Pancras, d. 1813 Hambleden, Buckinghamshire.

(4) Charlotte, dau. of George and Elizabeth Woolcott, Doughty St., builder, b. 1815 St. Pancras..

(4) George, son of George and Elizabeth Woolcott, b. 1816 St. Pancras, d. 1818 Hamblenden, Buckinghamshire.

(4) George, son of George and Elizabeth Woolcott, builder of Doughty St., b. 1818 St. Pancras, Camden, d. 1899 Kensington; admitted citizen of London and member of Carpenter Guild by patrimony 1841. George Woolcott of Grays Inn Lane and Doughty St., Middlesex, builder, dealer and chapman had bankruptcy hearing 1842. George Woolcott the younger, in partnership with brother, Edward, filed bankruptcy 1845. He was a carpenter at St. Pancras in 1841-61 and at Bloomsbury in 1881; m. Amelia Bird 1836 Westminster.

(5) George Samuel, son of George and Amelia Woolcott, b. 1838 St. Pancras; house painter at St. Pancras, Kentish Town; m. Julia Catherine ____.

(6) George H. Woolcott, b. 1856 St. Luke Finsbury, London.

(6) James F. Woolcott, b. 1857 St. Luke Finsbury, London.

(6) Albert Arthur Woolcott, b. 1859 St. Luke Finsbury, d. 1947 Islington; m. Annie Elizabeth Clifton 1900 Islington.

(6) Percy Woolcott, b. 1860 St. Pancras; m. Ellen Elizabeth Smith 1902 London.

(5) John Woolcott, b. 1840 St. Pancras, Kentish Town.

(5) Alfred Edward Henry Woolcott, b. 1842 St. Pancras, Kentish Town, plumber; m. (1) Hannah Bates 1866 St. Marylebon, m. (2) Ellen Archer 1887 London.

(5) Charles Thomas Woolcott, b. 1844 St. Pancras, d. 1905 Edmonton, Middlesex; house painter; m. Elizabeth Amelia Davy 1866 Shoreditch.

(6) Charles Thomas Woolcott Jr., b. 1866 St. Pancras, d. 1891.

(6) Elizabeth Alice Woolcott, b. 1871 London.

(6) Edward Woolcott, b. 1873 London, d. 1925.

(6) Florence Amelia Woolcott, b. 1875 London; m. Arthur Edward Collins 1903.

(6) Emily Kate Woolcott, b. 1877 London; m. William George Harnett 1900.

(6) Ada Woolcott, b. 1879 London, d. 1935.

(6) Frederick James Woolcott, b. 1881 London; m. Helena Hayter 1909 Stoke Newington.

(6) Ellen M. Woolcott, b. 1882 Clerkenwell.

(6) James Woolcott, b. 1885 Clerkenwell.

(6) Maud G. Woolcott, b. 1887 Kentish Town, Camden.

(6) Ellen May Woolcott, b. 1891, d. 1975.

(5) Charlotte Amelia Woolcott, b. 1847 St. Pancras, Kentish Town; m. Edward Dowe 1861 St. Leonard Shoreditch.

(5) Uriah William Woolcott, b., d. 1850 St. George Bloomsbury.

(4) John, son of George and Elizabeth Woolcott of Doughty St., b. 1820 St. Pancras, d. Ramsgate, Kent c.1885; medical officer on ship “Plantagenet” 1845; with Henry Obre founded St. Marylebon Eye and Ear Clinic, later named the Western Opthalmic Hospital where he was resident physician until 1864, and consulting surgeon. In 1881 he lived with his sister, Elizabeth, at Ramsgate, Kent, d. unm..

(4) Robert Woolcott, b. 1822, St. Pancras, builder; 1841 with brother, Edward, St. Pancras. He was probably the Robert Woolcott who went to Peru to work on the construction of the Central Railroad about 1860, following the suicide of his brother, Edward in 1857. He settled at Cerro de Pasco; m. Narciso Robles.

(5) Jose Roberto, b. 1859 Cerro de Pasco; m. Zenovia Guillen.

(5) Marco Aurelio, b. 1866 Cerro de Pasco, Peru, d. 1922; proprietor of the La Fortuna mine, President of the Railroad Department Board; m. (1) Antonieta Belgrado, m. (2) Maria Esther Hernandez 1890 Lima, Peru.

(5) Hortensia Woolcott, b. 1869 Lima, Peru, d. 1898 Lima, Peru, unm..

(4) Mary Jane, dau. of George and Elizabeth Woolcott, b. 1822 St. Pancras; with parents 1851-61.

(4)? Samuel Woolcott, b. 1823 Cape of Good Hope, d. 1891 Edmonton, Middlesex, carpenter;Corporal 73rd Regt. 1861, at Hornsea 1871-1781, Chelsea pensioner; m. Sarah ____.

(4) Edward Woolcott, b. 1824 St. Pancras, d. 1857 Hornsey; in building business with brother George in 1845 when they filed bankruptcy; in 1857 he committed suicide and the jury found that at the time of shooting himself he was of unsound mind.

(4) Elizabeth Ann Woolcott, b. 1826 St. Pancras, Kentish Town.

(4) William Woolcott, b. 1829 St. Pancras, Kentish Tow, d. 1884 Chiswick, Middlesex; attended West London Union School, 1853 First Mate; 1854 Master Mariner, 1872-9 Captain of steamboat Pekin, mail carrier to India; in 1887 worked for Peninsular and Oriental Co. 21 years, commanding ships for 15 years, sailing out of London 36 years; 1881 Elder Brother for Trinity House, London; m. Fanny Eliza ____.

(5) James Woolcott, b. 1854 Woodford, Essex.

(5) Frederick Woolcott, b. 1865 Woodford. Essex, pawnbroker; m. Elizabeth Frances White 1893 Bethnal Green.

(3) Mary Ann, dau. of William and Mary Woolcott, b. 1786 St. Marylebone.

(3) Charlotte, dau. of William and Mary Woolcott, b. 1788 St. Marylebone; m. Daniel Edward Stevens 1816 St. Pancras.

(3) Charles Frederick, son of William and Mary Woolcott, b. 1790 St. Marylebone, d. 1863 St. Marylebone; glass merchant in Hanover St. in partnership with Henry Hammond and Charles Atwell; filed bankruptcy 1820 when it was said he was a residual legatee of William Woolcott; in 1851 he was a retired farmer at Hemel Hampstead and in 1861 a proprietor of houses there; m. (1) Eliza Slade 1813 St. George Hanover Square, m. (2) Elizabeth Southall 1839 Sedgley, Staffordshire.

(4) Charles John Woolcott, b. 1814 St. Pancras, Kentish Town, d. 1894 Portsea, Hampshire; 1851 Cerk of the Works at Portsea, Hampshire; m. Julia Fanny Hopping c.1850.

(5) Emily Julia Woolcott, b. 1851 Glamorgan, Wales.

(4) James Woolcott, b. 1816 Bloomsbury, d. 1872 Ayr, Ontario, Canada; tradesman, salesman; m. (1) Elizabeth Southall 1839 Sedgley, Staffordshire.

(5) Charles John, son of James and Ekizabeth Woolcott, b. 1840 Tipton, Staffordshire, d. 1918 Hamilton, Ontario; m. (1) Johanna Sullivan 1864 Hamilton, Ontario, m. (2) Susanna Elizabeth Ing c.1892, m. (3) Margaret Costello 1906 Wentworth, Ontario.

(5) Emelia Elizabeth, dau. of James and Elizabeth Woolcott, b. 1842 Tipton, Staffordshire; m. Edwin George Baker 1883 St. John Hoxton.

(5) Mary Woolcott, b. 1843 Coseley, Staffordshire.

(5) Francis C. Lundthald Woolcott, b. 1844 London.

(5) Oliver Claude Woolcott, b. 1847 London, d. 1865, marine; Chelsea pensioner for military service.r.

(5) Horace Lancelot Woolcott, b. 1848 London.

(5) Septimus Woolcott b. 1849 Tipton, Staffordshire, laborer, d. 1888 St. Olave, Bermondsey; m. Sarah Dixon 1887 St. John Hoxton.

(5) Octavius Woolcott, b. 1850 Tipton, Staffordshire, printer; m. Mary Ann Brown 1875 St. Mary Lambeth..

(5) Florence Woolcott, b. 1856 Clapham, Surrey; m. Harry Cranstone 1874 St. Mary Lambeth.

(4) Frederick Woolcott, b. Holborn, Middlesex.

(4) Eliza Ann Woolcott b. 1820 Holborn, Middlesex.

(4) Alfred Woolcott, b. 1823 St. Giles in the Fields, d. Camberwell, Surrey, clerk; m. (1) Elizabeth Handcocks 1852 Finsbury, (2) Anne Maria House 1858 St. James Paddington, (3) Sabina Clowes c. 1859 London.

(5) Louisa Elizabeth Woolcott, b. 1857St. James Pickadilly.

(5) Charlotte Sabina Woolcott, b. 1859 St. James Pickadilly.

(5) Alfred Josiah Woolcott, b. 1862 St. Pancras.

(4) George Woolcott, b. 1826 St. Giles in the Fields, d. Ontario, Canada, Salesman, clerk; m. Eliza Jemima Mills 1854 St. John Paddington.

(5) Eliza Ann Woolcott, b. 1857 Islington, Middlesex.

(5) Maria Woolcott, b. 1858 Blandford, Ontario.

(5) Edwin Woolcott, b. 1861 Blandford, Ontario

(5) Frank Woolcott, b. 1870 Blandford, Ontario; m. Mary E. Flaring 1897 Hamilton, Ontario.

(5) Frederick Woolcott, b. 1873 Blandford, Ontario.

(5) Charles Woolcott, b. 1875 Blandford, Ontario.

(4) Henry Woolcott, b. 1828 Watford, Herts..

(4) Augustus Frederick Woolcott, b. 1829 Watford, Herts., clerk for Great Western Railroad; m. Betsy Goodchild 1851 St. Luke Finsbury.

(5) Augustus Woolcott, b. 1853 Paddington; railroad clerk.

(5) Frederick Woolcot, b. 1854 Paddington.

(5) Alice Eugenia Woolcott, b. 1858 Paddington.

(5) Louisa Blanche Woolcott, b. 1860 Paddington.

(5) Grace Woolcott, b. 1860 Paddington.

(5) Sidney Woolcott, b. 1862 Paddington; railroad clerk.

(6) Grace A. Woolcott, b. 1889 Paddington.

(3) James, son of William and Mary Woolcott, b. 1793 St. Marylebone.

(2) Elizabeth Woolcott, b. 1744 St. Anne Soho.

(2) Susannah Woolcott, b. 1746 St. Anne Soho


Another Woolcott family appeared in the 1640s from source currently unknown. They apparently died out in the male line about 1800.

(1) Robert Woolcott, b. c.1620, l. St. Botolph Aldgate, laborer, lived at Aldgate from 1642 to 1658. Daniel was his only male child known to have survived childhood. Other Robert Woolcott lived at Aldgate from 1705 on, presumably his descendant.
m. Bridget ____, she d. 1658 St. Botolph. Possibly brother of John Woolcott who married Judith Jones 1645 St. Botolph Bishopgate.

(2) Thomas Woolcott, b. 1642, d. 1645 St. Botolph Aldgate.

(2) Mary Woolcott, b. 1644 St. Botolph Aldgate.

(2) Elizabeth Woolcott, b. 1646 St. Botolph Aldgate, d. 1647.

(2) Susanna Woolcott, b. 1648 St. Botolph Aldgate, d. 1649.

(2) Edward Woolcott, b., d. 1655 St. Botolph Aldgate.

(2) Daniel Woolcott, b. 1651 St. Botolph Aldgate.

(3) Robert Woolcott, b. c.1670, tailor; paid taxes in Aldgate from 1705 to 1738; m. Mary Clifton 1698 St. Dunstan, London

(4) Elizabeth Woolcott, b. 1699, d. 1700 St. Katherine Creechurch.

(4) Robert Woolcott Jr., b. 1701 St. Katherine Creechurch, d. 1775 St. Katherine; apprenticed to a sadler 1715, paid land tax at Aldgate 1766-75; m. Sarah ____.

(5) Elizabeth Woolcott. b. c.1737 St. Katherine Kreechurch; m. William Wright 1756 All Hallows Lombard St..

(5) George Woolcott, b. 1740 St. Martin in the Field; m. Gladys Clamp.

(6) Mary Woolcott, b. c.1770 London; m. William Burgess 1799 St. Martin in the Field.

(6) Ann Woolcott, b. c.1780 London; m. Charles Lepine 1803 St. Martin in the Field.

(4) Agnes Woolcott, b. 1704, d. 1706 St. Katherine Creechurch.

(4) Elizabeth Woolcott, b. 1706 St. Katherine Creechurch.

(4) Sarah Woolcott, b. 1708, d. 1709 St. Katherine Creechurch.

(4) Agnes Woolcott, b. 1710 St. Katherine Creechurch.

(4) Susannah Woolcott, b. 1712 St. Katherine Creechurch.

(4) Martha Woolcott, b. 1714 St. Katherine Creechurch.

(4) William Woolcott, d. 1717 St. Katherine Creechurch.

(4) James Woolcott, b. 1718 St. Katherine Creechurch.



A third Woolcott family appears in London at Hackney about 1720:

(1) James Woolcott; b. c.1690; shopman for a London cheese dealer in 1732, night watchman for Hackney 1734 and 1739, and lived at Hackney in 1753; m. Elizabeth Harby 1720 St Botolph Bishopgate. Possibly James Woolcott b. 1689 Berry Pomeroy, Devon, son of Edward Woolcott Jr. and Gertrude Collins

(2) James Woolcott, Jr., b. 1721, d. 1722 Hackney.

(2) Elizabeth, b. 1722 St. John, Hackney; m. Edmund Sutton 1751 St. Butolph Bishopgate.

(2) Thomas Woolcott, b. 1723 St. John Hackney, d. 1789 Bermondsey, carpenter. Thomas Woollcott, son of James Woollcott of Hackney in the County of Middlesex, Gardner, bound to William Coates for seven years 1739; citizen of London and member of the London Carpenters Guild 1753-1789; l. St. Olave Southwark 1749-1773; m. Margaret ____.

(3) Uriah Woolcott, b. 1748 St. Marylebon, d. 1814 Westminster age 66; carpenter and joiner, held land in Bermondsey 1795-1808; he was sketched by artist Sir John Sloan in 1780; clerk of the works for the addition to Laxton Hall, Northamptonshire c.1805; m. (1) Ann Williams 1774 Lambeth, m. (2) Ann Ashley 1814 St. George Hanover Square.

(4) Uriah Woolcott Jr., b. 1776 Clapham, Surrey, d. 1810 Plumstead, Kent, unm..

(4) James, son of Uriah and Ann Woolcott, b. 1778 St. Marylebone, d. c.1855 Bermondsey; carpenter; m. Charlotte Pope 1803 St. Mary, Lambeth; was at St. Giles in 1841 and a widower at Bermondsey in 1851.

(5) Charlotte, daughter of James and Charlotte Woolcott, b. 1805 St. Giles, Holborn, d. 1887 Wandsworth; at Chatham, Kent 1871, domestic servant living alone unm..

(5) Harriet, daughter of James and Charlotte Woolcott, b. 1808 St. Giles, Holborn.

(5) James Uriah, son of James and Charlotte Woolcott, b.1810 St. Giles, Holborn, d. 1856 St. Anne, Soho, broom maker; m. (1) Hannah Elizabeth Knight 1834 St. James, Westminster, m. (2) Rachel Perry 1854 St. Martin, Westminster.

(6) James William, son of James and Hannah Woolcott, b. 1835 St. Clement, London, d. c.1875 Whitechapel, grocer; 1861 Whitechapel; coffeehouse keeper at St. Botolph Aldgate 1871; m. Jane Haines 1861 Newington.

(7) Alice Woolcott, b. London; with parents 1861-1891, domestic servant 1891, with brother William at Hackney 1901.

(7) Edwin James Woolcott, b. 1867 London, laborer; m. Elizabeth Blaney 1890 St. Luke Hackney.

(7) Frederick Woolcott, b. 1868 London; with parents 1871..

(7) George Woolcott, b. 1870 London; with parents 1871-1901.

(7) William Woolcott, b. 1872 Wapping, Middlesex, with mother 1881; train conductor at Hackney 1901 with mother and sister Alice living with him; immigrated to Canada c. 1953; m. Jane Little 1897 St. John Hackney.

(6) Harriet Woolcott, b. 1837 St. James Pickadillyr.

(6) Hannah Sarah, dau. of James Uraih and Hannah Wolcott, b. 1838 St. James Pickadilly; with parents 1841; a domestic cook for the Elwell family in St. Marylebon, 1901, d. unm..

(6) Eliza, dau. of James Uriah and Hannah Elizabeth Woolcott, b. 1840 St. James Pickadilly; with parents 1841-1851.

(6) Edwin, son of James Uriah and Hanna Elizabeth Woolcott, b. 1844 St. James Pickadilly.

(6) Caroline Woolcott, b. 1848 St. George the Martyr, Southwark.

(6) Louise Woolcott, b. 1850 St. George the Martyr, Southwark.

(6) Rachel Woolcott, b. 1855, St. George the Martyr, Southwark.

(5) Charlotte Woolcot, b. 1811 St. Giles, Holborn.

(3) James, son of Thomas and Margaret Woolcott, b. 1749 St. John, Horsley Down.

(3) Thomas, son of Thomas and Margaret Woolcott, b. 1749 Southwark, d. 1819 Hampton, Middlesex; Nonconformist; carpenter; apprenticed to Thomas Woollcott his father of Tooley Street Southwark Citizen & Carpenter of London and made freeman of London at the end of his apprenticeship 1772, took Peter Parker as an apprentice at Southwark in 1773; carpenter at Southwark 1777, Clerkenwell 1785; lived Compton St., Clerkenwell, where he took his brother, Samuel, as apprentice in 1783; m. Ann Hilton 1775 Clerkenwell; she buried Bunhill Fields, a Nonconformist Cemetery.

(4) Richard, son of Thomas and Ann Woollcott, 1775-1779 St. James Clerkenwell; bur. Bunhills Fields.

(4) Thomas, son of Thomas and Ann Woollcott, b. 1777 St. James Clerkenwell; timber merchant in partnership with Richard Woollcott, in St John Street; m. Sarah Wheeler 1796 St. James Clerkenwell.

(4) Samuel, son of Thomas and Ann Woollcott, 1778-1778 St. James Clerkenwell, bur Bunhill Fields.

(4) Richard, son of Thomas and Ann Woollcott, b. 1779 St. James Clerkenwell; Richard Woollcott apprenticed to his Father Thomas Woollcott of Saint James Clerkenwell Carpenter & also Citizen and Carpenter of London; timber merchant in partnership with Thomas Woollcott, in St John Street.

(4) Ann Woolcott, b., d. 1783 Clerkenwell, bur Bunhill Fields.

(4) James Woolcott, b., d. 1785 Clerkenwell, bur. Bunhill Fields.

(4) Elizabeth Woolcott, b., d. 1790 Clerkenwell, bur. Bunhill Fields.

(3) Robert Woolcott, b. 1751 Southwark, d. 1795 Bermondsey; completed his carpenter apprenticeship to his father 1774; m. Ann Bignall 1775 St. Giles Camberwell. 1791 lighterman at Dock Head, Bermondsey

(4) John Woolcott, b. 1776 Southwark, d.y..

(4) Patty Woolcott, b. 1779, Bermondsey.

(4) Robert Woolcott, Jr., b. 1780 Bermondsey.

(4) John Woolcott, b. 1783 Bermondsey, d. 1846 Bermondsey, rope maker; m. Ann Young 1813 St. Mary, Lambeth.

(5) Ann Elizabeth, dau. of John and Ann Woolcott, b. 1814 Bermondsey; m. Hugh James Smith, rope maker, 1837 St. Mary Lambeth, Surrey, 1837

(5) Margaret, dau. of John and Ann Woolcott, b. 1819 Bermondsey; m. Thomas Holloway 1846 St. Mary Newington.

(5) William Henry, son of John and Ann Woolcott, b. 1823 Bermondsey, tailor; m. (1) Mrs. Mary Gould, m. (2) Mrs. Mary Ann Richards Looper 1871 St. Stephen. Southwark. 1851-71 Bermondsey.

(5) Elizabeth Woolcott, b. 1827 Bermondsey, d. 1865 St. Giles Camberwell.

(4) Stephen Syeds, son of Robert, lighterman of Dockhead, and Ann Woolcott, b. 1785 Bermondsey.

(4) Elizabeth Mary, dau. of Robert, lighterman of Dockhead, and Ann Woolcott, b. 1787 Bermondsey.

(4) George Bernard, son of Robert, lighterman of Dockhead, and Ann Woolcott, b. 1791 BermondseyWoolcott, b. 1789, d. 1790 Bermondsey.

(4) James, son of Robert, lighterman of Dockhead, and Ann Woolcott, b. 1789 Bermondsey, d. 1829 Bermondsey.

(3) William Woolcott, b. c.1757 Southwark. William Woolcott of the New Road Southwark, carpenter, son of Thomas Woolcott of the same place carpenter and also citizen and carpenter of London made free by Patrimony; m. Lydia Little 1784 St. Giles Cripplegate, London.

(4) William Woollcott Jr., b., d. 1785 Whitechapel, London.

(4) Thomas Woolcott, b. 1788 Finsbury, d. 1866 Clerkenwell, carpenter; 1843 declared bankruptcy; m. Maria Davenport 1812 Aldersgate, London, witness Margaret Woolcott. 1841-51 Clerkenwell, 1861 Islington.

(5) Thomas Samuel Woolcott, b. 1814 St. James Clerkenwell, carpenter; declared bankruptcy in 1843; m. Ann Carter 1835 Camden, Middlesex. 1841 Hackney, 1851 Clerkenwell; 1861 Islington.

(5) Frances Woolcott, b. 1815 St. John Finsbury; m. William Henry Richards 1837 London.

(5) George William Woolcott, b. 1817 St. John Finsbury, carpenter; m. Ann Panton 1840 Newgate, London.

(5) Joseph Woolcott, b. 1819 St. John Finsbury, Middlesex, commercial traveller; m. Maria Frances Prior 1842 Westminster.

(5) Edward Woolcott, b. 1822 Finsbury, Middlesex, d. 1822 Pentonville, London.

(5) John Woolcott, b. 1823 Finsbury, Middlesex.

(5) Charles Woolcott, b., d. 1823 Clerkenwell.

(5) Maria Jessie Woolcott, b. 1826 Finsbury; m. William Francis Reed 1842 Westminster. He was a Professor of Music at St.Pancras, London. William bigamously married Catherine Plamping (1834-1905) and they had three children. On William's death, 1898, Maria turned up at the home of Catherine requesting William's expensive violin and cello. On Maria's death certificate, 1910, it states that she is the widow of William Reed.

(4) Margaret Little, daughter of William and Lydia Woolcott, b. 1790 St. James, Clerkenwell, d. 1878 London; m.(1) Andrew Christey 1813 St. James, Clerkenwel, m. (2) Robert Wigzell 1829 St. George Southwark.

(4) Ann Hilton, daughter of William and Lydia Woolcott, b. 1791 St. James Clerkenwell; named for her aunt Ann Hilton; m. John Brittle 1813 Clerkenwell.

(4) William, son of William and Lydia Woolcott Jr., b. 1793St. James Clerkenwell, d. 1871 Hoxton, Middlesex,bricklayer; m. (1) Mary Ann ____ 1826, m. (2) Ann Norris 1851 Hoxton, Middlesex. 1861-1871 . Shoreditch and Hoxton.

(5) Harriet Woolcott, b. c. 1830 London; m. Henry Baker Vincent 1853 Hoxton, Middlesex.

(4) John, son of William and Lydia Woolcott, b. 1797 St. James Clerkenwell.

(4) Richard, son of William and Lydia Woolcott, b. 1801 Clerkenwell, d. 1868 London, d.s.p.

(3) John Woolcott, b. 1756 St. Olave Southwark, d. 1807 Bermondsey; carpenter and lighterman. John Woolcott of Paris Street Tooley Street, Lighterman, son of Thomas Woolcott of the parish of Saint Olaves Southwark, Cold & Carpenter, made freeman of London by patrimony. Lightermen were workers who transferred goods between ships and quays aboard flat-bottomed barges called lighters in the Port of London. Tooley St. is in Bermondsey. John and his family resided in St. Mary Magdalen parish, Bermondsey.Mr. John Woolcott paid his quarterage to the Carpenters Guild 1789. Richard Dobbins, bound to John Woolcott of Bermondsey, aforesaid, Carpenter and also Citizen and Carpenter of London, made free on the Testimony of his said master; m. Mary Dobbins 1775 St. Mary Newington.

(4) William Woolcott, b. 1776 Bermondsey.

(4) Thomas Woolcott, b. 1777 Bermondsey.

(4) John Woolcott, Jr., b. 1779 Bermondsey, rope maker; m. Ann ____.

(5) Ann Elizabeth, b. 1812 Bermondsey.

(5) Ann Elizabeth, b. 1814 Bermondsey.

(5) John Joseph Woolcott, b. 1819 Bermondsey.

(5) William Henry Woolcott, b. 1823 Dockhead, Surrey; m. (1) Mrs. Mary Gould, m. (2) Mary Ann Looper 1871 Southwark, Surrey.

(4) Sarah Catherine Woolcott, b. 1784 Bermondsey, d. 1781 Bermondsey.

(4) Thomas Woolcott, b. 1782 London, currier.

(4) Mary Woolcott, b. 1784 St. Dunstan; m. Charles Croaker 1808 St. Andrews.

(4) Catherine Woolcott, b. 1785 St. Dunstan.

(4) Henry Woolcott, b. 1787 St. Dunstan.

(4) Sarah Woolcott, b. 1789 St. Dunstan.

(4) Charles Woolcott, b., d.1791 Camberwell.

(4) Ann Woolcott, b. 1792 Camberwell.

(4) Sarah Woolcott, b. 1793 Camberwell.

(4) Richard Woolcott, b. 1796 Camberwell, d. 1809 St. Dunstans.

(4) Charles Dobbins Woolcott, b. 1797 Camberwell.

(4) Ann Dobbins Woolcott, b. 1801 Camberwell.

(4) Thomas Woolcott, b. 1805 Bermondsey.

(3) Agnes Woolcott, b. 1758 Southwark.

(3) James Woolcott, b. 1759 Southwark; m. Elizabeth Claridge 1791 St. Marylebone.

(3) George Woolcott, b. 1761 Southwark.

(3) Martha Woolcott, b. 1763 Southwark; m. Stephen Syeds 1786 Bermondsey.

(3) Joseph Woolcott, b. 1764 Southwark.

(3) Henry, son of Thomas and Margaret Woolcott, b. 1766 Bermondsey, d. 1833 Bermondsey; Henry Woolcott of Dockhead, carpenter, son of Thomas Woolcott citizen and carpenter of London made free by patrimony1788; lighterman at Dock Head 1799, Corn Measurer at Dockhead 1821; held property in Bermondsey 1790-1816, probably from brother, James who held property in Bermondsey 1781-1789. Sons John, Robert and Ralph admitted Citizens of London by patrimony as sons of Henry; m. Mary Bullock 1788 London.

(4) Henry, son of Henry and Mary Woollcott, b. 1790 Bermondsey, d. 1858 Bermondsey; an unmarried blacksmith at Bermondsey 1851.

(4) Martha, daughter of Henry Woollcott, lighterman of Dockhead, and Mary Woollcott, b. 1792 Bermondsey.

(4) John, son of Henry Woolcott, lighterman, and Mary Woolcott, b. 1793 Bermondsey.

(4) Elizabeth Jane, daughter of Henry Woollcott, lighterman, and Mary Woollcott, b. 1795 Bermondsey; m. James Brown 1840 Camberwell, Surrey.

(4) Samuel, son of Henry Woolcott, lighterman, and Mary Woolcott, b. 1797 Bermondsey, d. 1847 St. John Horsley Down, Southwark, Surrey.

(4) Robert, son of Henry Woolcott, lighterman, and Mary Woolcott, b. 1799 Bermondsey,Woolcott, d. 1854 Bermondsey, Fellowship porter; admitted freeman of London 1824 by copy of 1788, taxed on property at Southwark 1836-1854; m. Maria Ann Shilton 1822 Newington. 1851 Southwark.

(5) Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Woolcott, Fellowship porter and Maria Woolcott, 1824-1824 St. John Horsley Down, Bermondsey, Surrey.

(5) Robert, son of Robert Woolcott, porter, and Maria Woolcott, b. 1825 St. John Horsleydown, Bermondsey, Surrey, wharfinger clerk; admitted freeman of London by copy 1824; lived Horsleydown 1824-1851, taxed on property at Southwark that was previously his father's 1857; d. unm..

(5) John Henry, son of Robert Woolcott, Fellowship porter and Maria Woolcott, 1828-1829 St. John Horsley Down, Bermondsey, Surrey.

(5) Mary Ann Woolcott, 1830-1830 St. John Horsleydown.

(5) Maria Ann, daughter of Robert Wolcott, porter, b. 1832 St. John Horsleydown; m. Joseph Withey, furrier, 1856 St. George Camberwell, Emily Woolcott witness.

(5) Emily, daughter of Robert Woolcott, Fellowship porter and Maria Woolcott, b. 1835 St. John Horsley Down, Bermondsey, Surrey; lived with brother Robert in 1881.

(5) James, son of Robert Woolcott, corn porter and Maria Woolcott, 1840 St. John Horsley Down, Bermondsey, Surrey.Woolcott, b. 1840 St. John Horsley Down, Bermondsey, clerk; 1869-91 Penge, Surrey; m. (1) Alice Mary Ann Pudney 1866 St. James Bermondsey, m. (2) Hannah ____.

(6) Walter James, son of James Woolcott, clerk, and Alice Mary Ann Woolcott, b. 1868 Bermondsey, d. 1902 Anerly, Surrey 1902, admin granted to his father, James Woollcott, gent..

(6) Alice Maud, daughter of James Woolcott, b. 1875 Norwood, Surrey.

(5) George, son of Robert Woollcott, Fellowship porter and Maria Woolcott, b. 1844 St. John Horsley Down, Bermondsey, Surrey; m. Sarah Ann Butterfield 1867 Newington, with Emily Woollcott as witness.

(4) Ann Woolcott, b. 1801 Bermondsey; m. John Leaming 1820 Newington, Surrey.

(4) Sarah Woolcott b. 1803, d. 1806 Bermondsey.

(4) Thomas John Woolcott, b. 1805 Bermondsey; plumber; m. Jane Blair 1834 Walworth, Surrey.

(4) Ralph, son of Henry and Mary Woolcott, b. 1808 Bermondsey, d. 1874 Brentford, Middlesex, Fellowship porter; m. Catherine Jane Price 1830 Lambeth, Surrey.

(5) Ralph Woolcott, 1831-1832 Bermondsey.

(5) Catherine Jane, daughter of Ralph and Catherine Jane Woolcott, b. 1833 Bermondsey.

(5) Catherine Mary, daughter of Ralph and Catherine Jane Woolcott, b. 1835 Bermondsey; m. Robert Stroud, clothier, 1859 St. Mary Lambeth.

(3) Samuel Woolcott, b. 1769 Southwark. 1783: Samuel Woolcott son of Thomas Woollcott of the parish of Saint Mary Magdalen Bermondsey Surry, carpenter, bound to Thomas Woollcott of Compton Street, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, carpenter & also citizen & carpenter of London 1783; m. Sarah Vallant 1788 Lambeth, Surrey.

(4) William Henry Woolcott, b. 1789 Lambeth.

(4) Samuel Woolcott, d. 1790 Lambeth.

(4) Mary Woolcott, d. 1790 Lambeth.

(4) James Woolcott, b., d. 1794 Lambeth.

(4) James Woolcott, b. c.1798 Lambeth, d. c.1830, ropemaker; m. Mary Horn 1819 Lambeth

(3) Richard Woolcott, b. 1775 Clerkenwell, d.y..

(3) Thomas Woolcott III, b. 1777 Clerkenwell; m. Sarah Wheeler 1796 Clerkenwell.

(3) Samuel Woolcott, b. 1778 Clerkenwell.

(3) Richard Woolcott, b. 1779 Clerkenwell.

(3) Sarah Woolcott, b. 1776 St. Luke Finsbury.

(2) John Woolcott, b., d. 1727 Hackney.

(2) Agnes Woolcott, b. 1729 Hackney.

(2) William Woolcott, b. 1730 Hackney.

(2) William Woolcott, b. 1736 Hackney

(2) Robert Woolcott, b. 1737.


Another family appears at London about 1870. They were ancestors of Alexander Woollcott, the American writer and radio commentater:

(1) John Woolcott, b. c.1750, d. 1832 Guildford, Surrey; food and drink merchant.

(2) William Woolcott, b. 1771 St. Dunstan, cooper; William Woollcott, son of John Woollcott, victualler, apprenticed to John Banfield, cooper of London 1786; cooper of London 1790; m. Elizabeth Noke 1794 St. James, Clerkenwell.

(3) Elizabeth, dau. of William and Elizabeth Woollcott, b. 1795 St. George Southwark.

(3) William Woolcott, b. 1796 Clerkenwell, d. 1885 Islington, painter, Japanner; m. (1) Elizabeth Blossom Cary 1814 Westminster, m. (2) Mary Ann Amelia Versey 1867 Islington.

(4) William Thomas Woolcott, b. 1815 St. Leonard Shoreditch, d. 1852 Islington; grocer, clerk at the Finsbry Savings Bank; m. Catherine Ann Bolton 1836 St. James Clerkenwell.

(5) Mary Bolton, dau. of William Thomas and Catherine Woolcott of Penton Place, grocer, b. 1836 London, d. 1855 Stoke Newington.

(5) William, son of William Thomas and Catherine Ann Woollcott, b. 1838 Pentonville, d. 1907 Raleigh North Carolina; to US 1861 with brother Walter; was a merchant and had clothing factories at Raleigh NC in 1880; m. Mary Oliver.

(6) Walter Woolcott, b. 1866-1926 Raleigh NC.

(6) Frederick Woolcott, b. 1872 VA, d. 1933 Durham NC.

(6) Mary Oliver Woolcott, 1876-1946 Raleigh NC.

(5) George, son of William Thomas and Catherine Ann Woollcott, banking clerk, 1841-1849 Clerkenwell.

(5) Emily Woolcott, b. 1845 Clerkenwell.

(5) Walter, son of William Thomas and Catherine Ann Woollcott, b. 1848 Clerkenwell, d. 1913 Philadelphia PA, came to US with brother 1861;1875 at Phalanx NJ; clerk at Washington DC 1880, moved to Kansas City 1889, secretary to the Kansas City Light & Coke Co., 1896 to Germantown PA; spent his last years in an institution; his wife's family lived in a Utopian colony near Red Bank NJ; m. Frances "Bam" Bucklin 1870.

(6) Harry Woolcott, b. 1871 Freehold NJ.

(6) Julia Woolcott, b. 1873 Freehold NJ; m. Charles Taber.

(6) William W. "Billy"; Woolcott, b. 1876 Freehold NJ, l. Baltimore; l. Cantonville MD 1943.

(6) Phillip Woolcott, b. 1879 Freehold NJ.

(6) Alexander Humphries Woolcott, b. 1887 Phalanx NJ, d. 1943 New York City, unm., graduated from Hamilton College 1909, mumps left him an eunuch; on staff of Stars and Stripes in France 1918; well known writer and radio personality, close friend of Harpo Marx, Somerset Maughm,George Bernard Shaw, Elinore Roosevelt, etc.

(4) Henry James Wolcott, b. 1817 St. Luke Finsbury, baker, corn dealer; m. Harriet Burton 1838 St. Martin in the Field.

(5) Henry James Woolcottr, Jr., b., d. 1839 St. Pancras, Middlesex.

(5) Harriet Woolcott, b. 1840 St. George Bloomsbury; m. John Rawlings 1866 St. Peter Hackney.

(5) Ann Woolcott, b. 1842 St. Pancras, Kentish Town; m. Joseph Beger 1864 St. Dunstan Stepney..

(5) Elizabeth Woolcott, b. 1844 St. Pancras, Kentish Town.

(5) Caroline Woolcott, b. 1847 St. Pancras, Kentish Town , d. 1932 London; m. Stephen Wilson.

(5) Henry James Woolcott, Jr., b. 1849 St. Pancras, Kentish Town, d. Stratford, Essex; m. Emma ____.

(6) Emma Jane Woolcott, b. 1873 Ilford, Essex; m. Henry George Sandy 1898 West Ham, Stratford, Essex.

(6) Henry James Woolcott III, b. 1876 Stratford, Essex, butcher; m. Ada _____.

(6) Ann Woolcott, b. 1880 Plaistow, Essex.

(6) Matilda Woolcott, b. 1883 Stratford, Essex.

(6) Albert L. Woolcott, b. 1887 Stratford, Essex.

(5) William Thomas Woolcott, b. 1851 St. Pancras, Camden; m. Caroline Holmes 1851 St. James Bethnal Green.

(5) Charles Woolcott, b. 1852 St. Pancras, Camden.

(5) Emma Louisa Woolcott, b. 1856 St. Pancras, Camden; m. Alfred John Jarvis 1874 St. Bartholomew Bethnal Green.

(5) Jessie Woolcott, b. 1859 Stratford, Essex.

(5) Alfred George Woolcott, b. 1861 Stratford, Essex; m. Myra _____.

(5) Arthur J. Woolcott, b. 1863 Stratford, Essex.

(4) Elizabeth Woolcott, b. 1820 St. James Clerkenwell.

(4) John Hawkins Woolcott, b. 1822 St. James Clerkenwell, bricklayer; m. Elizabeth White 1846 St. Mary Haggerston.

(4) Harriet Elizabeth Woolcott, b. 1824 St. James Clerkenwell.

(4) Caroline Woolcott b. 1827 St. John Shoreditch; m. Henry Barber 1851 St. Botolph Bishopgate.

(4) Louisa Woolcott, b. 1831 St. John Shoreditch; m. William John Hatchett 1849 West Hackney.

(4) Robert Woolcott, b. 1834 Shoreditch, d. 1901 Mile End, Old Town, London; linen draper, miliner, and haberdasherer; m. Elizabeth Hatchett 1852 St. Philip Bethnal Green.

(5) Elizabeth Blossom Woolcott, b. 1852 Spitalfields; m. William Older 1876 St. Thomas Stepney.

(5) Robert Woolcott, b. 1856 Spitalfields, d. 1896 Canning Town, Essex; m. Sarah ____.

(5) Henry Woolcott, b. 1857 Spitalfields, d. 1928 Parramatta, Australia; m. Esther Wimpory 1884 St. John Hackney; postman at Stepney, East Ham, and Bethnal Green; emmigrated in 1913 to New South Wales, Australia, with wife and 6 children, two eldest sons arrived seperately.

(5) William Woolcott, b. 1858 Spitalfields.

(5) George Woolcott, b. 1863 Mile End Old Town, staymaker; m. Margaret Maria Warner 1882 St. Simon Bethnal Green.

(5) John Woolcott, b. 1865 Mile End Old Town.

(5) Mary Woolcott, b. 1867 Mile End Old Town.

(5) Harriet Woolcott, b. 1870 Mile End Old Town

(5) Alice Maria Woolcott, b. 1872 Mile End Old Town; m. Thomas Puddephatt 1901 Mile End Old Town.

(5) William Woolcott, b. 1879 Mile End Old Town.

(3) Sophia Woolcott, b. 1798 Camberwell, Surrey.

(3) Matilda Woolcott, b. 1801 Newington, Surrey; m. William Willoughby Hoskin 1820 Lambeth, Surrey

(3) Sarah Elizabeth Woolcott, b. 1805 St. James Clerkenwell; m. ____ Moorish.

(2) Sophia Woolcott, b. 1798 Surrey.

(2) Matilda Woolcott, b. 1801 Surrey; m. William Hoskin 1820 St. Mary Lambeth.


Another Woolcott family came to London from West Monkton, Somerset, about 1830. They were descendants of the Tolland Wolcotts:

(1) Isaac Woolcott III, b. 1802 West Monkton, d. 1887 Clapham, Surrey, cheese monger in Drury Lane, sold business 1863 and moved to Clapham, Surrey; m. Charlote Hockings 1837 Lambeth, Surrey.

(2) Thomas Culverwell Woolcott, b.1840 Bloomsbury, d. 1910 Torquay, Devon, cheese and provisions merchant at Clapham, Surrey, left estate of 4,200L; m. c.1870 Mary Louise Glisson

(2) Isabella Woolcott, b. 1842; m. Edward Henry Brown 1865 Clapham, Surrey.

(2) Isaac William Woolcott, b. 1845 Bloomsbury, d. 1903 Westminster, cheesemonger with brither Thomas; m. Kate Jane Glisson 1882 Bath, Somerset

(2) Edward Woolcott, b. 1846 Bloomsbury, cheese and provision dealer; unm.

(2) Charlotte Fielder Woolcott .


Another Woolcott family came to London from South Molton, Somerset.

(1) John Woolcott, serge weaver of South Molton, b. 1743 South Molton, Somerset, d. 1830 South Molton; apprenticed to Hugh Rowcliff, woolcomber 1756 South Molton; m. Grace ___..

(2) Richard Woolcott, b. c. 1770, d. c.1828 St. George Bloomsbury, embroiderer at Little Russell St., Bloomsbury, 1818-28, paid land tax there 1822-27 after which Mrs. Woolcott paid it; m. Charlotte Schleimer 1796, Grace Woolcott, mother, witness. Charlotte was at Little Russell St. until after 1851.

(3) Charlotte, dau. of Richard and Charlotte Woolcott, b. 1796, d. 1797 St. Marylebone.

(3) Richard Almon, son of Richard and Charlotte Woolcott, b. 1798 St. Marylebone, d. Little Russell St., Bloomsbury 1834, confectioner; m. (1) Martha Brotherton 1819 St. Martin in the Fields; m. (2) Rebecca Francis 1824 St. George Bloomsbury.

(4) Richard Harman, son of Richard and Martha Woolcott, b. 1819 Camberwell, d. 1893 London; glue maker with his grandmother, Charlotte, in 1841; furniture and lamp dealer at St. Martin in the Fields 1861-1881; m. Fanny Hammett Brodribb 1852 Westminster.

(3) Elizabeth, dau. of Richard and Charlotte Woolcott, b. 1800 St. Leonard Shoreditch.

(3) Charlotte, dau. of Richard and Charlotte Woolcott, b. 1803 St. Giles in the Field, d. 1866 St. Martin in the Fields; m. James Gelon Adrian Avicenna Dibon 1829 St. Marylebone.

(3) Mary Ann, dau. of Richard and Charlotte Woolcott, b. 1805 St. Giles in the Field.

(3) Henry John , son of Richard and Charlotte Woolcott, b. 1808 St. Giles in the Field, fringe manufacturer St. George Bloomsbury, filed bankruptcy 1851, to debtor's prison 1853, but still in fringe business 1861-1881; m. (1) Frances Sarah Dibon 1828 St. Marylebone, m. (2) Emma ____.

(4) Byron Harry Woolcott, b. 1844 St. Giles, London, d. 1909 St. Marylebone, glass cutter and glazier; m. Elizabeth Ward 1866 St. Giles.

(4) Alfred Richard Woolcott, b. 1845 Bloomsbury, outfitter; m. (1) Elizabeth Maddox 1871 Paddington, he petitioned for divorce 1876, m. (2) Rosina Harrison.

(4) Emily Woolcott, b. 1850 Bloomsbury.

(4) Albert Stanley Woolcott b. 1851 Bloomsbury, d. 1940 St. Pancras.surgical instrument maker; m. Sophia Ann Barrett 1879 St. Pancras, Camden.

(4) Edward Woolcott, b. 1853 Bloomsbury, umbrella cover cutter; m. Charlotte ____.

(3) Caroline, dau. of Richard and Charlotte Woolcott, b. 1810 St. Giles Bloomsbury; m. John Bennett 1839.

(3) Frederick, son of Richard and Charlotte Woolcott, b. 1813 St. Giles Bloomsbury fringe manufacturer and dealer; m. Sarah ____.

(4) Frederick James, son of Frederick and Sarah Woolcott, b. 1837 Bloomsbury.

(4) Charles Woolcott, twin, b. 1838 Bloomsbury, fringe dealer.

(4) HenryWoolcott, twin, b. 1838 Bloomsbury, fringe maker at Chiswick employing 18 people; m. Ann Handsombody 1860 Bethnal Green.

(4) Frederick William, son of Frederick and Sarah Woolcott, b. 1840 Bloomsbury, cabinet salesman at St. Paul Covent Garden.

(4) Walter James Woolcott, b. 1843 Bloomsbury, d. 1909 West Ealing; m. Mary Ann ____.

(4) Richard James, son of Frederick and Sarah Woolcott, b. 1843 Bloomsbury, Fringe maker Little Russel St., Upholsterer's cashier.

(4) Clara Woolcott, b. 1846 St. Martin in the Field; m. Robert Randall 1870 Stepney.

(3) William George son of Richard and Charlotte Woolcott, b. 1815 St. Giles Bloomsbury, d. 1820 St. George Bloomsbury.

(3) James, son of Richard and Charlotte Woolcott, b. 1818 St. George Bloomsbury.

(3) Charles, son of Richard and Charlotte Woolcott, b. 1821 St. George Bloomsbury.

(2) Elizabeth Woolcott

(2) William Woolcott, b. 1787 West Molton, d. 1874 Stockwell, Surrey; to London c. 1810, leased property near the Wheatsheaf Pubkic House in South Lambert 1815, where he was a bartender in 1841; m. (1) Elizabeth Boutall 1811 St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, m. (2) Rosemary Drew 1836 St. Martin in the Fields.

(3) Susanna Mary Ann Wolcott, b. 1812 St. Anne Soho, Westminster; m. Charles Paul 1830 St. Nicholas Deptford.

(3) William Woolcott, b. 1814 St. Anne Soho, d. Finsbury, bootmaker; m. (1) Elizabeth ____, m. (2) Isabella Jenkins 1846 St. Martin in the Field, Westminster.

(4) Louisa Woolcott, b. 1842 Camden, Middlesex.

(4) William Woolcott, b. 1846 St. Anne Soho.

(4) Isabella Sarah Ann Hopkin Woolcott, b. 1849 St. Thomas Charterhouse, London.

(4) Jane Rosemary Woolcott, b. 1850 London; m. James Searles 1870 St. Martin in the Field, Westminster.(3) Henry Woolcott, b. 1825 St. Martin in the Field, d. 1898 Battersea, Surrey, Picture frame maker; m. Mary Ann Butler 1850 St. George Hanover Square.

(4) Charles William Henry, b. 1851 St. Giles in the Fields, d. 1902 Islington; m. Mary Theresa Agatha Finnigan.

(4) John Frederick Woolcott, b. 1853 St. Giles; Picture framer; m. Louisa Foden 1873 Westminster.

(4) Walter Woolcott, b. 1855 St. Giles, mariner, 1870 Royal Navy.

(4) James Thomas Woolcott, b. 1857 St. Pancras, Camden.

(4) Elizabeth Charlotte Woolcott, b. 1857 St. Pancras, Camden, d. 1909 New Zealand.

(4) George Arthur Woolcott, b. 1860 St. Pancras, Camden, porter; m. Julia Catherine Clark 1873 Shoreditch.

(4) Eva Constance Woolcott, b. 1862 St. Pancras, Camden, d. 1894 Greenwich, Kent; m. William Henry Hayball 1893 Deptford, Kent.

(4) Alice Maud Mary Woolcott, b. 1865 St. Anne Soho, Westminster; m. Charles Hutchings 1887 Bethnal Green.

(4) Roland Ernest Woolcott, b. 1868 St. Anne Soho.

(4) Annie Isabella Woolcott, b. 1874 St Giles Bloomsbury; m. William Charles Lewis 1897 Islington.

(4) Helen Woolcott, b. 1880 St. Giles Bloomsbury.

(4) George Henry John Woolcott, b. 1885 St. John Lambeth.

(3) Henry Woolcott, b. 1825 St. Martin in the Fields, d. 1898 Battersea, Surrey, apprentice with John Adams, picture restorer 1841; picture liner and frame maker; m. (1) Mary Ann Butler 1850 St. George Hanover Square, she d. 1869; m. (2) Ann Rebecca Palmer 1872 Westminster.

(4) Annie Isabella Milner, daughter of Henry Woolcott, b. 1874 St. Giles, Bloomsbury; m. William Charles Lewis 1897 St. Mary Islington.

(4) Helen Woolcott, b. 1880 St. Giles Bloomsbury.

(4) George Henry John Woolcott, b. 1885.

(3) Mary Woolcott, b. 1837 Lambeth, Surrey.

(3) Elizabeth Woolcott, b. 1838-1850 Lambeth, Surrey.

(2) George Woolcott, b. c. 1790 South Molton, d. Lambeth, Surrey, builder; m. Sarah Young.

(3) Georgianna Woolcott, b. 1814 Lambeth, Surrey.

(2) Mary, dau. of John and Grace Woolcott, b. 1798 South Molton, d. 1845 South Molton, unm..

(2) John, son of John and Grace Wollacott, b. 1801 South Molton.


Another family of Woolcotts were descendants of Henry Woolcott, an Exeter shoemaker, who came to London about 1810.

(1) Henry, son of Robert and Margaret Woolcott, b. 1791 Exeter, shoemaker; m. Ann Chapman 1810 St. James, Westminster.

(2) Henry, son of Henry and Ann Woolcott, b. 1811 London, St. James; shoemaker; m. Sarah Catherine Dunn 1835 London St. Clement; at St. Martins in the Field 1841, widower and boot closer at Eton, Buckinghamshire 1851.

(3) Eleanore Woolcott, b. 1839 St. Martin in the Field.

(3) Jane Woolcot b. c. 1842.

(2) James John, son of Henry Woolcot, shoemaker, and Ann, b. 1811 London, St. James.

(2) John, son of Henry and Ann Woolcot, b. 1817 London St. James.

(2) Alfred, son of Henry and Ann Woolcott, b. 1820 London, St. James; house painter, m. Sabina Clowes 1856 London, St. James. 1861 St. Marylebon,

(3) Louisa Emma Woolcott, b. 1856 St. Marylebon.

(3) Charlotte Woolcott, b. 1860 St. Marylebon.

(3) Alfred Woolcott, Jr., b. 1862 St. Marylebon.