John Wolcott of Kent Co. MD, 1630-c.1650

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The fourth Wolcott family to come to America was that of John Woolcott of Kent County MD. He was born about 1630, but his parents and place of birth are unknown. He immigrated to Maryland in 1649, possibly from MA, and was apparently the ancestor of the Wolcotts who lived in Talbot Co. MD

The Wolcott/Walcott/Wilcott DNA project shows considerable variation between the DNA of descendants of John of MD and the DNA of the Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey Wolcotts, indicating a very distant relationship. The results of a DNA sample of a member of the Wolcott family of Delaware indicates they are not descendants of John of MD despite geographical proximity. Recent DNA tests indicate that descendants of Philip Willcutt of Hingham MA, c.1690-1771, have nearly identical DNA to the Walcutt descendants of John of MD, and they have been added below as probable descendants of John. Additional descendants of these Wolcotts are encouraged to participate in this DNA study to help clarify relationships. Information about the DNA project may be found by returning to the index and going to the DNA web page.

(1) John Wolcott, b. c.1630, d. 1669 Kent Co. MD, surgeon; immigrated to MD 1649, possibly from MA.  In 1657 John Wallcott was awarded 1700 pounds of tobacco for attending and dressing 32 prisoners.  Joh was a Quaker, named in a document recording the Sufferings of Quakers:, c.1660: "John Woollcott had taken from him by John Norwood, sheriff, because he could not train to the value of five pounds five shillings." John Norwood was sheriff of Anne Arundel Co., Maryland, 1650-1662.

In 1667 a patent was issued to John Woollcott of Kent Co., surgeon, for 40 acres of land called Walcotte Addition located near the head of Beaver Neck Creek adjoining the land of William Hensley, part of a warrant for 350 acres previously granted him; in a Kent Co. assize hearing of 1667-8 John and Gertrude Anderson complained that John Woollcott had "deceized" the said Gertrude of her freehold called Beaver Neck;  John replied that the 100 acres was granted to John Salter in 1658 and bequeathed to his wife Jane who conveyed it to William Hensley, surgeon, who conveyed it to John Woollcott. John was declared the legal owner in 1668; William Hensley had a grant of 100 acres at Pentridge in Kent Co. in 1670.

John arranged for the passage of several persons to America as indentured servants.A passenger list from the Bristol Records Office, dated 1660, records: "Eliz. Savage, spinster, and Richard Pullin, yeoman, bound to John Woolcot to serve 4 years in Maryland. Maryland deeds, Book 5 Folio 467, reads: "I, John Walcutt, do assign over unto Thomas Bradley or his assigns all my right and title of land due for transportation of myself who came in the year 1649, Richard Pullaine in 1660, John Davis in 1660, Elizabeth Savage in 1660. Witness my hand and seal this 18th September 1663. John Woolcott." In 1669 the following was recorded in the Kent Co. MD court: "John Woolcott brought a servant to court named Ellenor Hutchins who is ordered to serve six yeares but in case any indenture be found or any evidence that she sett her hand to an indenture but for foure yeares that at the expiration of the time to be free or els to serve according to order." In 1669 an inventory of the estate of Nicholas Picard of Kent MD included a debt to John Woolcot of "1682," probably 16L, 8s 2d.

John died in 1669. His will reads: "This 13 day of the month called March 1669, I, John Woolcott of Kent in the Province of Maryland being sick and weake in body but in perfect mind and memory doe make this my last will and testament in manor and forme as followeth.  First I freely resine unto God the father in the name of my Lord and Saver Jesus Christ my soule body and spirit bleeving there is no other name given under heaven whereby I can be saved. And what is really and personally any manor of ways belonging or may belong unto me I doe freely give and bequeath unto my dear and loving wife Sarah Woolcott after al my just debts are satisfied and doe make her my sd wife Sarah Woolcott whole and sole executrix of all and every my whole estate for her to peacebly injoy forever and hereby reevoaking all other wills deeds of what kinnd soever, also my will is and I doe hearby apoint my dear friend Thomas Taylor of Kent and Peter Sharpe of the Cliffs and William Bevery (Berry) of Patuxent my overseers to assist her my said executrix as need shall require as witness my hand and seal the day and year above wrighten. "  The will was signed in the presence of Fra. Neal.   The will was probated in 1677 with Francis Neale, age 28, as witness; Francis would have been 20 at the time the will was drawn and because of his youth it seems likely he was John's apprentice.   Another document of 1677 says: "The said Woolcot in his lifetime made his Last Will & Testament in writing and constituted her the said widow Thomas his late wife his exix only of the said testament and in his will had appointed his orphans their respective parts & shares of his land, that the deceased personal estate is ... very inconsiderable, that for the preservation of the said orphans rights to the land a comission is by her ernestly desired...." The will was re-filed at Chestertown in 1713 by John Pitt, possibly so the property could be inherited or sold. Taylor, Sharp, Berry, Neal, and Pitt were all Quakers.  His wife witnessed a Quaker marriage in 1669. There were three Quaker meetings at this time, at Kent Island, Bayside, and Betty's Cove on the Miles River, apparently meeting in member's homes.

(2?) son, b. c.1665, one of the "orphans" named in 1677, formerly thought to be named John but now uncertain.

(3) James Wolcott, b. c.1695. James Woolcott inherited the entire estate of Joseph Dowdles of Talbot Co. MD in 1739. James Woolcot, weaver, purchased 7 years service of Sarah Knowlman from the Court for 5 pounds, 5 shillings, in 1742. In 1745 he and William Slow were granted recognizane for Ann Slow, William's wife, accused of adultery and found not guilty. In 1751, James Woolcott of Talbot Co. MD subscribed 10s for the charity school for orphans in St. Peters parish. The relationship between James and Joseph is unknown, but a John Dowdle who m. Catherine Butler at St. Peters parish, Talbot Co. MD, was probably a relative of these men. James m. Lence ____. There is no proof that James was the grandson of John, above, but dates and locations support this assumption.

(4) Ann Wolcott; m. ____ Adams. Ann Adams was guardian of her niece, Ann Wolcott, below.

(4) James Wolcott, b. 1727. James, son of James and Lence Woolcott, b. 1727 St. Peters Parish, Talbot Co. MD. In 1748 he was a member of a Cavalry unit commanded by Tristram Thomas. James Woolcot m. Susannah Hopkins, widow of Isaiah Parrot 1749 Talbot Co. MD.

(5?) John Wolcott, b. c.1760. John Woolcutt, Pvt., Talbot Co. MD Militia, enlisted 1776. This may have been the John Walcott who signed an oath of fidelity in 1788 at Hartford Co. MD.

(6?) John Wolcott, b. c.1796. Military service, War of 1812, Sgt., Talbot Co. MD militia; John Woolcott m. Mary Burgess 1814 Talbot Co. MD.

(5?) Elizabeth Wolcott, b.c. 1760; m. John Cecil 1781 Talbot Co. MD.

(5) William Wolcott, b. 1761 Talbot Co. MD, d. 1833 Columbus OH. He enlisted as Pvt. 4th MD Militia Regt. in May 1778, and then served in Capt. Handy's Co. 5th MD Regt. in 1778 and 1779. He was in 1st Bn., 5th MD Regt. in 1781 when taken prisoner at the Battle of Stony Point, escaping three days later. He then served in Capt. Riley's Co., from 1782 to 1783. William moved to Louden Co. VA where he had 30 acres of land on which he lived from 1783 to 1796. He was a shoemaker. He and son, Robert, visited OH in 1814, and brought his family to Chillicothe Ohio in 1815, his wife and eldest daughter dying shortly after their arrival. He settled on the east side of the Scioto River in Franklin Co.; applied for Rev. War pension 1820 Franklin Co. OH, soldier stated that he was age 59 years 2 mo, and had no family with him; pension approved 1821 for wounds received in battle. He left his entire estate to his son, Robert, with his sons, Jacob, James, and John, receiving a token $1 each. Military records show his name spelled as Woolcutt, Woolcott, and Wolcott, but in Ohio, William and his descendants used the Walcutt spelling almost exclusively; m. Anna Macy Gooden 1786 Fairfax Co. VA.

Ohio State Journal obituary dated 1833: "William Walcutt, a Revolutionary soldier, aged 73 years, a native of Maryland. In youth he enlisted in Washington's army, was at Valley Forge, at Lexington, and Trenton, was made a prisoner at Camden, afterwards joined Morgan's celebrated corps of grenadiers serving through the Revolution in the Southern states. Walcutt was born in 1761 in Talbot Co. MD and enlisted in Capt. Levin Handy's Co. Col. Richardson's Regt. 5th MD Continentals. He took part in Battle of Stony Point, spent the hard winter of 1777 at Valley Forge and after being taken prisoner 1781 was at the surrender of Cornwallis"

(6) Letha Macy Walcutt "Lettie", b. 1787 Loudon Co. VA, d. 1815 Franklin Co. OH, unm.

(6) Jacob Walcutt. b. 1788 Loudon Co. VA, d. 1835 Franklin Co. OH. He served in the War of 1812 and came with his parents to Ohio in 1815 and settled on a farm at Perry OH before 1830. He filed a claim on 80 acres at Benton, Ohio, but died before he could move there; guardianship of children of Jacob Walcott granted 1841; m. Elizabeth Riley 1816 Ross Co. OH.

(7) Richard Walcutt, b. 1817 Franklin Co. OH, d. 1876 Norwich OH; farmer at Norwich OH; m. his first cousin, Huldah Walcutt, 1840 Columbus OH. 1850 Norwich, Franklin Co. OH.

(7) Mason Walcutt, b. 1819 Franklin Co. OH, d. 1896 Benton OH. After his father died, he and his brothers, John and Robert, and their mother moved from near Chillicothe to Crawford Co. OH in a covered wagon to take up the claim his father had filed. John had had tuberculosis so he and his mother rode in the wagon while Mason and Robert rode horses and cleared the road. They settled near Benton OH where they built a log cabin; m. Susan Walter 1850 Wyandot Co. OH. 1850-60 Texas, Crawford Co. OH.

(7) Henry Walcutt, b. 1821 Columbus OH, d. 1887 Van Wert Co. OH. He was a farmer at Texas OH and raised the children of his brother John after John's death; moved to Mitchell Co. KS in 1877. In 1887 they returned to OH bringing his grandson, David Walcutt, son of "Dolly" Walcutt, and raised as their son; m. Lydia L. Fansler 1848 Wyandotte Co. OH. 1850 Texas, Crawford Co. OH, 1880 Beloit KS.

(7) John Macy Walcutt, b. 1824 Franklin Co. OH, d. 1864 Rome GA. He is said to have been sickly, but was a farmer at Perry OH; died near Atlanta while serving in the Civil War; his brother Henry raised his children; m. Ann Elizabeth Price 1852 Allen Co. OH.

(7) Lydia Ann "Letty" Walcutt, b. 1826 OH, d. 1909 Benton OH; m. Alexander Smith 1850 Crawford Co. OH, m. (2) David Crawford Brown c.1864 Van Wert Co. OH.

(7) Robert Walcutt, b. 1829 Pickaway Co. OH, d. Benton OH. He was a farmer at Texas OH, moved to Iowa in 1857 where he stayed for one year and then returned to OH. He enlisted in 1864 as a Pvt. in Co. E, 133rd OH Inf. and was discharged later that year. In 1877 he became a salesman for a marble and granite dealer. He also sold agricultural equipment; m. Sarah A. Knisley 1853 Crawford Co. KS. 1880 Lykins OH.

(7) William R. Walcutt, b. 1834 OH, d. 1847 OH.

(6) James Walcutt, b. 1791 Loudon Co. VA, d. 1876 Columbus OH; War of 1812: Pvt., Capt. Blincoe's Co, Loudon Co. VA militia; came with his parents to OH, 1816-20 at Ross Co; settled on land in Franklin Twp. on Scioto River 1828; Franklin Co. coroner 1838-41 and director of the Poor Farm in 1837; filed Bounty land claim for military service 1851, took over his father-in-laws farm in Perry Twp.OH in 1852; military pension approved 1871 residing Franklin OH; left many hundreds of acres of land to his children; m. Mary Elizabeth Legg 1816 Ross Co. OH. 1820 Ross Co. OH. 1830 Harrison Co. OH

(7) Martha Walcutt, b. 1817 Ross Co. OH, d. 1858 Franklin Co. OH; unm..

(7) Melinda Walcutt, b. 1819 Ross Co. OH; m. Eli K. Williams 1846 Mifflin Twp. Franklin Co. OH. Inherited land at Miflin, Franklin Co. OH 1876.

(7) Huldah Walcutt, b. 1821 Franklin Co. OH, d. 1884 Norwich OH; m. her cousin, Richard Walcutt, (above) 1840 Columbus OH. Inherited land at Norwich OH 1876.

(7) Harrison Walcutt, b. 1823Franklin Twp. OH, d. 1867 Franklin Co. OH. He inherited land at Franklin Twp. OH 1876 ; m. Serena Ann Slyh 1848, she d. 1849, m. (2) Serena's sister, Rebecca Ruth Slyh 1856 Columbus OH.

(7) Jane Walcutt, b. 1823 OH. She inherited a house in Columbus OH from her father in 1876; m. Samuel R. Stombaugh 1849 Columbus OH; m. (2) James Robey.

(7) Elizabeth Walcutt, b. 1825 OH, d. 1887 Franklin Co. OH. Inherited land at Norwich OH 1876; m. David Roberts 1847 Norwich OH, m. (2) Eri Douglas at Norwich OH.

(7) Rhoda Ann Walcutt, b. 1828 Franklin Twp. OH, d. 1910 Prarie Twp. OH. Inherited land at Prarie OH 1876; m. Bartley O'Hara 1856 Norwich Twp. OH.

(7) Lucinda Walcutt, b. 1830 Franklin Twp. OH. Inherited land at Brown OH 1876; m. Thomas Kramer at Madison Co. OH.

(7) James Russell Walcutt, b. 1835 Franklin Twp. OH, d. 1902 OH; farmer, served in the Civil War, inherited land at Franklin, Franklin Co. OH 1876; m. Mary Zollinger 1857 Franklin Co. OH. 1870 Franklin OH

(7) Susannah "Susan" Walcutt, b. 1828 Franklin Twp. OH, d. 1891 Truro OH; inherited land at Truro OH 1876 ; m. Samuel Sandusky Jr. 1848 Columbus OH.

(6) John Macy Walcutt, b. 1794 Loudon Co. VA, d. 1870 Columbus OH. He fought in VA militia during War of 1812, and is said to have been a member of the detatchment that escorted Dolly Madison from the White House; came to Ross Co. OH in 1815 and moved to Columbus OH about 1825 and built a house and store. He was a cabinet maker and owned a chair factory, a paint store, and an amusement hall. He and his sons started a museum, and he was one of the pallbearers at the Lincoln funeral ceremony in 1865; m. Muriel "Marilla" Broderick 1817 Columbus OH.

(7) Mary Broderick Walcutt, b.1817 Franklin Co. OH, d. 1847; m. Rev. Leonard Beatty Gurley 1835 Columbus OH.

(7) William Wallace Walcutt, b. 1819 Franklin Co. OH, d. 1882 New York City; artist and sculptor, studied in New York, went to London and Paris to study art in 1852, was awarded the Imperial Medal of the French Academy of Art, had painting and sculpure studio in NYC, made sculptures of Samuel Smith and Oliver Hazard Perry, painted picture "Pulling Down the Statue of George II at Bowlin Green NYC 1776", the statue that Oliver Wolcott's family melted into bullets; m. Agnes M. Leeds 1855 New York City.

(7) George Evans Walcutt, b. 1821 Columbus OH, d. 1880 Columbus OH, artist; painted signs and banners, then landscapes and portraits; served in the Mexican War; moved South due to his wife's bad health but returned to OH after her death. He was a public speaker on spiritualism; m. Rachel Caroline Davies 1841 Columbus OH.

(7) Capt. John Macy Walcutt Jr., b. 1822 Columbus OH, d. Frankfort KY; attended U.S. Naval Academy and served in the Navy until retired in 1856; became merchant ship captain and had quarter interest in a steamer of which he was Captain. The Commodore's banquet for foreign ambassadors signing the treaty opening trade with China was held on his ship; settled in KY in 1863 and was a farmer at Frankfort KY in 1880; m. Anna Brown 1862 OH

(7) Anna Walcutt, b. 1823 Columbus OH, d. 1895; m. Oliver D. Hamer 1846 Columbus OH.

(7) David Broderick Walcutt, b. 1825 Columbus OH, d. 1885 St. Louis MO; artist, painting mostly portraits. He painted scenes on the ceiling of the Ohio statehouse rotunda, later established a studio at St. Louis MO; m. Ella Maude Clagett 1882 St. Louis MO.

(7) Oliver S. Walcutt, b. 1829 Columbus OH, d. 1894 KY; went to CA during the Gold Rush, was later a farmer on a plantation that his wife inherited, a retired merchant at Frankfort KY in 1880; m. Charlotte McFee about 1863 KY.

(7) Virginia Walcutt, b. 1830 Columbus OH, d. 1885 Columbus. She taught school before her marriage, left an estate of $550,00 in 1914, $50,000 for building the Virginia Gay Hospital in Vinton IA, $275,00 for building and endowing the Virginia Gay Home for Aging Women near Columbus; m. Dr. Harvey Durkee Gay 1855 Columbus OH.

(7) Phoebe F. Walcutt, b. 1831 Columbus OH, d. Keokuk IA; m. Samuel M. Mills 1851 Columbus OH.

(7) Lorinda Walcutt, b. 1832 Columbus OH; m. Thomas Creamer 1852 Columbus OH.

(7) Margaret E. Walcutt, b. 1834 Columbus OH; m. George W. Graham 1853 Columbus OH.

(7) Gen. Charles Carroll Walcutt, b. 1838 Columbus OH, d. 1898 Columbus OH; attended the Kentucky Military Academy in 1858 and was Capt. of the Columbus Vaudettes militia, organized a company to serve in the Union Army but it was nor recognized; Charles was comissioned Major on staff of Gen. Hill, then Major of the 46th OH Regt, becoming Col. of that Regt at age 24, at Battles of Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Atlanta, comissioned Brigadier General 1864; at Battles of Kinnesaw Mountain and Griswoldsville; brevetted Major General of 1st Div., 14th Army Corp; discharged 1866. He was Franklin County Surveyor, a partner with his brother-in-law S. Mills in a civil engineering company; Warden of the Ohio Penitentiary, Comissioner to treat with the Sioux Indians; presidential elector in 1868, U. S. Collector of Revenue at Columbus 1868-1880; member of the Republican State Executive Committee, member Columbus Board of Education for 22 years, Mayor of Columbus 1883-1886; m. Phoebe Neil 1861 Madison Co. OH.

(6) Robert Walcutt, b. 1797 Loudon Co. VA, d. 1877 Perry OH. He and his father bought 210 acres of land at Perry OH in 1828, which he farmed for 48 years; m. Susanna Legg 30 Aug 1818 Highland Co. OH. 1830-60 Perry Twp. OH.

(7) Anna Walcutt, b. 1821 Perry Twp. OH, d. 1869 Circleville OH; m. Gershom M. Peters 1840 Columbus OH.

(7) Tabitha Walcutt, b. 1823 Perry Twp. OH; m. Jonathan Peters 1845 Columbus OH.

(7) Jacob Walcutt, b. 1826 Perry Twp. OH, d. 1870 Franklin OH, farmer at Franklin OH; m. Amanda Neff 1846 Columbus OH.

(7) Lafayette Walcutt, b. 1828 Perry Twp. OH, d. 1846 Perry Twp. OH; unm.

(7) James Walcutt, b. 1830 Perry Twp. OH. He was a farmer at Perry Township OH; m. Almira Hendren 1860 Columbus OH.

(7) Mary Walcutt, b. 1832 Perry Twp. OH, d. 1840 Perry Twp. OH.

(7) Margaret Walcutt, b. 1832 Perry Twp. OH, d. c.1857 Franklin Co. OH.; m. Oliver E. Peters 1854 Columbus OH.

(7) John Legg Walcutt, b. 1834 Perry Twp. OH, d. 1885 Perry Twp. OH; farmer at Perry Twp. OH; m. Lucetta Moore 1856 Columbus OH.

(7) Absalom M. Walcutt., b. 1836 Perry Twp. OH, d. 1901 Columbus OH; farmer at Perry Twp. OH, school trustee, and Justice of the Peace; m. Mary Elizabeth Slyh 1857 Columbus OH.

(7) Louisa A. Walcutt, b. 1837 Perry Twp. OH, d. 1900 Clinton Twp. OH; m. Jacob Edward Slyh 1855 Columbus OH.

(7) Amelia Walcutt, b. 1839 Perry Twp. OH, d. 1912; m. Henry T. Slyh 1856 Columbus OH. Henry was brother of Serena and Rebecca Slyh, above.

(7) Robert Walcutt Jr., b. 1840 Perry Twp. OH, d. 1915 Columbus OH; enlisted as Pvt. in Co. E, 133rd OH Inf.; took over his father's farm in Perry Twp.; m. Priscilla Baker 1871 Grove City OH.

(7) William Walcutt, b. 1842 Mifflinville OH, d. 1911; served in the Civil War, had no children; m. Amanda Coe 1856.

(6) Elizabeth Mary Walcutt, b. 1799 Loudon Co. VA, d. 1825 Licking Co. OH.

(5) James Walcutt III, b. c.1765 Talbot Co. MD, d. 1797 Talbot Co. MD; m. Elizabeth Ann Reed c. 1790.

(6) Harriett Wolcott, b. c. 1792, d. 1853. An old unsigned letter reads: "M. Harriet Wolcott was my grandmother...I am ignorant as to whether my great grandfather's name was James or Henry who married Elizabeth Ann Reed who died about 1797. The families drifted apart owing to the early death of my great grandparents who died leaving two children. Son, James Wolcott, went to live in Loudon Co. VA. Daughter, M. Harriet Wolcott was born 1792 and named for her father or uncle, Henry. She went to live with her mother's brother, Phillip Reed, at Chestertown MD. M. Harriet Wolcott m. ____ Burgess or Burden about 1812 and had 2 children; m. (2) Richard Heslen 1826 MD, and had Richard M., Thomas Jerome, and Margaret C. Heslen. She had correspondence with her brother James in VA until she married Richard who was a Catholic and she was then cut off by her family. M. Harriet Hisless died 1853 age 60." M. Harriet m. Richard Heslen who was born in Maryland of Irish descent. It seems likely that the M., standing for Mary, was her baptismal name when she joined the Catholic church.

(6) James Walcutt IV, b. c. 1792 MD, d. c. 1866 Licking Co. OH. James, son of James and Elizabeth Ann Reed was a young child when his parents died. He was taken to live with his uncle, James Wolcott in Louden Co. VA; like his uncle, he and his descendants spelled their name as Walcutt; lived at Wayne, Jefferson Co. OH until 1822; Short Creek, Harrison Co. OH until about 1857; then lived with son, William, at Perryton OH. 1810 Loudon Co. VA next to his uncle, 1820 Jefferson Co. OH, 1830-1840 Green, Harrison Co. OH, 1850 Shortcreek, Harrison Co. OH, 1860 Pike OH; m. Susanna Cohagen 1809 Fairfax Co. VA.

(7) William Walcutt, b. 1810 Fairfax Co. VA, d. 1884 Hanover, Licking Co. OH, carpenter and farmer at Shortcreek and Perry OH; m. Anna Ames 1832 Harrison Co. OH. 1840-50 Shortcreek, Harrison Co. OH, 1860-70 Perry Twp. OH.

(7) Mary Ann Walcutt, b. 1812 Fairfax Co. VA, d. 1855 OH; m. Jesse Davis 1830 Harrison Co. OH.

(7) Sarah Walcutt, b. 1814 Fairfax Co. VA, d. 1882 Napoleon OH; m. John H. Zollars 1835 Harrison Co. OH.

(7) Nancy Walcutt, b. 1816 OH, d. 1872 Napoleon OH; m. Thomas Singer 1836 Harrison Co. OH.

(7) Elias Walcutt, b. 1818 Smithfield, Jefferson Co. OH, d. 1902 Canton OH; carpenter at Canton OH; m. (1) Frances Zollars 1841 Stark Co. OH (2) Sarah Meyers 1862 Stark Co. OH. 1850-60 Canton OH.

(7) Susanna Walcutt, b. 1819 Harrison Co. OH, d. 1868; m. George Norman 1836 Harrison OH .

(7) Harriet Walcutt, b. 1822 Harrison Co. OH, d. 1879 Morgan Co. OH; m. John Crawford 1842 Harrison Co. OH..

(7) James Addison Walcutt, b. 1824 OH; d. 1899 Unionville OH; farmer at Franklin OH; had only one hand; purchased 199 acres in Licking Co. OH which he sold in 1864 because he was unable to make payments, moved to Frazyburg OH, then to Black Run OH in 1876; a farm worker at Jackson OH in 1880; moved to Unionville OH in 1888; m. (1) Susanna Mitchell 1844 Coshocton Co. OH, m. (2) Rhoda Dragoo 1864 Muskingum OH.

(7) John Walcutt, b. 1827 Harrison Co. OH, d. 1904 Perry OH; farmer; m. Elizabeth Baker 1848 Harrison Co. OH. 1850 Pike OH, 1860 Hopewell OH, 1880 Hanover OH.

(7) Emily Walcutt, b. 1828 Harrison Co. OH, d. 1862 Bloomfield Station OH; m. James Addison Day 1850 Cadiz OH.

(7) Martha Jane Walcutt, b. 1829 Harrison Co. OH; m. James Norman 1848 Harrison Co. OH

(7) George D. Walcutt, b. 1833 Harrison Co. OH, d. 1910 Maynard OH; m. Mary Jane Courtright. 1850 Shortcreek OH. He was at Shortcreek OH in 1850-60, 1870 share farmer Wheeling OH, 1880 Wheeling OH in 1880; also lived at Adena OH.

(7) Ann Walcutt, b. 1834 Harrison Co. OH, d. IA; m. ____ McComb.

(7) Alexander Walcutt, b. 1836 Harrison Co. OH, d. 1859 Harrison Co. OH.

(4) Mathias Wolcott, b.c.1730 MD, d. c1780 Talbot Co. MD. Mathias Walcott is listed on the 1776 census at Mill Hundred, Talbot Co. MD, with wife and three female children. Mathias Woolcutt took an oath of fidelity at Talbot Co. MD in 1778. Will 1777-1785 mentions wife Elizabeth Woolcott, daughters Ann and Margaret, brother James, asking that his aunt, Ann Adams, be guardian of his daughter, Ann, until she reaches age 16, with James Woolcott as executor; m. Elizabeth ____.

(5) Margaret Wolcott, b. c.1760.

(5) Ann Wolcott, b. c.1760.

NOTE: The family of Philip Willcutt of MA is placed here because there is no record of him immigrating to America or being born here or elsewhere, and the DNA of his descendant is nearly identical with that of one of the descendants of William Walcutt of Maryland (1761-1833). Philip's second daughter and second son were named Deborah and Joseph for his wife's parents, so perhaps his eldest daughter and son, Elizabeth and John, were named for his parents.

(2?) John?; m. Elizabeth?

(3) Philip Willcutt, b. c.1690, d. 1771 Hingham MA. He was Constable of Hingham 1738; Philip Willcut of Hingham MA, mariner, will proved 1771; m. Deborah Gannett 1711 Scituate MA. Most of his descendants lived in the section of Hingham that became Cohasset.

(4) Elizabeth Willcutt, b. 1712 Hingham MA, d. 1713 Hingham MA.

(4) Deborah Willcutt, b. 1714; Hingham MA; m. Charles Ripley 1736 Hingham MA.

(4) John Willcutt, b. 1716 Hingham MA, d. 1816; blacksmith and Constable of Hingham 1752; John Wilcut of Hingham m. Lydia Hamlin 1743 Barnstable MA.

(4) Joseph Willcutt, b. 1718 Hingham MA, d. 1782 Cohasset MA; mariner, Constable of Hingham 1754, Rev. War svc.; m. (1) Rachel Phillips 1745 Hingham MA, (2) Hannah James 1765. Cohasset was divided from Hingham in 1770.

(5) John Willcutt, b. 1746 Hingham MA, d. 1828 Cohasset MA. He served in Rev. War; m. Chloe Beal 1770 Cohasset MA.

(6) Joel Willcutt, 1771-1843 Cohasset MA; m. Tamar Sutton 1795 Cohasset MA.

(7) Isabella Willcutt, 1796-1871 Cohasset MA; m. Capt. John Williams 1825 Cohasset MA; her husband and son died at when their ship "Eunice", and all hands were lost at sea.

(7) Anna Willcutt, 1797-1844 Cohasset MA; m. Capt. Philip Fox, a sea captain born in Lincolnshire, c.1814; her brother Joseph sailed as his first mate.

(7) Capt. Joseph Willcutt, 1798-1841 Cohasset MA; sailed as first mate with Capt. Philip Fox, above, later captain and part owner of the "Juno"; m. Myra Bates 1835 Cohasset MA.

(7) Capt. Andrew Sutton Willcutt, b. 1800 Cohasset MA, d. 1825; captain of the fishing scooner "Union", lost at sea "not having been heard of for 12 months".

(7) Warren Willcutt, 1802-1879 Cohasset MA; m. Mary Joy 1827 Cohasset MA.

(7) Lewis Willcutt, 1803-1871 Cohasset MA; m. Emily Joy 1828 Cohasset MA.

(7) Elizabeth "Betsey" Willcutt, b. 1805 Cohasset MA, d. 1863; m. Capt. James Pratt 1824 Cohasset MA, who was lost at sea.

(7) Lot Willcutt, b. 1807-1889 Cohasset MA, carpenter; m. Sarah Strong.

(7) Myra Willcutt b. 1809-1885 Cohasset MA; m. Capt. Charles Bennett 1837 Cohasset MA, who was lost at sea.

(7) Mary Willcutt, b., d. 1811 Cohasset MA.

(7) Mary Lincoln Willcutt, b. 1817-1895 Cohasset MA; m. Alexander Bates 1847 Cohasset.

(7) Margaret Willcutt, b. 1818 Cohasset, d. 1894; m. Zaccheus Rich 1840 Cohasset MA.

(6) Lot Willcutt, b. 1773 Cohasset MA, d. 1848 South Boston MA. He is said to have come from "Nantucket" to Northampton; m. (1) Mehitable Greenleaf 1794 Boston MA, m. (2) Rhoda Strong 1804 Northampton MA.

(7) Thomas Willcutt, b. 1795 Northampton MA.

(7) William Willcutt, b. 1798-1801 Northampton MA.

(7) Jane Willcutt, 1799 Northampton MA, d. 1844; m. Samuel G. Gooch.

(7) Mary Willcutt, b. 1801 Northampton MA; m. Thomas J. Tolman 1849 Cohasset MA.

(7) William Wilcutt, 1802-1803 Suffield MA.

(7) Charles Kingsley Willcutt, b. 1805 Suffield MA; d. 1819 Cohasset MA.

(7) Daniel Strong Willcutt, b. 1806 Suffield MA, d. 1878 Northampton MA, stone mason at Northampton; adult baptism 1831 Northampton; m. Esther Strong 1829 Northampton MA.

(7) Sarah Willcutt, 1808-1813 Brookfield MA.

(7) Clarissa Willcutt, b. 1809 Brookfield MA; m. Eben Hancock.

(7) George Willcutt, b. 1812 Brookfield MA, d. 1826, bur. Northampton MA.

(7) Theodosia Willcutt, b. 1814 Brookfield MA; m. William Atkins.

(7) John Willcutt, b. 1816 Brookfield MA, d. 1890 Hampton NH; at Malden MA 1860, later had a store at Hampton; a deacon of the Hampton Congregational church 1872; m. Emeline D. Godfrey 1838 Northampton MA.

(7) Sarah Willcutt, b. 1818 Brookfield MA; m. Andrew Peterson.

(7) Mehitabel Willcutt, b. 1820 Cohasset MA; m. Ira Clapp Lyon, possibly also the Mehitable who m. Hiram Mawn of Northampton MA 1837 Williamsburg MA.

(7) Charles Willcutt, b. 1823 Cohasset MA.

(7) Emma Strong Willcutt, 1825-1826 Cohasset MA.

(7) Emma Strong Willcutt, b. 1827 Cohasset MA.

(6) Rachel Willcutt, b. 1775 Cohasset MA, d. 1864.

(6) Joseph Willcutt, b. 1777 Cohasset MA, d. 1793.

(6) Daniel Willcutt 1780 Cohasset MA, d. 1810; he is said to have died at sea; m. Ruth Collier 1807 Cohasset MA.

(7) Pamela Willcutt, 1810-1832 Cohasset.

(6) Mary "Polly" Willcutt, 1781-1812 Cohasset MA.

(6) Chloe Willcutt, b. 1785 Cohasset MA, m. Nathaniel Nichols Jr. 1825 Cohasset MA.

(6) John Willcutt, Jr., 1787-1873 Cohasset MA, unm..

(6) Betsy Willcutt, b. 1789 Cohasset MA, d. y..

(6) Sally Phillips Willcutt, b. 1793 Cohasset MA.

(5) Miriam Willcutt, 1749-1785 Hingham MA; m. Benjamin Barnes Jr. 1770 Hingham MA.

(5) Silence Willcutt, b. 1751 Hingham MA; m. Josiah Oakes.

(5) Thomas Willcutt, b. 1754 Hingham MA, d. y..

(5) Joseph Willcutt, Jr., 1757-1786 Hingham MA.

(5) Thomas Willcutt, b. 1760 Hingham MA, d. 1814 Cohasset MA. Served in Col. Paul Revere's Regt. as a gunner at the Castle in Boston in 1780; m. Susanna Stoddard 1781 Cohasset MA.

(6) Sarah "Sally" Willcutt, b. 1781 Cohasset MA; m. Laban Whitcomb 1895 Boston MA.

(6) Susanna "Susan" Willcutt, b. 1783 Cohasset MA, d. 1809; m. Lewis Babcock.

(6) Miriam Willcutt, 1784-1831 Cohasset MA: m. Err Cushing.

(6) George Willcutt, 1786-1822 Cohasset MA; m. Lucy Hardy 1809 Boston MA.

(6) William Willcutt, 1788-1837 Cohasset MA: m. Catherine Crowningshield.

(6) Thomas Willcutt, Jr., 1790-1864 Cohasset; m. Thankful Nichols 1814 Cohasset MA.

(6) Lucy Willcutt, b. 1793 Cohasset MA, d. 1875.

(6) Joseph Willcutt, b. 1795 Cohasset MA, d. 1882 Waterloo SC, farmer at Waterloo: m. Debby Ann Wheeler.

(6) Rachel Phillips Willcutt, b. 1795 Cohasset MA, d. 1869 Hingham MA: m. Paul Baker Warrick 1823 Cohasset MA.

(6) Levi Willcutt, 1797-1861 Cohasset MA; 1830-50 at Boston MA; m. Sarah Beale 1823 Cohasset MA.

(7) Hon. Levi Lincoln Wilcutt, b. 1826 Boston MA, d. 1912 Brookline MA. He worked for New England Felt Roofing Co. 58 years and was Treasurer and President of the Co., member Boston city council 1859, 1874-6, twice elected to the MA General Court, President of the Paul Revere Memorial Assn.; m. Mary Ann Phillips Davis 1849.

(7) George B. Willcutt, b.1834 Boston MA, d. 1853 Cohasset MA.

(6) David Willcutt, 1798-1825 Cohasset MA.

(6) James Willcutt, 1801-1864 Cohasset MA, cooper; m. (1) Priscilla N. Lothrop 1823 Cohasset MA, m. (2) Ophelia Whittington 1852.

(7) Peter Lothrop Wilcutt, 1824-1888 Cohasset MA.

(7) Susan Lothrop Wilcutt, b. 1826 Cohasset MA, m. Henry Collier 1849 Cohasset MA.

(7) Betsey T. Willcutt, b, 1828 Cohasset MA; m. Joseph L. Willcutt.

(7) James Thomas Willcutt, b. 1831 Cohasset MA.

(7) Ezra Stephenson Willcutt, b., d. 1837 Cohasset MA.

(4) Hannah Willcutt, b. 1720 Hingham MA: m. John Lambert 1743 Hingham MA.

(4) Sarah Willcutt, b. 1722 Hingham MA, d. 1758 South Hingham MA; m. John Wheelwright 1746 South Hingham MA.

(4) Elizabeth Willcutt, b. 1724 Hingham MA, d. 1792 Cohasset MA; m. Edward Battles Jr. 1749 Hingham MA.

(4) Lydia Willcutt, b. 1726 Hingham MA; m. Amasa Studley 1747 Scituate MA.

(4) Capt. Jesse Willcutt, b. 1730 Hingham MA, d. 1815 Chesterfield MA; master mariner, Constable of Hingham in 1769, Rev. War svc., in 1798 had house and 20 perches of land at Cohasset and 20 acres of land at Hingham; moved to Goshen MA c.1800, later to Chesterfield MA; m. Lois Studley 1750 Scituate MA.

(5) Lt. Jesse Willcutt Jr., b. 1752 Hingham MA, d. 1834 Goshen MA; he was Lt. in Rev. War, applied for pension 1832, deacon in the Goshen Presbyterian church for 50 years; m. Catherine Beal 1775 Hingham MA.

(6) Lydia Willcutt, b. 1776 Goshen MA; m. Asa Turner 1797 Goshen MA.

(6) Zebulon Willcutt, twin, b., d. 1777 Goshen MA.

(6) Lewis Willcutt, twin, b., d. 1777 Goshen MA.

(6) Lois Willcutt, b., d. 1778 Goshen MA.

(6) Enoch Willcutt, 1778-1841 Goshen MA, was at Goshen MA 1810-20 and member of the Baptist Church there; m. (1) Sally Wood 1801 Cummington MA, m. (2) Hannah Rhodes 1826 Chesterfield MA.

(7) Hannah Willcutt, b. 1803 Goshen MA; m. Joseph Cole 1838 Goshen MA.

(7) Philip Willcutt, 1812-1845 Goshen MA, killed chopping down a tree, unm..

(7) Mary "Mercy" Willcutt; m. Theodore Damon 1831 Goshen MA.

(7) Sarah "Sally" Willcutt; m. Ezra Packard 1862.

(7) Catherine Willcutt, b. 1820 Goshen MA, d. Mason IL; m. Peregrine White.

(7) Eustis Willcutt, b. 1823 Goshen MA, whip maker at Chester MA 1850-1880; m. Mary ____.

(7) Candace Willcutt, b. c.1826; m. John Allis 1840 Deerfield MA.

(7) Alpheas Willcutt, b. c.1828, carpenter at Chester MA 1850-1880; m. Julia ____.

(6) Hannah Willcutt, b. 1780 Goshen MA, d. 1862 Galesburg MI; m. Lule Keith Jr. 1804 Goshen MA; they were early members of the Alphadelphia Society, a Michigan commune.

(6) Abigail "Nabby" Willcutt, b. 1783 Goshen MA, d. 1878; m. Solomon Bates 1802 Chesterfield MA.

(6) Sally Lila "Lillie" Willcutt, b. 1785 Goshen MA; m. James T. King 1805 Goshen MA.

(6) Jason Beal Willcutt, b. 1787 Goshen MA, d. 1870 Moscow MI. He was an apprentice cabinet maker at Northampton MA for 7 years, was at Pownal VT 1816, then moved to Macedon NY, at Palmyra NY 1820, moved to Charleston OH 1833 where he was a joiner; in 1835 he moved to Adran MI and purchased a farm; purchased 160 acres at Moscow Twp. MI 1844 where he was living 1850-60; usually spelled surname Wolcott; m. Lydia Hoxie 1816 Pownal VT.

(7) Waity Catherine Wolcott, b. 1818 North Adams MA, d. 1903 Moscow MI; m. John Baxter Bissell c.1843 MI.

(7) Hannah G. Wolcott, b. 1819, d. 1931

(7) Warren Wolcott, b. 1820.

(7) Lydia Wolcott, b. 1822.

(7) Irena James Wolcott, b. 1826 Palmyra NY, d. 1893 Scipio MI; m. John Scott Kirkwood 1853.

(7) Jesse Wolcott, b. 1828 Palmyra NY, d. 1909 Moscow MI. He had an 80 acre farm at Moscow MI; m. Esther Kirkwood 1853 Scipio MI.

(7) Stephen Hoxie Wolcott, b. 1831 Macedon NY, d. 1906. He had a 110 acre farm at Moscow Twp. MI; m. Eliza Woodward 1853 Macomb Co. MI, she d. 1856; m. (2) Cora E. Underhill 1862.

(6) Alpheus Willcutt, b. 1789 Goshen MA, d. 1831; m. Chloe Daniels.

(7) Harrison Willcutt, b. 1815 Chester MA, tailor at Chester; m. Eliza Fay 1842 Chester MA.

(7) John Willcutt; m. Mary Shaw.

(6) Stephen Wilcutt, b. 1790 Goshen MA.

(6) Rhoda Willcutt, b. 1791 Goshen MA; m. Eleazur Hawks.

(6) Irena Willcutt, b. 1792 Goshen MA; d. 1878; m. Aaron James 1810 Goshen MA.

(6) Samuel Willcutt, b. , d. 1793 Goshen MA.

(6) Warren Willcutt, b. 1794 Goshen MA, d. 1868 Watervliet MI; spelled his name Wolcutt; moved from Chester MA to Cleveland OH c.1838, and to Watervliet MI in 1851, where he owned and drove a stage coach driven by his son, Samuel; m. (1) Nancy Lester, m. (2) Sarah H.

(7) Saxon R. Willcutt, b. 1818 Chester MA; m. Lucy ____.

(7) Lucy Eliza Wolcutt, b. 1818 Chester MA; m. Saxon Fairbanks.

(7) Samuel C. Wolcutt, bapt. 1826 Chester, Hampden Co. MA, d. Hartford MI 1906; had 206 acres of land and owned a hotel at Hartfor MI; m. Elizabeth Blake 1848 Cuyahoga Co, OH

(7) Margaret Wolcutt; m. ___Huston

(7) Elmer Wilcutt

(7) Marlo Wilcutt

(7) infant, d. age 5

(6) William Willcutt, 1795-1796 Goshen MA.

(6) Joel Willcutt, b. 1796 Goshen MA, d. 1882 Chesterfield MA. He was a farmer at Chesterfield MA from 1820 until his death, and a drum major for the Old Home Guard; m. Melancy Bates 1818 Cummingham MA, m. (2) Lois Bates 1879 Chesterfield MA.

(7) Jesse Willcutt, 1820-1902 Chesterfield MA, farmer at Cummington MA 1860-1880; m. Mary Holbrook Dyer 1844 Cummington MA.

(7) Clarissa Willcutt, 1822-1839 Chesterfield MA.

(7) Melinda Bates Willcutt, b. 1824 Chesterfield MA, d. 1909; m. Hon. Ebenezer D. Shaw 1845 Chesterfield MA; he was MA state legislator..

(7) Alvin Willcutt, b. 1825 Chesterfield MA, d. 1894 Cummington MA; farmer at Chesterfield MA 1860-1880; m. Mary Ann Crosby 1850 Plainfield MA.

(7) Martin Willcutt, 1827-1904 Chesterfield MA. He was a farmer and livestock grower at Chesterfield MA, and a road surveyor; m. Millury J. Shaw 1851 Cummington MA.

(7) Maria Willcutt, b. 1829 Chesterfield MA, d. 1905 Williamsburg MA; m. William Graves Wells c.1848.

(7) RhodaWillcutt, b. 1831 Chesterfield MA, d. 1891 Cummington MA; m. Russell Packard c.1848.

(7) Lydia Willcutt, b. 1833 Chesterfield MA, d. 1926 Cummington MA; m. Alexius Wells 1851 Cummington MA.

(7) Joel Wilcutt, Jr., b. 1836 Chesterfield MA, drowned 1842 Chesterfield MA.

(7) Lucretia Bates Willcutt, b. 1836 Chesterfield MA, d. 1920; m. Henry Merritt Dyer 1855.

(7) Justus Willcutt, b. 1838 Chesterfield MA.

(7) Lucinda R. Willcutt, b. 1838 Chesterfield MA.

(7) Clarissa Willcutt, b. 1841 Chesterfield MA, d. 1904; m. Abner Damon.

(6) Catherine Willcutt, twin, b. 1798 Goshen MA.

(6) Zebulon Willcutt, twin, b. 1797 Goshen MA.

(6) Francis Willcutt, b.c. 1801 Goshen MA.

(5) Lois Willcutt, b. 1755 Cohasset MA, d. 1781 Goshen MA; m. Joel Gustin 1776 Hingham MA.

(5) Zebulon Willcutt, b. 1759 Cohasset MA, d. 1852 Goshen MA; Pvt. in Capt. Silas Wild's Co., MA Inf. Regt., moved from Cohasset to Goshen MA where he acquired 200 acres of land which he cleared and farmed; said to have been a very strong man and once borrowed a five pail iron kettle for boiling sap in Northampton and carried it on foot to Goshen, returning it the same way. He received a military pension at Goshen in 1840; m. Mary "Mercy" Litchfield 1780 Scituate MA.

(6) John Willcutt, b. 1783 Goshen MA, lived at Florida MA; m. Cynthia Abell 1806 Goshen MA.

(7) Betsey Willcutt, b. 1807.

(7) John Willcutt Jr., b. 1810 Florida MA, d. 1896 Independence MO. He was a farmer at Hennepin MO 1880; m. Juliann Litchfield 1835.

(7) Persis Willcutt, b. 1812.

(7) Sophia Willcutt, b. 1815.

(7) infant, b. 1819.

(7) Wealthy Willcutt, b. 1820.

(7) infant Willcutt, b., d.1823.

(7) Cynthia Willcutt, b. 1824.

(7) Sylvia Willcutt, b. 1825; m. Jacob Heidell.

(6) Jesse Willcutt, b. c.1784 Goshen MA; m. Hannah James 1813 Goshen MA.

(6) Joseph Willcutt, b. 1785 Goshen MA, d. IA. He settled at Charleston OH c.1820, and was at Springfield Twp., IA in 1852; m. (1) Mary Keith 1808, m. (2) Nancy Moncrief.

(7) Mary Willcutt, b. 1809 Cummington MA.

(7) Joseph Willcutt Jr., b. 1811 Cummington MA, d. 1868 Inland IA; he was named executor of his father's will but he had "gone West", so received his share of the estate at Sporingfield Twp., IA; m. Melvina Amanda Belding 1840 Portage Co. OH.

(7) Benjamin Willcutt, b. 1814 Cummington MA.

(7) Martha Willcutt, b. c.1816.

(7) Edward Willcutt, b. c.1819.

(6) Minerva Willcutt, b. c.1787.

(6) Noah Willcutt, b. 1794 Goshen MA, d. Garden Grove IA, farmer, moved to Charlestown OH c. 1820 with brothers Jesse and Joseph, and then to IA c.1865; m. Rebecca James 1820 Portage Co. OH.

(7) Charles Litchfield Willcutt , b. 1821 Charlestown OH, d. 1900 Rosebud MT, farmer; m. Samantha Winget Curry 1847 Jerome OH. 1870 Garden Grove IA.

(7) Rebecca Willcutt, b. 1823 Charlestown OH, d. 1890 Leon IA; m. Horace Brown 1844.

(7) Edward K. Willcutt, b. 1825 Charlestown OH, d. Mercer Co. OH, farmer, m. (1) Susan Fox 1847 Charlestown OH, m. (2) Mariah ____.

(7) Eliza Willcutt, b. 1825 Charlestown OH, m. Elijah Strrle Skilton.

(7) Mary L. Willcutt, b. 1834 Charlestown OH, m. Abel A. Knoff.

(7) Wallace J. Willcutt, b. 1842 Charlestown OH.

(6) Alpheus Willcutt, b. c. 1795.

(6) Nephus Willcutt, b. c. 1795.

(6) Rev. William Willcutt, b. 1797 Goshen MA, d. 1869 Chesterfield MA; wagon maker and a Methodist minister at Chesterfield MA; m. Betsey Daniels c.1819.

(7) Jackson Willcutt, 1817-1869 Goshen MA; m. Mary Amanda Loomis 1840 Goshen.

(7) Hester Willcutt, b. 1820 Goshen MA; m. Almon Burton Loomis 1840.

(7) Jason Willcutt, b, 1822 Goshen MA, d. Cummington MA, had 125 acre farm on the Goshen-Cummington border and 12 dairy cows, Selectman for Cummingham; m. Elvira L. Shaw 1840 Cummington MA.

(7) Harriet Willcutt, b. 1824 Goshen MA; m. Joseph Bush 1844 Goshen MA.

(7) Elvira Willcutt, b. c.1826 Goshen MA; m. Andrew Shaw.

(7) Eliza Willcutt, b. c.1828 Goshen MA; m. Alonzo Shaw.

(7) William Willcutt Jr., b. 1835 Goshen MA, d. 1897 Plainfield MA, owned and operated a saw mill at Plainfield; m. Rosina Crosby 1856 Cummington MA.

(7) Lorenzo Willcutt, b. 1842 Goshen MA; m. Lucy L. Partridge 1864 Whatley MA, m. (2) Emma H. Knights 1877 Whatley MA.

(6) Francis Willcutt, b. 1798 Goshen MA, d. 1843; m. Mehitable Daniels c.1824

(7) Harvey Willcutt, 1825-1851 Goshen MA; m. Miranda Damon 1851.

(7) Horace Willcutt, b. 1827, d. 1901 Plainfield MA; m. Mary Autentia Hathaway 1868.

(7) Mary Willcutt, b. c.1830; m. Lafayette Eddy 1855.

(7) Emily Willcutt, b. c.1830; m. Horatio Culver.

(7) Hiram Willcutt, 1833-1871 Cohasset MA; m. Eunice L. Robbins.

(7) Noah Willcutt, 1835-1851 Goshen MA.

(7) Mehitable Willcutt, b. 1843; m. Stephen Parsons.

(6) Jason Willcutt, b. c.1800 Goshen MA; m. Elvira Shaw.

(6) Lois Willcutt, b. 1802 Goshen MA; m. Hollister Damon 1831.

(6) Serviah Willcutt, b. c.1802 Goshen MA.

(5) Hannah Willcutt, b. 1762 Hingham MA; m. Joab Litchfield 1781 Cohasset MA .

(5) Enoch Willcutt, b. 1764 Hingham, d. y..

(5) Sarah Willcutt, b. 1767 Hingham, d. 1844; m. Noah Litchfield 1787 Cohasset MA.

(5) Susanna Willcutt, b. 1772 Hingham MA; m. John Stephenson, Jr. 1787 Chesterfield MA.

(5) Enoch Willcutt, b. 1778 Hingham, d. 1841 Goshen MA; m. (1) Sally Wood 1801 Cummington MA; m. (2) Hannah Knight 1826 Chesterfield MA.

(6) Hannah Willcutt, b. 1803 Goshen MA, m. Joseph Cole 1838 Goshen MA.

(6) Philip Willcutt, b. 1812 Goshen MA, d. 1845 Goshen MA, killed chopping down a tree; unm.

(6) Mercy Willcutt; m. Theodore Damon 1831

(6) Catherine Willcutt, b. 1820 Goshen MA, d. Mason IL; m. Peregrine White

(6) Eustis Willcutt, b. 1823 Goshen MA, d. Chester MA, whip maker, at Chester MA1850-1880; m. Mary ____.

(6) Candace Willcutt; m. John Allis 1840 Deerfield MA.

(6) Sarah "Sally" Willcutt; m. Ezra Packard 1862 MA

(6) Alpheus Willcutt, b. 1829 Goshen MA, a carpenter at Goshen 1850-80; m. Julia ____.

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