Norfolk, Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Hampshire, and Buckinghamshire

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The Wolcott/Walcott/Wilcott DNA project has found that descendants of Emmanuel Walcott of Buckinghamshire (c.1570-c.1650) and Thomas Walcot of Hampshire (c.1680-1722) share somewhat similar DNA. There is also some similarity between these two Walcott participants and the descendants of William Walcott who immigrated to Salem MA in 1638. All show a Nordic origin, unlike the Walcots of Shropshire who have Celtic DNA, or the Wolcotts of Devon and Somerset, who have Anglo-Saxon genetic origins. The matches are not close enough to assume a common ancestor, nor far enough apart to preclude one. Additional participants from English Walcott families are encouraged to participate in the DNA project to confirm and expand the knowlege of these families' relationships. For more information about the DNA project, return to the index and go to the DNA project web page.

The Walcotts of Eastern England probably descend from Danish invaders that settled in Eastern England in the 10th century. They took their surname from one or more of several settlements named Walcott. Walcot in the counties of Lincolnshire and Wiltshire, Walcott in Norfolk, and Walcote in Leicestershire and Warwickshireshire, were all listed in the 11th century Domesday records.

The Walcotes of Norfolk, the de Walcotes of Lincolnshire, and the Walcotes of Leicestershire, all seem to have died out in the male lines. Lincolnshire Walcots disappear in the 17th century. Some Walcotts living today appear to descend from Edmund Walcott, born about 1460 in Buckinghamshire. His ancestors are unknown, but may have been the Walcotts of Leicestershire.











This family used "de Walcote" as a surname, is derived from the village of Walcott, part of the manor of Little Snoring, located near the ocean on the north coast of Norfolk. In 1199 Thomas de Walcot was living at Walcot, but it is not known if he was related to the following Walcotes. Their coat-of-arms, an inescutcheon within an orle of martlets, is recorded in the Norfolk and Suffolk Roll of Arms, c.1400. As far as we have been able to find, the de Walcotes of Norfolk died out about 1400 and have no known descendants.

Information about the Norfolk Walcotts is partially from Bloomfield's "An Essay Towards a Topographical History of Norfolk", 1808; Walter Wye's, "Some Rough Materials for a History of the Hundred of North Erpingham", 1883, and "Norfolk Families", 1913; internet files, and the files of John B. Wolcott.

(1) Thomas de Walcote, c.1150-. Thomas de Walcote held land at Burlingham, Norfolk in 1194.

(2) Walter de Walcote, c.1180-. All we know of him is that he was father of Thomas de Walcote, below.

(3) Thomas de Walcote, c.1200-c.1260. Thomas de Walcote was lord of West Hall in Walcott in 1240, and held the advowson (right to appoint priests) of the church at Walcott. Thomas, son of Walter de Walekot, held land in North Burlingham in 1249.

(4) Sir Walter de Walcote, c.1235-c.1310. In 1286 Sir Walter de Walcote held land in Hempstead. William de Kerdeston deeded to Walter, son of Thomas de Walcote land at Ryston in 1286. Sir Walter de Walcote held West Hall in Walcott, land in North Burlingham, and part of Hempstead in 1286-1306, and was patron of Wallington in 1302; m. Lucy ____.

(5) Sir Alexander de Walcote, c.1265-c.1340. In 1273 William le Gerner placed in trust for Alexander and Thomas de Walcott, sons of Walter de Walcott, numerous properties in Eccles, Hempstead, Palling, and Stalham, all in Happing Hundred. The le Gerners may have been Lucy's family. Alexander and his brother, Thomas, held 16 messuages, 120 acres of land, 12 acres of pasture, and 31 acres of wood there. Alexander de Walcote held one quarter knight's fee in Walcote and a tenth of a fee at North Burlingham and was lord of West Hall at Walcott in 1302. In 1315 Thomas de Walcote quitclaimed to Alexander his right to their land at Walcott. In 1317, Ralph le Strange conveyed to Alexander de Walcote and Maude, his wife, land and the advowson at Little Snorring, with remainder to their daughters, Elizabeth, Marian, and Margaret. In 1323 Alexander de Walcote conveyed to Walter de Walcote and Margaret his wife land at Little Snoring,Thrysford, and Berney and the manor and advowson of Little Snoring. In 1331, Alexander de Walcote granted land in Hempstead, with the advowson, to his sons, Walter de Walcote and Thomas his brother, retaining land and rents in Walcott and Burlingham. In 1337 and 1339 Sir Thomas de Roselyn deeded to Alexander de Walcote another portion of the manor of Walcote with the advowson of the church there. Alexander deeded Walcott to Walter de Walcote in 1399. Alexander m. (1) Maude (le Strange?), by whom 4 daughters, and (2) Joan ____, by whom he had 2 additional children.

(6) Cecilia de Walcote, c.1290-c.1316.

(6) Elizabeth de Walcote, c.1293-.

(6) Marian de Walcote, c.1295-.

(6) Margaret de Walcote, c.1300-.

(6) Sir Walter de Walcott, c.1310-1356, lord of Walcott; m. Millicent de Gunton c.1330. Walter de Walcote and wife, Margaret, received the rights to West Hall and lands in Walcott, Thyrsford, Berney and the manor of Little Snoring with its advowson, in 1339, probably on the death of his father. In 1346 he held a quarter fee at Walcote previously held by Alexander de Walcote, 2 knights fee at Hempstead, one quarter knight fee in Little Snorring, and three tenths of a fee at North Birlingham formerly held by Alexander de Walcote. Walter also became lord of the manor of Gunton in right of his wife Millicent, only daughter and heiress of Sir Walter de Gunton. In 1351 Walter de Walcote, knight, and Thomas Walcote his brother, received licence to lease out part of the manor of Hempstead and the advowson of the church there. In 1355 Walter appointed the rector of the church at Hempstead. In 1355 Roger de Felbrigg deeded the manor of Felbrigg to Walter de Walcote, Thomas de Walcote, Simon de Walcote and four others, confirmed in 1359. In 1356, Walter de Walcote and Thomas de Walcote, clerk, granted the advowson of Hempstead, with Walter retaining lands in Walcott, Gunton, and Snorring.

(7) Sir Walter de Walcott, Jr., 1330-1366, was lord of Walcott, in Little Snorring at one quarter knights fee; m. Joan de Clopton. Walter and Joan held part of Gunton in 1352, as heir to his mother, deeded to them and the heirs of their bodies. His marriage is given in the 1561 Visitation of Suffolk. In 1352 Walter appointed the rector of the church at Gunton. On his death his property at Gunton was placed in the hands of trustees, Sir William de Clopton, Sir Simon de Felbrigg, John de Felbrigg, and John Ellys. His wife, Joan, held dower rights in Gunton as widow in 1395.

(8) Margaret de Walcott, c.1355-; m. Sir Roger de Berney of Wichingham, Norfolk. Roger received one third of the manor of Gunton through his marriage and purchased the other portions from his wife's sisters. In 1383 they sold one third of Walcott to Margaret Elys.

(8) Elizabeth de Walcott, c.1360-; m. (1) Sir Ralph Bray of Wickhampton, Norfolk, and (2) Edmund de Wilton. She received one third of the manors of Gunton which in 1396 she and Edmund sold to Roger de Berney, above. The arms of Wilton coupled with Walcote, azure, an escutcheon and orle of martlets, argent, are in the church at Alderford.

(8) Margery de Walcott, c.1360-, a nun at Carow Abbey.

(8) Catherine de Walcott, c.1365-1397; m. 1386 Sir John Dorward of Bocking, Esssex, Sherrif of Essex. She received one third of the manors of Gunton and Burnells, which in 1388 she and John sold to Robert Berney, above. They also sold their third part of Walcott to Margaret Elys in 1388.

7) Alexander de Walcott, 1330-c.1380. In 1359 Alexander son of Walter de Walcote, and Thomas his brother deeded to William le Gerner of Eccles, land in Hemsted, Palling, Hersey, Stalham, Eccles by Palling, and the advowson of Eccles. He was the last Walcott to reside at Walcott, where he resided in 1377.

(8) Margaret de Walcott, b. 1354. m. c.1374 Andrew Brampton.The 1563 Visitation of Norfolk says: Andrew Brampton of Brampton, Norfolk, m. Margaret, da. of Sir Alexander Walcote of Norfolk, and that their grandson, Robert Brampton married Isabell dau. of John Walcote of Wallington. Isabel has a different surname in other sources.

(6) Rev. Thomas de Walcote, c.1315-c.1390. In 1351 Walter de Walcote, knight, and Thomas Walcote his brother, received licence to lease out part of the manor of Hempstead and the advowson of the church there. In 1355 Walter appointed the rector of the church at Hempstead. In 1356, Walter de Walcote and Thomas de Walcote, clerk, granted the advowson of Hempstead. He was rector of Felbrigg 1361-1383.

(6) Rev. Simon de Walcote, c.1320-1383, was presented to the church at Walcott in 1347 by Thomas de Walcote, above, probably his brother. He was rector there until his death in 1383. In 1366 he quitclaimed to Thomas, above, property in Ingworth. In 1378 Simon de Walcote, rector of Walcote, purchased land in the manors of Brumstead and Eccles, which he held for life. In 1381, John de Neuton deeded to Simon de Walcote, Robert de Berney, and Geoffrey de Somerton property property in Walcote, Casewyk, Baketon, and Witton.

(5) Rev. John de Walcote, clerk, c.1260-c.1347, was a priest in 1285 and rector of Woodrising, Norfolk 1286-1291. In 1285 he was deeded lands in Walcott and Dedlington by John de Demingham. John, son of Walter de Walcote, was presented as rector of the church at Ittering, Norfolk, in 1320. In 1322 he was appointed rector at Walcott by Alexander de Walcote.

(5) Rev. Thomas de Walcote, clerk, c.1265-c.1350, was parson of Eccles 1315-22, and rector of Felbrigg 1323-49. In 1315 Roger de Wolterton granted for life to Thomas, parson of Eccles, his portion of the manor of Ittering, Norfolk. In 1317 he, like his brother, Alexander,was granted land in Little Snorring by Ralph le Strange, which he, then parson of Eccles, deeded to his brother in 1319. Thomas de Walcott, rector of Felbrigg, presented Simon de Walcott to the church at Walcott in 1347.

(5) Rev. Hugh de Walcote, c.1270-; presented as rector of the church at Walcott by Alexander de Walcote, his brother, in 1302.

(4?) William de Walcote, c.1240-c.1302. In 1262 William de Walecote owned land at Runhall, Norfolk. In 1275, Katherine de Swathing granted to William de Walcote and Alice his wife, land in Craneford, Woodrising, Suthberg, and Hingham, Norfolk. He deeded land in Diss to William de Walcote, Jr. in 1302.

(5) William de Walcote, son of William de Walcote, in 1309 settled the manor of Little Merton, Norfolk, on Thomas de Multon and his wife, Margaret, who held it in 1315. In 1312, William, son of William de Walcote obtained land in Diss and Reydon.

(6) Henry de Walcote, c.1300-, a debtor in 1337, 1341, and 1352, and a creditor at Diss in 1342. He owned 4 oxen, 12 cows, 16 bullocks, and 80 sheep in 1341 at Moulton, and 4 oxen and 12 cows at Diss. In 1359, his wife, Beatrice, held land in Thwaite, Alby, Aldborough, Banningham, and Hansworth.

(7) Nicholas de Walcote, c.1330-. In 1361 Joan Fitzwalter purchased from Nicholas de Walcote and Joan his wife,150 acres in the manor of Diss.

This appears to be the end of this family in the male line.




This family used "de Walcote" as a surname, but any connection to a Walcott place name is unknown. Information about this family is from the History of Barwick-in-Elmet, published by the Thoresby Society, various internet sources, and the records of John Wolcott. This family seems to have died out in the 1300s.

(1) Robert de Walcote, b. c.1180, is the first Yorkshire Walcote for which there is documentary evidence. About 1240 Robert de Walcote was granted property at Lasingcroft and Shippen, in the manor of Scholes, Yorkshire, by Roger de Quincy (c.1195-1264), Earl of Winchester. This grant was again confirmed in 1253 when Roger granted to his kinsman, Edmund de Lacy, the Manor of Kippax and Scholes, provided that previous grants to John de Lungvilers and Robert de Walcote be ratified. Scholes was deeded to the Lacy family. Robert de Walcote granted the majority of the property to his nephew, Robert de Walcote, son of his brother, John de Walcote. A portion of the land was given to his brother, Richard; m. Eva ____. Roger is sometimes said to be a son of Richard de Walcote of Leicester, with no know evidence to support this.

(1) Richard de Walcote, b. c.1180.

(1) John de Walcote, b. c.1180.

(2) Robert de Walcote, b. c.1200; received property at Lasingcroft from his uncle Robert de Walcote, which he in turn deeded to his "nephew", Geoffrey.

(2) Richard de Walcote, b. c.1200.

(2) William de Walcote, b. c.1200; William received part of the lands of his brother, Robert . William of Leysingcroft says in 1279 that William, father of Geoffrey de Walcote, whose heir he is, arranged an assize of "mort d'ancestre" before the Justices in Eyre in the County of York concerning a messuage, 3 tofts, 4 bovates, and 20 acres of lands in Leysingcroft and Shippneys which are hamlets of the town of Berewyk, against Geoffrey de Haulton, tenant, Eva who was wife of Robert de Walcote, Reginald Playard, and against Robert de Walcote, concerning the death of Robert de Walcote, uncle of the said William under whose seizen Geoffrey de Walcote now demands, in which it was decided that Robert, kinsman of Geoffrey did not die siezed of the said tenement.

(3) Geoffrey de Walcote, b. c. 1220- c.1262; in a case against William de Lasingcroft it was stated that the property in question had belonged to Robert de Walcot who died without "heirs of himself" in the reign of King Henry III (1216-1272), which property went to his brother Richard and to Richard's son, William, and then to Geoffrey, son of William.

(4) Alice de Walcote, b. c.1240; m. William de Baroby, called William de Lasingcroft after obtaining, through marriage to Alice and the gift of her sister, the Walcot property in Lasingcroft, and is sometimes referred to as "William the elder".

(4) Margaret de Walcote, b. c.1240, daughter of Geoffrey de Walcote, leased her third of her father's estate to her sister Alice and Alice's husband, William de Baroby alias William de Lasingcroft, in 1262, Ralph de Walcote, rector of Barwick, and Nicholas Walcote, chaplain, being witnesses; in 1277 being a widow she granted the same to Alice and William, with Ralph de Walcote, chaplain, to deliver the land; finally she deeded her property at Laysingcroft and Shippen to her nephew, John, son of William de Lasingcroft.

(4) ____ de Walcote; m. ____ de Parlington. Shippen was part of the manor of Parlington.

(3?) Ralph de Walcote, c.1220 -), rector of Barwick, Yorkshire; witness to 1262 deed by Margaret, dau. of Geoffrey de Walcote.

This appears to be the end of this family in the male line.




This family derives its surname from the village of Walcote in the parish of Misterton, Leicestershire, located near the town of Luttersworth, near the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire borders. Walcote is listed in the Domesday Book as four carucates of land subject to Danegeld. It was held from the Crown by the Verdun family of Alveton, Staffordshire from c.1100 to 1316.

(1?) Richard de Walecote, c.1220; witnessed a deed at Misterton in 1263.

(2?) William de Walcote, c.1245. In 1273 William held from Theodore de Verdun of Alvaston, one toft at Luttersworth and the advowson of the church of Lutterworth for the life of Eleanore Verdun. William de Walcote in Lutterworth and others witnessed a deed conveyng land at Pulteney, Leicestershire, to John Owyn. Pultney is in Misterton, adjascent to Walcote.

(2) Robert de Walcote. c.1245-. In 1276 Robert de Walcote held 2 virgates, approx. 50 acres, in Walcote. Robert de Walcote, or perhaps his son, was paid 3 shillings from the account of the mayor of Leicester in 1300.

(3) Richard de Walcote, MP, c.1270-c.1350. Richard de Walcote was paid 6 shillings from the account of the mayor of Leicester in 1300. In 1309 Richard de Walcote of Luttersworth was witness to a deed signed at Luttersworth conveying land in Warwickshire, to Robert Lovett of Welleford (Welford), Northamptonshire, by Robert de Thester Waver. In 1324 Richard de Walcote was appointed auditor of the accounts of the mayor of Worcester. He was mentioned numerous times as taxpayer, auditor, burgess, member of the merchant's guild, and juror at Leicester, 1324-1346. He represented the city of Leicester in the parliaments of 1339, 1340, and 1346. Richard de Walcote was at Lutterworth in 1348.

(3) Ralph de Walcote, MP, c.1280-1318, draper and cloth merchant; admitted freeman of London 1310, elected to represent London at the parliament held at Lincoln in 1310. In 1315, Ralph de Walcote, going beyond the seas, has letters appointing Simon de Swanelond and John de Horneby his attorneys until Christmas. His wool, valued at 120 pounds, was on a ship captured by the French in 1316. In 1318 he and others sent a ship to Antwerp that was captured by the French. His will proved at London 1318 conveyed a house and land in St. Lawrence Candlewick Street, London, to Robert Lovett of Liscombe, Buckinghamshire, and Thomas his son, and to son John 20 pounds to be given to a charity if John died before age 21. His executor, John Priour, petitioned the Crown for 87 pounds, a debt owed him for cloth supplied to the Royal Wardrobe.

NOTE: Robert Lovett acquired Liscombe Manor in the parish of Soulbury, Buckinghamshire by marriage to Sarah de Turville in 1304. He must have been a relative or close family friend because Richard de Walcote of Luttersworth witnessed a deed for him in 1309, he appointed Hugh de Walcote as rector of Soulbury in 1313, and he was the primary legatee in 1318 of the will of Ralph de Walcote, above, possibly as trustee for Ralph's son.

NOTE: Sir John de Poulteney, born 1300 in Misterton, Bucks., left Misterton for London where he became a succesful draper and cloth merchant. He is mentioned as a citizen of London in 1322. Poultney is adjascent to Walcote in the parish of Misterton. John was elected four times Lord Mayor of London, 1330-6, and knighted in 1337. In his will of 1349 he established a chantry chapel in the church of St. Lawrence Candlewick Street where a daily mass was to be said for the souls of him and his family and for his mother-in-law, and Ralphe de Walcote, and the archbishop of Canterbury. Ralph de Walcote may have been his mentor and sponsor.

(4? ) John de Walcote, c.1300, mentioned in above 1318 will of Ralph de Walcote as under age 21. In an undated deed John son of Ralph de Walcote sold to Hugh Scott 2 1/2 acres in the field of Southorpe in Barnack, Northants., on the road to Sutton.

(5) John Walcott, b. c.1334; merchant and draper, Lord Mayor of London. John Walkot was apprenticed to Thomas Chalkton, mercer, of London, in 1350. Most mercer apprenticeships began at age 16 and lasted about 10 years, so this one probably ended about 1360. In a will dated 1361 John Walcote was the principal heir of John Boteler, draper, who left to John de Walcote various household goods, a brewery called " le Dragon" in Douuegate, parish of S. Mary de Bothawe ; a tenement called "le Catfethell " in the parish of S. Benedict Shorhogg, and another tenement opposite the church of S. Pancras. The tavern called "Le Dragon" is shown on a Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate on a list of those paying quit rent in the parish of St. Benet Sherehog. as John Boteler, 1356; John Walkote, 1364 and 1384; his widow until 1413. The same cartulary shows another tenement in the parish of St. Lawrence held by John Leycestre in 1361 and John Walkote in 1384.

In 1364 he paid rent on property formerly held by John Boteler, and as John Walcote, Jr. he was summoned as a juror for Candlewick Street Ward, the ward where Ralph de Walcote, in his will, left land to Robert Lovett and where John de Poulteney established his chantry to include prayers for Ralph. A John Walcote, draper of London, who was presumably his father, had also served on a jury there some two years before. In 1371 he was living in Candlewick Street and in 1373 he was a merchant, draper and citizen of London. In 1374 he was a Collector for Candlewick Street, which he represented as Alderman for Candlewick Ward in 1377,1382-3, 1384, 1387-8, 1392-4, 1395-9. and 1399. He was Auditor, London 1382-3, 1388-9, 1397-8, 1399-1400; Tax collector, London1385, 1401, Sheriff, London and Middlesex 1389-90 and 1401; Alderman, Walbrook Ward 1388-92, during royal pleasure, no ward given, 1392-1393; Alderman Candlewick Street Ward 1393-1406; Lord Mayor of London 1402-3; Commissioner to recruit soldiers and sailors to protect English shipping, London Aug. 1403. From 1377 to 1394, he was guardian for Thomas and Joan, the two children of Richard Scutt. In 1381 he was given custody of another ward, Joan, the daughter of John Usher, who was then aged five and brought with her a legacy of £106.5. Joan inherited property from John's widow.

His will dated 11 July 1407 desires he be buried near the chancel of the church of St. Nicholas Acon with bequests to that church, to various orders of friarsand the work on London Bridge; to wife Christine all the stuff of his household hall, chamber, and kitchen with all his plate, also a sum of money to be taken from the stuff of his shop and debtors lands in St. Martin Orgier, a brewery called Le Checker" and formerly "le Dragon" in Dowgate, a tenement called "le Catfethele" in St, Benet Sherhog, and one in the parish of St. Stephens', rents from a tenement in All Hallows Breadstreet, a tenement called " le Honeycon on the Hoop"; also to the church of St. Nicholas Acon lands in that parish. A hearing regarding a tenement in All Hallows Breadstreet parish said that he left the property to his wife Christina for life and then to be sold. The widow with Bertram Walcote and Thomas Bricet, the other executors deeded land in 1412 to Walter Gawtron and his wife, Joan, John's former ward but sometimes described as his daughter. Joan married Walter King, a London grocerr, and (2) Walter Gawtron, MP. An Act of Parliament in 1447 authorized the distribution of his chaitable bequests valued at 7,000 marks in the hands of the Executors of Walcote.

John is sometimes said to have used the same arms as Sir John Walcot of Leicester, a silver shield with a blue cross patonce and five gold fleur-de-lis, but quartered with a silver shield with a black fess with three silver scallops.

(3) Geoffrey de Walcote, c. 1275-1340. Geoffrey de Alveton, son of Robert de Walcote, was granted land at Shippen by his father. Geoffrey resided at Alveton, Staffordshire, home of Theobald de Verdun, Lord of Lutterworth and Walcott, where he was probably a retainer. He later became a servant of Thomas, Earl of Leicester and Lancaster. Geoffrey was granted a tenement in Shippen by his father c.1300. As messenger of the Earl he was paid 3 shillings from the account of the mayor of Leicester in 1306. In 1313-15 he is mentioned as taking provisions for the Earl of Leicester. In 1313 the Earl of Lancaster and his confederates, including Geoffrey de Walcote, were pardoned for their attack of the king's favorite, Peter de Gaveston.

Thomas, Earl of Leicester and Lancaster, was executed for treason by King Edward II in 1322. His brother, Henry, was restored to those titles in 1324, and was a supporter of Queen Isabella (1295-1358). He helped capture Edward II and was his custodian until his execution in 1327. Henry was then appointed guardian of Isabella's son, Edward III. In 1329 the sheriff was ordered to restore lands, goods and chattels taken from Geoffrey de Walcott of Leicester for tresspass, excess, or disobedience, and in that year Geoffrey de Walcote, yeoman, accompanied Henry, Earl of Leicester and Lancastershire overseas. In 1348, William de Wykyngston, parson of Lutterworth, complained that William, son of Geoffrey de Walcote of Lutterworth, Nicholas and Richard his brothers, Agnes late wife of Geoffrey de Walcote, and others, broke into his house at Lutterworth, assaulted his men, and carried off his goods.

(4) Rev. William de Walcote, c. 1300-c.1362. William de Walcote was admitted to Trinity College in 1350 at the request of Queen Isabella. He received a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Cambridge and became an Augustine friar. He was provost of the chantry college at Cotterstock, Yorkshire, 1341-9. In 1344 Queen Isabella requested a benefice without examination for William de Walcote, rector of Pudding Norton, and in that year he was apppointed chaplain-vicar of Lincoln Cathedral. In 1348, William de Walcote, clerk, was one of a group of men charged with assault on Richard se Plays, chevalier, at Foulmere, Cambridgeshire. William de Walcote by Lutterworth and others witnessed a deed conveyng land at Pulteney, Leicestershire, to John Owyn in 1349. Pultney is in Misterton, adjascent to Walcote. William de Walcote was nominated in 1350, at the request of Queen Isabella, and was admitted to Trinity College, Cambridge; he became a Friar Minor in 1352. William was Queen Isabella's Keeper of the Wardrobe in 1350, and was granted a benefice as canon of Lincoln Catheral at her request in 1351. Queen Isabella appointed William de Walcote, clerk, her attorney in England, in 1352. He was Receiver for Queen Isabella in 1353, Archdeacon of East Riding 1352-1359, Rector of Geddington in the diocese of Lincoln, value 100L, and a canon of Lincoln Cathedral. Queen Isabella died in 1358, and the King, as her executor, claimed a debt of money William owed to her. William was imprisoned for debt and his goods sold to satisfy them; his brothers Nichols and Thomas bound themselves to pay the balance. 1361, grant to Nicholas de Walcote and Thomas de Walcote of the county of Lincoln that they shall pay 100 pounds still remaining in the arrear of 600 pounds wherein they bound themselves to the king on 3 August in the thirty-fourth year...for the recognisances of debts at London for their brother William de Walcote.... In 1362 William was replaced as prebend and canon of St. Stephens Chapel in the palace at Westminster.

(4) Nicholas de Walcote, c.1300-c.1370. Nicholas de Walcote, Thomas de Walcote and others of Worcestershire, were pardoned in 1328 for fines imposed in them by King Edward II. In 1336 Nicholas de Walcote was appointed purveyor of the household of Queen Isabella, who had retired to Castle Rising, Norfolk. In 1338 he was an official of the queen's wardrobe, a position he still held in 1344. In 1343 Nicholas de Walcote was granted an exemption for life from appointments such as mayor, sheriff , etc., against his will. Nicholas de Walcote and Agnes his wife, and others, were granted a papal indulgence in 1353 for remission of sins, requested by the queen at the time of her death. In 1358 Nicholas de Walcote and two others were appointed to receive the goods of William de Walcote, clerk, who the king had arrested for debts owed the queen mother, and to sell them to satisfy the debt. In 1360 Nicholas and his brother, Thomas, bound themselves to pay the balance of their brother's debt. In 1361 Nicholas and Thomas de Walcote of Lincolnshire still owed 84 pounds of the 600 pound debt. They were given permission to pay it off at 20 pounds per year. He appears to have had 3 wives, Agnes, Joan, and Isabell.

(4) Thomas de Walcote, c. 1305-c.1380. Thomas co-signed in 1360 with his brother Nicholas for the balance of the debt owed the king by their brother, William de Walcote. Perhaps the Thomas de Walcote who was granted a messuage at Snarkeston, Leicestershire, by John Charnels in 1379.

(5) Sir John de Walcote, c. 1340-1407. John de Walcott married Elizabeth, daughter and sole heiress of Sir John Walleis, Sheriff of Leicester and Nottingham, about 1363, by which marriage he held the manor and 27 virgates of land in Swithland, Leicester. In 1378, John, son of Thomas Walkote of Lutterworth sold for 20 marks of silver his right to two tenements, two virgates of land, and 4 acres of meadow in Walcote by Misterton. He was the last to hold the land called Walcott from which the family derived their name.

Froissant's Chronicles records that in 1380, "messire Jean Wallecok" and several other men were knighted on the field before the walls of Troyes, by Thomas of Woodstock, Earl of Buckingham, commander of the English army. The Surrey Roll of Arms dating from shortly after 1380, lists the arms of Sir John de Walcote: on a cross patonce azure 5 fleur-de-lis or, five gold fleur de lis on a blue cross with divided ends. Thomas of Woodstock was the leader of powerful nobles whose ambition to wrest power from Thomas' nephew, King Richard II of England, culminated in a successful rebellion in 1388, which significantly weakened the king's power. Richard II managed to overcome these lords in 1397, and Thomas of Woodstock was imprisoned in Calais to await trial for treason. These events affected John de Walcott. In a 1389, petition of John Walcote knight put in exigents (for immediate attention) in Leicestershire. In 1390 Sir John Walcott was sent to the Tower of London. He was later transferred to the Marshalsea Prison for 3 more years. The Tower was generally reserved for political prisoners, so John must have followed Thomas of Woodstock's opposition to King Richard II. In 1399, Thomas of Woodstock's brother, Henry, deposed Richard II and assumed the crown as Henry IV.

After his release from prison he lived on his properties at Misterton until his death about 1405, whereupon his widow married William Bispham, MP and royal commissioner. Swithland was inherited by his daughters and co-heiresses, Alice and Margaret Walcott. A deed, dated 1424, and indorsed "Deed of Partition of the Manor of Swithland, between Margaret and Alice, the daughters and co-heirs of Elizabeth Walcotte" settled the division

(6) Alice Walcott, b, c. 1390; m. (1) Richard Hubard, m. (2) John Barber, m. (3) William Shepey c.1415.

(6) Margaret Walcott,b. c.1395; m. (1) John Danvers c.1422, m. (2) Thomas Ashton 1426.

(2) Philip de Walcote, c. 1250-1311, probably brother of William and Robert. He and Robert's son, Ralph, were London drapers. Philip de Walcote; draper and merchant of London "now deceased" in 1311 had debts owing to him of 315 pounds by John Armaund of Buckingham , and 60 pounds by John Quentyn of Newport, Essex.

(3) Philip de Walcote, c.1280-1347. Philip and wife Eleanore were deeded land at Fulham, Braynford, and Yelling, Middlesex, in 1311 by John Quentyn, who leased all or part it back to John in 1312 and 1332, and to others in 1332 and 1337. In 1340 Thomas de Quenton of Newport filed a claim against Philip de Walcote and Alice his wife regarding these lands, saying the John de Quentyn had granted him 4 marks rent for life from these lands. In the hearing it was said that John Quentyn owed money to William Sparks who was given the land until the debt was repaid and William granted it to Thomas de Quentyn and Philip de Walcote, and John de Quentyn then granted his right to the land to Philip de Walcote and his then wife, Eleanore. In 1347 Roger de Costynoble deeded to Robert de Norwich lands held by Philip de Walcote and Alice his wife in Fulham, Brainford, and Yilling, and Thomas de Walcote, son of Philip de Walcote, put in his claim to them.

(4) Thomas de Walcote, c. 1310, filed claim to property of Philip de Walcote, above; inherited from his mother, Eleanore Nicole, property in Candlewick Street, London.

(4) Robert de Walcote, c. 1315-1369, goldsmith of London, filed claim in 1349 against Henry Spark and others saying he was deprived of property in parish of St. Lawrence Candlestick, als. St. Lawrence Poutney, which he entered as brother and heir of Thomas de Walcote who inherited as son of Eleanore, daughter and heiress of John Nicole; Robert won the suit and Spark was assessed 100 shillings. The will of Robert de Walcote filed in 1361 leaves bequests to Isabella de Preston, Master William de Preston, Margaret Leycester, John de Leycestre, leaving his tenements in St. Lawrence Poulteney to wife Alice and Isabella de Preston for life and then to charity. John de Leycestre, Robert de Norwich, and Katherine his wife claimed the tenements. In 1369 Henry Spark again claimed the property against John Leycestre, kinsman and heir of Robert de Walcote. Henry Spark died in 1388.

William Spark of Writtle obtained a messuage and 231 acres at Clayhall in the manor of Barking, Essex, in 1318, and conveyed to his son Robert Spark and wife Joan in 1330. In 1392 Robert Archer and Robert Newport and Ralph Chamberlain conveyed the same property, held for life by Joan, widow of Henry Spark, to John Walcote, William Oliver, and John Leycestre of London.

This is the last known of this family.



Information about this family is from Lincolnshire Pedigrees by Arthur S. Larken, 1904, The Walcott Book by Arthur Stuart Walcott, 1925, the 1618 Visitation of Rutland, the 1666 Visitation of Lincolnshire, the International Genealogical Index, and the files of John B. Wolcott. Those persons named in the Visitation and Lincolnshire Pedigrees are in italics,

The Walcotts of Lincolnshire derive their surname from the village of Walcot, now called Walcot by Folkingham. It lies one mile north of Folkingham. The village of Walecote was mentioned in Domesday. The original surname was "de Walcote", but later, "Walcot" and sometimes "Walcott", and now Walcot. Walcot was part of the manor of Neuton, or Newton, in the Wapentake of Aveland. Aveland included 23 villages, including Bourne, Dunsby, Folkingham, Hacconby, Haceby, Newton, Swaton, Witham, and Walcot, all mentioned below. A different property, called Walcot by Billinghay, is about 14 miles to the northeast.

(1) Nicholas de Walcote is the only Walcot on a 1273 Subsidy Roll for Lincolnshire. There is nothing to indicate that he was related to the family below. At this time surnames were only beginning to be used, and "de Walcote" may only indicate that he came from the property called Walcot.

(2?) Hugh de Walcote, c.1260, mentioned in a deed of 1329, below, was taxed 2 shillings on the 1332 Lay Subsidy at Baston, Lincolnshire. Baston was a small parish near the market town of Bourne, 10 miles south of Walcot by Folkingham. He is named with Henry, Abbot of Croyland and others of Croyland and Baston in a hearing of 1342 regarding breaching of a dyke at Depyng, Lincolnshire.

(3) Richard de Walcote, b. c.1285, d. c.1350 Southorp, Lincolnshire. In 1339, Richard de Walcote held 5 strips of land at Walcot and Alexander de Walcote held 1 strip; the heir of Richard de Walcote being certified in the 26th year of Edward III (1352) on the decease of John, Earl of Kent to hold a fourth part of one knight's fee in Southorpe.

(3) Alexander de Walcote, c. 1285-c.1350; Alexander, son of Hugh de Walcote, named in a hearing of 1310; in 1322 William de Mortyn, lord of Dunsby, released his claims for himself and his heirs to land and tenements at Dunsby that his father, Roger de Mortyn, had previously granted to Alexander de Walcote. Dunsby is five miles south of Walcot by Folkingham. In 1329, Robert de la Hay of Wigtoft granted to Alexander son of Hugo de Walcote, and to Margaret his wife and their heirs, 10 acres of land at Dunsby and Hacconby and meadow in Northdeyl as capital demesne. The 1332 Lincolnshire Lay Subsidy lists "Alexander Filius Hugonis" paying the largest tax at Walcot, 13s 6d. Alexander held land called Threckinghamgate at Walcot in 1339. In 1353 a messuage lying east of the village of Dunsby is said to lie next to the tenement once of Alexander de Walcot.

(4) John de Walcote, of Walcot, c.1310-: Collector of manorial dues for Langtoft and Baston, Lincolnshire, for the Abbot of Croyland, lord of the manor. In 1337 and 1339 he distrained the vicar of Baston. The years 1348-1350 was the time that the Black Death swept England. John de Walcote was lord of the manor of Walcot in right of his wife in 1353 when he brought suit against William de Walcote for pasture and compost rights due the lord of the manor.

(5) John Walcote, Jr., of Dunsby, c.1350-1397. John Walcote of Dunsby and wife, Margaret, and Robert de Sutton and wife, Joan, probably Margaret's sister, quitclaimed lands called Surflet and Gosberkirke to Rober Capon and Richard Curlew for 20 marks silver. In 1397 the Bishop of Lincoln granted to Robert Palmer the wardship of John, son of John Walcote of Dunsby during his minority following the death of his father. A deed of 1442 grants rents to Hugh Willoughby and others from lands at Dunsby lying between the holdings of John Walcote on the west and John Aston on the east." The rents include that of lands and tenements at Dunsby "which were Margaret's, lately wife of John Walcote of Dunsby which Hugo Wyllughby bought from the said John".

(6) John Walcote of Walcot, c.1385-c.1430; a minor in 1397. John Walkote of Walcote was a witness to a deed at Haceby in 1408. In 1409, John Walcote of Walcot, esq. witnessed a quitclaim by Thomas Boston to land in the manor of Newton, including Haceby and Walcot. In 1420 Edmond Willoughby of Dunsby leased his mill at Dunsby to John Walcote of Dunsby and others. In 1430 Robert de Boston granted to John Walcote of Walcot the manor of Newton, with lands in Newton, Threckingham, Haceby, Osbournby and Walcot, with William Walcote of Walcot as one of the five witnesses. John's wife was probably the Joan, late wife of John Walcote of Dunsby, Lincoln, who in 1430 deeded to Thomas Duffield of Dunsby and Margaret his wife, property John had inherited from Alexander Walcote, and if the Duffields had no heirs of their bodies it was to revert to the heirs of Alexander Walcote. In 1462, Thomas Duffield released his claim to these lands to William Merston and wife Elizabeth; m. Joan ____.

(7) Margaret Walcote, c.1410-; heiress to Walcote lands at Dunsby, above; m. c.1430 Thomas Duffield.

(6) William de Walcote, c.1385-, witnessed a deed, above, concerning Newton Manor, including land at Walcot, in 1430. In 1431 William Walcot of Spaldyng, Lincolnshire, gent., and John Ybeson of Kirkton in Holland were seized of lands and tenements in Tathewell held by service of 1/3 knights fee. William Walcote of Spaldyng is on a List of Gentry of Lincoln returned by comissioners in 1434. In 1442 William Walcote is listed as Comissioner of the Peace for Kesteved, Lincolnshire, succeeded by Richard Walcote in 1444. His relationship to John, above, is conjectural, but he was probably the heir to his father's lands on the death of his nephew, John Walcote in 1430.

(7?) Richard de Walcote, c.1410-; listed as Comissioner of the Peace for Kesteven, Lincoln in 1444, succeeding Thomas Walcote. Richard de Walcote and Thomas de Walcote were witnesses to a deed concerning the manor of Haceby in 1449. In 1450 Richard Walcott, gent, of Walcott by Folkingham was lord of the manor of Swarby. In that year he had a dispute with Bartholomew Whitfield of Culverthorpe over the ownership of "the common bull and boar used in Swarby and Culverthorpe". Sir John Beaumont, 1st Viscount Beaumont, lord of the honor of Folkingham, decided in favor of Walcott as lord of the monor of Swarby. Richard Walcote filed suit 1460-1465 regarding the Manor of Kirton which he bought from the Executors of Sir Hugh Wytham. Richard and Thomas de Walcote were witnesses to a deed concerning the Manor of Haceby in 1449. Haceby, like Walcot, is in the manor of Neuton.

(8?) Thomas de Walcote, c. 1430, witness regarding Manor of Haceby in 1449, above.

(9?) Alice de Walcote, c.1450-; said to be "grandaughter of Richard de Walcote of Walcott, Lincolnshire, married William Cecil of Burleigh who died 1552." Actually, Alice de Walcote married William Heckington. Their daughter, Jane Heckington m. Richard Cecil of Burleigh, who died 1552 at Bourne. They were parents of William Cecil, Lord Burleigh, born in the Heckington home at Bourne in 1520.

(8) John de Walcote, b. c.1440 Haceby, was witness to two deeds concerning Haceby in 1478. Haceby is next to Walcot, and belonged to John de Walcote of Walcote, above, in 1409 . John Walcote of Walcot, gent., witnessed deeds in 1476 and 1479. Parents of both Alexander and Humphrey Walcot, below, are uncertain, but Humphrey's mother is given as Elizabeth, wife of ____ Walcot of Walcot, and Elizabeth and Grace as his sisters in "Lincolnshire pedigrees".

(9) Alexander Walcot of Walcot, bur. there, will dated 7, proved 26 Jan. 1534-5, m. Jane, dau. of ____; c.1480-1534, will of Alexander Walcot of Folkingham, son Thomas, executor; m. Jane ____.

(9) Thomas Walcot of Walcot, proved his father's will 26 Jan. 1534-5; died 11 Jan. 1557-8. Will dated 31 Dec. 1557; bur. at Walcot; m. Johanna dau. of ____ living 1557; b. c.1515, d. 1557 Walcot; m. Joan .

(10) Humphrey Walcot of Walcot, ae. 20 in 1557; bur. at Walcot 10 Sept. 1586. Will dated 6 Aug. 1586, proved 14 Feb. 1586-7; m. Anne dau. of William Laughton; ex'trix 1586; bur. July 1611. b. c 1537 at Walcot; he heads the Walcot family listed in the 1666 Visitation of Lincolnshire, which gives him as son of ____ Walcot of Walcot and wife, Elizabeth; m. Anne dau. of William Laughton of Laughton near Folkingham c.1556.

(11) Arthur Walcot, bur. 2 Sept. 1583, b. c.1558 Walcot.

(11) Thomas Walcot, bapt. 9 Oct. 1560; the will of "Thomas Walcotte of Walcotte, gent.", dated 1615, leaves his lands to his brother, Anthony, and failing issue to John son of his brother Herbert Walcotte and failing issue to Frances daughter of brother Herbert, and failing issue to "brother" Robert Harries of Kirton. To "brother" Henry Nelson of Houghton my lands at Helpringham; 50L to brother Anthony Walcotte, bequests to my "brother" Henry Nelson's children, to my "brother" Robert Harries children, to John son of brother Herbert, to Frances daughter of brother Herbert, to Anne daughter of Henry Nelson, to Anne daughter of "brother" Harries; mentions goods at Swinehead administered by him after death of his brother Herbert Walcotte; money and livestock divided in thirds to brother Nelson's children, to John and Frances children of brother, John, and a third divided between John and Anthony's children when John and Francis reach age 21 with right of survivorship; executors "brothers" Henry Nelson of Houghton and Robert Harries of Kirton and brother Anthony at Lincoln who he makes guardian of John and Frances until age 21.

(11) William Walcot of Walcot, bapt. 5 April 1561, son and heir 1586; bur. Feb. 1633-4. Will dated 20 Nov. 1632, proved 8 May 1634; m. Fridiswide, dau. of William Savole of Great Humby, bur. 20 Aug. 1590, 1st wife.; m. Agnes, dau. od Paul Leeke of Hardwick; bur. 9 June 1610 2nd wife, m. Beatrice, dau. of Thomas Ogle of Pinchbeck, widow of Leonard Pury of Kirton. Will dated 7 Sept., proved 4 Nov. 1646, 3rd wife; b. 1561 Walcot, d. 1634; m. (1) Frideswide Saville c.1583, m. (2) Anne Luke of Hardwick, Hunts., m. (3) Beatrice Ogle 1611, the will of her first husband, Leonard Purie, mentions land held by Roger Walcote and others.

(12) Anne Walcot, b. 1584 Walcot; m. Edward Hobson 1609 Lincoln.

(12) Elizabeth Walcot, b. 1587 Walcot; m. Augustine Thoroughgood.

(12) William Walcot Jr. of Walcot, b. 1590 Walcot, d. 1643 bur. Boston, Lincolnshire, April 1643, 2 months after his father; m. (1) Anne Buck, dau. of Sir John Buck of Hamby, Lincolnshire, Sheriff of Lincoln,1613 Lincoln; m. (2) Abigail Armstrong of Rempstone, Nottinghamshire; d.s.p..

(12) Humphrey Walcot, bapt. 12 April 1596; M.P. for Co. Lincoln 1653, purchased franchise of City of Lincoln 1654; ae. 70 in 1666, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Millet of Hayes, Co. Middlesex, widow of William Pury of Kirton; mar. at Boston 21 July 1623. Will dated 23 April 1630, adm'on Jan. 1630-1; m. Katherine, dau. of Sir Edward Fynes, Knt. b. 1596 Walcot, d. 1666; as member of the Cambridge Committee, "the Lincolnshire representative, Humphrey Walcott, was more active. Descended from an ancient but impoverished minor gentry family, he settled in Boston in the 1630s where his family came under the influence of John Cotton, one of the most promising of the future New England divines. Humphrey Walcott, esq., received an injunction to levy forces in the county of Lincoln in 1643 and was on a comission to raise money the same year. In 1653 Walcott was returned to Barebone's Parliament for Lincolnshire, and in the next year was ordered to investigate the persecution of a group of sectaries by an intolerant JP" (The Eastern Association in the English Civil War). He is named with his brother, Humphrey, on the 1634 list of "The Gentry of Lincoln". Humphrey Walcot, then being Justice of the Peace, is said to have incited violence against John Whitehead who was preaching in York Cathederal having struck him with his own hand, in 1654; purchased citizenship of London in 1654; Comissioner for the City of Lincoln and Lincolnshire for collecting the Subsidy of 1657; m. (1) Elizabeth Millet 1623 Boston, Lincolnshire, m. (2) Katherine dau. of Sir Edward Fines and widow of Thomas Saville of Newton. Humphrey Walcot of Lincoln signed the 1664 Visitation pedigree and was listed on a list of Gentry of Lincolnshire in 1672. Leaving no male heirs in 1666, the Walcot property went to his nephew, William.

(13) Elizabeth Walcot, bapt. 18 April, bur. 8 June 1629 at Boston.

(13) Elizabeth, aet. 4 1634.

(12) Thomas Walcot of Walcot, bapt. 8 May 1598, aet. 27 1625, of Algarkirke 1634, legatee of John Walcot of Kirton 1640; m. Bridget, dau. of John or Thomas Littleton of Hagworthingham, widow of ____ Roper?, mar. lic. 14 June 1625 aet 30, b. Walcot by Falkingham, m. 1625 Bridget Littlebury.

(13) William Walcot of Walcot, bapt. 14 April 1626; aet. 8 1634, legatee of John Walcot of Kirton 1640; bur. 16 April 1689; m. Mary, dau. of Thomas Burton; b. 1626 Walcot, d. 1689 Walcot, m. Mary Burton 1666 Lincoln. Probably inherited his uncle Humphrey's property at Walcot.

(14) Humphrey Walcot of Walcot, bapt. 2 July 1667; bur. 27 Jan. 1704-5; m. Mary dau. of ___, bur 25 Feb. 1704-5.

(15) William Walcot of Walcot, bapt 27 Aug. 1690; bur. at Walcot 27 Jan. 1729-30.

(15) Mary, bapt. 26 July 1700, bur. at Walcot 1727.

(15) John Walcot, bapt. at Grantham 7 Mar.1701-2.

(14) Thomas Walcot of Grantham, bapt. 26 July 1671, bur. at Walcot 31 May 1718 (sic.); m. Mary, dau. of ____ Plot of Folkingham; mar. at Pickworth 22 Aug. 1693. Will of Thomas Wallcott of Walcott, gentleman, of Walcot, Lincolnshire, dated 5 Dec 1707, proved 09 February 1708; leaves to wife Mary 100 pounds, furniture, plate, linen, pewter; to brother William land at Walcott after decease of wife who has a jointure, namely half of Peafield East and West Styubby Lease West Berks Hornesioells and Beaulands, and to brother William the lands that came to me after the death of brother John; to brother Joseph 100 pounds; to mother Mary Walcott, cousin William Walcott 5 pounds to buy morning; to the poor of Folkingham 2L, to the poor of Walcott 1L, and remainder to brother William Walcot; d.s.p..

(14) William Walcot, bapt. 6 Nov. 1674, bur. at Walcot 27 Jan. 1729-30; m. Hannah, dau. of ____ Lawrence of Grantham, mar. there 14 May 1710; heir to his brother Thomas, above.

(15) Thomas Walcot, bapt. at Grantham 13 Apr. 1712.

(14) John Walcot, bapt. 22 July 1677 Walcot.

(14) Joseph Walcot, bapt. 10 May 1679, bur. 9 Jan. 1719-20.

(14) Samuel Walcot, bapt. 2 May 1681 or 20 May 1680, bur. 14 March 1681-2.

(14) Katherine.

(13) Thomas Walcot, aet. 2 1634, legatee of John Walcot of Kirton 1648.

(13) Anne.

(13) Bridget.

(12) Jane, bapt. 10 April 1597; mar. Thomas Medley 1620 Londonthorpe, Lincolnshire.

(12) Cecily, mar. ____ Fitzjeffry, living 1638; b. 1599 Walcot.

(12) Esther, bapt. 17 Oct. 1600, d. 1600 Walcot.

(12) Judith, bapt. 10 Sept. 1601, mar. ____ Wells.

(12) Herbert Walcot, b. c.1603, d. 1611 Walcot.

(12) Luke Walcot, b., d. 1606 Walcot.

(12) Agnes, bapt. 23 Nov. 1608, living 1633.

(12) Frideswid,e bapt. 9 June 1610, bur. 18 April 1611.

(12) Millicent, bapt. 9 June, bur. 29 Nov. 1610. Twins at whose birth the mother died 9 June 1610.

(11) Millicent, bapt. 6 March 1563-4; mar. 25 Nov. 1594 Henry Nelson, clerk, Rector of Houghham; mentioned in her brother's will; their daughter Anne married Robert Sanderson, 1587-1663, professor of Divinity at Oxford College, and Bishop of Lincoln.

(11) Anne, bapt. 24 April 1565, d. 1564 Walcot.

(11) Humphrey Walcot, bapt. 26 Nov. 1567, died young.

(11) Thomas Walcot, bapt. 26 Nov. 1568, bur. at Walcot 9 July 1616, unmar. Will dated 1 Aug, 1615, proved 18 July 1616. His nephew, John Walcot's, will dated Kirton 1611, mentions his uncle Anthony Walcot and cousin Thomas Walcot of Walcot and Thomas's sons, William and Thomas Walcot.

(12) William Walcot, living 1611

(12) Thomas Walcot, Jr., b. 1585, living 1611.

(11) Humphrey Walcot, bapt. 10 April 1569.

(11) Herbert Walcot of Swineshead, bapt. 2 Dec. 1571, will dated 16 Feb., proved 22 Mar. 1610-11, m. dau. of ____, widow of John Knight; dead in 1610-11. The will of Herbert Walcot, gent., of Swineshead, Lincolnshire, mentions children John, Herbert, and Frances, and makes brother Thomas Walcot executor and guardian of his children; the 1616 will of ThomasWalcot mentions John and Frances, so Herbert probably died prior 1616 ; m. ____ widow of John Knight.

(12) John Walcot of Kirton, 1st son 1611 under age. Will dated 12 June, proved 18 June 1640; b. 1604 Swineshead, d. 1640 Kirton; will mentions his uncle Anthony Walcot and cousin Thomas Walcot of Walcot and Thomas's sons, William and Thomas Walcot

(12) Herbert Walcot, 2nd son 1611, b. c.1605, d. c.1612.

(12) Frances, under age 1611.

(11) Bridget, bapt. 19 March 1573-4; mar 9 June 1602 Robert Harris of Kirton.

(11) Cecily, bapt. 10 April 1576, bur. 1 May 1577.

(11) Arthur Walcot, bapt. 24 Oct.1577, bur. 10 July 1601.

(11) Anthony Walcot, bapt. 19 March 1579-80; died young; d. 1581 Walcot.

(11) Anthony Walcot of Lincoln, bapt. 18 March 1582-3, heir of brother ThomasWalcot 1615, legatee of his nephew John Walcot of Kirton 1640; bur. at Wickenby 24 July 1642, s.p.; m. Margaret, widow of ____ Wharton of St. Swithins, Lincoln; mar. lic. 9 Oct. 1615 1st wife, m. Anne, dau. of William Hardinge, widow of Henry Milner of Wickenby, mar. 1635-6, bur. at Wickenby 12 June 1660, 2nd wife. Referred to by the poet, Henry Peacham, in a note to his 1624 poem, A Funeral Elegie. "Sir William Cecill Knight, Lord Burghley. and Treasure of England, was borne at Bourne on Lincolnshire, Anno 1521. His fathers name was Richard Cecill, one of the Ward-robe of King Henrie the eighth, of the house of Alterynnis in Wales, his mothers name was Jane, heire of the noble house of Eckington and of the Walcots: Hee died 1598 and was buried at Saint Martins in Stamford. Of this ancient family of the Walcots is Master Anthony Walcot of Lincoln, my loving friend, descended." Peacham also mentions: "Sir John Ogle born at Pinchbeck, a verie honourable Gentleman and my especiall friend". Anthony's brother, William married Sir John's sister, Beatrice Ogle.

(10) Denefried Walcot, b. 1539 Walcot.

(10) George Walcot, 2nd son, bur. at Moulton 5 Feb. 1596-7; m. Beatrice, dau. of Thomas Irby of Whaplode; mar. there 3 Aug. 1586, bur. at Moulton 30 Dec. 1589; b. c. 1545, of Moulton, Lincolnshire.

(11) Anthony Walcot, bur. at Moulton 30 Aug. 1593.

(10) Godfrey Walcot, 3rd son, lvg. 1557, b. c. 1548 Lincolnshire.

(10) Anthony Walcot, 4th son, lvg. 1557.

(10) Matilda; b. c.1555.

(10) Elizabeth Walcot, b. c. 1557.

(8) Humphrey Walcot, b. c.1480, d. 1538 Bourne, Lincolnshire, buried at Walcot, an I.P.M taken at his death. In 1519 Humphrey Walcot of Morton near Bourne, Lincolnshire, administed the goods of his servingman, John Clark. He is listed in Devonshire Pedigrees as son of ____ Walcot of Walcot and wife, Elizabeth, with sisters Elizabeth, wife of John Disney, and Grace; m. (1) Elizabeth ____, m. (2) Mary Ellis.

(9) Agnes Walcot, b. 1531.

(9) Elizabeth Walcot, b. 1533; m. Thomas Hazelwood.

(8) Elizabeth Walcot; m. John Disney.

(8) Grace Walcot; m. ____ Wymbish.

(8?) Simon Walcot of Swaton, c.1500-1589, yeoman; m. (1) Eleanor Sharpe of Gunnerby, Lincoln, m. (2) Alice widow of William Morris, Lincolnshire Pedigrees, p. 1031.

(10) Joan Walcot; m. Stephen Wyles of Aisthorpe.

(10) Anne Walcot, m. John Middleton of Stockerston, Leicester.

(10) Robert Walcot, b. c.1550 Swaton, Lincolnshire, of Uppingham, Rutland; his pedigree was registered in the 1618 Visitation of Rutland; m. Catherine, dau. John Burton of Stockerston, Leicester.

(11) Patience Walcot.

(11) Catherine Walcot.

(11) Elizabeth Walcot, dau. of Robert Walcot, bapt. 1593 Ancaster, Lincolnshire.

(11) Jane Walcot.

(11) Abigail Walcot.

(11) Ann Walcot.

(11) Thomas Walcot, b. 1597, listed as age 21, son and heir of Robert, in Visitation of Rutland.

(12) Henry Walcot of Helpringham, Lincolnshire, m. dau. of Lancelot Carre of Sleaford; posibly Ann Carre born New Sleaford 1581.

(13) William Walcot, b. 1607 Helpringham, Lincolnshire.

(13) Lancelot Walcot.

(12?) William Walcot, b. 1634 Rippingale, Lincolnshire, son of Thomas and Amy Walcot.

(11) Frances Walcot.

(11) Mary Walcot .

(11) Mabel Walcot.

(9) ____ Walcot of Swaton, Lincolnshire

(10) Hugh Walcot of Swaton, b. c.1530, d. 1591, husbandman; m. Joan.

(11) William Walcot, b. c.1550 Swaton; executor of his father's will 1591, and of his brother, John, 1598.

(12) William Walcot, b. c.1580.

(13) William Walcot, b. 1602, d.y..

(13) Elizabeth Walcot, b. 1603, d.y.

(13) Elizabeth Walcot, b. 1604 Swaton.

(13) William Walcot, b. 1614 Swaton, son of William Walcot.

(11) Richard Walcot, b. c.1550.

(11) Robert Walcot, b. c.1550.

(11) John Walcot of Swaton, b. c.1550; husbandman, will proved 1589, his brother William Walcot and wife, Katherine, executors.

(12) John Walcot, b. c.1585 Swaton, Lincolnshire; underage in 1598.

(13) Faith Walcot, dau. of John Walcot, b. 1626 Swaton, Lincolnshire.

(12) Elizabeth Walcot, underage in 1598

(9?) Alexander Walcot of Swaton, will proved 1590.

(9?) John Walcot of Swaton, will proved 1598.

(?) Henry Walcot, b. 1604 Swaton.

(?) Edward Walcot, b. 1587 Swaton

(?) William Walcot, son of Edward Walcot, b. 1622 Crowland, Lincolnshire.

Also from Lincolnshire Pedigrees:

(1) Henry Walcot, b. c.1490, d. 1539; will of Henry Walcot of Lound in parish of Witham proved 1539, names wife Joan, mother of son Thomas, as executor; mentions William and Margaret, children of son Richard.

(2) Richard Walcot, b. c.1510; adult in l 1539

(3) William Walcot, b. c.1530; in will 1539.

(3) Margaret Walcot, b. c.1530; in will 1539.

(2) Thomas Walcot, b. c. 1520, adult in 1539.

The Walcots seem to have left Lincolnshire or died out in the 17th century.




Information about this Walcott family is from the Buckingham Record Society, the International Genealogical Index, documents copied by Richard I. Walcott of Wellington, New Zealand, and by Penny Daish, various internet records, and the files of John B. Wolcott. The family may have descended from one of the preceeding families as surnames were adopted much earlier than their earliest known ancestor, Edmund, below. They appear to be the ancestors of most Walcotts living today.

In 1522 there was a muster taken of men 16 years and older, and the value of their goods or property. Six Walcotts were recorded in Buckinghamshire. They were: Thomas Walcote of Water Stratford 22L; Edm. Walcote of Foxcote 6L, John Walcote of Stoney Stratford 4L/4s; Ric. Walcote of Dadford 4L; Wm. Walcote of Water Stratford 2L; and John Walcote of Foxcote 1L. Two years later, in 1524, a Lay Subsudy to fund the War with France was collected. Two Walcotts appear on it; Thomas Walcott of Water Stratford with property valued at 14L, and Richard Walcote of Dadford with 4 marks in land. We are assuming that Edmund, an adult in 1492, was the father and the others his children, althought this is uncertain.

(1) Edmund Walcott, c.1455-c.1523, was the earliest Walcott now known to be living in Buckinghamshire. Edmund Walcote administered the wills of William and Alice Paron in 1492 and the will of Richard Lucas of Foscott in 1521. He was on the 1522 muster roll as Edm. Walcote of Foxcote (Foscott) with 6L in goods. His name is missing from the 1524 subsidy roll, probably due to his death. Foscott was a manor and is a hamlet 2 miles northeast of Buckingham. Also at Foscott in 1522 was John Walcote.

(2) Thomas Walcott, c.1480-1536, appears on the 1522 muster roll at Water Stratford with 22L in goods, and on the 1524 Lay Subsidy with 14L in goods. Water Stratford is in northwest Buckinghamshire, about 5 miles west of the city of Buckingham. He was probably the eldest son of Edmund. In 1522 he was executor of the will of Robert Skylman of Water Stratford. The will of Thomas Walcote of Water Stratford, Bucks., husbandman, was proved in 1536. It mentions his children Richard, Elaine, and Nicholas, and was witnessed by John Walcote and others.

(3) John Walcott, c.1500-1571; probably the John Walcot who was at Foscott in 1522. John was church warden at Water Stratford in 1553. John Whalkatt was at Water Stratford in 1571. His wife was probably Alice Walcot of Foscott, widow, whose will dated 1579, leaves bequests to children Joan, Richard and Marian, with the residue to sons John and James who she names as executors.

(4) John Walcott Jr., b. c.1540 Foscott, d. 1619 Foscott; m. Agnes Hilsdon 1571 Padbury, Buckinghamshire where he leased land in 1592. The will of John Walcot of Foscott, dated 1619, leaves his whole estate to his son, William, who he names as executor, with John's brother, James Walcot, named as overseer.

(5) William Walcott, b. 1576. Probably the William Walcott who m. ____ Baker and had John, Dorothy William, and Thomas mentioned in the will of John Baker of Hillesdon 1599; m. (2) Anne Piddington 1605 Hillesdon.

(6) John Walcott, b. c.1590 Hillesden, Bucks..

(6) Dorothy Walcott, b. c.1593 Hillesden, Bucks..

(6) William Walcott, b. c.1595 Hillesden, Bucks..

(6) Thomas Walcott, b. c.1597 Hillesden, Bucks..

(4) James Walcott, c.1545-1622 Foscott, husbandman. The will of James Walcot of Foscott, husbandman, dated 1621, leaves bequests to brother-in-law Thomas Duke and Thomas Watson; daughter Elizabeth, wife of Walter Robbins of Buckingham, mercer 20s; grandchildren Thomas and Elizabeth Ground, children of son-in-law Thomas Groun 40s each; grandchildren Susanna and Joan Robins; daughters of son-in-law William? Ground 40s each; Margaret, wife of ___, mercer 40s; daughter Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Phipps of London?; to Margaret and ___. daughters of Thomas Phipps 40s each; to daughter Jane, wife of Thomas Opeckley of ___, Northampton, 20s; to Thomas and Mary Opeckley children of son-in-law Thomas Opeckley 40s each; to James and Elizabeth Walcot, children of my son Matthew 40s each; to each godchild xiid; with remainder to son Matthew Walcot who is named executor.

(5) Matthew Walcott, b. c.1570, d. 1637 Westbury, Bucks..

(6) James Walcott, b. c.1610 Foscott, Bucks., living 1621.

(6) Elizabeth Walcot, b. c.1610 Foscott, Bucks, living 1621; m. Thomas Phipps.

(5) Isabell Walcott, b. c.1570; m. Walter Robbins.

(5) ____ Walcott, b. c.1570; m. Thomas Grove.

(5) Jane Walcott, b. c. 1570 Bucks., m. Thomas Cherkley.

(5) Margaret Walcott, b. c.1575, Bucks.; m. Thomas Phipps.

(4) Joan Walcott, b. c.1548 Foscott.

(4) Richard Walcott, b. c.1550 Foscott.

(4) Marian Walcott, b. c.1550 Foscott.

(3) Richard Walcott, b. c.1510, d. 1547 Water Stratford, appears on the 1522 muster roll at Dadford, taxed on 4L in goods, and on the 1524 Lay Subsidy at Dadford, taxed on 4 marks land. Dadford is about 3 miles north of Water Stratford. Will of Richard Walcot dated 1544 Water Stratford, proved 1547, mentions wife Alice, son William, daughter Ann, brothers John and Nicholas, and John's unnamed children. He appointed his brother, John, overseer of his children and their goods.

(4) William Walcott, b. c.1530, mentioned in his father's will of 1547.

(4) Ann Walcott, b. c.1535, mentioned in her father's will of 1547.

(3) Elaine Walcott, b. c. 1515; mentioned in will of her father, Thomas, in 1536.

(3) Nicholas Walcott, b. c.1520, mentioned in will of his father, Thomas, in 1536, and his brother Richard in 1547.

(2) William Walcott, b. c. 1495. Wm. Walcote of Water Stratford 2L on 1522 muster roll, witness to will of Richard Walcott 1557, below.

(3?) Francine Walcott, b. c.1560; of Brickhill, mentioned in the will of her brother, Thomas. Brickhill is a village near Milton Keynes and Stoney Stratford.

(3?) Thomas Walcott, b. c.1560, d. 1605 Water Stratford. Will of Thomas Walcott of Water Stratford, yeoman, leaves to sister Francine 40s, to landlord Anthony Franksythe 10 pounds, to his wife a cow and a sheep to each of his children; to William Bower 10 pounds, to his wife Katherine a cow and to each of his children a sheep; the remainder to daughters Elizabeth and Anne when they reach age 21 or marry with Anthony Fransithe and William Bower as overseers, with education of girls and consent to marriage by father-in-law William Bower of Amot on the Hill, Northans.; if both girls die remainder to the children of his daughters Elizabeth Neal and Mary Makepeace both deceased.

(4) Elizabeth Walcott, b. c.1590.

(4) Anne Walcott, b. c.1590.

(3) Francine Walcott.

(2) John Walcott, c.1500, smith; an adult at Stoney Stratford on 1522 muster roll and a blacksmith at Stoney Stratford in 1533. About 1540, Ed. Webbe took to court John Walcote and Alice his wife for detetention of deeds relating to a messuage and land in Stony Stratford formerly of Richard Langeley.

(2) Richard Walcott, c.1500-1557; on 1522 muster roll at Dadford. Dadford is a hamlet in Stowe, adjascent to Water Stratford and 3 miles N. W. of Buckingham. Tingewick is about a mile south of Water Stratford. His will dated 1557 Tingewick. has bequests to daughter Catherine and son Hugh, and to 4 other unnamed children, all apparently unmarried; has Jone Wallcot and William Wallcot as witnesses and son Hugh as executor.

(3) Catherine Walcott, b. c.1530; named in her father's 1557 will.

(3) Hugh Walcott, b. c.1535, executor for his father's will in 1557.

(3?) Thomas Walcott, b. c.1540, d. 1625 Westbury, Bucks.; m. Jane Twychyne 1561 Tingewick. 

(4) Hales Walcott, b. 1561 Tingewick, prob. d.y...

(4) John Walcott, b. 1563 Tingewick, prob. d. y..

(4) William Walcott, b. 1563 Tingewick; m. Mary Greene c.1580. Perhaps the William Walcott who m. Ann Piddington 1605 Hillesden, Bucks..

(5) Richard Walcott, b., d. 1584 Water Stratford.

(5) Margery Walcott, b. 1587 Water Stratford.

(5) Richard Walcott, b., d. 1589 Water Stratford.

(5) William Walcott, b. 1590 Water Stratford.

(5) Ann Walcott, b. 1603 Water Stratford.

(4) Margaret Walcott, b. 1564 Tingewick.

(4) John Walcott, b. 1567 Tingewick; m. (1) _____, m. (2) Margaret Waste 1599 Ludgershall.

(5) William Walcott, b. 1596 Hillesden, Bucks.; m. Margaret Connor 1621

(6) Jane Walcott, b. 1623 Leckhamstead; m. Robert Goodman 1645 Leckhamstead.

(6) Eleanore Walcott, b. 1625 Leckhamstead.

(6) William Walcott, b. 1631 Leckhamstead.

(6) Henry Walcott, b. 1634 Leckhamstead; m. Jane ____.

(7) Henry Walcott, Jr. b. 1664 Leckhamstead.

(7) Jane Walcott, b. 1665 Leckhamstead.

(7) Daniel Walcott, b., d. 1667 Leckhamstead.

(7) William Walcott, b. 1669 Leckhamstead.

(7) Peter Walcott, b. 1676 Leckhamstead.

(5) Thomas Walcott, b. 1599 Hillesden.

(5) Matthew Walcott, b. c.1600, d. 1637 Westbury, yeoman; m. Ann ____.

(6) John Walcott, b. 1631 Westbury.

(6) Ann Walcott, b. 1634 Westbury.

(5) Edward Walcott, b. 1600 Hillesden, d. 1639 Westbury, Bucks., husbandman; m. Frances____.

(6) Thomas Walcott, b., d. 1625 Westbury.

(6) Joan Walcott, b. 1633 Westbury.

(6) Edward Walcott, b. 1635, d. 1639 Westbury.

(6) Thomas Walcott, b., d.1643 Westbury.

(6) Elizabeth, b. 1645 Westbury.

(6) Edward Walcott, b. 1650 Westbury.

(5) Richard Walcott, b. 1601 Hillesden.

(5) Judith Walcott, b. 1606 Hillesden; m. Thomas Whitehead 1633 Hillesden.

(5) Margaret Walcott, b. 1697 Hillesden.

(5) Griffin Walcott, b. 1607 Hillesden.

(5) John Walcott, Jr., b. 1612 Hillesden.

(4) Anne Walcott, b. 1567 Tingewick; m. Thomas Harris 1614 Tingewick, Bucks..

(4) Dennis Walcott, b. 1569 Tingewick.

(4) Alice Walcott, b. 1570 Tingewick.

(4) Marian Walcott, b. 1572 Tingewick, d.y...

(4) Marian Walcott, b. 1573 Tingewick.

(4) William Walcott, b. 1576 Tingewick.

(4) Edward Walcott, b. 1580 Tingewick; m. Elizabeth Jones 1615 Tingewick; possibly m. (2) Ann ____.

(5) Agnes Walcott, b. 1616 Tingewick.

(5) Susan Walcott, b. 1620 Westbury.

(5) Matthew Walcott, b. 1624 Westbury.

(6?) John Walcott, b. 1630

(7) John Walcott, b. c.1650, d. 1712 Westbury; m. Abigail _____.

(8) John Walcott, Jr., b. 1674 Tingewick.

(8) Thomas Walcott, b. 1677 Tingewick, d. 1722 Titchfield, Hampshire; listed on the staff at Titchfield House 1699, and 1717-9, his name deleted 1723; employee of Henry Bentinck (1682-1726), the 1st Duke of Portland. In 1717 the Bishop of Litchfield authorized Thomas Walcot to teach at Tichfield.

(9) Rev. Clement Walcott, b. 1700 Titchfield, d. 1781 Titchfield; ordained Church of England priest 1729, steward and receiver for the 2nd Duke of Portland at his Titchfield estate, 1731-62. The duke granted him a house at Titchfield in 1750; also steward for the 3rd Duke of Portland 1762-68; will dated 1774, proved 1782, mentions wife Mary, nephew Thomas Walcot, deceased and his sons, Clement and Thomas, nephew Robert Walcot and his daughter Ann, sister Ann Walcot, children of sister Mary Walcot Mason, and William Thomas Walcot, son of nephew Thomas Walcot; m. Mrs. Mary Atkinson of Botley 1752 Bursledon, Hampshire, who brought a 500L marriage settlement.

(9) Frances Walcott, b. 1702 Titchfield, d. 1720 Titchfield.

(9) Ann Walcott, b. 1704 Titchfield, d. 1772 Titchfield.

(9) Thomas Walcott Jr., b. 1705 Titchfield, d. 1768 Alverstoke, Hampshire; glazier of Gosport 1733, glazier of Alverstoke and chapel warden of Gosport 1755-66; will of Thomas Walcot of Alverstoke, glazier 1768; m. (1) Alice Minors 1726 Gosport; m. (2) Elizabeth Hutchins 1748 Gosport. Alverstoke, Hampshire, is a parish adjacent to the town Gosport.

(10) Ann Walcott, b. 1730 Gosport, Hampshire.

(10) Mary Walcott, b. 1732 Gosport, Hampshire.

(10) Thomas Walcott III, b. 1734 Gosport, d. 1768 Gosport, glazier. Both Thomas and his father Thomas died the same year; m. (1) ____, m. (2) Mary Richards 1768 Alverstoke.

(11) Clement Walcott, b. c.1752, mentioned in the will of his great-uncle, Clement Walcot; m. Mrs. Martha Noble 1769 Alverstoke.

(12) James Walcott, b. 1770 Alverstoke, Hampshire; m. Mary ____.

(13) James Walcott, b. 1796 Gosport, Hampshire; m. May ____.

(13) John Walcott, b. 1798 Gosport, Hampshire.

(13) Louisa Eleanor Walcott, b. 1802 Alverstoke. This might be the Louisa Walcott who ran a pub called the London Tavern at Portsmouth. She reportedly dropped coins into her unwary customers' tankards. Traditionally, once they drank, they had taken the King's shilling and were recruited into the Navy. According to some reports, she recruited 26,572 men into the Navy that way.

(11) Thomas Walcott IV, b. 1769 Gosport, d. 1858 Kensington, linen draper; m. Mary Ann Woodman 1793 Portsea, Hampshire.

(12) Mary Ann Walcott, b. 1795 Portsea.

(12) Maria Walcot, b. 1797 Portsea; m. ____ Charles 1818..

(12) Jane Walcott, b. 1799 Portsea.

(12) Thomas Walcott V, b. 1802 Portsea, d. c.1885 London; mariner, served on the H.M.S. Neptune at the Battle of Trafalger at age 8; he was an annuitant, living with wife Jane at London in 1881; m. Jane ____.

(12) Frances Walcott, b. 1806 Portsea.

(12) George Walcott, b. 1807 Portsea.

(11) Mary Ann Walcott, b. c.1775; m. Daniel Manning

(10) Alice Walcott, b. 1740 Gosport.

(10) John Walcott, b. 1742 Gosport; m. Martha ____.

(11) John Walcott. b. 1776 Gosport.

(9) Mary Walcott, b. 1707 Titchfield; m. Joseph Mason 1735 London; children Thomas, William, Clement, and Robert Mason.

(9) Robert Walcott, b. 1710 Titchfield, d. 1742; he was a clerk at Tichfield when he married in 1733 with Thomas Walcot as witness, wine merchant at Portsmouth; m. Elizabeth Bolton 1733 Portchester, Hampshire. Portchester is a few miles north of Portsmouth and Gosport, just north of the Isle of Wight. Wine merchant at Gosport in 1742 when his will adminisered by brother, Clement Walcot, mentions son Robert, age 6.

(10) John Walcott, b. 1736 Portsmouth, Hampshire, d. 1740 Portsmouth.

(10) Robert Walcott Jr., b. 1737 Portsmouth, Hampshire; under age in 1742 when his uncle Clement was appointed his guardian; pastry chef at Portsea; to London c. 1791 where he was a wine merchant; m. Ann ____.

(11) Thomas Walcott, b. 1762 Portsea, Hampshire.

(11) Ann Walcott, b. c.1770 Portsea, d. 1791; m. James Pinhorn 1783 Portsea.

(11) Robert Walcott III, b. c. 1775, baker and confectioner at London; m. Mary Ann ____.

(12) Rev. John Bolton Walcott, b. 1794 London, d. 1873 Isle of Wight; draper, the first Baptist minister at Ludgershall in 1818, retiring in 1841; m. Eliza Carter.

(13) Maria Harriet Walcott, b. 1816, Andover, Hampshire, d. 1826.

(13) Priscilla Walcott, b. 1817; m. John Guy 1851.

(13) Mary Ann Walcot, b. 1819 Westmoreland, d. 1904; m. Henry H. Tuttle 1839.

(13) Silvanus Bevan Walcott, b. 1821 Ludgershall, Wilts., d. 1899 Liverpool, grocer; m. Lavinia Buswell 1846. 7 children.

(13) Rev. John Walcott, b. 1823 Ludgershall, Wilts., d. 1909 Colinton, Scotland; Baptist minister 1851, Bramley, Yorkshire; Baptist minister at Leeds in 1857 and in 1861 at Falmouth, Cornwall, m. Jane Inglis Callam 1851 South Leith, Scotland. 8 children.

(13) Sarah Walcott, b. 1825 Ludgershall, Wilts.; m. Simon A. Rye 1846 Thrapston, Northans..

(13) Isaiah Walcott, b. 1826 Ludgershall, Wilts., d. y..

(13) Martha Walcott, b. 1827 Ludgershall, Wilts.; m. Charles Gamble

(13) Ebenezer Walcott, b. 1829, d. 1831 Ludgershall, Wilts..

(13) Ann Walcott, twin, b., d. 1831 Ludgershall, Wilts.

(13) Jane Walcott, twin, b., d. 1831 Ludgershall, Wilts.

(13) Emily Walcott, b. 1833 Ludgershall, Wilts.; m. John Purser 1859.

(13) Eliza Jane Walcott, b. 1841 Ludgershall, Wilts..

(12) George Walcott, twin, 1797-1799 London, England.

(12) Arthur Walcott, twin, b. 1797 London, d. 1843 Newington, Surrey, shoemaker; m. Charlotte Elmer 1825 London.

(13) Clementine Guy Walcott, b. 1827 London.

(13) Mary Ann Charlotte Walcott, b. 1830 London; m. Samuel Beeden.

(13) Elizabeth Elmer Walcott, b. 1830 Bermondsey.

(13) John Walcott, b. 1835 Bermondsey, engine fitter; m. Ann Denham 1857 Gateshead, Durham.

(14) Arthur Walcott, b. 1857 Wickham, Durham, driller; m. Alice Turner 1876 Ashton-under Lyne, Lancastershire.

(14) William Walcott, b. 1861, Dunston, Durham.

(14) Elizabeth Jane Walcott, b. 1863 Wickham, Durham.

(14) Charlotte Ann Walcott, b. 1866 London; m. Samuel Travis 1893 Dukinfield, Cheshire.

(12) Ann Jane Walcott, b. 1800 London; m. Samuel Carpenter.

(12) Clement Walcott, b., d. 1803 London.

(12) Samuel Haines Walcott, b. 1805 London, twin, confectioner; m. Sarah Watson 1829 St. Dunstan, London.

(13) Eliza Walcott. b. 1830 Ludgershall

(13) Elizabeth Walcott, b. b. 1831 Ludgershall

(13) Anne Jane Walcott, b. 1834 Ludgershall

(13) Ebenezer Walcott, b. 1835 Ludgershall

(13) Samuel Walcott, b. 1835 Ludgershall

(13) Sarah Walcott, b. 1839 Ludgershall

(13) William Walcott, b. 1842 Ludgershall

(13) Emma Walcott, b. c.1850 Ludgershall

(13) Alfred Walcott, b. 1858 Ludgershall

(12) Ann Walcott, b. 1805 London, twin.

(10) John Walcot, b. 1736, d. 1740 Portsmouth.

(10) Elizabeth Walcot, b. 1739 Portsmouth. d.y..

(10) Elizabeth Walcot, b. 1741 Portsmouth.

(9) Jane Walcot, b. 1711 Titchfield, d. 1800 unm.; mentioned in the will of brother, Clement; her will of 1880 leaves bequests to nephew Robert Walcot, nephew Thomas Walcot,- probably great nephews - and others.

(9) John Walcott, b. c.1715.

(8) Robert Walcott, b. 1684, a laborer in 1704 and a Non-Conformist in 1706.

(9) Infant Walcott,b., d. 1704 Tingewick.

(9) Infant Walcott, b., d. 1704 Tingewick.

(9) Moses Walcott, b. 1713 Tingewick.

(10?) William Walcott. b. c.1540; in 1595 William Walcote was a tenant at Bicester, Oxfordshire, about 12 miles west of Water Stratford.

(4) Agnes Walcott, b. 1569 Bicester.

(4) Thomas Walcott, b. 1571 Bicester.

(4) John Walcott, b. 1573 Bicester, d. y..

(5) Richard Walcott, b. 1578 Bicester.

(6) Jane Walcott, b. 1617 Bicester.

(6) Margaret Walcott, b, 1619 Bicester, d.y..

(6) Richard Walcot, b. 1623 Bicester.

(6) Margaret Walcott, b. 1628 Bicester.

(5) George Walcott, b. 1580 Bicester.

(5) Patience Walcott, b. 1584 Bicester.

(5) Christopher Walcott, b. 1586 Bicester.

(5) John Walcott, b. 1586 Bicester.

(5) Alice Walcott, b. 1588 Bicester.

(5) William Walcott, b. 1603 Bicester.

(5) Edward Walcott, b. 1604 Bicester.

(3) Margaret Walcott, b. c.1543; m. Thomas Penn 1563 Westbury

(3?) John Walcott, b. c.1550, d. 1580 Maid Moreston, Buckinghamshire, husbandman; will dated 1580 leaves bequests to Lincoln Cathedral, to the church of Maids Moreton for repair of the church bell, to my tenant Jasper Crosen, to son Emanuel household furnishings, 10 pounds, and a house when he reaches age 21. To daughter Elizabeth household furnishings and money to be given her at her marriage or on reaching the age of 21; wife Jane to live in my house at Maids Moreton until she remarries, with the residue to Joan, my wife's mother who is to be his executor. Maids Moreton is 1 miles north of Buckingham.

(4) Elizabeth Walcott, b. c. 1570; m. Richard Webb 1601 Maids Moreton.

(4) Emanuel Walcott, b. c.1570 Shalstone, Buckinghamshire, d. 1621 Shalstone, yeoman; m. c.1603 Mary Eyre, daughter of John Eyre of Holborn, a suburb of London, England, and Beachampton, Buckinghamshire. Shalstone is 3 miles from Water Stratford.

(5) Jane Walcott, b. 1603; m. Richard Roger.

(5) Katherine Walcott, b. 1605; m. ____ Gill.

(5) John Walcott, 1606-1607.

(5) Mary Walcott, b. 1607; m. Joseph Alderton.

(5) John Walcott, 1610-1677; goldsmith of London; apprenticed to his grandfather, John Eyre, in 1625 for 9 years. John Eyre died in 1631 leaving John Walcott his sole heir, and in that year John was admitted to the goldsmith's guild, and his brother, Eyare Walcott was apprenticed to him . John had 11 children, 5 of whom were goldsmiths; m. Phoebe Hebb. For his descendants, see Woolcotts and Walcotts of London page.

(5) Eyare Walcott, b. 1615 Holborn, died 1671 St. Joseph, Barbados; apprenticed to his brother, John, in 1631 for 7 years; moved to Barbados c.1659; executor or witness to several Barbados wills 1660-1663; m. Gertrude Hippisley c.1646.

(6) Sarah Walcott; b. c.1648 St. Joseph, Barbados; m. Richard Edwards.

(6) Nicholas Walcott, b. c.1650 Barbados, d. 1671 St. Joseph, Barbados; merchant; will mentions wife Hannah and brother Eyare; m. Hannah Evans, d.s.p..

(6) Eyare Walcott Jr., b. c.1650 Barbados, d. 1687 St. Joseph Barbados; his will requests he be buried near his father, Eyare; leaves bequests to wife Hannah who may be with child, mentions daughters Hannah and Gertrude; brother Benjamin; nephew Eyare son of brother John, deceased; and has Thomas and Richard Walcott as witnesses.

(7) Hannah Walcott, b. Barbados.

(7) Gertrude Walcott, b. Barbados..

(7) Eyare Walcott III, twin, b. 1687 St. Joseph, Barbados, d. 1751 St. George, Barbados; He took over the plantation of his maternal grandfather at St. John, and sold his father's plantation at St. Joseph to his uncle, Benjamin. He was at St. John in 1715. He subscribed to a map of Barbados in 1722; his will mentions son Henry, daughter Ann Pile, son William, grandchildren Eyare Hous, George, Samuel, Thomas, Elizabeth, sons and daughters of son Eyare, and son Samuel Walcott; m. Ann Pollst c.1707.

(8) Mary Walcott, b. 1708 St. John, Barbados.

(8) Eyare Walcott Jr., b.1711, d. c.1745 St. Michael, Barbados; m. Abigail; she m. (2) William Robinson 1747 St. Johns, Barbados.

(9) Eyare Hows Walcott, b. c.1740 St. Michael, Barbados..

(9) Thomas Walcott, b. c.1742.

(8) Anthony Walcott, b. 1713 St. John, Barbados, probably d. y..

(8) Capt. William Walcott, b. c.1715 St. John, Barbados, d. 1752 Barbados; master of the ship "Lovely Lass" in 1750; His will left a slave boy to nephew Eyare, son of brother Samuel, with Samuel to receive the rest of his estate. d.s.p.

(8) Thomas Walcott, b. c.1717, d. 1748 Barbados, merchant; will leaves 500 pounds to Eyares Hows Walcott, eldest son of brother Eyare, deceased, and wife Abigail, 300 pounds to nephew Thomas, youngest son of Eyare and Abigail; 300 pounds to nephew Samuel, son of Samuel and Mary Walcott; with remainder to wife Mary; m. Mary Adams 1742 St. Michael's Parish, Barbados. d.s.p..

(8) Robert Walcott, b. c.1719. probably d.y..

(8) Ann Walcott, b. c. 1720; m. Conrad Pile 1738 Barbados, d. 1783 St. Thomas, Barbados

(8) Samuel Walcott, b. c.1724, d. 1765 St. Philip, Barbados; m. Mary ____ 1737 St. John, Barbados.

(8) Samuel Walcott, Jr., b. c.1740; m. Sarah Miller 1773 Christ Church, Barbados.

(8) Eyare Walcott, b. c.1745 Barbados.

(6) John Walcott, b. c.1658 , d. 1702 St. Joseph, Barbados; signed an oath of loyalty to King William III in 1701; his will dated 1702 leaves bequests to sons Eyare, Nicholas, Richard and Christopher and daughters Elizabeth and Sarah with remainder to son John with Richard Walcott as witness; m. Sarah Lewis c. 1682.

(7) Hon. John Walcott Jr., b. 1685 St. Joseph, Barbados, d. 1745 Barbados; executor of will of friend Robert Richards 1711; 1715 census shows John 30, wife 28, sons 10, 4, and 2, and daughters 12 and 8 at St. Joseph parish; he represented St. Joseph in the Barbados Assembly until shortly before his death; left large estate to children Thomas, John, Robert, Henry Balrick, Benjamin, William, and Rebecca, with Thomas to receive the family lands allowing others to live there; m. (1) ____ c. 1703, m. (2) Ann Carmichael c.1730, m. (3) Judith Howell 1739 St. Johns, Barbados.

(8) Mary, b. 1703 St. Joseph, Barbados, d. 1719.

(8) John Walcott III, b. 1705 St. Joseph, Barbados, d. c.1740 St. Joseph, ; m. Dorothy Palsworth 1735 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(9) Rachael Walcott, b. 1736 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(9) John Walcott IV, b. 1739 St. Joseph, Barbados; m. Mary Ann Henry.

(10) Harriet Walcott, b. 1765 St. Joseph, Barbados, d.1777.

(10) Caroline Henry Walcott, b. 1766, d. 1805; m. her second cousin, John Alexander Walcott 1792 St. Michael, Barbados.

(10) Anna Maria Walcott, b. 1767 St. Michael, Barbados; m. William Manaton Marshall 1796 St. Michael, Barbados.

(10) Edward Henry Walcott, b. 1768, d.1769.

(10) Edward Henry Walcott, b. 1770 St. Michael, Barbados.

(8) female, b.1707.

(8) male, b, 1711, d.y..

(8) male, b. 1714, d.y..

(8) Thomas, b. 1717 St. Joseph, Barbados. He inherited his father's sugar plantation at St. Joseph; m. (1) Ann Hill 1736 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(9) John Walcott, b. 1738 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(9) Thomas Walcott, b. 1739 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(9) Richard Walcott, b. 1740 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(9) Rebecca Walcott, b. 1751 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(9) Christian Walcott, b. 1754 St. Joseph, Barbados; m. John Dow 1776 St. Michael, Barbados.

(8) Robert Walcott, b. 1720 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(8) Henry Walcott, b. c.1725 Barbados, d.y..

(8). Henry Baldrick Walcott, b. 1734 St. Joseph, Barbados; m. Love Archer 1754 Barbados, m. (2) Jane ____ c.1770.

(9) John J. Walcott, b. 1755 St. Lucy, Barbados, d. y..

(9) John Carmichael Walcott, b. c.1760, d. 1799 St. James, Jamaica; m. Mary Ann Lawrence 1789 St. James, Jamaica.

(10) Mary Lawrence Walcott, b. 1791 St. James, Jamaica; m. William John Vredenburg.

(10) Frances Ann Walcott, b. 1795 Trelawney, Jamaica.

(10) John Lawrence Walcott, b. 1795 Trelawney, Jamaica; he had 4 slaves in 1817 and was joint owner with Benjamin and Harry Walcott of 9 additional slaves. In 1832 he owned 17 slaves. He owned or managed the large Flower Hill Plantation which had been owned by his mother's family; in 1843 he was attorney for the Lethe estate; m. (1) Ann Shaw 1818 Trelawney, Jamaica, m. (2) Mary Ann Holmes 1820 Trelawny, Jamaica.

(11) Mary Eliza Walcott, b. 1822 Trelawny, Jamaica.

(11) Hon. Robert John Walcott, bapt 1830 Trelawnee, Jamaica; studied at the Middle Temple 1843, was called to the bar 1847, and was Chief Justice of British Hounduras; m. Braine ____, 3 children.

(11) Henry Edward Walcott, bapt. 1830 Trelawny, Jamaica.

(11) Henry Edward Walcott, bapt. 1830 Trelawny, Jamaica.

(11) Joseph Barker Walcott, bapt. 1830 Trelawny, Jamaica.

(11) Cowper Walcott, bapt. 1830 Trelawny, Jamaica.

(11) William Carmichael Walcott, bapt. 1830 Trelawny, Jamaica.

(11) Isabel Louise Walcott, b. 1833 Trelawny, Jamaica.

(11) Josephine Milborugh Walcott, b. 1835 Trelawny, Jamaica.

(10) Benjamin Lawrence Walcott, b. 1797 Trelawney, Jamaica

(10) Henry Edward Walcott, b. 1797 Trelawney, Jamaica' he owned 5 slaves in 1817 and 45 slaves at Hanover, Jamaica, in 1829; in 1840 he had a l39 acre plantation called Brae in Hanover.

(10) Cowper Walcott, b. 1830 Trelawney, Jamaica.

(10) William Carmichael Walcott, b. 1830 Trelawney, Jamaica.

(10) Josephine Milborough Walcott, b. 1835 Trelawney, Jamaica.

(9) Marie Hunt Walcott, b. 1772 St. Peter, Barbados; m. Thomas Dear.

(9) William Evans Holder Walcott, b. 1774 St. Peter, Barbados; slave owner at St. James 1820-1834 employing 10 to 35 slaves; m. Sarah Green 1809 St. Peter, Barbados.

(10) William Henry Walcott.

(10) Reed Walcott.

(10) Stephen Holder Walcott .

(10) Jacob Walcott.

(10) William Hollinshead Walcott, bapt. 1823 St. James, Barbados; m. (1) Edward Amelia Kellman 1844 St. George, Barbados; m. (2) Laura Alleyne Lane.

(11) Charles Hubert Walcott

(11) John Evans Simpson Walcott, b. 1845 Christchurch, Barbados, d. 1927; m. Sarah Elizabeth Moore 1870 Christchurch, Barbados.

(11) Edward Adolphus Walcott, b. 1854 Christchurch, Barbados; m. Philomena Alberta Jordan 1883 St. Peter, Barbados.

(11) Sarah Lucretia Walcott, b. 1861 Christchurch, Barbados.

(11) William Hollinshead Walcott Jr., b. 1866 Barbados.

(11) Stephen Alleyne Walcott, b. 1888 Barbados.

(10)Thomas Goodrich Walcott, b. 1823 St. James, Barbados

(10) Sarah Clarke Walcott, b. 1826 St. Peter, Barbados.

(10) Henry Earle Walcott, b. 1828 St. Thomas, Barbados.

(9) George James Walcott, b. 1781 St. Peter, Barbados, m. Harriett Burgess 1810 St. Peter, Barbados.

(10) Henry Baldrick Walcott, b. 1812 St. Peter, Barbados; m. Ann Bell 1837 St. Peter, Barbados.

(10) George James Walcott, Jr., b. 1815 St. Peter, Barbados; m. Elizabeth Mary Chandler 1837 St. Peter, Barbados.

(9) Sarah Austin Walcott, b. 1784 St. Peter, Barbados; m. William French.

(8) Rebecca Walcott, b. 1735; m. Rev. John Lewis 1753 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(8) Dr. Benjamin Walcott, b.1736 St. Joseph, Barbados, d. 1777 Bridgetown, Barbados; physician and surgeon, settled Bridgetown, St. Michael's parish c.1756; will mentions wife Dorothy and children John Alexander, Benjamin Butler, Dorothy, and Elizabeth Ann; m. 1763 St. Joseph, Barbados, Dorothy Carrington, widow of Robert Crockwell.

(9) John Alexander Walcott, b.1766 St. Michael, Barbados, d. 1818 St. Michael; in 1817 he owned 9 slaves; m. (1) Judith Welch 1785 St. Michael, Barbados, m. (2) his first cousin, Caroline Henry Walcott, 1792 St. Michael, Barbados, m. (3) Elizabeth Crouch Olton 1806 St. Michael, Barbados, m. (4) Sarah Elizabeth Robson 1813 St. Michael, Barbados.

(10) Samuel Welch Walcott, b. 1790 St. Michael, Barbados, probably d. y..

(10) Theodosia Caroline Walcott, 1792 St. Michael, Barbados, d.1794.

(10) Mary Jane Walcott, 1793 St. Michael, Barbados, d. 1806.

(10) John Alexander Walcott Jr., b. 1796, St. Michael, Barbados, 1806

(10) Caroline Frances Walcott, b. 1799 St. Michael, Barbados; m. William Walrond 1818 St. Michael, Barbados.

(10) Benjamin Edward Walcott, b. 1801 St. Michael, Barbados, d. 1816.

(10) Dorothy Slocombe Walcott, b. 1804 St Michael, Barbados, 1805.

(10) Dr. John Alexander Walcott Jr. b. 1807 St. Michael, Barbados, d. 1876 Fulham, England; surgeon in militia 1831, appointed to the first Barbados Board of Health 1854, moved to England 1850s, physician at St. Marylebone, London in 1871; m. Elizabeth Jane Sinckler 1830 Barbados. 

(11) Adelaide Weir Walcott, b. 1831 Barbados; m. Frederick Edward Dowse 1868 Bispham, Lancaster.

(11) Caroline Walcott, b. 1832 St. Michael, Barbados, d.y..

(11) James Alexander Walcott, b. 1833 St. Michael, Barbados, d. 1880 Dunedin, New Zealand; immigrated to Australia and then to New Zealand where he was the ancestor of many of the New Zealand Walcotts; m. Catherine Russell 1864 New Zealand.

(12) Elizabeth Eleanor Walcott, b. 1865 Dunedin, NZ; m. Frederick Harper 1889 Dunesin NZ.

(12) James Alexander Walcott, Jr., b. 1867 NZ; m. Marietta Marguerite Jones.

(12) Richard Henry Walcott, b. 1870 Dunedin NZ; m. Jane Elizabeth Moore 1898 Malvern, Australia.

(11) Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1835 Barbados, d. y..

(11) William Walcott, b. 1837 Barbados.

(11) Ermina Jane, b. 1839 St. Michael, Barbados.

(11) John Frederick Walcott, b. 1841 Newchurch, Hampshire; he was a cotton waste merchant at Grand Lever, Lancaster, in 1871, at Bolton in 1879, and at North Meales in 1891; m. (1) Fanny Jones 1867 Ludlow, Shropshire; (2) m. Hannah Roberts 1900.

(11) Caroline Coghlin Walcott, b. 1843 Ryde, Isle of Wight.

(11) Charles Edward Walcott, b. 1844 Ryde, Isle of Wight.

(11) Susan Seward Walcott, b. 1851 Barbados.

(11) Theresa Marie Walcott, b. 1853 Barbados, m. Francis Edward Taylor 1878.

(11) Theresa Marie Walcott.

(10) Elizabeth Olton Walcott, b. 1808 Barbados.

(9) Benjamin Butler Walcott, 1768, St. Michael, Barbados, d.1777

(9) Dorothy Walcott, b.1770 St. Michael, Barbados.

(9) Elizabeth Ann Walcott, 1772 Barbados, d. 1779.

(9) Harriet Walcott, b. 1775 Barbados, d. 1780.

(9) Judith Walcott, b. 1778 St. Michael, Barbados.

(8) William Walcott, b. 1737 St. Joseph, Barbados; m. Margaret ____.

(9) John Walcott, b. 1753 St. Michael, Barbados.

(9) Orian Walcott, b. 1763 St. Michael, Barbados.

(7) Eyare Walcott, b. 1693 St. Joseph, Barbados, d. 1738 St. Joseph, Barbados; attorney; was at St. Andrew parish, Barbados, in 1715. William Bosley of London became apprentice to Eyare Walcott of Barbados, attorney, in 1721; his will mentions children Elizabeth, Edward, Richard, John, and Robert all under 21, brother John Walcott and cousin John Walcott; m. Constance Butcher 1716 Christ Church, Barbados.

(8) Elizabeth Walcott, b. c.1718 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(8) Edward Walcott, b. c.1720 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(8) Richard Walcott, b. 1724 St. Joseph, Barbados; m. (1) Mary Clark 1746 St. Michael, Barbados, m. (2) Rebecca Bradshaw 1751 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(9) Helena Walcott, b. 1756 St. Michael, Barbados.

(9) Stephen Popel Walcott, b. 1757 St. Joseph, Barbados; m. Mary.

(10) Stephen Walcott, b. 1785 St. Michael, Barbados; d. y...

(10) Samuel Eyare Walcott, b. 1787 St. Michael, Barbados.

(10) Stephen Popel Walcott, Jr., b. 1789 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(10) Capt. James Walcott, b. 1791 St. Michael, Barbados, d. 1872 Irwin, Western Australia; he and wife Ann owned 12 slaves 1817-1720, one a gift from Stephen Walcott; to Australia 1830. m. Johanna Perry.

(9) Helena Walcott, b. 1764 St. Michael, Barbados.

(9) Mary Walcott, b. 1765 St. Michael, Barbados.

(9) Richard Straker Walcott, b. 1767 St. Michael, Barbados.

(9) Eyare Walcott, b. 1769 St. Michael, Barbados.

(9) Mary Judith Walcott, b. 1753 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(8) John Walcott, b. 1729 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(8) Robert Walcott, b. 1729 St. Joseph, Barbados, d. 1738 St. Joseph, Barbados; m. Elizabeth Milward 1747 St. Philip, Barbados.

(9) John Milward Walcott, b. 1749 St. Joseph, Barbados; m.(1) Ann ____; (2) Dorothy Roberts 1789 St. Joseph, Barbados, m. (3) Alice Rogers 1800 St. Joseph, Barbados, m. (4) Hannah ____.

(10) John Milward Walcott Jr., b. 1794 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(10) Eliza Ann Butcher Walcott, b. 1794 St. Joseph, Barbados; m. ____ Eastwick 1812 St. Michael, Barbados.

(10) Dorothy Roberts Walcott, b. 1798 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(10) Mary Harbin Walcott, b. 1798 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(9) Robert Walcott Jr., b.1729 St. Joseph, Barbados, plantation owner; m. Elizabeth Cox 1781 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(10) Hon. Robert John Walcott, b. 1783 St. James, Barbados; He had 65 male and 81 female slaves in 1817. He and Elizabeth Walcott had 71 male and 86 female slaves in 1820. He had 90 male and 101 female slaves in 1834; m. Mary Elizabeth Culpepper 1805 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(11) Sir Stephen Walcott, K.C.M.G. b. 1806 Barbados, d. 1887 London; attended Lincoln's Inn 1822, age 16, called to the bar 1828. Chief Secretary to the Governor General of Canada 1835-8, Secretary to the Emmigration Comission 1840-60, Secretary of the Land and Emigration Board, London, in 1849. Second Comissioner 1860-77, Chief Colonial Comissioner 1877-8, K.C.M.G 1877.; m. Frances Isabella Davidson 1838 Quebec, Canada.

(12) Elizabeth Isabel Walcott, b. 1839 Clifton, Glouc., d. 1867 London; m. Edwin Arthur Brassey 1866 London.

(12) Frances C. Walcott, b. 1850 London.

(12) Jessie Walcott, b. 1843 Devonshire.

(11) Mary Walcott, b. 1809 St. James, Barbados.

(11) Robert John Walcott, Jr., b. 1821 St. James, Barbados.

(11) Edward Walcott, b. c.1823 Barbados.

(9) Francis Pierce Walcott, b. 1754 St. Joseph, Barbados, d. 1816 British Guiana.

(9) Stephen Grant Walcott, b. 1756 St. Joseph, Barbados, m. Martha Cleary 1782 St. Michael, Barbados, m. (2) Mrs. Elizabeth Cleary 1793 St. Michael, Barbados.

(9) William Grant Walcott, b. 1756 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(9) Eliza Rachel Walcott, b. 1758 St. Joseph, Barbados, d. y..

(9) Eliza Butcher Walcott, b. 1761 St. Joseph, Barbados; m. Joseph Reece Cox 1792 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(9) Stephen Butcher Walcott, b. 1763 St. Joseph, Barbados.

(9) Edward Milward Walcott, b. 1766 St. Joseph, Barbados,

(7) Nicholas Walcott, b. 1685 Barbados, d. c.1717; Nick Walcott was at St. George parish, Barbados, in 1715; m. Mary ____.

(7) Richard Walcott, b. 1689 Barbados, d. 1718 St. George, Barbados; at St. George parish, Barbados in 1715; his will left his estate to Mary Ann and Sarah, daughters of John Wood, and mentions his brothers Nicholas and Christopher Walcott.

(7) Elizabeth Walcott, b. c.1692 Barbados.

(7) Sarah Walcott, b. c.1695 Barbados.

(7) Christopher Walcott, b. 1698 Barbados, d. 1737 Barbados; at St. John's parish, Barbados, in 1715.

(6) Richard Walcott, b. 1660 Barbados, d. 1714 Barbados; m. Mary ____, d.s.p. 

(6) Elizabeth Walcott, b. c.1662 Barbados, m. Benjamin Whittaker.

(6) Benjamin Walcott, b. 1664 Barbados, d. 1724 Barbados; m. Mary ____.

(7) Gertrude Walcott, b. 1688 Barbados.

(7) Thomas Walcott, b. 1694 Barbados.

(7) Lucretia Walcott, b. 1699 Barbados; at St. George Parish 1715, age 16, with Margaret age 12.

(7) Margaret Walcott, b. 1703 Barbados.

(7) Mary Walcott, b. 1708 Barbados.

(5) Elizabeth Walcott, b. 1617 Holborn, London, England; m. Benjamin Whittaker.

(5) Richard Walcott, 1619-1621 Holborn, London, England.



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